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  • the prince: *humiliates and dismisses the old woman in front of all his guests*
  • me: wow what an asshole, he deserves to suffer
  • the prince, as a beast: *pretentiously criticizes romeo and juliet after belle names it as her favorite play*

I’m never going to get good with photoshop, but hey I tried *Shrugs* (This took me 2 weeks of confusion and frustration so I am not doing this again)

(PS: The similarity to Moana’s appearance is deliberate, in some mythologies you cannot look at a gods/spirits/whatevers true form so my head canon for Polynesian gods is that they appear as someone who could almost be a member of that person’s family, as that would be comforting/relaxing for the mortal they’re talking to. [Te Fiti herself bears noticeable striking resemblance to Moana])

Several people have made their own design for how they wished Maui looked, so here is Moana and my own design of Maui following my head canon. I made sure to ensure Maui isn’t completely thin, but I made sure he matched his mythological design. I’m not going to lie, as far as character designs go, Moana looks amazing. There are certain subtleties, such as an upper lip that is permanently pursed upward that distinguishes her from other Disney CGI heroines. In fact she actually looks like a sixteen year old girl, and amusingly enough, she has the biggest feet of any animated Disney heroine.

Totally not hating on Disney’s Maui (Humour wise, I think he’s totally cool), but I’ll admit that I’ve been a Māui fan-girl from the moment I met my friend Angel (Who is Hawaiian-Tahitian in origin) and started having sleepovers at her house and hearing her mother tell Polynesian legends, my favourite has always been Maui. What’s not to love about the archetypal trickster kupua of Polynesia? Nobody’s saying Maui, that most rascally and famous of the Polynesian kupua, isn’t strong. He beat the Sun into submission with nothing more than a jawbone and yanked the Hawaiian Islands out from the bottom of the ocean. So yes, Maui’s strong. But big? Eh, not so much. Maui’s got four older, bigger brothers, and he’s constantly hiding and sneaking around. He’s the youngest, and cheeky, so honestly, he’s not a big man. In Polynesian Mythology, Maui is a skinny, handsome lithe teenager on the verge of manhood.

In fact Angel confessed to me, after watching the teaser trailer, “I’m going to admit that because Dwayne the Rock Johnson was voicing Māui, I actually expected him to be hot?” I myself also expected that Māui would be beautiful. Not a stick figure thin blond Prince Charming beautiful, but beautiful in the way like the men in Angel’s family effortlessly are: i.e. Not all Polynesian men are large.  

As I’ve mentioned before Maui’s movie design was a let down, especially for someone who has grown up hearing the myths of Maui and knowing that he has a set out look that Disney simply dismissed. Disney made up for his design only by the fact that he is a such a strongly-developed character. Disney themselves mentioned that they designed Maui in a certain way so that people would know that he ‘was larger than life.’ Turns out they meant literally larger than life. 

It’s one thing to design someone larger than the stereotypical Disney Prince, but it’s another to design someone with the chest of a body builder, legs to short to be natural and biceps bigger than his co-stars waist. Despite what the ‘Oceanic Trust’ said, Maui was not Superman or Hercules. Besides it’s not the first time people have expressed dislike of a Disney characters appearance, I mean look at what people say about the Beast’s human form and others have redesigned him too.

Angel mentioned that she found it annoying that they’d designed Maui in a stereotypical 'Sidekick/Mentor’ design, you know from the moment you see him that he isn’t going to be Moana’s love interest. And we wondered what he’d look like if he didn’t have that set ‘Mentor’ design and instead looked like the teenager/young adult he really was in his stories, so I decided to make an image that looks a lot more realistic to his mythology than what they did in the movie, and in this design he lacks that 'round-mentor-not-a-love-interest’ look. 

It would’ve been cool if Disney designed him like this and still have Moana and Maui part ways with nothing more than a growing friendship (I’d love it if they made a tv series for Moana), that would send a great message to kids that not every Disney Princess falls in love with the hot guy she meets (You can have attractive friends and not date them), and it would be respectful to the mythology Disney was portraying, I mean, there is a reason why there was a massive backlash online last year when Disney released the character designs for Moana.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Here are some pictures of Maui I fished up (Makes me wonder if the ‘Oceanic Trust of Advisors’ actually bothered to see what Maui looked like):


My two Mermaids for MerMay~ 

First one was the mermaid from Peter Pan and second one is Ursula. For Ursula, I’m currently reading “Poor Unfortunate Soul” and in the book, Ursula is Triton’s sister. So I thought, What if Ursula was a memaid before she turned into her sea witch form? 

