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Children of Love (For Aubrie)

we need to smile through our tears
as questions unanswered fill our thoughts
days when the sun simply will not shine
dancing alone unto tomorrow’s unknown
we feel vulnerable, while life feels tough

it seems, we can but sigh, softly breathe
and let those droplets fall as they must
yet remembering we are the children of love
we find in faith our strength is more than enough  

Epitome of a butler

 You have been the sun in my sky.

You brighten and darken as is your will and play havoc with me as you walk down your own path.

You have no idea of all the people you’ve saved by simply shining up in the heavens.That part of you is very much like the sun.

Only with you as my sun could my days begin and the breeze that blew life into my stagnant heart, the stillness of the night healed me.

I pray that your light never grows dim for there is no ice that will not melt before you.

SHINee in MNL (OneK Global Peace Concert) 03/02/17

P. S. I’m just going to blog about SHINee since I’m a SHINee blog but I wanna commend all the other artists that performed. They all did an amazing job.

OKAY SO I AM STILL FREAKING OUT OVER THE FACT THAT I SAW SHINEE LIVE IN MANILA YESTERDAY!!! AND THEY WERE FINALLY COMPLETE!!! (SHINee already visited the Philippines twice before but the Taemin wasn’t there on their first time and Minho wasn’t there for the second time)

My Shawol friend and I decided to just buy the general admissions ticket because we knew that they will just perform less than five songs (and we’re still students so we can’t afford the VIP seats TT.TT)

The concert was supposed to start at 7pm but it actually started at 8:30 pm. It’s good ‘cause we arrived at 8pm since we ate dinner first. During the dinner, I was just chill and all and eating slowly ‘cause I knew that SHINee will perform late since they’re a senior group. My Shawol friend was agitated for some reason and she wanted us to eat faster. (There were five of us who watched the concert together. Two of us were Shawols. One girl was a kpop lover in general. Two of us were foreign students who just wanted to check kpop out and one of them is the guy I’m dating rn hahahaha) I was like “Allou, chill, it’s not starting rn and SHINee will probably perform late” And she was like “Minho’s hosting!” And I was like “OMG WHAT MINHO’S HOSTING? ASDFGHJKL EAT FASTER GUYSSSSSS”

When we got to the arena, it was already packed. We were lucky enough to get tickets with SHINee World PH so pretty much everyone around us were Shawols. AND AND AND Two rows below us, there was a group of Korean Guy Shawols!!! They were so cute!!! AND AND AND All their stuff were in pearl aqua. Their bags, their shirts, their accessories, they were so adorable I wanna squish theeeeeem

When the event was about to start, fans are starting to chant “Minho Minho Minho” since he was the host. When he actually came out with Seolhyun, the arena erupted with cheers HAHAHAHAHAHA PH Shawols were already screaming their lungs out omg I was the complete opposite. I was just staring at him while covering my mouth because I can’t believe that I’m actually seeing Minho live omg (The guy I’m dating was like “Is that Minho? Are you okay Mars? Is that Minho?” he was so cute bye)

They were speaking in Korean ‘cause there was a screen that was posting their translated script but I can’t read it because the font was small and we were in Gen Ad huehue

Minho is like the cutest person in the world TT.TT You know that he maintains eye contact with the fans and he takes care of his co-host (there’s more to come just wait)

SHINee was the second to the last to perform (PSY was the finale) When Seolhyun came out alone, everyone lost their shit because they knew SHINee was next!!!

They started their set with View. The first thing I actually noticed was the fact that Onew wasn’t really that bubbly. Like you know how smiley Onew is naturally, right? But during View, he looks more like Jinki than Onew. Even my Shawol friend who is an MVP also noticed it and said that there was something off about Onew. We kinda brushed it off because after Onew’s line, we were just simply mesmerized with SHINee as a whole huehue Plus there was a tiny JongKey moment when they had a duet part and the cameras showed them together in the screen and I can feel that all the JongKey fans screamed hahahaha

