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📱 WITCHY ART CHALLENGE ~ Day 18 ~ Techno Witch 📱

Here is a Techno Witch who created an app for themselves to make some virtual weapons and things they can use in real life to fight or simply play, cook, practice sports etc. I really imagine them spending day in their room coding and night outside, playing the vigilante. That was a really cool one to work on! 

Things tumblr hates for no reason
  • pineapple on pizza (you just need a sweet sauce)
  • black licorice (twizzlers aren’t licorice, get the stuff from the bin in bulk foods. If you really want to splurge, get the Panda all-natural licorice and cry after you eat the entire expensive box in 15 minutes.)
  • coleslaw it’s a fucking salad also put it in sandwiches for crunch
  • potato/noodle salads seriously just try them they taste good, you’d eat that shit if it was baked in a casserole dish
  • jello salads yes that includes the ones with cottage cheese. If you all just got over your revulsion at seemingly dissimilar ingredients and put a spoonful in your mouth, you’d like 99% of these things. They are the absolute shit at potlucks.
  • olives first of all there’s like 6 kinds of varying intensities and you’re not supposed to just eat them whole, they go with cheese or salad ffs

Seriously stop spreading hate for perfectly decent food items and go learn how to cook and also learn about what flavors go well together and stop dismissing ingredient combinations out of hand. Someday you will bless me for telling you that literally anything can go in a noodle/potato salad or a casserole. Good fucking night.

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its actually starting to blow my mind how easy it is to be vegan, especially on a starch-based diet.. i just threw together random veggies + legumes from my freezer/ fridge and spices to make a stew and put it on top of simply cooked oats with lemon. I thought it would taste weird/ bland but its tasty af and i cant believe how healthy this is. thank you for inspiring me!


How To: Make Ink from Veggies

Much like making ink from berries, certain vegetables can produce vibrant inks with decent shelf lives. Although a lot of vegetables cannot be used for inks because they simply cook down into a broth, root-based vegetables such as red radishes, beets, and purple potatoes produce dark and colorful inks, and onions can produce lighter inks. The method for making ink from vegetable is fast and simple! My favorite vegetable to use for ink is purple potatoes.


  • Vegetable of choice
  • Medium pot
  • Knife and cutting surface
  • Strainer
  • White Vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • Glass Storage Container
  • 1 and ½ teaspoon Gum Arabic (not optional)


  1. Pick out the vegetables of choice, wash it, and dry it.
  2. Cut the vegetables into thin slices/small pieces and place them into the pot. If using red onions, make sure to use the entire onion including the skin.
  3. Add enough vinegar to the pot to cover the vegetables, and cook for 15 minutes on medium heat. Crush and mash the vegetables in the pot to extract as much juice as possible.
  4. Remove the vegetables from the heat and allow it to cool.
  5. Once cool, strain the liquid from the vegetables into a container of choice, adding salt and gum Arabic.
Cookbook Review #1

So I just finished this cookbook and decided I’d do a short writeup on it for anybody who’s looking to add a vegan cookbook to their collection. There’s lots of reviews on Amazon etc but I find so many people pick a couple recipes and then write a review and I don’t feel that’s accurate. 

I made almost every recipe in the book, minus some of the baking simply because I am cooking for only me and therefore not inclined to make an entire cake or pie by myself. I did do all of the cookies, bars, and brownies though and each one was excellent. 

This book is an excellent intro to vegan cooking (or even cooking if you’re new to that as well). Each step is well-explained and there is a large section at the front outlining basic techniques and ingredients. You’ll learn how to make vegan cheeses from a variety of nuts, and Angela is not huge on commercial replacements so if you live in an area where those are difficult to find, you don’t have to. She includes lots of recipes in the back of the book for making your own at home, such as mayonnaise and nut milks.  

Almost every recipe features a picture, and they are as visually appealing as they are delicious. For the most part, the recipes are full of color and flavor. There is a great variety of cooking times as well- plenty of quick dishes and things you throw in the oven as well as more complicated items. 

This book has great ingredient repetition- once you have her staples you’ll find them used in a lot of recipes, and if you have leftovers of a particular ingredient it’s likely used in other recipes in the book, so you can do that one next. There are very few specialty items used- nutritional yeast is basically the only one. Most of the other “unusual” products are easily found at an Asian grocer if you are fortunate enough to live near one. Otherwise, for the one or two ingredients I had trouble tracking down, Google offered helpful substitutions, and she typically has other options listed at the end of a recipe. 

