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though all to ruin fell the world {a shallura fic}

{this post} gave me Shallura feels, so here, have a random au

He comes to them as a child - six years old, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. An orphan whose parents died in an accident that he should never have survived. But he did, which is how the Altean ambassadors discovered his gift.

It’s only supposed to exist in Alteans. No one knows what to make of it. But the boy has magic, and he’ll need teaching, so he comes to stay at the Castle of Lions.


Aged seven, he asks Allura to marry him.

“When I’m big, I’ll marry you,” he says, as if offering a generous favour. He’s a sweet good-hearted child, and Allura’s just on the cusp of adulthood, still fresh-faced and willowy and uncomfortable in her own beauty. But little Takashi gazes at her like she personally hung every star in the cosmos with her own two hands, and she can’t help but smile fondly at the earnest expression on his face.

“Oh, you’ll marry me, will you?” she asks.

“Yes. If you want me to.”

“Why don’t you ask me again when you’re big, hmm?”

His smile could light the stars on fire, even then.


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Also, just so everyone knows, I’m posting these to my ao3 as well now so that people can read them on here as well as on there

“Good morning, Blue.”

Allura’s voice had startled not only Lance, but also the Blue Lion, the two having been in a deep conversation. He had gone to her only a few vargas ago, his mind racing with thoughts of what exactly was going to happen in the future. Was he going to be stuck on the castle? Be forced to haunt his friends? His family? Would he finally be allowed to pass on once they reach Earth once again? Normally he had been able to ignore the thoughts, but he had been sitting in the kitchen as Hunk cooked when the Yellow Paladin began to murmur to himself about the future and he just needed to get his thoughts off his chest, he needed to talk about it. So, naturally, he went to Blue. He was always able to talk to her and even though it was possible to speak to the other lions now, Blue was his. She would always be his lion, so of course he would go to her over one of the other lions.

“I was hoping we could talk?” Allura’s voice was hopeful as she approached the lion, multicolored eyes staring up at Blue. A questioning purr rumbled through Lance’s mind and he let out a soft sigh before smiling softly, standing up.

“She’s your paladin now, too, Blue.” The lion let out a sound that sounded almost like a huff and a laugh forced its way from Lance’s lips. When he had started to leave as Blue lowered her head to let Allura in through her large maw, Blue’s voice stopped him. 

‘Stay. Just this once.’

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anonymous asked:

I love the idea that in the aquarium au, Sidon hates all the workers but link, and will only eat if its link feeding him (and that he often pulls link into the water while doing so, but is careful about his air supply)

y ES


He’ll never let anyone but Link near him. He’ll growl at the other employees when they try getting near them, nearly sounding like the roar of a lion. But as soon as they call Link to take care of him, he simply becomes a sea lion and always insists on leaving the tank.

aND hE WOULD ATTEMPT TO PULL HIM IN THE TANK JUST TO HUG THE SHIT OUT OF HIM but sadly he can’t since the other employees still survey him

i lo ve the idea omfg

And then the boss officially leaves Sidon’s care to Link. :3c

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.

C.S. Lewis quotes cycle 11/32.

When Shiro wasn’t around, it was easy for Keith to think of all the things he wanted to say to him when they spoke again. But in his arms, he found himself quite tongue-tied.

“Watashi wa anata ga daisuke desu yo.” He fumbled awkwardly.

Shiro grinned as he laced their fingers together. “Eto…mou ichido onegaishimasu.”

Blushing as red as his lion, Keith simply buried his face under Shiro’s chin and grumbled irritably at him.

Shiro’s laughter made it all worth it.

So, like I’ve seen many others in the fandom, I like to headcanon that Keith enjoys speaking in Japanese with Shiro. Either it’s not his native language and he likes doing so as an affectionate gesture. Or it is, and he enjoys it because it’s another thing just the two of them share. Although it’d be hilarious if genius Pidge is multilingual and giggles at one of their sappy conversations, utterly mortifying Keith for life.

Keith told Shiro “I love you.” (such a direct phrase is not terribly common and fairly awkward)
Shiro(teasingly): “ummm….could you repeat that please?” (To which Keith obviously did not want to)

Trying to keep up with an ink doodle a day when I don’t have enough time to work with SAI!

[Top two images (season 1): Lance and Shiro standing by the blue lion. Shiro looks serious while Lance is trying to flirt. Subtitles:
Lance: ‘Girl, you’ve already activated my par-’
Shiro: ‘Lance!’]

