simply enjoying her pressed so close

Dragon Age Inquisition LI: Loved

Cassandra feels loved when she discovers little gifts from her lover, things like pretty flowers and poems. She feels loved when her lovers arms snake around her waist, slowly swaying back and forth in comfort.

Josephine feels loved when her lover takes her hand during her most troubling times. She feels loved when her lover pulls her away from her boring reality, bringing her out into a world she’s never seen before.

Cullen feels loved when his lover holds him tightly to them in their arms. He feels loved when his lover takes his hand and places it upon their chest, just so he can feel their heartbeat underneath his fingertips.

Iron Bull feels loved when he can freely laugh with his lover by his side, joyful smiles from ear-to-ear. He feels loved when his lover peppers his skin with kisses even if they’re laughing through it all.

Sera feels loved when her lover whispers little things of assurance in her ear. She feels loved when her lover takes her hand leading her to new places with so much trust and care.

Solas feels loved when his lover takes their hands and traces their fingertips across his back. He feels loved when his lover holds him close, whispering promises that he knows they wont be able to keep.

Dorian feels loved when his lover presses their lips upon his temple, their eyes closed with content. He feels loved when his lover takes his hand in their own, simply enjoying each others company.

Blackwall feels loved when his lover wholeheartedly accepts him for who he truly is. He feels loved when he wakes up in the morning with his lover in his arms, a peaceful smile resting upon their lips.

Where I Lay my Head

So Killian’s voice in ‘Sleeping Arrangements’ has taken on tentacles and consumed me. Here’s a little piece to tide you over.

Me: Honeymoon fluff!

Reality: Not even close.

She clings tight to him when its over, when she’s back from that wretched fairy’s hellhole and in his arms, and has seen her parents and son safe.

She clings tight to him and he does to her because she was in his bloody arms when the curse hit and then she wasn’t and he needs to feel her against him to breathe.

So really, at first he doesn’t think anything of it.

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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 72

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73

Read on or AO3.

Chapter Seventy-Two: The meeting

“Are you serious?” Natsu asked, leaning over so he could peek at Gray’s phone. “That’s way faster than I thought it’d take.”

Gray nodded, scrolling down to the part of the article he was talking about. “Second gen Pokémon are gonna get released in September. At least that’s what the company is aiming for.”

“That’ll be awesome!” Natsu could feel his blood pumping faster as he thought about all the Pokémon he wanted to catch. “I’m gonna get a Houndoom!”

“What are you going on about?” Gajeel asked, lifting his head up from the book he was reading. His voice sounded irritated, but his eyes revealed the truth. He was excited to take a break from the book Levy had forced him to read.

“Pokémon GO. The secon—” Natsu’s voice cut out when he heard something weird behind him. It almost sounded like water was shaking. As he turned to look for the source of the noise, he also started hearing the sound of rapid footsteps draw closer.

Natsu looked up, green eyes widening when he saw his girlfriend running right towards him, her backpack swaying with every step, causing the water bottle in the side pocket to shake.

Natsu didn’t hesitate to stand up, his mouth opening to ask her what she was doing there, only to get the air knocked out of him when Lucy slammed herself into his body. They both stumbled backwards, but luckily Gray lifted his hand up to push on Natsu’s back, preventing them from falling on the table.

The couple barely noticed, their focus being on the hug shared between them. Natsu held Lucy tight against his chest, his pulse skyrocketing as she nuzzled her face against his neck. The air was warm, so he was wearing the scarf lower on his neck, giving him some breathing room. He didn’t know Lucy would be pressing her nose and lips to his bare flesh, but he wasn’t opposed to the feeling.

“What are you doing here?” he finally managed to say, not able to keep the smile out of his voice, not that he wanted to hold it back.

Lucy pulled back, but her arms remained around him, refusing to let go. “I got to take the bus to school today.” It was the only explanation she gave at that time, but Natsu didn’t mind. He had his girl in his arms. He didn’t care to question it too much, simply enjoying the feeling.

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#17 I Have Your Back

A/N: Many thanks to @allenting for igniting my muse this morning.

I incorporated a prompt in, I’m sorry I don’t remember who sent it and I’m too tired to look, sorry! “I was thinking, it’d fill a necessary void if you wrote a piece about linstead after jason died, and erin just confiding in jay”

Prompt #17: I Have Your Back - She knew he had her back. In and out of work.