As far as allergies/intolerance, many of the recipes have notes about how to make them soy/nut/gluten free etc if they aren’t already. The one allergy that would be basically unavoidable with the book would be onions… nearly every food recipe starts with onion and garlic as its’ base. 

All in all I would recommend this book for basically anyone, regardless of cooking experience. It checks all the boxes for a great cookbook- it’s well laid out, visually appealing, covers a nice range of recipes and food types, and is great value for the price (I picked mine up for $25 at a bookstore). The “worst” recipes in the book were merely “okay”. There was nothing that was terrible, and many recipes in the book were at the “I could live off of this for the rest of my life” level. 

Headcanon: There’s this flower in Po’s hand when he’s talking to Oogway’s statue and he took it with him when he left there. Now he would not throw it on the way, that’s just not Po. So I like to think that he goes back to barracks kitchen where everyone is sitting and simply chatting and cooking and stuff and he casually puts it in front of Tigress with a “Here, I got you this.” and everyone is staring at him and he doesn’t even notice and easily moves Monkey aside and starts cooking and Tigress is just glad her fur hides most of her blush.

The Kale Was Talking Shit To Me

We exchange recipes. More often, I am sent recipes and I mean to do something with them but then I am too lazy or too busy or, as has been the case lately, I am simply not home to cook. But I had a week, well, three weeks at home. That time is coming to the end. I am not thrilled about it. I need more time to just decompress. I kind of ran myself ragged this academic year. I will not be doing that next year. Something’s gotta give and so, something will, and it will be the right decision. 

But at the beginning, I had this recipe for a kale salad and it required massaging the kale which demanded an intimacy with roughage I had never anticipated. Massaging kale is a fairly literal practice. You drizzle the kale with olive oil and then you rub it between your fingers until it wilts, until it decides to be less like kale than it is naturally intended to be. That is, you rub the kale into submission. 

After separating the kale leaves from the stems, I massaged a good quantity of kale, wondering what had become of me. I am inherently opposed to kale. It tastes gamy, in the vegetable sense. It takes so much effort to chew. This was tiring, and it took a long time. It was tiring because I did it after a long day at work and I’m lazy. We’ve established that. 

When the kale has been thoroughly massaged, it takes up less room. It seems meeker, more tender, almost edible. It’s still kale though. That vegetable can’t fool me. 

I keep waiting to be treated badly. Does anyone else do this? Literally every day I think, Today is the day when things will change, when I will overstay my emotional welcome, when this person will decide that treating me well is beyond what I deserve. Every nicety, every act of kindness feels like something I need to lock in a vault. It all makes me realize that my threshold for being treated decently was desperately low for like, all of my adult life. I am full of great advice and lofty standards for my friends. Do this, don’t put up with that. When it comes to myself, it’s like, well, you’re garbage so the rules aren’t the same for you. I get mad at myself when I realize this, when I realize how passive I can be, how I try to be invisible in my own life, how I try to not take up space or require anyone else’s attention or energy. Seriously, I am not a role model. I am 41 and I am basically a trainwreck. I am sitting on my sexy couch chewing ice. The ice is great. My teeth are like, “Girl, what is your fucking problem?”

Meanwhile, everyone I know is getting engaged and having babies and getting married. I know this because Facebook throws that shit in my face to remind me that for the 12th year in a row, I live alone in a rural college town full of both polite and impolite racists who are likely to vote for a man with a fake tan and a bleached toupee. 

I am happy for everyone having Facebook official life events. Unless I hate you, in which case, fuck you.

I added shredded carrots and shredded purple cabbage to the kale. So so pretty. Food is better when it is colorful. Life is better when it is colorful. I don’t mean that in a cheesy way. I just mean that, sometimes, my world is exploding with color, and I want that full time instead of in irregular but regular spurts. 

Blah blah blah. There was a bunch of emotional vomit here but then I deleted it. 

I am going to write a movie this summer. I am going to write other things, too, but I am going to write a movie!!! I need to read a book on how to do that.

I chopped up some almonds and added those to the mix along with some feta cheese. While all this was happening, I was roasting chicken breasts in my oven.

Our Queen, Beyoncé, as if she needs to be named, released a new album and I love it. I love it from front to back and all the way through. I am writing about it. I want to take my time but editors are all, “What’s the status of this?” and I’m like, it’s been three days. Earlier in my writing career, I could churn work out at a rapid pace because I had to. I could still do that if I had to. I am lucky I don’t have to, anymore. I don’t want to. I want to like, take a few days or weeks or maybe even longer. I’m learning and growing as a writer and that takes time. Each time I write an essay, a story, a book, I want it to be better than the last. 

