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Ilvermorny/Hogwarts Combos

I’ve seen a couple of these posts, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. Go through the potential combinations of Ilvermorny and Hogwarts houses and write a bit about what they represent to me. Not based on any data or polling, just on what seems to make sense to me:

Thunderbird Gryffindor: Thunderbird house is said to favour adventurers, and this is perhaps the most literal interpretation. Thundergryffins tend to be explorers and thrill seekers. Their bravery is not necessarily geared to some righteous cause (though this combo does not preclude that) they simply want their life filled with excitement. As such they can be easily bored which can make them irascible if they are deprived of stimulation. But they are bound to make interesting the lives of any who calls them friend.

Thunderbird Hufflepuff: Thunderpuffs focus on is on experiencing things with friends. These people are not ones for solitude, they will go stir crazy left on their own for a couple of days. It seems they’re always on lunches out, at parties, on trips. It’s not so much the activity that matters so much as the company. They just love people and want to experience as much of mankind as possible.

Thunderbird Ravenclaw: This is my house combination. Thunderclaws are the creatives and innovators. Luna and her parents would all find themselves in this category. If Thunderbirds are adventurers, Thunderclaws prefer to adventure via stories - sitting curled up with a good book as their mind takes them to far off worlds beyond anything that can be experienced in reality. They are dreamers and idealists and can often get their heads lost in the clouds. It can be painful for them when their dreams do not match up with reality and perhaps the oft-found obsession with fiction is an escape.

Thunderbird Slytherin: Thunderins are definitely more on the ambitious side of Slytherin house. They aspire to achieve greatness. For them their adventure is the road to success, and the luxuries that success brings. They definitely appreciate the finer things in life and their ambition tends to be towards living the high life rather than being some lofty goal. Nonetheless Thunderins are often some of the most driven and passionate folk you will ever meet.

Wumpus Gryffindor:  Unshakeable in their convictions and unmatched in their tenacity, Wumpindors are soldiers through and through. Their causes may be righteous or not, but like the beast from which House Wumpus gets its name, Wumpindors are nigh unstoppable. This combo has a dark reputation and Wumpindors may tend towards anger and aggression. They can be quick to see force as the best option in a crisis. They are ultimately fighters - Not merely people who will fight, but people for whom fighting is their way of life and their first resort.

Wumpus Hufflepuff: If you think of the quintessential social justice warrior, that is a Wumpuff. I do not use the term SJW in an inherently negative term as many do. Rather, Hufflepuffs are concerned with honour and fairplay and as such Wumpuffs cannot stand seeing injustice in the world and seek to eradicate it. They will fight fiercely to protect their friends, but their protective instincts apply to the whole world. This can result in them lashing out at people who they see as part of the problem but at their hearts they simply wish to fight for a better world.

Wumpus Ravenclaw: Wumpenclaws are the practical Ravenclaws. These people have ideas and they want them implemented damn it! They are excellent planners and incredibly organised. This combo favours strategists, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Wumpus Slytherin: Ruthlessness incarnate, Wumperins have lofty ambitions and will do absolutely anything to achieve them. This is probably the combo with the darkest reputation. I would put Voldemort himself in this category. But do not let you think this is an inherently bad combo, any more than Slytherin itself is. If a Wumperin’s ambition is a benign one their passion for achieving their goals is bound to result in success. And if their cause is righteous, a Wumperin can spark a revolution.

Pukwudgie Gryffindor: Anyone would be fortunate to call a Pukindor a friend, for they are perhaps the fiercest allies one could have. Their loyalty and the bonds of friendship that they form are unbreakable. When their friends are down and out they will be the ones to light a fire beneath them, and then rain hell down on whoever did their friend wrong.

Pukwudgie Hufflepuff: In my mind Puffs and Puks have a lot of similarities, so a Puklepuff represents the idea of the quintessential Hufflepuff. These people are the gentlest souls you will ever meet, kind, nurturing and supportive. The Cinammon Rolls of the world. They may well be great cooks or simply have a great love of food - or indeed of anything which brings people together.

Pukwudgie Ravenclaws: Pukenclaws are people who use their ideas and intellect to help others. Pukwudgies are known for being healers and it is in this combination that that becomes most literal - Pukenclaws are often Doctors, nurses, vets or surgeons. In their day to day life they are adept at finding the easiest solutions to problems - the masters of “lifehacks”.