Word count:  1,451

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Mass Effect Andromeda LI: Hugs

Liam hugs with familiarity. His hugs are normal, he wants to give his lover normality after 600 years and he believes they need a home and his arms are just that. He wraps his arms as much as he can around them, offering them comfort. Liam also likes to place kisses on their forehead and cheeks, light things for comfort.

Cora hugs loosely. She will wrap her arms underneath her lovers, her fingers tugging on her lovers shirt. She likes to stand on her toes sometimes, just to wrap her arms around her lovers neck if they’re taller. Cora also loves to receive kisses on her cheek when first entering and embrace.

Jaal hugs lovingly. He wraps his arms around his lovers shoulders with a smile and usually a chuckle. He loves holding them from behind, his arms or hands simply draped around their waist. Jaal also loves to hear and feel his lover laugh against his chest so he’s always lightly tickling or making jokes.

Vetra hugs with care. She’s always holding her lover close to her, taking in their scent and their touches. She doesn’t care how they hold her, just as long as they’re there in her arms. Vetra does enjoy giggly kisses on her face while she hugs her lover though, no matter the situation.

Reyes hugs warmly. He has his body pressed to his lovers, arms tightly around their back and head dipped into the crook of their neck. He likes to place light kisses on their ear and neck, just enjoying the feel of their skin. Reyes also likes it when his lover cups his cheeks and stares before pulling him into a hug, the gaze melting his heart.

Peebee hugs tightly. She buries herself into the chest of her lover, fully taking in their scent and her eyes always closed. She typically grips whatever fabric is on the back of her lover, tightly feeling it between her fingers. Peebee kisses her lover on the lips before releasing the embrace, just enjoying the feeling of their bodies so close.

Gil hugs with need. He’ll wrap his arms around his lovers upper body, underneath their arms, with his head resting upon their chest or shoulder. He needs the feeling of his lover there with him, and them being in his arms is the best thing. Gil also loves to pepper his lovers lips with kisses while hugging, just to earn smiles and chuckles to warm his heart.

Suvi hugs with protection. She knows she can’t be out there on the field so when her lover returns, she has open arms ready to greet her lover with comfort and care. She loves to have her lover wrap their arms around her shoulders, their head resting on her shoulders. Suvi offers a home in her arms, a place where her lover can return to every night.

Fic: The Charmings’ Home

The Charmings’ Home
by misscam

Summary: How do you start a happy beginning? Snow and Charming start it by simply going home. [Snow/Charming, minor Charming family, Wilby]

Rating: Mature. One scene of adult activities, not very explicit.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author’s Note: Set after Emma’s battle with Gideon in 6x22 and leads into the happy beginnings montage.



How do you start a happy beginning?

Snow and Charming start it by simply going home. It is late, after all, and they’ve all had a very long day – not at least baby Neal, who is still a little fussy as if he can’t quite believe the danger has passed.

Charming can’t quite believe it himself. That it should all be over now – that they don’t have to face another crisis, that another villain won’t appear to threaten his family – seems almost unbelievable.

Emma seems to not believe it herself as she heads off with Hook, but she sends both Snow and Charming a soft smile as she does, and Charming’s heart aches with love for her. His daughter. His daughter, now free to just live.

As they all are. Henry goes home with Regina, Zelena leaves with her baby girl tucked carefully into her arms and humming a lullaby. Belle calls to tell them Gideon is a baby again, and that she and Rumple are taking their baby boy home. It is truly the first evening of the rest of their lives.

And so, Snow and Charming head home. Together, hands intertwined, carrying a now sleeping Neal. It feels… Normal. Walking home at the end of a day is normal. What they’re walking home from is not quite normal – at least yet. Perhaps tomorrow, and all the days to come, it actually will be.

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Protect Me

Request: Stiles takes care of and is slightly over protective of a heavily pregnant Lydia


Genre: Fluff, Romance


“Hey, hey, hey! Move, a pregnant lady passing!” a man in plaid yelled at some people, his hand wrapped around his wife’s shoulder. The man had brown hair, while his wife was a strawberry blonde.

Lydia was smiling widely at Stiles; he’d been really overprotective past months she’d been pregnant, but she had to admit she liked all the attention she got from him. His kisses became sweeter than ever, tender and gentle. He made sure she felt special every minute of the day, every second.

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anonymous asked:

(NSFW) Female companions react to Sole spooning them while they start to wake up?