[Bottom two images (season 3): Allura in the blue lion. Allura looks playful, confident, and also gorgeous. Allura looks gorgeous. Subtitles:
Allura: ‘Hey there, blue lion. You know, you’re really activating my particle barrier right now.’ *chuckles*]

I interpreted this scene as an example of Allura using a script in an unfamiliar situation. She doesn’t fully know what she should be doing, so she remembers an example from someone who went through the same process of piloting the blue lion and simply copies his line, because Blue responded well to him!

My Lady (Jaime Lannister x Reader) (Request)

Gif Not Mine

Anonymous:  hiya i was wondering (if your still taking requests) if you could please write a Jamie Lannister x reader game of thrones fic for me? :) One where the reader is quite young and jamie is in love with her but feals kinda guilty because of her age so he tries to avoid her. The reader gets really upset because she thinks jamie hates her and goes to find him only to overhear his conversation between him and tryion where he is explaining how much he likes her? (sorry if its so long) love your blog! xx

Word Count: 923

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shadowfox1119  asked:

I'm curious, are you going to keep Isaia's animal form a lioness if the original animated series picks up or are you not sure? Personally, I think she makes a kick-butt lioness!

I would say that NO, Isaia will not be a lioness in the original series. Two reasons as to why: 

1. It was never her original form to begin with. I chose a lion simply because that’s the material that was available. 

2. If I keep her form the same then I have lost a big plot twist. Her first transformation on screen looses it´s impact if 60% of the people watching already knows what she will be. :o

Be Gentle

For Lance Loves Ladies Week, Day 4:  Music / Makeovers

Lance and Pidge swap bodies, which totally counts as a makeover

This one beta-ed by @bouquet-roserade

Read it on Ao3 (which I would recommend because this one like 4000 words and tumblr is being weird about the italics)

Pidge did not expect to wake up in a bed, anymore than she ever expected to fall asleep at her workstation in the Green Lion’s hangar.

Nor did she expect to see Lance’s belongings strewn over the floor, his jacket hanging from a hook on the wall.

I’m in Lance’s room. Why am I in Lance’s room?

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anonymous asked:

Based off of what we see of the red lion so far, it doesn't need a pilot in order to find keith. Based off of the traits that the Red Lion is suppose to have, I don't think it would need someone who doesn't fit it's traits in order to save Keith, unless Keith is in serious dire help, in which case Lance having the time of his life doesn't really seem necessary. So Lance in red and having the time of his life doesn't make sense, because Lance doesn't have the traits that allows him to pilot it

I would contest this, mostly because, simply enough- the Lions have to have some benefit from having a seated pilot, otherwise we wouldn’t have a show. We also see in practice that it is very rare, and often evidence of a dire situation, that a Lion attacks or fights on their own, and we’ve never seen a Lion in single combat- the closest we’ve come is Black one-shotting Zarkon out of the astral plane. Red’s assault on the base wasn’t against another enemy, just a stationary target.

Yes, Red hasn’t taken a pilot with her before to go find Keith, but Keith has never been under fire before, he’s just been lost or floating out in space away from enemies. Rescuing Keith in the middle of a firefight would involve Red fighting on her own, and, when it comes to fighting, even with fights where the Lions easily outmatch their foes?

Black still needed Keith to work with her to rescue Shiro from those saber-toothed creatures. Even though Black could basically step on them and hit them with her tail to do so.

That much is given to us by canon- the Lions need a pilot, and sometimes, in desperate straits, any pilot will do even if it cannot work optimally. They would much rather wait or hold out for their designated paladin, if they can choose, but sometimes they can’t. Compare Red ignoring Coran to go get Keith, to Black accepting Keith because Shiro was away from her and about to get mauled by lizards- she couldn’t wait for him to run her way, and, seemingly, sustaining damage from the wormhole and Zarkon’s tampering, she couldn’t go get him on her own.

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Individual lion stats scanned from the SOC GX-71 booklet. fyi, the reason why pilots never matched the colours of their lions is simply because they chose outfits that matched their casual clothes.

Other mix matching in the 80s series occurs:

  • Kogane (Keith) first piloted Green, and piloted Blue once
  • Fala (Allura) piloted Red and Black
  • Kurogane (Lance) piloted Blue once
  • Blue Lion was piloted by six characters at least once which also includes Raible (Coran) and Saint
  • Yellow Lion was only piloted by one character in the entirety of the show
Chimera Discourse

So Chimeras are pretty cool. Fun fact I’ve learned about the Chimera is no matter how you pronounce it’s name, you’re flat-out always pronouncing it wrong. Whether this is one of it’s magical abilities is up to interpretation.

