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Hello! I'm a solitary wiccan with a kinda specific question. I read your earlier post about the nastiness amoung our community between pagans and wiccans, and i wanted to know what Silver Ravenwolf does to perpetuate this? Are there any prominant figures you believe are fostering a negative environment among the communities?

I love specific questions. They are often really fun to research. 

Okay, I am not a fan of Silver Ravenwolf. She is very problematic for the pagan community in general and Wicca specifically. And while I do not like speaking badly of anyone that has done what they can to further paganism…some of the the things that she has done have been…wrong. 

Now, first let me say that I know that sooner or later every pagan (myself included) is going to throw a piece of misinformation out there. It’s usually accidental. I find this forgivable because most of us have not had formal training and are going off of memory…memory is imperfect. You get the picture. 

So, no…I don’t dislike every pagan who says something that turns out to be wrong. But S.R.W is the Queen of this. Moreover, she has had enough access to some of the most well learned and practiced Priests and Priestesses that paganism has to offer…and she still spreads misinformation and hatred. This, to me, is unforgivable. 

I will explain, I will even have quotes. 

  • “ There is no difference between Wicca and WitchCraft. Anyone who tells you there is a difference is experimenting in the theory of Occum’s Razor.” -SIlver Raven Wolf, The Teen Witch Handbook. 

NO!. Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is, as the name states, a CRAFT. It is nondenominational. While the two can, and often do, overlap; they are NOT the same thing. She needs to stop perpetuating the idea that if you use magic you are automatically a Wiccan.

Moreover…writing a handbook for Teen Witches is a money grab geared towards people who are just beginning their personal spiritual path and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Why? Because most teens don’t actually know what is and what isn’t a good 

  • “Wicca — It is thought that this term was originally coined by Selena Fox of the Circle Sanctuary in an effort to describe the modern religion of WitchCraft ” -Silver Ravenwolf, The Teen Witch Handbook. 

NO. Rev. Selena Fox is a High Priestess of the Wiccan tradition, an author, and a religious activist on the behalf of pagans of America. She was one of the first non-abrahamic reverends in the U.S. She is one of our most respected High Priestesses and Minister of the Circle Sanctuary (one of the few recognized pagan sanctuaries in America). She is a wonderful person and has done a lot for the pagan community as a whole. But she did not coin the term “Wiccan”. The first modern use of the term Wiccan, was by Gerald Gardner in 1954. Selena Fox was 6 at the time. 

  • “Another name for a solitary witch is ‘natural witch’.” Silver Ravenwolf. Book of Shadows: Solitary Witchcraft

NO. Seriously. A solitary witch is a witch who practices her craft without the aid of a coven. “natural” witch has multiple meanings and I am not a fan of the term at all. 

  • “… the traditional colors for Mayday are red and white representing the blood that flows from the woman when her purity is taken….” Silver Ravenwolf, To Ride a Silver Broomkstick

Oh my fucking god….no. Wiccans do no view the ‘purity’ of a woman as a virginal state. Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It’s not Virgin, Not a Virgin, and Cant Have Kids. This quote actually made me throw out the book. Funny since most people view this work as her least offensive work. 

I also have a problem with the phrasing of this. I find the idea that someone could ‘take’ the virginity of the Goddess as something that borders on blasphemous. Can you use  blasphemous for Wicca? Fuck it…I just did. 

The Great Rite, the act when the God and the Goddess come together sexually to create the new life of the year, is a sacred thing for Wiccans. The God isn’t ‘taking’ anything. It’s a magical moment between Lord and Lady. So fuck of S.R. 

  • “don’t listen to your parents, do whatever you want to - behind their backs if necessary. If your parents don’t understand you, that’s okay. Mama Silver does.” Silver Ravenwolf’s website. 

Okay…stop. I know that a lot of my readers are teens. I know you want to jump right into Wicca and paganism and that parents can be remarkably small minded about what their kids learn and investigate. I know that this can be really frustrating and unfair. It sucks. I’m sorry. But encouraging a teen to lie to their parents is a tacky way to go about this. 

How about encourage teens to be honest, to help people (parents are people btw) understand Wicca, and to stop making Wicca into this naughty, dirty, rebellious thing? It’s a spirituality that needs to be represented well. 

She represents herself as a ‘patron of teen witches’ because she is the “Only one who writes for them”. -SRW website. 

This is very much NOT true. The fact is it is illegal for anyone to talk to children about religion without the parents explicit approval. This includes Christianity by the way. So she is not the only one who cares about teen pagans. What Ravenwolf does is portray paganism as an act of rebellion rather than a spiritual journey that often begins during teen years. 

For all my Teen readers with parents who will not accept their practice. I know what you are going through. I was there. I had books thrown out. I got called crazy. I got told it was ‘just a phase’. Best part about being an adult? I get to practice what I want and my family is fully aware. 