Cait – She immediately awoke when she felt someone press themselves tightly to her back, the instincts hard earned throughout the years with slavers and raiders kicking in right away. Cait turned, about the throttle whoever the hell was trying to touch her, but stopped short with her fist suspended in the air. Sole, she had shared the bed with Sole. Not some raider or slaver, just Sole. She slowly lowered her fist and brushed a hand across her face, trying to calm her breathing. The little shite. They hintin’ for a shag or somethin’? She lowered herself back down on the bed, this time facing Sole because even though she trusted them more than anyone else in the Commonwealth, turning her back to anyone damn near made her a nervous wreck.  “What, you don’t like cuddles Cait?” They murmured quietly, finally opening their eyes with a slight smirk playing on their lips.

The brawler just rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Turn around, I ain’t being no little spoon.” When they did, she pressed her groin to their ass and leisurely ran her hand along their body, feeling up muscles hard earned from days of trekking through the wasteland and fighting off scum. She decided then and there that one day, she’ll make her move, but not when she’s still half a sleep. After all, she wanted to fully enjoy that body of theirs.

Curie – The Commonwealth was such a cold place, so much so that Curie often gets scared when she wakes up because she thinks for a second that she is back in the silence and solitude of Vault 81’s secret laboratories. But as she wakes up this particular morning, Curie feels simply amazing and not at all worried. She goes to stretch but freezes once she recognises that a warm, comfortable body was pressed closely against her back and a strong arm wrapped securely around her middle. She gasps and turns around, eyes finding a sleeping Sole who shimmied just a little bit closer. “S-Sole?”

They opened their eyes with a small, sleepy smile and gently pulled Curie back down to them. “Good morning,” they murmured quietly, nuzzling their face into the back of her shoulder, making Curie giggle. “Have a nice sleep?”

“A wonderful sleep, monsieur/madam. Can we…make this a permanent arrangement?” She asks rather sheepishly and is delighted to hear Sole murmur affirmatively. Once again, Curie is left marvelling over the simple things people experience that seem to enrich one’s life in the most unexpected of ways. Waking up in Sole’s arms was most certainly one of them and was something she just simply had to explore further, wondering to herself just what other kinds of things Sole can do to make her feel so wonderful.

Piper Wright – Piper awoke from a deep, restful night’s sleep, one that she’s needed for a good long while. Her limbs – despite being achy – felt rejuvenated, her mind relaxed and her muscles not tensed almost to the point of pain for once. She closed her eyes, intent on enjoying the rare moment of peace and comfort, but it was as her mind began to fully wake up that she realised something. She was not alone. Warmth was pressed tightly against her back, a toned leg had slid comfortably between hers and an arm was wrapped securely around her waist. Immediately, her eyes widened and she fought to keep her breathing steady. Oh my God who is that?? She racked her mind for memories of what happened the night before and came up with nothing. No drinking, no chems of course and no midnight tumble in the hay with anyone. What the heck? Carefully, she tried to scoot out from the person’s embrace just enough to see who they were and was immediately left breathless. Sole, her Blue, had been cuddling her throughout the night. Before she could react, Blue pulled her in close and nuzzled into her hair, breathing a soft sigh as they stirred awake. “Morning, Piper.” They mumbled quietly. Oh how many times has Piper dreamt of waking up to this very setting? To hear those very words from Blue? Too many to count. With a brilliant smile, Piper settled herself more comfortably in their embrace and let herself enjoy the moment.

“Lovely morning, Blue.”

Olicity: Be Nice to Mommy

sportssqueen said: Don’t know if you’ve ever written anything like this, but could you write a doc where the baby is kicking a lot while Felicity is trying to sleep so Oliver tells the baby a story??? Btw, your writing gives me life! :)




Oliver shut his eyes again. It had been happening on and off for the last half an hour, and at his guess it was somewhere around two o’clock in the morning. Neither of them had been to sleep yet. It didn’t help that they’d been awake since five that morning with Felicity’s morning sickness making a repeat performance the last few days. It had been a long, exhausting day, and all they wanted was to sleep.

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Title: A Love Story Like Never Before

Pairing: NaruHina

Prompt: Day 23– Scars

She traced the line from the bottom of her breast to her collar bone. She stood naked in their room, staring at herself in her mirror. She hardly remembers that there was a scar on her bosom from her times of fighting Pein when she was just sixteen years old. And now she was twenty-five with one child and a baby and a husband. A lot has happened since then and she’s been so busy that sometimes she forgets about the war and the horrors that happened to Naruto. And of course her cousin.

