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Warnings: Nothing severe, Patrick not taking rejection as an answer. 

The citizens of Derry, Maine—[Name]’s new home—has deemed her family bizarre. But [Name] thought Derry was an odd place too, and it lingered with a stench of rotten meat and sulfur. Some about this small town in New England was revolting, and it was evident. Sometimes, it was the way parents treated the children, or perhaps the children themselves.

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Gum (WinterIron Ch.1)

(Wings AU and does not follow the timeline of the comics nor movies.)

Who knew that the confectionary sweet that former Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes would be missing was simply, gum? Being reintroduced into society that changed so drastically from the 1940s was anything but a walk in the park. Because a simple walk in the park wouldn’t lead you to meeting Anthony Stark, no, you would have to had been stressed out of your mind and in the wrong place at the right time.

Steve had led Bucky towards the tower with a reassuring pat for comfort when suddenly flashes of light bombarded their view. Steve kept his hand on Bucky’s back, indicating that this was nothing to be concerned about, however, Bucky was more than concerned, surprised definitely, but terrified. He couldn’t deal with the sudden attention and flashes hurt his eyes, heartbeat rising he steped backwards jerked away from Steve’s grasp. Then he started to walk away, really fast. Steve tried to follow him but decided that it was best to let Bucky calm down while he took care of the reporters. Eyes scanning, he soon found a sign that indicated the location of the nearest bathroom. However, when Bucky had burst open the doors to the nearest washroom, he was immediately taken aback by the wings that he ran straight into. The sudden impact had caused both individuals to collapse onto the cold floor below, embarrassment and abandoned feathers soon filled up the entire room. Suddenly, both pairs of wings shot up as a physical initiative to apologize first, but the breathtaking views of their wings silenced them. After a few minutes, Anthony Stark cleared his throat and asked,

“Are you okay?”

Breathing in sharply Bucky stuttered,


Usually he was the charismatic one in most social situations whilst Steve had been more antisocial and shy, but once he had gazed upon the wings gracing the individual in front of him, his stress and charisma melted away.

“Are you alright as well?”

Anthony smiled,

“After seeing you, yeah, I mean it’s not everyday you see an angel.”
The sudden compliment made Bucky relax his shoulders and smile.

“Thank you…”

Anthony then stuck out his arm while supporting himself by his other, gesturing a handshake.

“Anthony Stark.”

Bucky didn’t hesitate to respond, shaking Anthony’s hand with a gentle grip.

Anthony chuckled slightly,

“Got a last name to go with that, Bucky?”

A shiver ran down his back after hearing his name being spoken for the first time by Anthony.

“Barnes, that’s my last name.”

They never stopped shaking their hands slightly while staring at each other’s wings and into each other’s eyes.

“Bucky Barnes.”
He swallowed,

“Anthony Stark.”
Pulling away, Stark stood up and immediately grabbed Bucky’s hand to haul him up from the floor.

“Well, Mr. Bucky Barnes, since I ran into, messing up your suit, I must compensate you somehow.”

Anthony began to dust off Bucky’s suit and slightly readjusted his tie,

“So what do you want?”

Bucky put up his hands and shook them,

“No, no, please, it was my fault for being ignorant of my surroundings.”

Anthony’s wings shook slightly in amusement and replied,

“I insist, Mr. Barnes that I compensate you, the angel that just ran into.”

Bucky then put his hands down to focus on the smirk growing on Anthony’s lips,

“Mr. Stark, it’s fine, it was my fault.”

A few seconds ticked by and Anthony straightened up again, his wings fluttering slightly.

“Well, I believe that it was your fault, Mr. Barnes.”
Taken aback by the sudden comment, Bucky furrowed his eyebrows,

“What do you-”

Anthony cut him off,

“If it is indeed your fault, which it is, then as a victim, I demand compensation. Therefore,”

Anthony pressed a finger to Bucky’s chest, “you will go to dinner with me.”

The sudden invitation surprised him,


Anthony wasn’t finished,

“Bucky Barnes, you will go to dinner with me.”

Now Anthony was pressed extremely close to Bucky and the tension was growing.


Grinning, Anthony pulled away,

“Fantastic, all the details will be sent to you.”

Bucky interjected,

“But, I haven’t told you where my email address yet.”

Bucky still wasn’t used saying that, but Steve had stressed the importance of remembering one’s business email. Anthony laughed again at Bucky’s statement,

“Don’t worry, I have my ways.”

And with that, Anthony Stark in all his black-feather glory walked out of the washroom with an air of confidence and charm. Standing there for a while, Bucky decided to wash his face before going outside to find Steve. Sighing, he wiped his face of the dripping water and threw the paper away in the trashcan. However, he did not notice the cleaning paper that had a certain last name on it which indicated the owner of the washroom, tower, and company, ‘Stark.’


