simply juice

request: imagine when Juice and his old lady introduce their newborn son to the club and Juice is all proud and happy to be a dad

“It’s okay, honey, I’ll go”, he said, kissing your forehead gently and walked quickly to the cradle, where your son woke up and started to cry for the third time this night. Juice said that every time since you gave a birth to his son and your house filled with child’s laughter, never letting you to get up first. In comparison with other nights, this was almost the quiet one. A few days before Juice basically wasn’t able to walk away from cradle even for a few minutes, so he decided to move in another room to let you sleep. This wasn’t some OCD shit or excessive care, you knew, that Juice simply needed this. He needed to prove to himself or mostly to the ghosts of his past, that he is nothing like his father. That he will be better, stronger and that he will never ever give you or his son a reason to worry about his leaving. You knew that and every time when he left the bed and took y/s/n from the cradle you could hear him saying: “It’s okay, buddy, it’s okay, I’m here now. Your old man is never gonna leave you and everything will be just fine, right?”.
And before falling into the sleep again, you knew for sure: everything really will be just fine.


A few weeks later you decided that the time to introduce your son to the club has come. And Juice, of course, was literally crazy about this. He wanted to share his happiness with his another family and so the Sons also wanted to make sure that their Juicy-boy finally became a grown man, which, of course, will never happen if we’re talking about Juice. There was nothing to do with this big kid with mohawk, but you won’t lie, saying that this was exactly the reason why you fell for this guy.

Anyway, when everything you might need were ready, you carefully sat in the car, holding y/s/n close, and rode to Teller-Morrow, where Gemma decided to make a little close family-party.

“C'mon, daddy, it’s your time”, you smiled and kissed Juice, who took the kid from your hands. When two, oh, sorry, when three of you entered the clubhouse, Chibs was the first to rejoice and greet you with all his heart. He hugged you tight and then put an arm around Juices shoulder, leaning closer to the baby in his hands.

“Let me see my godson,” he said, smiling, while kiddo tried to touch his scars with wide interest in big chocolate-brown eyes. “Aye, he likes me,” laughed Chibs, tickling your son, making him laugh too.

“Hey, we wanna see kid too, you scottish selfish bastard”, demanded Gemma. Abel and Jax, who were by her side, leaned a little closer to meet your son. You put your head on Juice’s shoulder and he hugged you, placing soft kisses above your head. You could feel how happy he was at this very moment and so were you.

“Is it just me or he looks like Kozik?” said Jax with confused tone.

“This was suppose to be my line, Pres!” shouted Tig and everyone laughed again.

“Be careful with such statement, ‘cause Juicy will shave mohawk on his kid’s head so there were no doubts that this is his child,” pointed Bobby, making seep from his beer. You kissed your blushing Old Man on the cheek and said:

“Only over my cold body.”

The rest of evening was full of joy and happiness. No gunshots, no police sirens or other shit that everyone used to. Just you, surrounded by family and friends, feeling yourself the luckiest girl in the whole damn world.


{August 13, 2016} 


Today my SimplyGilded order of washi tape came in! They’re beautiful.

I spent yesterday deep cleaning my entire apartment, and treated myself to some flowers for my fancy new table. Today is being spent having a rest day, as it was very much needed after spending the last few days with my closest friends and tbh its exactly what I’ve been needing, even though I love my friends.

I’m gonna try to get started on a new book and spend the evening relaxing before tomorrow starts.

Here is my monthly spread and my daily spread in my Hobonichi!!!


*** Literally all I ever wanted was for Juice to be happy. 😔😔😣***

“You guys are new then?” “Yeah. We’re here as a little getaway. We’re from California.” You nodded and smiled. “Not too far from home then. You enjoying yourselves?” Jax continued to answer you as Juice simply watched you, much like he had the whole night. He was captivated by you. Your confidence, your ease and relaxation in such a busy and crowded place made you stick out amongst the sea of frantic people. You sat in the chair across from him and his brother, long legs in tight black pants and red lips. You came to join them as you saw them sitting alone. Most people had avoided them, the leather and knives on their sides repelling those around them.

