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10K follower forever 🎉🎉

okay so I recently hit 10k this past weekend; which is insane! Thank you guys so much, I never ever thought this blog would mean so much to me 😊 So since; I wanted to give you guys a few of my favorite blogs I love (not in alphabetical order bc I’m too lazy; let’s be real) 


  my-anthem-is-kellin-quinn black-and-bands-everywhere kellinquin happykellin disasterology-x veils-and-horizons piercetheshelbiethis–dizzydreamer kick-me-to-the-hell-above aphrodite-calise desireeh789kellicsheart just-for-the-moment pierxe-the-veil ilikebandsandbooks 

kindalikevicdeadcannibal atllimelow piiercethehoriizon you-cant-fill-these-shoes allfleshnobones puncture-the-veil damnitithinkipanicedatthedisco fuckin-fuenciado raddpeachh piercethcvicscarcoveredwrists fuckingponcho lyrical-hurricane being-miserable-at-bestt hateful-killjoy fallin-for-bands 

xxfanofmusicxx dropdeadsunflowerkick–me–sws withoutthemthereisnome youveforgottenabout-us officialalltimelow officialmashton simply-j0sh dannmit fallenforbands glassbonespaperskin jetspackblues justinchase lovekellinquinn carapherxelia bullet-proof-love-ptv kellic-amen bandwhore-forevermore

(P.s. I’m so sorry if I forgot some, I’m on mobile; so sometimes mutuals / followings won’t come up) but thank you again for 10k!! (even if you don’t follow me I think your blog is rad af) ❤️