While 90% of mythological creatures are mashed-up combos of already existing creatures, (Expecting more creativity out of you, Greece) the chimera, is, well, *the* creature mashup. Every mashup that isn’t already something else can technically be considered a chimera. This is why some subjects like genetics uses chimera as a term to define an abnormal combination of things. Being the sibling of the hydra and Cerberus, it’s clear Greece likes multi-headed creatures.

However, the chimera is a little bit different than those two, since they comprise of multiple heads of the same species. So what would a realistic chimera even entail? That’s what we’re going to learn today, so buckle up.

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ok so i really really love fanart of the Voltron paladins + their lions in a human/earth size. like having a big dog or something. so hear me out:

mini-me voltron lion drones.

imagine if each of the lions could have their own mini-sized version of themselves, like a drone they could control or kinda transfer their sentience into (based on the idea they have more sentience than what we see so far).
so if the paladins had to go into an area where the full-sized lion would be too big or too noticeable, the lion could at least send their mini-me to help them with protection, surveillance, etc..

also consider: the paladins and mini-lions simply bonding. going on walks. cuddling on the couch. MiniBlack comforting Shiro during nightmares. MiniRed and MiniBlue helping Keith and Lance feel less lonely. MiniYellow forging in the forest with Hunk for foods and herbs. MiniGreen helping Pidge with repairs, tinkering, and reaching-of-high-shelves. They would be the best guardians, friends, and cuddlers, all in one convenient size! (^_^)

Know what I’m interested in seeing in season 2?

Allura and Coran looking for the paladins and slowly realizing, day after day, how much they need them.

Not only as saviours of the universe and convenient pilots of the lions, but simply having them there. Not waking up to a silent abandoned ship every day. And they MISS them on a deeply personal level to the point that they find themselves talking like they’re still there.  

Like imagine allura waking up, and immediately going to wake her paladins up only to remember, as she stares into their empty rooms that they’re gone.

Imagine Coran going into the kitchen and saying “good morning hunk” out of habit only to state at his full plate of food as he sits at a VERY empty table. 

Imagine them both realizing how lonely they are, even with one another, cause the only ones they have in the whole of the universe are each other and the Paladins.

Just imagine

Abnormal Daemon Forms

There are many daemon forms that are unusual or rare. Take the blue whale for instance. There’s maybe 4 or 5 people in the entire world that have a blue whale daemon, but each time they settled it made international news. Then you have people with insect daemons. Even though insects make 95% of Earth’s wildlife, only one in ten people will settle as one.

However, settling as an insect is normal. So is settling as a whale, however rare it may be.

What is not normal, however, is an adult having a daemon that’s in a juvenile state. A mythical daemon. A human shaped daemon. An extinct daemon. Multiple “daemons”.

An adult with a daemon in a juvenile state-say, a wolf cub-is a phenomenon that has to do with mental illness. It doesn’t suggest that the adult has the mind/soul of a child, despite common belief. No, what this means is that they likely experienced some kind of trauma during childhood, and the daemon being juvenile in looks is their way of compensating for what they’ve missed. This won’t last forever though-with proper psychiatric care and therapy, the daemon will eventually settle into an adult form.

A mythical daemon-like a unicorn or a dragon-is also almost always a sign of mental illness. If seen with anyone other than a child-which is a normal sign of childhood development-then one can assume that the person is not completely “here”. They may have some form of dissociative disorder, or perhaps be exceptional in some character trait. Vlad the Impaler is the one recorded example we have of this; his manticore daemon struck fear into the man’s many victims. The Dalai Lama, on the other hand, is said to have had the same “snow lion” daemon across reincarnations. However, science has proven that Jinpa is simply a lion that happens to be white. 

Human shaped daemons are only ever seen in psychopaths. They’re usually hidden on the person somewhere, while the human wears a (usually opaque) insect daemon lanyard. If a child settles as a human shaped daemon, they’re taken into psychiatric care immediately.

Extinct daemons are extremely rare. Sure, there’s maybe a dozen in one century but most of the time they’re mistaken for regular animals. The last known recorded extinct daemon was an unknown farm woman in 900s rural India who had a mastodon daemon. 