I used Simply Gilded washi tapes for the tails. Daiso’s washi tapes were used in the Peter Pan one for the flowers :) 

Sally doodle, since I can’t put anything else down at the moment :/ Art block is hitting hard again.

Also what do you guys think about this design on a shirt? colored and cleaned up, naturally. let me know :)

Please do not alter the post or repost! :)

Something brilliant about the new BatB movie

Of all the changes they made, I feel like one stood out as being the most subtly ingenious - setting up Gaston as an outsider to the town like Belle was, but in a vastly different way.

First off, paying close attention, it becomes clear that Gaston views the town much like Belle does. When he says that it’s “simple”, he means it. And he strides in literally above everyone else on his horse, looking down on them. Gaston realizes that the townspeople are simple minded and that the town is provincial. While they bully and scorn Belle, he doesn’t (at least not in the same fashion or for the same reasons). You could argue that he only doesn’t mock her because he’s trying to gain her favor, but there is no indication that he would have ever had a problem with her reading or teaching other girls to read. He even fakes interest in her books instead of reprimanding her for her “funny” hobbies; he may have looked at this interest in a patronizing way, but it didn’t seem to personally offend him (like his cartoon counterpart who directly states that she shouldn’t be reading books). 

He also didn’t seem the type to get upset at Belle or any other woman finding a more convenient way to do chores. And when LeFou tells him the town is bullying her because of this, he doesn’t seem surprised at all by their behavior, almost as if he expected it. We also see hints of his being removed from the town when he tries to “comfort” Belle about the headmaster - I think he’s being truthful here when he says he wasn’t liked either. And, again, he outright tells Belle that their town is simple and that this is all they can expect. 

It’s also telling that he finds Belle “outrageously attractive”; some may interpret this as him merely wanting a conquest (which it partly is, no doubt), but I think he also is genuinely attracted to her uniqueness - he finds her argumentative and independent personality appealing, which would seem to imply some sort of free thinking and cleverness on his own part. In some weird, perhaps essentially inaccurate way, Gaston sees him and Belle as sort of kindred spirits - both too good for this town and this life, the “best” that belong together.

Let me digress a bit because now the question comes up as to why he stays in town and doesn’t seek his own “adventure in the great wide somewhere” (which, perhaps, his hunting is a substitute for). I think the answer to this is pretty clear - he’s found a small safe haven where he can get the admiration his low self-esteem obviously needs so that he can keep functioning at basic human levels. Due to sexism, Gaston’s outsiderness is treated very differently by the townspeople than Belle’s. Belle and Gaston are both detached and removed from the general masses, but whereas Belle is ostracized and side-eyed, Gaston is put on a pedestal and idolized (just compare the songs “Belle” and “Gaston”). Logically, this may have something to do with his very real accomplishments as a captain, but it’s also very much rooted in gender roles (Belle has stepped outside hers, while Gaston has not). But if Gaston were to leave, would he find himself being treated as special in larger cities? Probably not. And we see what can happen when Gaston’s self-value plummets - a screw pops loose in his head and he begins literally rampaging, hurting innocent people all in an effort to avoid facing reality. 

Back to the main point - one effect of making Gaston seemingly just as aware of the town’s flaws is that it sets him up as much more intelligent than the cartoon. He stays in this town because he’s worshiped, but you can tell he’s looking down his nose at them the whole time, encapsulated by his treatment of the fawning girls. This aligns with this new incarnation’s cleverness. Unlike the cartoon, this Gaston is not dumb. Belle calls him “brainless” because he’s not well-read, but he is in no way dumb. He’s probably not illiterate (he went to school, and he does quote Shakespeare), and he’s more than proficient at gaslighting and manipulating people to do what he wants. He’s also a clever strategist and soldier. 

So what does this all mean in terms of character? Why make Gaston as aware of the town’s narrow-minded provincial nature as Belle? Why make him smarter? Well, this has multiple added effects. 

1) It means he’s good at evaluating people - he reads and plays the people in the town easily, which makes the ending mob scene much more believable. He rallies these people not just because they admire him (arguably less than the cartoon town did), but because he knows what they want to hear and can play on their narrow minded prejudices (it’s interesting to wonder if he even believed any of the things he was saying about the beast himself). It also means that he may be fully aware of LeFou’s affections for him, and was choosing to ignore it and/or use it when necessary. 

2) It also means that his failure to acknowledge Belle’s feelings about marrying him are not due to obliviousness or stupidity; he is willfully deluding himself into thinking he has a chance. This adds an element of instability to him that becomes more and more dangerous as the movie progresses (just watch his reaction to Belle closing the door on his face - that’s some hardcore reality avoidance). Gaston’s sanity and self-worth is holding on by the thread he’s created in his own mind that he’ll win Belle.