She kept tracing her scar, no worry that someone will walk in since her children are in the Hyuuga Clan House. She didn’t jump or tried to hide her body when the door opened. She knew who it was.

Her husband, Uzumaki Naruto, simply stared at her as she stood naked. It was odd to see his wife so bold in their bedroom but there was a reason why, he mused. He was rather slow when he was younger but he grew better. He learned to read his wife perfectly, inside and out, and he knew what this meant.

She was feeling insecure.

He embraced her from behind and kissed her neck, smelling her and enjoying her body pressed close to his.

“What’s wrong?” He looked at the mirror and saw her eyes following her finger.

“I forgot about this scar,” she whispered, tracing it. “I forgot I had it here. Is that weird?”

“No.” He grabbed her hand and interlocked their fingers. “Sometimes we forget about them.”

“Does…does it look bad?”

He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Hinata, I’ve seen you naked so many times. Why would it bother me now?”

She snapped out of her daze and blushed when she realized she was naked. She reached for a robe she had hung on their closet door but he turned her around and kissed her. It left her breathless when he moved slightly away and he gave her a smile.

“Why hide? I enjoy every part of you. Including these.” He touched her stomach where he felt her stretch marks from when she was pregnant. “Every scar has a story, Hinata. It becomes a part of you and you should not be ashamed.” He kissed her once more and gently laid her down on her bed. “I’ll show you how beautiful you really are.”

He silenced her with a kiss and showed her beauty through his actions for the rest of the night.


Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler

The Doctor and Rose have a dilemma.  Well, three.

Genre: smut
rating: all sorts of adult

This was written with rudennotgingr, and is an incredibly late birthday present for the-untempered-prism.  Happy birthday a month ago from both of us!!

“Hey Jack, you know where the Doctor is?” Rose asked as she leaned out of her room.

“Let me guess…the shower?” Jack asked, a knowing smile playing on his lips.

“You know me too well,” she replied with a grin.  “So, the Doctor?”

“Console room, last I saw,” he told her.  “So you might want to claim it quick…you know he’ll want it when he’s done.”

“Yep,” she said, popping out of her room with her clothes already under one arm.  “Thanks Jack!”

She scurried off down the hall, and Jack shook his head with a sigh.  The two of them were constantly racing each other to one shower in particular, despite the fact that the Doctor’s impossible ship had several dozen interesting plumbing configurations.  But he knew that this one in particular was coveted by them both because it was a room by itself, and, once the steam kicked up, doubled as a relaxing sauna.

He also knew that the Doctor had been headed the same way just before Rose asked…but if something didn’t happen between them soon, they’d both combust.

He whistled innocently as he sauntered down the hall.


Rose grinned when she stepped into the shower changing area and heard the water already running.  The TARDIS knew she loved it when it was warm and steamy, and often made sure it was ready when she stepped inside. She stripped quickly and stepped into the massive shower.  She took a moment just inside with her eyes closed, breathing in the steam, before she was startled suddenly.


She opened her eyes with a snap to see the Doctor in front of her, frowning and focused tightly on her face.

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zeespazz  asked:

*slams button for part 3 of dragon!Genji AU* your writing gives me life i never say no to dragon!Genji AUs

aw doll thanks! anyways who could really say no to dragon!genji??