When the chicken was ready, I cut it up and added it to the salad along with raisins because raisins are delicious and I was pretty skeptical about most everything else in this salad. I needed a friendly food item in the salad. (I do also love carrots and almonds and purple cabbage, but they were connected to the dreaded kale.)

I exhaust myself. I am bored with myself. I want to be bold and make a bold change that will push me closer to happiness. I am terrified. 

A few weeks ago, I came home and there was a bottle of wine and a card from two neighbors who said they were fans and had just figured out I live in their building and they didn’t want to be intrusive but they wanted to say hi. I was so touched! I don’t know any neighbors.  

Anyway, I texted them, because they left their number on the card and we recently went out to dinner. They are a hot Brazilian couple with amazing haircuts, fashion sense, and good taste in wine. One is a vet and one is a molecular biologist, NO BIG DEAL. I was like, “Umm, I’m a writer? I write things?” They are funny and I think we will be friends. I am sharing this so you know that not EVERYTHING is morose and gloomy.

I tossed the salad together and it was quite pretty and healthful looking but I wasn’t psyched to put it in my mouth. There was so much kale and I could hear it taunting me. Basically, the kale was talking shit to me, saying, “You can’t handle this, go eat a french fry and make the same bad choices you’ve been making for the past twenty years.” Well, I hate being taunted so I told that kale, “I’ll show you.” And then I stared at it in what I hope was an intimidating way.

I wrote a book about me and my body and I’ve dragged my heels on it but it’s about done now, so many months late, I am carrying some deep shame about it and putting this book out into the world is one of the hardest things I will ever do but I am going to do it because I think the book is okay and I think people will at least find some solace in the book, some recognition that living in a body, living in a fat body in this shitty world, is hard.

As people are wont to say, this is not like coal mining or anything, but why do people qualify what they find difficult in terms of extremes? Why is it so uncomfortable just owning that sometimes, life is difficult, and books are difficult and exposing yourself is difficult even if it is something you have chosen to do, with sound mind and body. 

I put some of the salad in a pretty dish in the hopes that it would somehow, by aesthetic virtue, make the salad more edible. I dressed it with a balsamic dressing. I took a bite and it was okay and then I took another bite and another, and turns out, the salad is excellent, delicious even. It lasted five days! I ate healthy for five days in a row, by choice. I don’t even know what’s happening to me.

There are, unfortunately, a lot of women who think they’re “married” to men who simply “employ” them – to cook, clean, take care of children, etc. All for a meal ticket and a roof over their heads. These women don’t seem to make the connection, but, well, they’ve got their “perks” and when hubby leaves them for a younger and newer model, without the aged motor and scratches, they seem to be surprised.

Manslation: Many men are lying, unfaithful, amoral, and unable to meaningfully relate to women–and this is somehow women’s fault.


Our dear Komi the Spice Shiba is head chef here at StuffinFluff Cooking, and so he deserved a post explaining what he’s all about to all newcomers! This will work as a post that I can refer back to whenever Komi is used in a recipe, in case anyone is curious about the character. ;)

Don’t let Komi’s cute little frowny face fool you. It masks a love of cooking that is simply boiling over! StuffinFluff Cooking is all about bringing our followers a variety of recipes and food facts, with a team of adorable plush animals as our chefs!

Komi is my creation, and his plushie-mama can be found over at lithefidercreatures.

Give it up for my awesome buddy Komi!

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Komi the Spice Shiba

Kanmi the Sugar Tanuki

due date

Zachary was just getting home from work. It had been another late night shift and, but that’s what happened when you owned a bar. Besides, Zachary didn’t believe in simply being just an owner. As owner, he worked the bar himself oftentimes or helped out in other places where they might be under staffed. The only place he didn’t really do much in, was the kitchen simply because Zachary’s cooking skills, although had improved over the years, still left much to be desired and he left that up to his chefs. 

It was nearing three in the morning and Zachary doubted Katherine was awake. As he entered the living room, he found his very pregnant wife sleeping on the couch. She often liked to wait up for him. Or try to, but she very rarely succeeded. He moved to where she slept and sat on the very edge, where she’d left a little bit of space and ran a hand over her arm. “You’d be more comfortable in bed,” he whispered to her. She nearly always woke up when he came home. “You can’t be comfortable sleeping on the couch like this.” He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her lips. 

It has been like this for months. The same old routine. Him coming back from work, heating up the food you had cooked, shower, eat and then sleep, occasionally staying up to do his work.

As for you it’s always doing the household chores, help around here and there, cooked the meals, shower and then sleep.

