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Ruffle Dress

  • CAS Standalone Recolor
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • 25 Colors + 5 Patterns

Mesh credits to @vittleruniverse - *You Need This Mesh*

* Download * - SFS

If you use it tag @Simply-Simming

Lace Up Off The Shoulder Dress

  • CAS Standalone Recolor
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • 20 Colors

Mesh credits to @ellenneedscoffee - * You Need This Mesh *
* Download * - SFS

If you use it tag @simply-simming



Hey guys! Here We get an update on the girls and their progress (good and bad) and we also get an update on Bjorn…. Things get CRAZY! Don’t forget to vote.

Strapless Jumpsuit

  • CAS Standalone Recolor
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • 20 Colors

Mesh credits to @xpuresim - * You Need This Mesh *

* Download * - SFS

If you use it tag @simply-simming

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sorry for being stupid, but, wdym merge your cc?

ok so i got multiple questions about this, so I thought it might be good to make a tutorial! Basically it gathers all the CC packages you have in your game and makes it one big file. This makes it easier for your game to read the file and speeds up the process of loading and general gameplay. I’m putting the tutorial on how to merge CC under a cut because I have a feeling this post might be a bit too long lol.

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S3 to S4 - Jope Living 5

Ein neues Wohnzimmerset für euch! ♥

Konvertiert von Sims 3 - Simply Styling. Danke für die wundervollen Meshes und die Erlaubnis diese konvertieren zu dürfen!  Das Set ist Grundspieltauglich.

Set beinhaltet:

  • Zweisitzer (2 Farboptionen)
  • Stuhl (Sessel) (1 Farboption)
  • Pflanze (2 Farboptionen)
  • Blumenvase (2 Farboptionen)
  • Korb mit Kissen (2 Farboptionen)
  • Korb mit Büchern (2 Farboptionen)
  • Rattan-Vase (2 Farboptionen)
  • Spiegel (3 Farboptionen)
  • Kaffeetisch (2 Farboptionen)
  • Sideboard (1 Farboption)
  • Gemälde (5 Farboptionen)
  • Deko-Buchstabe (2 Farboptionen)
  • 4 Deko Kerzen (je 2 Farboptionen)

Alle Objekte haben ein Custom Thumbnail und farblich gekennzeichnete Swatches.

Bitte beachten: das Rückenteil vom Sofa ist etwas breiter als gewöhnlich und rutscht etwas in die Wand. Aktiviere den Cheat bb.moveobjects und platziere das Sofa mit gedrückter ALT Taste!

A new living room set for you! ♥

Converted by Sims 3 - Simply Styling. Thanks for the wonderful meshes and permission to convert this! You need only the Basegame for this Set.

Set includes:

  • Loveseat (2 color options)
  • Chair (armchair) (1 color option)
  • Plant (2 color options)
  • Flower vase (2 color options)
  • Basket with cushions (2 color options)
  • Basket of books (2 color options)
  • Rattan vase (2 color options)
  • Mirror (3 color options)
  • Coffee table (2 color options)
  • Sideboard (1 color option)
  • Painting (5 color options)
  • Decoration letter (2 color options)
  • 4 decorative candles (2 color options each)

All Objects have a Custom Thumbnail and Color-Swatches.

Please note: the back of the sofa is slightly wider than usual and slips slightly into the wall. Activate the cheat bb.moveobjects and place the sofa with the ALT key pressed! 

Download Seperated Files || Download Merged Files

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meet me round the back of denny's at midnight im goanna fight for hotel Transylvania's honor

nah i’m good 

Maggie is so pretty I cry// Omg, guys I’m already getting so much support and I can’t thank you guys enough! I really hope you guys like Maggie!

Credits to the amazing creator for this beautiful hair!

Top - @simply-simming


Are you a good or a bad girl? 

Rest in peace good and bad girl sweater! Approximately 1020 people has this sweater, but I felt it was time to say goodbye to this as I’m no longer happy with the mesh. 

Whichever you choose: each sweater has 3 recolourable channels (only shadowed texture, which gives you the ability to choose any material or pattern you’d like), the mesh is made by me and has a polycount around 3,6k.

I hope you like it, and if you take any photos with this please tag @simplysiv to show me! ♥
The Sims 4 | CC Finds #1+ CC List | itsmeTroi
Check out some awesome CC that I found for The Sims 4. The CC shown are the items i've downloaded in a single sitting. More to come! Correction: The Last Out...

Check out my #TheSims4 CC showcase! Loved the CC I found. More showcases coming soon! 

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