3) It makes him scarier as well. Cartoon Gaston was scary because he was big. This Gaston is scary because you can see him evaluating, judging, and plotting. You can see him using his looks to get what he wants and, unlike the cartoon, affecting a sort of tender sincerity to deflect suspicion. His ability to be metaphorically outside looking in at this village makes him capable of manipulating everyone, except Maurice (and you can see how Gaston handles that)

4) It humanizes him too. One can’t help but wonder what he would have been like without that fatal need to be liked and admired and with some sort of societal boundaries to keep his ego and entitlement in check. Or if he had simply taken Belle’s rejection as the lesson in humility it should have been and used it to evaluate himself and his qualities, instead of letting it destroy him so much that his behavior devolves into irrationality and outright cruelty, even towards those that he seemed to care about at least a little at first (LeFou and even Belle). In fact, his transformation is a mirror reverse of the Beast’s - Gaston transforms into a monster as the movie goes on, while the Beast becomes more humanized. Both the beast and Gaston are subjected to a lesson in humility, and react in very different ways. 

Overall, I think if Disney had simply recreated the cartoon version of Gaston, he would have been a laughingstock - a character that seemed too unrealistic and static. But by rounding him out, he becomes dynamic and I think he’ll probably live on in this version as one of the best Disney characters (not just villains) of all time. 


Jack and Sally Disney store Limited edition dolls!

Limited Edition of 2000…. I love them so much 😍 They are part of the Disney 17" limited dolls but they are definitely a little different. Jack and Sally are both made out of metal and resin so they are extremely detailed but very heavy lol
Totally worth it

My class once had to make a play for English class, and that was the first time we ever truly came together for anything.
The project, as usual, was announced in the beginning of the year and it was going to be presented at the end of it. About eight months, more than enough, right? Well, almost.
The original idea was to make a sort of audience program with Disney princesses talking about how terrible their private lives were going (basically break the “happily ever after”). But we didn’t really have a plot. So it was changed to High School Musical, but there were many people against it (myself included, there’s a High School Musical play every three years, and no one really cares about it anymore), so it was changed into The Corpse Bride. Cool. Everyone loves Corpse Bride, no one ever made a play about it.
When the script was almost ready, the main actress gave up on being the main actress, and no one wanted or could play her part. Great. At this rate, we were thinking of giving up, since we had no idea of what to do and we were running out of time. Then, someone had a great idea: bring back the Disney princesses, this way there would be more than one main actress. And that’s what we did.
Basically, we had many princesses and only one prince, but it worked, so it was great. We had enough villains, and it was great. There was a girl who didn’t want to be a Disney princess but still wanted to participate, so she was Gisele Bundchen. I didn’t really care about playing or not, but we needed someone to be Gisele’s fan holder (fan as the object, to make her hair fly during her majestic entrance). We had the actors and actresses, we had the script, and we had about three months before the play. But it was going to work. And it did.
The rehearsals were always when we weren’t in class (like during breaks, before class and on weekends), but when the last week came, we managed to make most teachers let us rehearse in class. The English teacher was almost proud to tell us that in all the years of this play project we were probably the class that managed to miss the most classes for rehearsals.
The official play was simply epic. There were Disney princesses and villains, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady (the people who played them really looked like them except for the fact that the girl was taller than the guy), epic funny plot twists, a dance battle, and Captain Hook jumping on Jafar’s back on the “staring and acting intimidating contest” after the battle.
(It’s also nice to mention that two months after the beginning of the year the English teacher had to leave for a while because she was pregnant, so the first half of the year was with this really annoying sub that we knew and disliked from the year before. We hated her, and she left us about two months before our teacher came back, and after her came this really nice teacher that everyone absolutely loved because he was just too sweet and positive. When our teacher came back, she told us that the first sub said that we never talked about the play when actually she never let us talk about it in class. That just made us hate her even more, and we’re pretty sure she left because was fired.)

Descendants 2 + Aesthetic: Mal, Reformed Villain and Royal Girlfriend (x)

“She itched to do something meaningful, to be useful instead of simply decorative.”

Because it’s Disney” is still my least favorite excuse i hear as to why tomco can’t happen.

(( It’s right next to “I don’t want them to have a strong connection like “Star and Marco do”, because considering how important Marco is to Tom’s character and well-being, that feels a bit insulting to say he should never an extremely close relationship to the one person in his life that cares about his well-being and actually makes him feel validated.))

