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The Ilvermorny VS Hogwarts bullshit

I love how people try to develop the four Ilvermorny Houses the way Hogwarts work.
Ha ha. Guess what?
Ilvermorny is different from Hogwarts. So are its Houses, and its students.

So stop giving colors to each Ilvermorny House like it exists for Hogwarts ones
Ilvermorny is simply Ravenclaw Blue and Cranberry Red, as it’s been founded by Isolt Sayre and her husband.

There is no Sorting Hat in Ilvermorny, from one to the four Statues may react to the potential of the wizard, who’s free to choose his House.

The four Ilvermorny Houses are not in a competition, there is no House Cup in Ilvermorny. There, young wizards and witches learn to live together, not against each other.

There is no elitism in Ilvermorny, no House is better than another. No House is for Pure-Blood wizards as Slytherin is.

And stop with Houses prejudices like all Wampuses are brainless fighters, and Pukwudgies are kindheart healers. Ilvermorny Houses are way less segregationists compared with Hogwarts’ spirit.

Still fantasizing Hogwarts? Bitch please, long live Ilvermorny.