SHINee World PH released a set list of songs that SHINee would perform the night before the concert. We knew that View, 1 of 1 and Everybody will be performed. Allou and I were speculating about the fourth song because no one knew what it will be. My guess was Beautiful. Allou doubted it and we started eliminating songs but we ended not having a final hypothesis. Haha. The sound system wasn’t really very nice so we couldn’t tell if SHINee was singing live. (In our defense, some of the artists weren’t singing live. And during one of SHINee’s visits in the PH, they lip synced huehue) All our doubts were erased when the second song started playing. I couldn’t here Jonghyun’s first part because of the screaming around me so I started hearing the actual song on Onew’s part. I think his Jinki aura suited this part of the concert. He looked so solemn while singing. We all know that he is an actual angel given by the heavens to us but he looked like one and his voice actually opened the gates of heaven bye then it dawned on me that THE SONG WASFUCKING ENCORE AND THEY WERE SINGING LIVE AND WHEN IT GOT TO MINHO’S PART EVERYONE WAS SILENT AT FIRST THEN AFTER HIS LINE WE STARTED CHEERING BECAUSE HE WAS REALLY SINGING LIVE AND HIS VOICE IS SO GENTLE AND PURE AND BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD AND OMG AGAIN KIM JONGHYUN WAS SO EXTRA WITH HIS VOICE LIKE WOAH BOY YEAH I KNOW YOU’RE ONE OF THE BEST VOCALISTS IN THE INDUSTRY CHILL YOU DON’T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING BUT GAHD HE HIT NOTES SO WELL YOU CAN SEE HIS EXTERNAL JUGULAR VEIN PROTRUDING GAHD 

I’m not really sure when exactly they had their talk cause my feels were overwhelming but when they actually had it, Key spoke in English and we were screaming again so I didn’t understand most of it I’M SORRY HAHAHAHA Oh but it’s sad again ‘cause Onew didn’t introduce himself but the rest did :( (But his energy started to build up on their next set and he was full blown during the last one so I hope he gradually felt better) The complete opposite of Onew was Taemin. The baby boy was just smiling the whole night and with his mushroom hair cut again he looks like a toddler omg he was so cute why is he even real please protect him. JongKey were talkative as usual and Key was trying to translate it to us ^.^

The third song was 1 of 1. What really caught my attention during this part was Key. Boy oh boy your attention should be really caught by Key. I always read fans saying that Key’s energy is really different compared to the rest of the members. Knowing Key, I’m not really shocked whenever I read this kind of stuff. but when I was the one watching him dance the way he’s dancing, it’s really different. Key loves attention and I can say that attention loves him back. And the way he pops his body is so extra. I’m a Flamer for years now but my attention can’t really stay too long on Minho whenever Key’s near him because the latter’s aura is out of this world I swear!!! 

After 1 of 1, SHINee members started laying down and then it dawned on us that it’s Everybody time so we started chanting “SHINee SHINee SHINee” DUDE BRO MAN I THOUGHT THAT I WAS IN A SHINEE WORLD CONCERT BECAUSE THE WHOLE ARENA WAS SINGING TO THE SONG AND CHANTING WITH US!!! (They were already singing with us on the first three but the fan chants were superb on Everybody like no joke we had ZERO chill) For years I knew that SHINee is one of the best dance groups in Kpop but when I was watching the choreo for Everybody, I got GOOSBUMPS. Even the guy I was dating admitted that their choreo was amazing and he got taken aback by the fanchants. I told you it was amazing how these fans of different artists were singing one song and fan chanting like we were all in the same fandom. Omg I’m actually crying while remembering that moment bye But wait I need to commend our baby boy Lee Taemin because his dance moves were on point from the start and was extra extra on point during Everybody (plus he removed his jacket for a few seconds that got everyone screaming then he smiled after doing that what a little shit omg that brat) 


During the encore, all the artist gathered on the stage. SHINee members were being clingy together as usual. Yonghwa from CNBLUE, being the crowd pleaser that he is, started to walk to the extended part of the stage to wave to the fans. I was waiing for SHInee to do the same. Minho pointed Yonghwa to Jonghyun and I assumed that they wanted to do the same. After awhile, the rest of CNBLUE followed their vocalist then the other artists followed as well. When SHINee got to the extended part of the stage, they were all waving to the fans. THEN MINHO SPOTTED THE SHINEE WORLD PH PART AND STARTED WAVING AT US AND WE WAVED BACK THEN HE WAVED AGAIN HUEHUE AND THE REST OF THE SHINEE MEMBERS WAVED TOO OMG Except for Lee Taemin because guess what, he was the last member to get to the extended stage because he didn’t know what’s going on HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So yeah, that’s my One K Global Concert experience for you guys. I hope every Shawol will meet or watch SHINee live someday. I never knew this day will happen but it did. Keep the faith, loves :*

Fun fact: demigenders are the most powerful genderists. Demiboys, demigirls, demifluxes, demifluids, demienbies, all demigenders are powerful genderists. Their gender, while may be foggy, may feel weak, radiates from them in glory and blinds TERFs. Demigenders simply shine with brilliant genderist splendor.

Moon Signs


You are illuminated with incredible perseverance, so even if you aren’t bragging about your inventiveness and accomplishments most people will see you shine brightly simply because you never give up, and persist in your goals. 

You’ve got a brilliant sense of humor that puts people at ease. This is a good thing because your exuberance and full-on voltage is sometimes off-putting to more sedate or reserved people. 