That is not an excuse anymore.

I know it’s one thing to make background gay characters kiss then to make main gay characters kiss.

But Disney has stepped into this LGBT pool, and it’s not backing out anytime soon.

If they want to do it, the crew will push for it to actually happen.

Using that line as a shield to say the crew couldn’t make it happen needs to be thrown out because at this point many different things could happen on this show.

This show has broken many tropes before, and it can continue to do so.

Canon LGBT couples are much more common on cartoons these days.

And if you tell me it can’t happen because all the other LGBT cartoon couples on tv aren’t between main characters: *Cough* Korra//sami *Cough* Bubb//line *Cough * Rup//phire 

And besides, something cool bout disney? They got a gay kiss on the lips, that’s something i’ve never seen done on any of these other shows yet despite having LGBT couples.

That’s a pretty darn good step into going even further with future LGBT work.

We got 2 or more seasons with this show, you never know where they might be going with tom and marco.

After all, the crew is clearly aware of this ship being well-liked and popular.

If you ever try to argue tomco against me, you better have have a very good argument then simply saying “Because it’s Disney”.

Because that’s not an excuse.

And it needs to stop be treated as one at this point.

anonymous asked:

You ever think about how much comic books don't matter in the public eye? Yeah yeah, tons of movies, kids have iron man backpacks, Neil Gaimen wrote a few good ones, we have a documentary here and there etc. But themselves? Completely irrelevant. We're past the "they make kids evil" phase and no one has really cared about whats going on since that time they "kiled Superman" in the 90's.

I think about that constantly yes.

I think the fact comics have not benefited in any real way in terms of sales or exposure from either the internet or the movies is evidence of how much WB/Disney simply don’t give a shit

Disney especially. Disney could end the direct market tomorrow if they gave a fuck. In a year they could be selling millions of comics a month, no problem.

Snapshot Interpretations of Fandoms

DC (cinematic verse): I’m Batman. 

Dishonored: *a brief smirk and a knowing nod of acknowledgement*

Disney: I am happy and prepared to dissect this down to its bitter core.

Doctor Who: *excited screaming* I swear it makes sense!

Dragon Age: Anger has become me.

Dreamworks: I am torn between childish glee and crushing adult understanding.

Harry Potter: We’re still here! Dumbledore’s army is still strong!

Last of Us: *clutches heart with tears in eyes*

Lord of the Rings: Aesthetics! - but the book was better.

Marvel (cinematic verse): *slides on shades* Tight clothes and gymnastics. *smirks*

Mass Effect: I wait, and I hunger.

Sherlock: Benebidit Cumberbambesh! 

Skyrim: You thought that was weird, well… 

Supernatural: We’re miserable, but we’re happy about it.

Teen Wolf: We don’t ponder too deeply on canon for a reason.
Walking Dead: That was really brutal, but now I will make a pun, Carl.

Sometimes, people just love to be stupidly hating.

It causes me a great pain to see people freaking out about Thrawn dying (even though writers flat out stated that he is in for a long game) 

Or how some people were questioning Rogue One even after it came out.

Like they are ready to jump on the gun, to blame and hate Disney for simply owning Star Wars now. Yes, Rebels is child-friendly show, but with a lot of context that only adults and teenagers would understand. Does that make it bad or worse than some shows out there? No.

Look at Rogue One, like it’s really freaking dark, and it was supposed to be lighter in tone. Disney didn’t really interfere. So is Rogue One a bad movie? No.

Get your heads out of your asses, guys. Hating on something aiming towards kids and movies made by complany specializing in making things for children is ouright ridiculous and childish.

Now I do realize that people love Thrawn (even those who didn’t know about him until Rebels), Lucasfilm characterized him, gave him a whole book and probably even more seasons of Rebels.

But this love also becomes a source of toxic comments like:
“Thrawn dies - Rebels dies” or “Thrawns dies - Rebels isn’t canon anymore”.

Like really?

Also, some people say: “The Rebels are going to win. Like they always did.”

Haha, remember The Clone Wars main characters (except Ahsoka and Rex) losing and dying because of plot armor? Yeah, me neither.

Rebels Season one finale - Rebels do win. Tarkin lost his Star Destroyer. Grang inquisitor died.

Rebels season two finale - Rebels have lost, flat out. Ahsoka is lost to them. Kanan got blinded, Ezra nearly wiped his friends and villains out by activating the temple.

Who knows what the hell is going to happen this time? Nobody. Writers usually outdo themselves with finales, would it be either TCW or Rebels.