simply noir

  • Marinette: *walks into classroom*
  • Marinette: g-good morning adr-
  • Adrien: *in his seat* I love you my lady *looks down smiling*
  • Marinette: HUH *blushes*
  • Adrien: *looks up* oh hi Marinette
  • Adrien: I was just checking out my new school bag *shows a bag with ladybug on it*
  • Adrien: I got it yesterday! Isn't she pretty?
  • Marinette: *not sure how to react*
  • Marinette: *walks backwards outta the door*
  • Marinette: not gonna deal with this shit too. Marinette out.

Asked a friend whose never seen Miraculous to explain the picture:
“So, the girl on the left is in with the devil and the lil bitch in the yellow is…well, a little whore who is after the first girl. The grey Asian is hatching a plan to destroy the couple staring at the fireworks… ”

Sink, Swim, or Sleepwalk

Title: Sink, Swim, or Sleepwalk
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Characters/Pairings: Ladybug/Chat Noir
Word Count: 5,669 

Happy holidays to @tanukisenpai! I’m your ML Secret Santa for 2016. I really grooved with your fluffy fluff and lovable scenario prompts, and I did my best. I really hope you like it, but if you don’t, feel free to let me know and I can make you something else. <3 Hope you have a wonderful day. 

Chat Noir simply stared at her. “Why…” He swallowed a lump in the back of his throat. “Why do you go to Adrien Agreste’s house?”

Ladybug pursed her lips in a thin line, a dark red tinting the tips of her ears. “…I like the décor.”

“Décor?” Chat Noir asked with a resolute expression.

“Oh yes.” Ladybug gulped, gaze skittering across the Parisian skyline. “I love looking at that boy’s décor.” 

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Our winning Miraculous Ladybug Cosplay Act!

Paris is under attack by Hawkmoth, and Ladybug and Chat Noir will have to find a way to save the day. This time, it’s rather… special.

We put lots of effort into this and had a blast performing it at Abunai 2016! The audience was fantastic and we expected everything but 1st place! It was simply amazing!

Ladybug | Chat Noir

Sora glanced around the park before she began to set up her bass. She pulled it out of the case it was in and began to tune it once more. She slowly began to practice a few songs she was working on. She had been practicing it for a while and she was so close to playing it through without making a mistake, but still hadn’t yet. She was so focused on what she was doing that she didn’t notice what was going on around her anymore. 

The fall colors of the trees were absolutely beautiful, and her light pink clothes blended in with the background perfectly. It it wasn’t for the music, most people would simply overlook her.



While I’ll admit that there are ships I like better than this one, Chrom!Morgan / Ricken!Noire was simply too perfect a pair to pass up! I mean:

  • Noire’s dad greatly admires Morgan’s dad.
  • Noire’s mom is pretty much canon gay for Morgan’s mom. 
  • Morgan’s sibling support involved him and his sister freaking out over a cockroach.
  • Morgan’s support with Noire involved him trying to help her get over her fear of bugs (… but not cockroaches.)
  • Noire’s support with Morgan’s mom involved her talking about how much she admires her (like mother, like daughter?), including straight-up asking if she could call her “mom”.

I don’t know, I just love how situational it is. It works best because of the families involved, and that’s really neat.

And now a short story...

Hawkmoth had been defeated. 

A cataclysmic blow, a maelstrom of debris as the building came down around them. Ladybug kept them lucky as Hawkmoth was not. Proud, worn, flushed with victory and bruises; the heroes returned to their homes.

Marinette’s was filled with warm hugs and relieved smiles.

Adrien’s was empty.

Beautiful. That was exactly the word he needed at this very moment. Not the stars and the moon on the heaven’s tent, nor the lights on the balcony, and not even the golden shine of the Eiffel Tower in the distance – it was Marinette who deserved this description most.

In chapter 6 of my MariChat fic Sleepwalking Marinette wears a dress and I needed a reference pic for my description of it c: So yeah, this is how I imagined the dress… and Chat’s hand is there for obvious reasons ♡