  • For several days Mercy would sneak out to their little hidden cave and heal Genji, spending the nights beside his warm side while the cold set in. When day came upon them she would slip back into the village before any other souls could see her, and departs just as such.
  • At night, they softly talk. Mercy comes to know the dragon as more human than anything else. His movements with his claws and little jerks of his head are all expressions only a man could share. She knows deep inside all those scales and fangs beats the heart of a man.
  • She knows he will not harm her village or do anything like that. She trusts him as he trust her to care for his wounds.
  • Genji is overwhelmed at Mercy’s presence, simply because its been so long since he’s actually spoken to another person. Out of all the terrible mess his life has become, this angel appears to save him in time in more ways then she can imagine. 
  • It hurts him to think about how he can’t really have her with his curse, but he simply pushes those thoughts deep into the corners of his mind and enjoys her soft touch as she presses more herbs against his almost healed wounds. She has warned him of the Dragon Hunters so close, and she promises to get him better so he can leave to a safer place.
  • He keeps his thoughts of not wanting to leave her to himself. 
  • Its upon the fifth night that Mercy goes to see Genji that she gets caught by one of the dragon hunter. The same one that questioned her before.
  • “It’s not safe in those woods with that dragon running around, and a beautiful women like you definitely shouldn’t be alone.”
  • She turns to face him in his silver armor and calmly tells him she can do what she wishes and that she’ll be okay. The Dragon Hunter is obviously offset at her ignoring his flirting approach. 
  • He gets angry, and tells her she is not allow in the woods until the dragon is killed. He calms down just enough to say he’ll escort her back to her house. He takes her arm but she rips away from his touch and tells him she can walk to her own home without assistant thank you very much.
  • She leaves the Dragon Hunter behind at the east side of the village, but simply takes the long way around by the north and is forced to cross the river but she makes it to Genji. The night is later then when she usually appears, and Genji knows the same because he breathes out a loud sigh of relieve when she finally appears. Obviously worried about her. 
  • She tells him of the encounter, expressing her anger at being treated in such a way by such an arrogant man while changing the herbs. Genji stills when she talks to him as she works away on his wounds. She does not notice his claws tighten in silent anger. Her fury slowly dies as she settles down beside him, resting against his front leg, right beside his neck. 
  • “No man should treat you as such… I’m sorry you had to endure that.”
  • Mercy is taken back by his quiet voice. She touches his scales before saying she was just bothered, that’s all, its nothing to serious. 
  • Genji growls in his chest but it softly turns into a hum that helps her to sleep. She leans her head back against him, and Genji curls his tail around her. He wants to protect from every horrible and cruel thing in this world because if anybody deserved that it would be Mercy. 
  • Instead, he lets her sleep, and dreams of a life where his own human hands could touch her hair. 

Ask, and ye shall receive Part 4 

Hangovers and Hair dye

(BAND AU! So im sure you've all seen this wonderful art piece by colorfulcoffins and after seeing it we got in touch and this AU consumed our lives at the speed of light XD you can see her fantastic accompanying art right here! So few things for this AU first things are more or less the same but slightly different. Max Still went to Seattle but she kept in touch with Chloe. Victoria was actually never a bitch to Max or Kate and Nathan is the main dickbag at blackwell and its because of Him Kate ended up trying to jump. Max still saves her life. Victoria and Max begin dating and the idea to start a band comes up. Kate is the violinist and Chloe is the drummer. Eventually Kate and Chloe began dating. After the four graduate blackwell they begin touring America having enough attention and Fame on youtube to be fairly successful. they perform in local places and they rapidly begin to grow in fame. Now thats enough rambling on to the fic! most fic in this AU will be presented in a slice of life style and are no inchronilogical order. This on is after they’ve been on the road for a decent amount of time and after a night of celebrating and getting drunk…)

Max could have sworn someone was driving a railroad spike into her head with how hard it was pounding. Groaning she cracked open her eyes. Thank god the bus had tinted windows, otherwise the sun would be right in her eyes.  She was on the bus right?

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You kiss my smile (I pull you closer)

(Mery is why this happened and she is amazing and has the best head-canons ever but when I start to write something it turns out entirely different from my original plans so, Mery, I’M SORRY, to the rest of you amazing people, fluff and fluff and a little smuff but mostly fluff and Emma embracing her magic and happy future.)



When he opens his eyes the ocean in front of them is blue and for the briefest of moments he thinks they failed and they aren’t back in the present but then, out of the corner of his eye, he sees boats and the pier and he feels the wood of the docks underneath his feet and-

“We’re back,” Emma breathes and turns to face him, laughter spilling from her lips and he can’t help himself, he has to smile back and he turns towards her and she turns towards him and then they move forward and his lips are on hers.

The first time they kiss after everything is over, after Zelena’s defeat and their return to the here and now it is tentative and gentle and he slowly wraps his arms around her while she pulls him closer, her body melting against his as she tilts her head to the side to deepen the kiss.

His lips part beneath hers as her tongue sweeps over his lower lip and he is helpless, he’s drowning in her and he doesn’t want to ever get out of the water, he lets her pull him deeper and deeper until he is sure he will never reach the surface again because he loves her so much he’s at a loss for words.

His hand moves from her back to her hair, fingers threading through her blond tresses and he feels how one of her hands finds its way into his hair too, pulling him closer still.