Yet with the danger they exuded, there you sat, legs crossed with a glass of cranberry juice and vodka in your delicate hand, your nails the same shade of red on your lips. You started the conversation and Juice had participated in the beginning. As the night went on though, he found himself not talking nearly as much, just listening to what you said. Where you were going, where you’d been, your hopes and dreams. In return they’d told you about how they needed a break. How things back home had been full of nothing but stress and pain. Without giving too much up about the club, they’d gotten everything that they possibly could off their chest and were surprised at how you’d taken it.

You didn’t ask any questions or get up to leave. You didn’t judge them or try to guilt them. You simply listened and offered encouraging words, though not sappy. You didn’t make it awkward or emotional, you simply have honest inspirational advice. Though neither of them said anything about it, both Sons were surprised by how easily they’d opened up to you. Maybe because you were new and didn’t know them, maybe because you’d never see each other again.

The thought made Juice get an odd feeling in his chest and he began to talk more, wanting to get as much time with you as possible. In the 2 hours that they’d spend talking and drinking with you, Juice had began to feel more and more comfortable with you. He felt as though he’d known you his whole life and although you would look between the two of them when giving your advice, Juice noticed how you held eye contact with him. Jax could sense the connection and went off back to the bar, hanging around there to give you and Juice time.

You knew nothing about him, nothing about the things he’d done or the demons he fought and yet your words spoke to him. He felt as though you were only talking with him, giving him advice. He knew it was foolish but he felt like you cared for him. Maybe you did. Juice had been through a lot the past couple months. Between finding out about his father, to Roosevelt threatening to tell the club, to Potter bringing him in, to him taking that leap from a tree, he’d needed someone to just listen to him and be there. As he spilled his darkest secrets, you listened with sympathy and at some point you’d reached across the table, placing your hand atop him. The gesture was simple but Juice cursed himself as he felt his heart flutter.

Losing track of time, he continued to talk with you learning more about you as you opened up now that Jax was gone. He learned that you were originally from Atlanta and a stripper, had been for some time. Your goal in life was to be happy and free and you’d found both there in the City of Sin, never leaving. You had no family and few friends, even fewer that you could trust and Juice felt his heart clench for you, having a childish hope that maybe you could be that for each other.

That hope was erased as you suddenly stood. “I should get going. I’m got errands to run in the morning.” Juice nodded, hoping his disappointment and sadness wasn’t showing in his face. Standing with you, he held his hand out and you shook it with a smile. “It was great to meet you Juice. Good luck with everything when you get back home. Keep your head up.” He nodded and closed his eyes as you leaned forward, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. Something told you he needed it.

You grabbed onto your purse and walked away from the table and out back into the strip, disappearing into the abyss of people coming and going. Juice looked after you, trying to see if maybe he could see you walking away but you were gone. And even though he already felt like he missed you, a faint smile appeared on his face thankful that he’d met someone like you, no matter how brief it may have been.

Natural Remedies for the Common Cold 

Written by Kiana // Photo by Emma

As well as warm scarves, coffee and Christmas shopping, with Winter comes a sniffly nose, too many tissues to count and a sore throat. The common cold isn’t fun for anyone and it certainly shouldn’t stop you from having a wonderful Winter. So, read on to discovers some natural remedies to help battle the blocked nose and sore head that we all know too well.

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Have you ever wondered how to kill weeds in an organic fashion, without the use of harmful chemicals? A simple mixture of water and vinegar, applied to weeds with the use of a spray bottle can be an effective, natural solution.

1 cup of Vinegar
½ cup of water
Pinch of salt or Pickling spice (optional)
Pickle Juice (optional)

Simply apply the mixture to weeds or dandelions, be sure to do this in the afternoon, to assure the plants are free of morning dew and no longer damp. If possible, spray on a hot summer day, as the mixture will react with the heat and expedite the process. This same organic solution can be used to combat weeds in greenhouses and flower beds.