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This is what I’d call my expanded but still main EDC. I obviously don’t carry all this gear on my person at all times but it is almost always with me and goes with me to work everyday. I will soon post everything I always carry with me on my person. I plan on going through every item and explaining my reasoning behind why I carry it. My main priority and EDC philosophy is functionality before anything else. Starting with the audio gear: I consider myself an audiophile and a music-lover, so at all times I have a fairly good audio setup. Nothing can beat quality speakers in an acoustically-friendly room but this is the second best for me. My main IEMs are my Shure SE846s. I’ve tried the JH16s and 13s and some FItEar models, but nothing I’ve used so far compares to my SE846s. (That is a highly controversial statement, but it’s all about personal preference and for many reasons I prefer the 846s.) The 846s are reshelled by In Ear Central ( a great option to reshell, I might add) and fit perfectly. I use an amazing silver cable with an awesome connector put together by HPL Audio (a.k.a Chrishimselfcables). To drive them (although they are adequately driven by my phone) I use a (surprisingly) good new FiiO model which I just picked up, the E17K. I had a DAC/AMP that was about 4 times more expensive than the FiiO but this FiiO model blows that out of the water. I carry various cables to connect them together, like a USB OTG, and microUSB to USB. I also always carry my custom molded earplugs for whenever I need to work silently or nap. Watch: One thing I’ve learned about watches is that most of them are way overpriced and are not very good. I’ve been gifted a Rolex GMT but never choose to wear it because I don’t like wearing 8 grand on my wrist. I have opted for a beautiful (and inexpensive) Fossil watch which serves its purpose very well. Phone: My Note 4 and iPhone 6 have both crapped out since I’ve got them so I’m using my backup Nexus 5 right now. It will soon be replaced by either an S6 or an M9. Field Notes and Pen: I carry a Field Notes notebook to jot down quick notes and things to remember. Field Notes is building truly iconic brand. So, while there are certainly more functional models out there I kind of suspend my functionality philosophy and go for the brand. My main pen is a fountain pen, but occasionally I need a ballpoint pen (or gel ink), so I use the original Kickstarter pen that kickstarted the slew of pens on Kickstarter. It’s the BIGiDESIGN Solid Titanium Pen. It has a great heavy and cold feeling which I love. And you can never go wrong with Titanium. Notebook: The notebook I use is made by LIFE. I picked it up while in Japan and have not been able to find it elsewhere. The paper is great and the cover is nice. Fountain Pen +Pencil: I have had many fountain pens, some much more expensive than the 144, but I’ve settled on the Miesterstuck for a number of reasons. I am eyeing some Nakaya models though. I use the classic pilot iroshizuku ink, which is my hands down favorite ink…(noodler’s bulletproof is up there too.) The pencil is the classic but new Palomino Blackwing 602. I never really need a pencil so I’ve ditched my Rotring 800. All I need really is an annotation tool for my books and documents and the Blackwing works very well for that. Wallet: The wallet I have is obviously excessively expensive but I choose to carry it just because I used to work for them and I didn’t pay a cent for it. It serves its purpose and is classy, so I’ve kept it. Sunglasses: The sunglasses are Ray-Bans. I love the Wayfarer lineup and its history. And they look really good and are light. Coin: The coin is a slightly rare dollar coin that I carry for luck and whatnot. BuckyBalls: And the Buckyballs, which have unfortunately been discontinued, are the most fun toy that never gets old. Gum/Mints: Altoids are a classic and cinnamon tastes great. Simply Gum is a great company that makes gum without artificial sweeteners and unhealthy ingredients. It isn’t too sweet or flavorful which I prefer. Aesop: I have gotten into the habit of always using hand sanitizer before eating and basically anything else. This one smells great and I don’t always have to go to the bathroom to wash my hands. Books+Magazines: I always carry reading material on me at all times. I usually carry one nonfiction, one fiction and a couple magazines. All my news is on my phone and iPad. Battery: I’m a heavy user of my electronics so this battery has come in handy so many times.It has a lot of capacity so it lasts me quite a long time. iPad: This iPad is getting old but works great. I haven’t chosen to upgrade it because it is perfectly fine, but I’m thinking of getting the new Surface at the end of this year. The new iPad is way too thin with poorer battery life and not much else changed internally. Knife+Flashlight+Multitool: I use a great Benchmade knife from the Orsborne series. The green aluminum handle is a great color and the steel on this knife is great. The AXIS lock opening is a requirement for any future knife I will ever buy because it is so convenient and easy. The flashlight is a very powerful fenix model. It’s a little big but I don’t carry it on my person anyways and I always prefer more power. The mulitool is the classic Wave in black oxide. This is very handy especially with all the extra bits I have.