This kiss is so different than the kiss in Neverland. It’s less passionate, less… greedy but at the same time it is so much more. It is hope and home and love and he never felt so cherished before, never felt so loved and he can tell by the way she clings to him she feels the same.

He tightens his hold on her and tilts his head, his tongue pushing hers back into her mouth and she fights against him and suddenly there is no tenderness, no more tentativeness as he kisses her like she’s fire and he craves for her flames.

There is the sound of someone clearing his throat - it’s David, Killian realizes - but they can’t find it in themselves to care because they have waited for this moment for what feels like an eternity and they just can’t stop, they don’t ever want to because this moment is perfect and everything’s alright and- David clears his throat again.

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Tessa & Scott || Sochi

  • The FD hug
Isala Arla - Chapter 1

This is the start of a long form multi-chapter Solas x Isii fic. (Not kidding about length - there are roughly 30 chapters in my outline.) I hope to update on a weekly basis - probably Thursdays or Fridays.

You can either follow this fic here on tumblr or over on AO3

Setting: Weeks after Adamant, before leaving for the Arbor Wilds. Set after the fics Simple Pleasures and Some Choice Passages.


Emma solas.
Emma ena souveri suledin
Sahlin ar ven ma vir, ma aravel
In Elvhenan
In solas vhen’alas
Dar’en isala atisha
Dar’en isala arla.

I am proud
I appear weary but am able to endure.
Now I go down my path, on my journey of great purpose
In the place belonging to our people,
In the proud land of our race,
For the love of the elves.
We are in need of peace.
We are in need of a home.

 -Translated from a Dalish poem of unknown origin


It felt much like falling, but with purpose.

There was a boundlessness, a sensation he had not felt in a long time, no longer held to the narrow parameters of weak flesh and petty magic. Movement was effortless, fluid, unrestrained. The Fade bent before him, arcing, twisting, giving way to his will as he walked – no – hunted, stalking with soundless steps.

He was himself again.

His lips curled, teeth gleaming. There was a heady quality to this feeling, slipping back into the familiar skin, letting himself experience his senses how he once used to, heightened and indulgent. He had forgotten what it was like to truly take in scent, to be able to taste the buzzing of the Fade on his tongue.

He felt alive again.

He could hear the voices. They echoed, ringing, distant, familiar. He loped toward the sound, drawn to it, pursued by it. The din formed words, ancient and half-remembered. The song soured in note as he neared, the chorus of voices choking on bitterness, one rising above them. A deep, commanding voice. One he would never forget.

“We are trapped. We are dying. Betrayer.”

A low, guttural hum rumbled in his throat as his eyes narrowed.

“We trusted you. You were our kin.”

“This isn’t real,” Fen’Harel growled. The Fade shifted and changed. A forest now, deep and ancient, jagged shards of mirrored glass embedded in each trunk, hanging from the branches, sputtering shafts of light dancing as they caught the dim beams of the sun. In each reflection he could see the ghostly echo of hands pressing from within, scratching, clawing in desperation with bloodied fingers.

This was a dream. Nothing more. A dream stitched together from memories. He could control this.

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Good Morning!

Kyriakos had been awaken for a bit and he knew Rosemary liked to sleep in, he disappeared from his room and reappeared in hers, quietly tiptoeing to her bed, he went under her blankets and slowly wrapped his arms around her. Pressing his lips against her shoulder as he held her against him. His morning predicament could not be felt anymore so he simply held on to her, with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of spooning her brought.


The sun is just barely peeking through the closed blinds as Niall lies down, completely awake and absolutely aware of the beautiful girl sleeping soundly beside him. He pulls his hand out from under the comforter, beneath which his legs are in what only can be described in a tangled mess with hers. With just the tip of his finger, barely touching, only grazing, he gently strokes some hair off her forehead and lets his touch linger there before gliding in down her cheek, across her lips, stopping to grasp her chin between his pointer and thumb.

It’s crazy to think that only a mere 4 months ago, Niall had never even laid eyes on this girl. Four months ago he had no idea what it was like to feel, to really and truly feel. He didn’t know real happiness, he didn’t know real pain, he didn’t know real love. He didn’t know heartbreak or fear, he didn’t know what it really meant to care about someone. To care about someone so much that your own feelings are bullshit compared to theirs. He didn’t know what it felt like to be safe. Not only in the physical sense, in the emotional sense, too. In the sense that no matter what happened in his own life, no matter what forces tried to tear him down and destroy his happiness, nothing would ever succeed because he’d still wake up every morning knowing he could call this girl his.

