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One Direction Preference: Your Contact Name/Picture in His Phone

9. Your Contact Name/Picture in His Phone (and Why)

His Contact name/and picture in his phone




You and Harry had recently saved an older cat from the shelter. You were planning on getting a kitten, but you simply fell in love with an older cat. You simply adored Tiger and he you, the cat was practically always near you. Harry often joked about he was being replaced by a cat, but you always laughed and shut him up with a kiss. So one morning when Harry was getting to leave for Tour he snapped a photo of his kitten and yours, to remind him of home.




It all started when you decided to make some cupcakes with Louis. It started out as fun, but Louis eventually got bored and started distracting you. He’d put his beanie on your head, make a bunch of funny faces, or just try to kiss you. You’d just roll your eyes and get baking but soon enough Louis decided to start taking pictures of you knowing it would get you attention.

“Louis stop I look terrible”, you cried

“No you look perfect as always, Cupcake”, he’d wink before continuing to take photos in till you decided to pay attention to him




It was a lovely fall day and Zayn had decided to take you out on a date to the park. You had decided to wear one of your old hats and a sweater and soon enough you were out and about. You strolled though the park and relaxed in the grass and just talked to one another. It was a truly wonderful day and Zayn wanted to remember it forever so he took a picture of you.



Liam was always calling you Button and you simply hated it. Of coarse hearing him call you that made your heart flutter, but you sometimes wish he’d pick a better pet name. Plus around all of Liam’s friends make fun of you calling you “Button”. So one day, Liam was nonstop calling you Button and it was driving you insane.

“Liam please stop”, you beg

But he’d just smirk and say, “Sure thing Button”

You decided to fight back the name by simply giving Lim the silent treatment. No matter what he did you ignored him in till he started taking hundreds of photos of you.

You tried to ignore him, but you couldn’t hold in your smiles, so eventually you gave in to that silly nickname.




Niall obviously called you Princess, but if there was one thing he loved about you it was your laugh. He simply loved the way you just threw your head back and how care free you were while laughing. How your laughter seemed to float through the air when he heard it. So one day the two of you were out and he just couldn’t help himself anymore and he took a picture of you and fell in love with it.

A/N: Sorry if this is a little suckish but its better than nothing huh.