Pukwudgie Slytherin: I’ve often said that Slytherins are the type of people to low-key ruin the lives of anyone who wrongs their friends. People often overlook that Slytherins are incredibly loyal to one another and it is in the Pukerin combo that this quality shines through. The focus here is less on ambition and more on cunning and ruthlessness - more specifically the cunning and ruthlessness required for the Pukerins family (be that literal and/or metaphorical) to survive. And when they or their loved ones are wronged, they are not above enacting a terrible, yet subtle vengeance.

Horned Serpent Gryffindors: Serpendors are people with an area (or areas) of expertise and they know it. They are self-assured in what they are good at (and know what they are bad at) and this surety results in unmatched confidence and competence in that area. That classic Gryffindor bravery comes through in their ideas and their execution. They are independent and efficient. Hermione would be a proud Serpendor, as would McGonagall.

Horned Serpent Hufflepuffs: An unusual combination, as the warmth and heart of Hufflepuff may seem at odds with the detached analysis of Horned Serpent. However funnily enough I think that Isolt Sayre herself falls into this combo. Serpenpuffs know people. They are excellent judges of character and know what makes people tick. They may find promising careers in psychology. They are well meaning but they may feel the need to coddle their friends and family (just as Isolt refused to tell her children of Gormlaith even into their teenage years) and they can at times be aloof and irascible. If you are friends with a Serpenpuff you can probably expect a couple of fallings out (just as Isolt did with William), but in the end they care for their loved ones deeply.

Horned Serpent Ravenclaws: These two houses share many similarities, and of the four Ilvermorny Houses, Horned Serpent is the one with the most direct Hogwarts counterpart here. As such Serpentclaws represent the “stereotypical” Ravenclaw. Aloof, cool and analytical, these are the academics. Their work is done in papers and in the lab, but the implications can be world changing. They need to be mentally stimulated at all times and as such prefer the company of other intellectuals.

Horned Serpent Slytherins: Slytherserpents have a focus on the cunning aspect of Slytherin house. They are always the ones with the plan and that plan is more often than not at least a little underhanded. While other Slytherins may let their ambitions outmatch their abilities, Slytherserpents never have this problem. They do not achieve their ends through brute force and ruthlessness (as Wumperins do) but through subtle tricks and manipulations.

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unpopular opinion: if Keith and Shiro are related then Keith is obviously the one who cooks, simply cause no one can be worse than Shiro

listen i absolutely agree omg. i mean i kinda hc that broganes are both terrible at cooking and/or that they both eat really weird shit but it’s absolutely instigated by shiro, and keith learned it from him. 

that reminds me, we were joking in the gc about this the other day and talking about like….broganes eating chocolate sauce on hot dogs?? and just

keith: [in the kitchen, pouring chocolate sauce all over a hot dog]
lance: [walks in and screams in horror] WHAT ARE YOU DOING???
shiro: [also walks in] oh hey you’re making choco-dogs?? make me one

You Are In My Heart.

Prompts: “I don’t want to have a baby.” “Go then, leave! See if I care!”

Relationship: Lovers and Exs

Fandom: Young Justice

Character: Kaldur and Wally

Warning: Kaldur is an ass in this fic.

A/N: This fic wasn’t met to turn out the way it did. But it snowballed and I feel in love with how it turned out.

You swore that your heart broke with Kaldur’s words.

“I don’t want to have a baby.”

You had just told your fiancé Kaldur that you were pregnant which was a surprise seeing as you were an alien and he was an Atlantean. You thought that he would be happy at the fact that the two of you were having a child. Yes, earlier than you thought but still, instead he told you that he didn’t want the child growing inside of you. Then his com went off, he answered it and gave you a look. The team needed him.

“Go then, leave! See if I care!” You turned away from him, Kaldur left without a goodbye, the door closing sounding that he was gone from the apartment and for you out of your life. You packed up anything you needed in a suitcase called Wally since he was one of your closest friends and you knew he had a free room ever since Artemis and he broke up.

“Y/N. Hey, what’s up?” Wally asked as he answered your call.

“Hey, Walls. You still looking for a roommate?” You asked.

“Ya. Why you got someone looking to move out here?”



“Me.” There was a pause as you when through the apartment getting anything you needed. After a minute Wally started to talk.

“What about Kaldur? You two are engaged and I thought living together?”

“Something happened that I don’t want to talk about over the phone. Can I stay for a bit?”

“Sure. I’ll fix up the guest room for you.”

“Thank you, Wally. You are the best.”

