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Hi!! you're blog is really amazing! Could you do a tired/sad wonwoo getting comforted by reader? Thanks

thank you so much! I’m glad you think so ;w; here’s your scenario, hope you like  it! btw this is done under the assumption that you two are dating but if that’s not what you wanted I apologizE

As soon as he walked in, you knew something was off. You were laying on the couch, and usually, when Wonwoo gets home, he greets you with a smile and a kiss somewhere on your face. Although, this time you were only greeted with a hello and his body plopping on the sofa next to yours instead. Gaining a concerned and slightly sad expression on your face, you make your way over to him and kneel next to him. “Wonwoo, what’s wrong?” you asked, hoping whatever happened wasn’t something terrible. A sigh is heard before the sound of his voice, and he closes his eyes before he speaks. “It’s nothing baby, I’ve just been super tired lately and haven’t been able to do anything fun besides practicing” he replied, opening his eyes and turning to face you once he’s finished. Your expression falls into a pouting one, making Wonwoo chuckle and crack a small smile when he sees it. “Well, maybe we could do something fun now” you start, pausing for a moment to think of what that something could possibly be, “how about we go to our room and cuddle while watching a movie? That way if you’re too tired to stay up, then you’ll already be in bed.” Seeing a full smile sprouting on his face, you smiled as well knowing he was up for it.

“That sounds great, let’s go” he says, and then quickly picks you up and throws you over his shoulder as he stands up, catching you completely off guard. “Hey I thought you said you were tired!” you complain, hitting his back lightly in objection to his actions, causing him to only laugh at you. “I said I’m tired, not weak” he chirps back, cheekily smiling to himself. Upon reaching the bed you two share, he tosses you down, making you bounce on the impact of the bed. “That was unfair advantage you know, you didn’t give me a warning” you say, continuing to complain and only making Wonwoo laugh more. “I’m sorry, how will I ever be forgiven?” he replies sarcastically as the smile remains on his face, and he gives you a kiss on the forehead while he lays down next to you. “Whatever, what do you want to watch?” your tone now slightly different, unable to stay slightly upset at him after the kiss you received. “Since I had an ‘unfair advantage’ earlier, you choose something” he answers playfully mocking you for your sore loser-esque attitude. Simply replying with a hit to his arm, you scroll through your options on the TV and find something that you think you’ll both enjoy. As soon as you get comfortable, Wonwoo tosses a blanket over the both of you as well as wraps his arms around you faster than you can process it. “Thanks for suggesting this, I feel better already” he tells you, his voice soft and his tone calm and relaxed, with a hint of sleepy. Smiling to yourself, you don’t take long to reply, “Of course, I never like seeing you upset” turning to face him and giving him a peck on the lips. “Now,” you continue, “we shall see who falls asleep first this time, and I’m willing to bet it’s going to be you since you already sound half asleep” chuckling when you finish. “Well last time, as well as most of the time, it’s you, so we’ll see about that” he replies, accepting your implied challenge. Pulling you closer to him, he rests his head on your shoulder, thinking he might have to let you win this one as he feels a heaviness slowly spread on his eyes.

I literally haven’t written a scenario in months, so pls,,,somebody tell me what you thought of this because I have no idea how ass my skills are at this moment (also if there’s any grammar or spelling mistakes I missed pls forgive) 

but with that, I’m going to try and post more scenarios instead of just reactions and such, so I hope someone liked this, and thanks for reading!

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(30 Day Writing Challenge) Day 1: Holding Hands

Title: Clammy Hands

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Reader

A/N: this is my first time writing Sherlock so I’m sorry if this sucks. 

There were special times when Sherlock Holmes would get nervous. It wasn’t often and he could usually hide it from everyone. Everyone except his girlfriend (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

She could tell every time when he was nervous because his hands would become Niagara Falls. It was incredible how someone would could hide all emotion could not become terribly nervous within seconds.   

There was only one way she could notice or examine his hands to check if they were clammy, without it being extremely awkward: holding his hand.

Now, both of them were known for not  being the most romantic people in the world. That didn’t bother either of them. They just knew the other cared for them. Their, small amount of, friends understood they the physical and verbal affection was practically non-existent so there was no need to fake it. Which is why it was awkward for when she wanted to see if he was nervous. Also why John and Mary were shocked when she held his hand at their wedding, they’ve never seen that before.