Four short months was all it took. The scariest, fastest, most emotional four months he’d ever experienced. In those four months he met Taylor, he fell in love with Taylor, he and he almost lost Taylor. In four months he went from a lonely boy, hiding his feelings of inadequacy with a smile, to someone who finally felt like they had purpose on this earth. Except for those two weeks, those absolutely painful two weeks that were finally coming to an end, those two weeks where he was convinced it was over. He’d lost her. A silly fight, a stupid stupid rumor that he should have stopped before it got out.

She’d packed up her toothbrush, her shampoo, her razor, her extra clothes, brought them all home, promising to never return, to never speak to him, to never even look in his direction. And for those two weeks, Niall felt pain, real pain, a pain far above any type of pain he’d ever experienced. Two straight weeks of fake smiles and forced laughs. Two straight weeks of a hole in his heart and a sunken stomach. Two straight weeks of a constricting bind on his throat, choking him up with tears threatening to spill every moment of every day. Pain, real pain that Niall would never even wish upon his worst enemy.

Until that night when it was too much. Too much pain and too much crying and too much hurt and he was done. He couldn’t take it anymore and he had to fix it, he had to try. So at 2 am on one of the snowiest nights that winter, he made his way across town in nothing but his sweatpants, trainers, and a hoodie he’d pulled on as he walked out the door. He drove the half hour trip to her house, his mind second guessing his actions the whole way, but his foot still pressed steadily to the gas. He parked in her driveway determined, triumphant, proud of himself for not having chickened out yet. He used the spare key he still had attached to his keychain to open her front door, kicking off his shoes as he stepped in, just like he had many times before when they were dating. Happier times.

He took the stairs two at a time up to her room, keeping his steps light and soft, just incase she was still awake (he doubts she is). He paused outside her room for a moment, just listening, partially to hear exactly what’s going on in there, and partially to reflect on the moment, collect his thoughts, pull himself together.

The sound of soft, sad sobs surprised him and scared him. Is she okay? Did someone hurt her? Is someone hurting her? No second thought needed he pushed open the door, and was relieved to find her in her bed, under the covers, curled up with the stuffed tiger he’d won her at the fair a month back. She heard him and looked up, her sobs slowing, but tears still leaking tracks of mascara down her cheeks. Niall’s suddenly lost his voice as he stepped forward. His mouth opened, but closed again because he found it nearly impossible to make a coherent sentence when the girl he loved was finally in front of him, for the first time in two weeks.

“I miss you.”

The words are hers, not his, and he half laughed, half sobbed when he heard them, bringing his hands up to wipe his eyes. He took three steps to her bed and, without being asked, no invitation needed, he climbed in beside her. She moved over and turned onto her side to face him, and he turned onto his, wrapping his arm around her, her head against the crook of his elbow and her face pressed against his comforting chest. By now, the only sign of tears were the blacks smudges on her cheeks. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep.

Niall didn’t sleep much that night, though. He dozed off every now and again, but Taylor’s gentle movements beside him kept waking him up. He didn’t mind, though. Watching her sleep, knowing she’s safe, knowing she’s his, it’s one of his favorite things to do, so he quite enjoys spending the night watching her, keeping an eye on her. He has a lot of missed time to make up for.

And now, her eyes are fluttering open at the sound of the garbage truck and she looks up at him. She says nothing, just simply looks at him, a small smile appearing on her lips as she realizes he’s here, he’s back, he’s hers. Niall grins down at her and presses his lips to her forehead. He leaves them there for a second, inhaling deeply, letting the smell of her hair overtake him as he closes his eyes. “I love you,” he whispers against her skip. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m not leaving. Not ever.” He pulls away to look at her, and despite the tears in her eyes, she’s still smiling, nodding. “I’m not losing you. I’m not ever losing you, you got that? This right here,” he motions between the two of them, focusing on their chests, more specifically, their hearts, “what we’ve got here, this is something special. This is something real. These feelings I got, they’re something real and they don’t happen often. I know that. And I’d be an idiot to do anything to jeopardize it.” She nods again, happy, relieved sobs leaving her parted lips. Niall shushes her softly as he kisses her, silencing her, loving her properly for the first time in two weeks. “This is forever, alright? You’re stuck with me. And that’s how it’s gonna be.”