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Hisomachi Valentine's HCs? ;)

Machi is unaware that is Valentines day and Hisoka keeps pestering her about it by asking her if she knows what day is today, to that Machi replies she doesnt know and Hisoka decides to tell her that is V-DAY with  a big grin, as a response Machi just walks away while Hisoka remains silent watching her carefully.

Hisoka creepily stalks Machi through out the day of Valentines. Where ever she goes he goes. Machi would stop by random stores to buy stuff and Hisoka would be hiding just right around the corner, making his head peek out slightly to watch her. Machi would feel followed and from time to time she would look around or behind her to make sure no one was there.

Machi arrives at her home, only to find Hisoka siting on her sofa with his legs crossed. Before she even had a chance to protest against him for invading her personal space, Hisoka simply attaches bungee gum to her and pulled her towards him. She perfectly landed on his lap.

She wants to break free from his gum but can’t. Hisoka begins to tease her about Valentines again. Machi is obviously irritated and tells him she doesnt care about it and she wishes to be let free. Hisoka begins to persist more and decides to get a little physical with Machi. He begins to kiss Machi’s neck slowly and Machi quickly blushes in embarrassment. She tries to play it off as cool headed but it becomes difficult as time passes.

Hisoka notices her facial expression and  can’t help but laugh at her playfully. Machi gets pissed off at this, so she decides to headbutt him really hard in the face. Hisoka gasps and is a little taken by her action. He feels Machi jump out of his lap while being trapped in his gum. He can see she is pretty mad at him for the little tease game.

So he decides to free her from his bungee and once he does he tells her he was just messing with her. Machi stands up and asks him to leave while still feeling embarrassed to some good extent. Hisoka chuckles at her statement and places a chocolate box on the table and tells Machi happy Valentines.

Machi tells him she will throw it in the trash. Hisoka looks at her and simply tells her to at least have one chocolate before she throws them away. Machi frowns at him while crossing her arms. Hisoka smiles deviously and leaves her residing place through her window.

The next day, Hisoka is getting ready to go somewhere. He opens his door and feels his right heel hit something on the floor. He stares down and sees a heart shaped box. He picks it up and notices a small writing on its front.

The writing said…

To: Hisoka
From: Machi

 ‘’Happy Valentines day, idiot.’’


( This is actually my only headcanon. I guess a headcanon put in a mini story?????? X’D sorry if my writing is a lil wacky. I was slightly tired while making this )