But you can’t be asked to hold back from your electric impulsiveness - you absolutely must express yourself. You do this exceedingly well in group projects - you are a consummate cheerleader; always motivating the group.


You like utter honesty, and if you feel mind games are being played, you want no part of it. You tend to be very classy, with killer taste in design, fashion, art, etc. In fact, you need to surround yourself with refinery and loveliness. Otherwise, you’ll pick up on lower energies and dingy or sullied environments will send you to an abyss of depression. 

You have notorious inner-wisdom. Your job is to trust that inner-knowing (because often these signs lack the conviction behind their gut instincts) because you are always dead-right. Do not make a move until you feel it is right on a visceral level. It’s your gift, and a fantastic tool for self-preservation. Trust your inner guidance, always.


Your mind is as sharp and clear as the fullest moon in the sky on a crystal-bright night. With this kind of mental alacrity comes a tendency to over-think. And, with over-thinking comes anxiety, worry or even doubt about your own judgment. 

Geminis do best when they can balance their active minds with some sort of creative outlet. Music is particularly effective as it activates both left and right brain functions. You have remarkable communication skills.

 You easily speak to others with confidence, and have the uncanny ability to “know” what is being said to you - even when your mind is thinking instead of listening to what the other is saying. 


You shine your brightest when your mission to help, heal and support others. Moreover, you are “over the moon” with joy when you can see all your hard work pay off. You need to see the difference you make in the lives of others - this is your highest reward. 

Of course, recognition for all your support and nurturing is a great motivation for you too. As a moon sign, you’re not likely to show your touchy-feely-emotional nature to others.

Give acknowledgement to your inner stirrings rather than hide them. You’ve got amazing intuitive skills and, under stress you’re known to just blurt out thoughts on your mind that are incredibly accurate on a psychic level.


You are in your element when you are being admired for your amazing wit, charm and intelligence. With your sharp intellect comes a tendency to process to quickly and this makes you miss subtle clues in communication with others. 

Consequently, some misunderstandings can take you completely by surprise. Just remember the phases of the moon, and train your mind to move a bit like a rolling storm. You like to take risks, and these usually pay off for you because you tend to be naturally lucky.


Well, your intuition orbits everything, and that means you’re often on “sensory overload” making you anxious and twitchy much of the time.

 What’s more, you try to make sense of it all - putting chaos into order. Sorting out details and making everything tidy and logical tends to make you edgy, and others often have no idea what’s gotten you irritated.This kind of intuition is a gift

And while you’re at it, ease up on the self-criticism. No one else is as harshly critical about you - so why are you being so relentless with yourself? Simply know your standards (even for yourself) are higher than everyone else’s.


You see tremendous beauty in the simplest elements, and seek to keep purity and clarity in place in all your dealings. 

A moon in Libra is always looking for a yin to your yang (or vice versa). Meaning, you’re always seeking a complimentary balance to your energy - particularly in partnerships. 

You love a challenge, and you work very hard to balance the equation by finding solutions. This means you often attract partnerships with people who have some glaring flaws (because you know you can tip the balance and sort them out). 


You process better in private, where watching eyes cannot see you. You are deeply intuitive and other people’s thoughts and feelings reveal themselves to you like curious magic

Your challenge is to be more forgiving of your natural cycles (you get impatient and angry with yourself - and tend to hide these feelings from others which just exacerbates your tension). 

You also tend to be guarded, and take great measures to manipulate your environment to match your ideal setting. And you are incredibly idealistic, which is a fabulous balance to your intensity. 


Ever the adventurer, you require life to show you excitement and high times. When things get dull, you get weary and set looking for something better, brighter. This need for shiny newness sometimes gets you into trouble because sometimes you stir the pot in the wrong direction - churning up too much activity or drama. 

Your saving grace is a strong sense of justice, and a love for humanity. These passions bring about your philosophical nature, which easily puts you in a position of teacher and mentor. Actually, you’re quite a brilliant tutor, and win a great deal of admiration from your followers (of which, there are many).


This means you make everything you do look easy, which can also put people off. They have no idea beneath your cool exterior you are pragmatically planning the next five moves in your strategy to accomplish your goals. 

A unique mixture of patience, willingness and dogged determination usually insures victory. You’re also remarkably dependable; others naturally seek you out for guidance and advice. 

Your special ability to stay collected under pressure makes you a fantastic leader. You also win respect from your peers easily because you don’t just talk the talk (you rarely boast), you actually walk the walk.. People really look up to you for that, and admire your integrity. 


It’s the moon that enhances your knack for perception, and the Aquarian nature is to intellectualize what you’re perceiving. So, it only makes sense you are able to “read” people to the extreme. 

In fact, a lot of your decisions and actions are based on unseen intellect. This makes you look a wee bit daft or eccentric to others. Odds are you don’t mind the label - maybe even relish it. 