Sorry…random tangent. 

Okay, only kinda sorry. Moving on. 

But you know what? Here are some articles that can state a lot of this for me: 

Here, Here, and Here

Those are three articles by trusted researchers who come from three very different pagan backgrounds who all explain, in their own way, why Silver Ravenwolf is toxic to the pagan community. 

To put it very simply: 

  • Her misinformation
  • Her misleading ‘facts’
  • Her wrong history
  • and more

As for other pagans that I feel are bad for the pagan community….not really. Plenty have made mistakes over the years…but we are a fairly young religion that is spreading very quickly. We have no single book that tells us what the ‘truth’ is. We are all looking for it by sifting and reading the work of others. We do not have a weekly interpreter telling us what to believe. We do not have a government made up of similar religious believers helping incorporate our belief system into their government. 

More tangent…damn. 

But…what I am saying is that we are all going to make mistakes….the real mistake is unappolgetically continuing to make them after you have been informed of your inaccuracies. 

Serendipity ‘verse - original prompt: “Gold is Belle’s new boss and before she starts her job and officially mets her new boss she has a druken one night stand with Gold. Cue Belle finding out she slept with her boss”

It was twenty minutes before Gold’s hands stopped trembling.

He’d been played.

There was no other explanation: Lacey, or Belle, or whatever her name really was, had played him for a fool. And he, desperate, lonely little man that he was, had fallen straight into her trap.

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Hi! I love your headcannons (esp. the ones about Jumin's son, so cute, so good~) I was just wondering how you think things might have been different if Jumin had been the one dating Rika instead of V?


  • jumin would have done anything for her, even the simple mundane things like getting something from the side of the room for her.
  • he’s so into innocent women and he’d romanticize her easily, even her pain
  • they would’ve been awful for each other and engulfed each other whole. they’re both so needy and so dependent it would be like trying to meld two objects into one.
  • if you thought jumin and elizabeth the third was bad i can promise you jumin and rika will be much, much worse.
  • he would feel such a strong need to protect her “innocence” and “purity” and is the type to think that she’s tragically beautiful as unhealthy as it is.
  • rika would play into his possessive nature and all consuming love and jumin would play into the domineering and codependent trait that rika needs. they’re both obsessive with each other it would be unhealthy.
  • jumin would baby her and let her get away with nearly anything, if his own route doesn’t spell that out for you already
  • jumin would honestly be an enabler to her bad habits. didn’t like her therapist? the therapist is gone and they’ll get a new one. the therapist can’t understand her? then lay all of your problems on jumin. need to buy a giant building in the middle of the mountains? sure.
  • he’d keep thinking he can save her because he has so much money and so much power and he’d need to see her every day
  • when rika slowly becomes radicalized it wouldn’t be hard for jumin to be too, they’re both catholic from what i remember and jumin would be wearing rose colored glasses as rika led him off the cliff with her.
  • would probably inadvertently fund minteye without even knowing it; rika would have simply just asked for money and jumin would happily give it t her.
  • while jumin has canonically held his ground against rika’s extreme beliefs, i wholly believe that if he was in love with her he would’ve been so much more sympathetic towards her and he’d be so weak and vulnerable to her even with those beliefs.
  • jumin would be obsessive over her. he would turn nearly all of his attention to rika and she knows how to control him, which is even worse. i wholly believe that rika isn’t just simply mislead, she is canonically manipulative and abusive, mental illnesses or not.
  • rika wold have a really hard time creating minteye because jumin hovers over her so often. she needs to rely on saeran and her disciples a lot to separate entirely from the rfa and her normal life into minteye.
  • rika could often get paranoid and believe jumin doesn’t actually believe in her and he would probably get hurt in some way like v did. he maybe wouldn’t go blind but you can bet the security guards at jumin’s penthouse have witnessed some screaming and breaking of things.
  • jumin would try so hard to save her when she loses most of her sanity and he’d desperately plead with her and beg her but it wouldn’t do much use. she refuses treatment and is so set in her beliefs that she takes jumin’s desperation to help her as a sign of doubt towards her; very similar to v.
  • i feel like it would’ve ended up similar to the canonical game itself, switch out v for jumin. save for jumin simply being thrown into his work even more and he’d be active in the chats but he’d act as if nothing happened. and zen would hate him even more for that.
  • however, he’d never let rika hurt him. he’s pretty strong to and would hold her off, but she’d probably have come close to test his loyalty towards her. he’d feel a little nervous sleeping in the same bed as her.
  • he wouldn’t have gone as far as being a mole in mint eye like v did, but he’d play a part in having a mole inside of minteye to keep track of rika. by the time she’s left him, i feel like he’d be so heartbroken after rika he’d just become colder and would push her out as far as possible, quietly still loving her while acting as if keeping an eye on her was an obligation. besides, he still needs to care for C&R.
  • he keeps an eye on rika half because he still loves her and half because he can’t let her touch the rfa– this is a parallel to v’s completely.
  • when rika “disappears” jumin offers no real explanation, but plays along as if he did not know her whereabouts either. better it be a mystery than a tragedy, and he doesn’t need that kind of press on him right now. he has to pay off people to make sure this doesn’t go over. yoosung begins to run out of patience and starts to hate him and zen is even more upset because jumin simply seems to be brushing this under the carpet 
  • jumin wouldn’t express his feelings about rika’s “disappearance” but simply qualms everyone by saying he is doing everything he can. and he is, but he’s definitely not searching for her. he’s monitoring her now.
  • he never truly gets over her throughout it because he’s so attached to her still, souls meant to be and all and he truly believes that rika could see all his tangled strings
  • him monitoring her makes him still have some small piece of hope that she can be saved, somehow, some way, because that means she’s still apart of his life somehow. his obsession towards her in’t obvious unless you could hear into his thoughts. he always thinks about her. when he wakes up or when he goes to bed. they’d probably been together so long that they’ve done so many things and everything reminds him of her. she was the most powerful driving force in his life where he’s always been so apathetic. she’s everywhere he turns and he acts as if he doesn’t feel a thing.
  • rika would be the ruin of him, as he would assist in the ruin of her.
Was Stanford Possessed?