The only time both of you were ever together was sleeping, where there is hardly an interactions. Once in a while you would stay up late to wait for him. But all he ever do is glance and you and continue what he is doing before asking you to sleep first.

Both of you were not sure how the relationship ended up like this.



It started when Kaoru started working late, hardly at home. You were trying your best to interact with him despite his busy schedule. Sometimes a small talk, or simply cooking a meal for him or just a short moment of hugs and kisses. But as time goes, he got busier and brushed you off. He would walked pass you, going straight to his room, skipping his meals, giving you one word reply.

You felt hurt and unfair. Is this all you get for trying so hard to carry on the relationship. You put in so much more effort in the relationship than him. You love him, you care about him. But what he did he think about this relationship and you? Just a joke? Or merely an entertainment for him.

You were not just going to give up like that. You tried texting him. Occasionally sending him an encouragements or lovely text, which he replied thanks once in a while. You decide to take a bigger step forward. You start bringing bento to his workplace for him. The people there already got used to your presence, the time you always come. It somehow seems there is always a person there ready to help Kaoru take his bento.

Once in a while you would glance back while walking to the door. Hikaru would give you a weak smile while the rest gave you sympathy looks.

Weeks turned to months. The relationship never get better, it just got worse. Is there any point anymore? Once in a while you would reminisced the past relationship. How gentleman he would be. Bring you to date, surprise you with gifts. Shower you with kisses and cuddles. But of course those were when both of you were studying. Now that he had to work, things changed. He did became more mature. A lot more understanding but people changed over times. People start to lose things slowly. Nothing last forever,  and you were definitely sure this relationship will fall.

And today was no special, you thought.  A part of you were ready long ago for the relationship to end, but the other part want to keep hanging on. You still love him, so whatever choice he made, you would respect him.

You enter his study room as usual. Pile of paperworks, few mannequins here there, cloths all over the floor. It is no surprise the twin had follow their mother’s footstep. You picked up everything from the floor and arranged neatly. You then took all the stationary and put them back to place. You then opened the drawers, to your surprise, nothing inside were work related.

There were pictures of both of you, small little presents you gave him. Notes you written for him. And lying at the back of the drawer, was this small little red velvet box with a post it notes.

For ______, (Month: 6 months ago)

You opened the box, and inside was a ring. A simple wedding ring. You were happy and yet puzzled. The months written on the note was six months ago. Was this ring already prepared six months ago? Why is it hidden at the back of drawer. You then put it back to place, pushing the drawer back. Questions flooded you mind as you continue to help him clear his desk. And on the table was to-do list. You looked through everything. And hidden right at the back was a picture and a note.


To-do: Confront _____ cause she deserved so much better than being with you.

And a picture attached to it was Kaoru with another woman. It was blurred. The picture showed a woman you recognize, kissing the surprised Kaoru on the cheeks. It was his secretary.

You let everything sink it. Somehow, you felt relieved you solve managed to solve everything and everything seems to finally fit into the puzzle.

And you cried, you screamed.

Oh how you wish at this moment you never loved him so much and so deep.

GIF KBTBB Headcannnon!

Anonymous request: Kbtbb gif headcanon of them making up after a fight or break up

Coming right up babe! This is just the GIF headcannon (and a slight description). I hope that was what you were asking! If not just send me another request and I’ll write it for you!!!


The two of you looked at each other and he sighed, seeing the hurt look on your face after your fight. 

“I’m sorry ok? I’m here for you kid.” He said softly, taking your hands in his. 

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“Oh my princess, I’m sorry I said something like to that you. I was just upset today. Please don’t cry.” He said after the two of you had an argument, taking your face gently in his hand, pushing your hair back from your face. 

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You had simply gone back to cooking after your little fight. Instantly regretting his earlier words however, Ota came up behind you and hugged you gently. 

“I’m sorry Koro.” He whispered softly in your ear. 

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“Forgive me?” Eisuke said, rather uncharacteristically after a fight. He didn’t mean to be so harsh with you and actually had felt bad about it. But you were no longer angry and nodded your head, walking towards his beckoning arms as he sat on the couch. You sat next to him and curled up into his side, letting him wrap his arms around you and press a kiss to your forehead. 

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He had left the house angrily, leaving you by yourself. It had been a stupid fight. But not long after he left, Soryu returned. Closing the door behind him he took a few shy steps towards you. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t leave me like that again. Please.” You answered, sounding more vulnerable than he could bear. 

“Never.” He replied, taking a few long strides and taking you in his arms, kissing you passionately.

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