At that time, where she needed to check if he was nervous, it was before Sherlock’s best man speech. (Y/N) wasn’t worried for her speech as the maid of honour. She and Mary had grown quite close and (Y/N) had a good idea on what to say to make her happy.   

On the other hand, Sherlock had been stressing out over his speech since it was announced that he would be the best man. He was alright with that and was also quite flattered John had asked him. But his face micro-slumped when (Y/N) informed him he’d have to write a speech. What was he to say? He’d tried to ask (Y/N) for help but she said John wanted it all to come from him.

So, the day of the wedding had come along. Sherlock was fixing his bowtie in the mirror in the mirror on his and (Y/N)’s door. (Y/N) stepped over to him in her floor length, purple bridesmaids dress.

“You look fine, Sherlock,” she said with a slight chuckle at him. He turned to her with his usual blank expression.

“I know. I just want to make sure it’s perfect so Mrs. Hudson doesn’t mess with it when we get there,” he responded whilst looking for his violin case.

“You know as well as I do that no matter how perfect it is, she will still mess with it,” she said handing it to him.

He nodded a thank you,”I guess you’re right.”. He took if from her and waited at the door to take a cab to the wedding venue.

“When am I not?,” she questioned to him as she walked down to the door. He simply gave a Sherlock esque smile and followed her.

-skip to the reception-

It was time, well almost time, for Sherlock’s best man speech. He sat to the left of John and (Y/N) sat on his left. Then (Y/N) did the thing.

She reached over and grasped his hand with hers. Sherlock would usually clench his hand quickly then go limp, but this time he squeezed and didn’t let go. She let out a small smile at him. He quickly smiled back at her.

John saw this happen and was completely confused. He was happy the two had shown some kind of PDA but was still confused. He turned to Mary and showed her their hands clasped together.

“I guess we aren’t the only people completely smitten with each other,” sje said with a shrug and smile.

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I noticed that Astrid has the headband in RTTE that she has in HTTYD 2. I always thought that Hiccup gave her the new one (and because I heard somewhere that it was like a Norse version of a promise ring or something like that). How do you think she got the new headband and where she got it from? If it was from Hiccup, I want to see it happen. If not, I want to know why she replaced it.

I’m going to group headband asks together since I got several of these! Thanks to both of you for asking!

I will begin by saying I am absolutely no cultural or historical expert by any means, and that I do not think How to Train Your Dragon accurately reflects every Viking cultural practice. People who have more knowledge and background in this area would be wonderful to insert their thoughts and perspective.

Regarding the kransen, I did a tiny bit of information digging, and it appears that it was worn by Viking women of gentle rather than common birth. It is a symbol of her virginity as well as her unmarried status. After Viking women marry, they were essentially required to cover their heads.

The Hairy Hooligans do not appear to be following these traditions, or at least not following all of them. Astrid is not of noble birth, nor do any of the Hairy Hooligan women cover their heads as happened with authentic historical Norse culture. We can still postulate if we want that what Astrid wears is a kransen-ish headband symbolizing maidenhood. There is nothing contradictory in that idea alone! And I personally believe that this melds well with my idea that Astrid and Hiccup may be dating seriously, but they have not yet become officially engaged. In this case, I would say that Astrid wearing the kransen-esque headband simply reflects that, and she would take it off once she and Hiccup become officially married later in life.

Under the idea that Astrid’s headband is a kransen, I do not know if that entails it is like a promise ring. From the brief amount I tried to read up on the cultural studies, I found nothing either way. I suppose my best intuition has always been that Astrid got a new headband herself from a village craftsman simply because she outgrew her old one (or the old one got a bit beat up, or she owns multiple headbands and sometimes alternates). I believe she and Hiccup have yet to make a formal commitment involving marriage, so there is yet to be any sort of “promise headbands,” “engagement headbands,” or trinkets of any sort yet! I think that when she and Hiccup seal the deal, it will be pretty obvious to audience-goers. 

How to Train Your Dragon 3, I’m looking at you.