Finally there’s the issue of multiple “daemons”. Instead of having a honeybee, for instance, the person would have a swarm of them. This is always a sign of extreme trauma. Be gentle with these people and their daemons!

My SU Theory

I Should probably be applying to jobs rn, but nah

Okay so here is my Steven Universe theory and to wash out the haters I’ll say it now. I personally do not believe that Rose Quartz is or was Pink Diamond. I don’t think the theory is dumb I just don’t personally agree. So to save you the trouble of reading all this and coming across that opinion and you having a cluster fuck of emotions. (Cause some ya’ll get a lil to turnt up about it) I’ll save you your time. Now lets begin. (this gonna be long ya’ll, so grab a snack)

1.) Pearl belonged to white diamond.

I’m Iffy about this theory, if you haven’t seen any other theories about this around I’ll insert some pics. This is the “for the theory argument.”

Pearl most likely belonged to white diamond for these reasons. 

1 - Gem Placement  

After this weeks Steven Bomb appropriately titled “Steven’s Birthday Week” We got a boat load of info, plus we got to see Blue Diamond, her pearl, and Yellow Diamond and her pearl. Each of these pearls have there gems placed in the same spots as their diamonds. Seen here :

Leaving people to speculate that of course our pearl who has her gem on her head belonged to White Diamond, who has her gem on the same place. Even though you know how Pearl looks heres a pic just cause shes my favorite character.

beauty, grace, elegance

2 - Other evidence

BUT! This isn’t the only reason why I think our pearl didn’t belong to Rose Quartz Initially and it’s because what she says in the episode Sworn To The Sword… Unfortunately I cant find a clip but when Pearl first takes Connie to the sky arena where “one of the first battles for earth took place” Pearl says that this was the place where she became familiar with the term knight: Completely dedicated to a person and a cause. Some could say that this where pearl first swore her allegiance with Rose Quartz.

3 - Opposing theory

Pearl could have belonged to Rose Quartz or maybe even someone else. Pearls are made to look like their owners, but we’ve only ever seen diamond owned pearls. Maybe their pearls are made to resemble them but maybe other pearls are more individual, looking vastly different to their owners, not so fancy. Or maybe if they are, rose quartz told pearl to look how she wanted, not so much like her. Of course it’ll be a long time till we know because the story of how Pearl and Rose Quartz came to be will probably be a hefty chunk of the story line and wont be coming up for a while. 

2.) Rose Quartz is not Pink Diamond

I genuinely believe that Rose Quartz is not pink diamond. For many reasons.

1- When Rose and Pearl arrive at Blue Diamonds… whatever the hell that thing was, People are confused as ask “Who are you?” if it was in fact Pink Diamond wouldn’t they know?

2 - Also I believe that the song “Love Like You” is actually from Pink Diamond to Rose Quartz. In the song the person singing says they thought they were bad and now they are sure that its true. I think Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond were close and that Rose Quartz was always the head of the rebellion, she wanted Pink Diamond on her side, but she constantly struggled with staying with her diamond sisters or taking the side of a true friend. What could’ve happened, Pink diamond was shattered (Or badly injured) for taking Roses’ side and was removed from the matriarchy. 

What ever happened I think it had this one out come. Pink Diamond isn’t dead Or held in some deep prison cell. She’s simply corrupt but since she was a diamond (the most powerful of the gems), and she was pink diamond (the diamond of love and care) she was able to retain some sense of self. She simply became 


3.) Think about it! Look at all the past corrupt gems.

The centipeedle, the blowfish, those were corrupted gems, taking the form of some earth animal. Plus Lion is magical, where else could he have came from? Alot of people think that the bubbled gem inside of Lion is Bismuth, but bismuth isn’t a gem. I think that it’s Pink Diamonds diamond, either shattered or damaged. The crystal gems did say Rose was always trying to rehabilitate corrupted gems. And it would then make sense that no one knew about Lion because she needed to be kept a secret, just in case someone like pearl, or garnet were captured and wouldn’t give up her identity/ where abouts.

4.) Two other pieces of evidence, Lion knew what the moon base was and while using his/her warping power we seeeeeeeee..

(kinda dark cause it was screenshot on my phone.) But BOOM baby, a pink diamond. (Sorry for any grammar errors its 12 a.m here) If you have any Steven Universe theories or just love the show, follow me and maybe we can exchange our ideas.