You are a humanitarian, and easily serve as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those around you. You also give off a comforting, secure vibe that puts people at ease and makes them trust you. This enhances your ability to help others.


You live on the darker side of the moon and tend to be reserved, sometimes downright withdrawn. Some people mistake this for shyness, but that’s really not the case. You’re just sensitive

 In fact, you have a vein of psychic gold that is so accurate, it scary even to yourself at times. You are incredibly gifted in your powers of observation

Even better, you are incredibly shrewd, you make accurate assessments and have sound judgment. This unique combination makes you a force to be reckoned with, but you tend to use your powers in creative ways.

In the earliest of day,
In the latest of night,

Below the brightest of blues,
Beneath the darkest of hues,

Be it snowing or raining,
Clouding or if the sun is
Simply shining,

Remember please of 
All that we had,

Of all that we did,
Of all that we were,
Of all we’ll ever be,

In the end just
Remember me.


remember - a.v.

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SHINee in glasses: Kim Jonghyun

[ Onew | JonghyunKeyMinho | Taemin | OT5 ]

1. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to cry for no particular reason. It’s okay to cry because your heart is shattered in a million pieces. It’s okay to cry because the whole world seems to be crumbling down. If you want to curl up in your bed, clutching that teddy bear that you’ve had since forever, and cry your heart out, do it. If you end up sliding down a wall in tears because it feels like your heart has been ripped out of your chest, it’s okay. It’s okay to cry. Just remember to pick yourself up.

2. The boy you fell in love with will break all his promises and break you. He will lie and tell you he loves you and then leave. He will leave with your beating heart in his hands and you will be left with nothing but a gaping hole in your chest. Throw away anything and everything that reminds you of him. Throw away the shirt that you stole from him. Burn all the pictures of you two. Delete his number. It will hurt. It will fucking hurt. You might end up choking on pills, crossing the street without checking for cars, drowning in alcohol, smoking until you can’t breathe, swallowing your tears, doing anything you can to forget him. But you will heal. One day you will see him and you won’t feel a thing, I promise. It will take time but you can do it. You can heal yourself. You will heal.

3. Flowers do not think of competing with the flower next to them, they just bloom. It doesn’t matter that she’s skinny, or that’s she’s beautiful or that she has amazing legs. You don’t have to be pretty like her. You don’t. You can be pretty like you. Stop thinking about all these flowers around you are beautiful and amazing and, just realize how beautiful you are, flower.

4. Don’t let thoughts consume you; spill them to someone before you drown in them. It can be anyone, your mother who watches you worriedly when you walk in with eyes filled with tears yet you say you’re fine, your best friend who notices how quiet you’ve been these last few days but doesn’t know why, that old lady that always sits on that bench that you always used to say hi to but not anymore, or even a stranger who knows nothing about you and doesn’t know how broken you are inside anyone. Just tell someone.

5. Your mother will become very important. She will be your rock. She will help you put on makeup. She will hold you tight when you’re sobbing because of a stupid boy, she will wipe away your tears when you’re done crying, she will bring you the cup of that you didn’t even know you needed it until she placed your favourite mug between your shaky hands. She will try to fix you. Let her.

6. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you cold. Do not let someone dim your light simply because it is shining in their eyes.

7. You cannot be fixed by the same person who broke you. If someone hurts you, if someone fucking breaks you, stay the fuck away from them, no matter how hard it is. Break off any toxic relationships, you don’t need shitty people to bring you down in this already shitty world.

8. Don’t let your happiness depend on anyone. What happens when they leave and you’re left with nothing? Make sure that your happiness lies in your hands and not with the boy with the beautiful eyes and the sweet words.

9. The girl you knew since you were 11 will one day stop talking to you. The boy you sat next to in math class for years will one day get up and sit somewhere else. The people you used to go out with will one day cancel plans because they “don’t feel like going out”, and then there will be pictures of them having fun without you. But that’s okay. People move on and things change. That’s okay. There are plenty of people in the world, so pick yourself up and find someone else. But please remember that a lot of people that you meet up until when you turn 21 are temporary.

10. Treat yourself the way you would a small child. Feed yourself and make sure you go outside. Put yourself to bed and sleep a lot. Don’t tell yourself things if you wouldn’t say them to a 6-year-old child. You are fragile. You are as fragile as eggshells, but you are strong. Remember that.

11. Breathe. Please remember to breathe.

—  11 things to remember when you’re 17 (b.t.)
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To make things brief, my friend does not see the appeal in his face and I thought instead of using my own words to argue pointlessly, I can show her that there IS in fact a lot of other people that agree with me and also find him frustratingly, incredibly, ridiculously, aesthetically pleasing.

I mean, strength in numbers, right?