Signs that point to yes:

-He was sleeping before the suspicious part happened. Perfect time for Bill to pop in and trick him into giving over his body, or simply just wresting control of it. This would be a nice parallel to how Dipper was possessed in Sock Opera: two dreams with Bill, the second one ending in possession.
-The mind-images beforehand seem to be big hints that Stanford is indeed possessed. The obvious one of Bill-ford laughing maniacally, and the very suspicious line (I don’t remember it exactly but) about how Bill is allowed to take possession of Ford for forever and always.
-The lighting of Ford’s glasses changes from the sickly yellow from the screens to blue after Dipper shoots Ford with the memory gun and the screens shatter. Yellow lighting could be a Bill cue.
-Stanford’s tone of voice totally changes. He calls Dipper “boy” instead of his name, and it’s still up in the air whether he was going to say “please” or “pine tree”.
-Stanford seems to be lying, knowingly or unknowingly about the ability of the plate to protect him from Bill entering his mind. Why? Because Bill entered his mind the previous night to laugh at him about the rift.

Signs that point to no:

-Why would he be tricked by Bill again? He’s not a 12 year old kid driven by curiousity; he’s a sharp old man who is completely aware of how Bill can trick people. Also, if Bill can just take control of him whenever, why would he have to be asleep for Bill to take over his body at all?
-These images could simply be priming, to mislead the audience into assuming Ford is possessed, like Dipper is being misled by them.
-Or the lighting could just be the screens.
-Bill has been shown to perfectly mimic someone’s mannerisms (mindscape ‘Soos’). If he wanted to be undetectable as Billford then he would be.
-It could be argued that the Mindscape, where you go when you dream, is actually outside of the mind itself, which is why Bill can appear there easily while he needs a deal for possession of a body. This is suggested by the diagram of our world, the mindscape, and the nightmare realm.
-If Bill can just possess Ford at any time and he wants the rift then why not just take the rift and use it since Ford has had it in his possession this whole time?
-Dipper was aware of Bipper’s antics. Wouldn’t Ford be aware that Bill possessed him and warn Dipper?

???? (a whole lot of maybes and miscellaneous thoughts):

-Maybe Bill doesn’t want the rift, or at least doesn’t want/need it right now. He said in the flashback it’d be cute to see Ford try and stop him, and Ford, in Dipper and Mabel’s time, has only just started. Maybe he ‘tipped his hand’ to Ford, and changed his (Billford’s) mannerisms around Dipper, all to perpetuate a misconception. To push Dipper further into his “Trust No One” mentality. Maybe Dipper is the key to unleashing Bill’s ultimate plan.
-Maybe the plate isn’t to protect thoughts FROM Bill. Maybe it’s to protect them FOR him. Maybe Bill let slip a 'weakness’ that would stop him from invading Ford’s mind, and Ford promptly implemented it. Maybe Bill made him think it worked all these years, and Ford is unaware of Bill’s sudden possession of him in the episode. The beam did hit his forehead, but it bounced off, showing that it did work in that regard. Maybe Bill wants Ford’s thoughts preserved and safe from memory guns and mind encryption.
-Maybe Bill requires someone to be asleep or in a trance to possess them. This is suggested as Ford is meditating in the flashback when Bill possesses him.

I have no fucking idea goddamn you Hirsch