“Anything for you doll.” You smiled lightly as you finished getting everything together. You set your bags at the door, you when to the coffee table and wrote out a letter to Kaldur. Once you finished the letter you slipped silver engagement ring off your finger and set it with the letter. All you dreams with Kaldur had disappeared that afternoon. But you wouldn’t blame it on the baby, they hadn’t done anything wrong. You left your key to the apartment on the coffee table as well, there was no point in happening it. Picking up your bags you head out of the apartment building, getting a cab you gave the driver direction to zeta tube close by. Will it was a few blocks off to make it look they you were going to a pizza shop. Once you paid the man and got your bags you walked down the five blocks and unlocking the door to a building with a code you walked in. The building was empty, dust covered every surface, the windows were reinforced and tinted. You headed to the very back room and stood on the platform.

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Cake Surprise

Summary: Being pleasantly surprised that Sebastian Stan shows up at the restaurant you work at, you take the extra step forward to make his birthday special.

Word Count: 2,063.

A/N: Before we start things off, I just wanted to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ALIVE, SEBASTIAN STAN. And of course, a very special thank you to my great friend, @galaxayy for coming thru with a cute idea!! Hope you guys enjoy <3 (ps: im a slut for feedback, k thx)

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Is that my shirt?

Damon x reader

“Is that my shirt?”

Damon sauntered into the kitchen where you were cooking and leant against a counter top. “Hey,” you greeted him cheerily without turning around.

“Hey,” he replied. “Have you only just got up?” he inquired, noticing that you appeared to be cooking breakfast. 
“Maybe…?” You teased, knowing how late it was and Damon’s tendency to be more of an early riser.

“Maybe? Y/N, you may as well scrap the breakfast, it’s basically lunchtime.”

“But I was making pancakes!”

“Oooh, pancakes! I take it back, keep cooking.” You turned to grin at him in response, revealing the chocolate sauce smeared around the edges of your lips. “Couldn’t wait?” asked Damon, gesturing to his own lips.

“Hm?” You looked confusedly at Damon before realising what he meant. “Oh.” You ducked down to peer into the microwave so you could see your reflection, then stuck out your tongue to try and reach the chocolate. After a few moments of you trying without success, Damon walked over, smirking. You turned around to allow him to rub the chocolate off, before he leant in to give you a quick peck on the lips.

“Tastes good,” he said with a wink, before sitting down at the kitchen island. He simply watched you cook for a few minutes. Slowly, a frown stole its way across his face. “Y/N?” 

“Yep,” you replied distractedly, focusing mainly on trying to cook your pancake. You ran a spatula around the edges of the pan, trying to loosen it so that it would be easier to flip.

“Is that my shirt?”

“Is that your what?” You flung the pancake into the air, turning your attention away for a moment to look at Damon, waiting for him to repeat what he had said. In that moment, the pancake had flew nowhere near the direction of your pan, and landed on your shoulder. It split into a few pieces, which arranged themselves haphazardly over your shoulders. Damon groaned audibly.

“I said, is that my shirt?”

“Oh crap,” you said, with an increasingly guilty expression. “Yeah, I…I think it might be.”

“You definitely owe me one,” replied Damon, looking less than impressed.

“Pancake?” was your response, as you held up a shred of the one scattered around your head with a laugh.

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4, 16, 60 :)

4. “you haven’t even touched your food. what’s going on?” (this screamed Virgil so that’s what i went with)

Virgil still wasn’t used to all the changes. He usually viewed change, inherently, as a bad thing, and though he knew the other sides were only doing their best to help him feel included and cared about, it was still weird.
So Patton’s sudden question and worried stare definitely caught him off guard.
“You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”
They didn’t usually eat together; usually Virgil wouldn’t even realize he hasnt eaten until his stomach coaxed him awake in the early hours. Logan would normally wander into the kitchen at exactly five o'clock for a small, yet healthy meal. Patton always cooked for Roman and himself. But tonight Patton had made dinner for all of them, and Virgil was forced to socialize with the rest of them. He’d been picking at his food with his fork, moving things around but never actually lifting them to his mouth.
There wasn’t anything wrong, not particularly, so his response to the moral side’s question was simple: a shrug, a weak smile.
Patton didn’t buy it. He set his fork down and did what Virgil called the “Dad Pose.” Elbows on the table, arms crossed over one another, fingers splayed. “Come on, kiddo, we’ve been over this. Talk to us.”
Logan was also quick to turn his attention to Virgil, while Roman’s heart was still set on his steak. The silverware on the table rattled as Logan not-so-subtly elbowed the creative side in order to alter the subject of his concentration.
“Um…” Virgil started, cheeks growing warm at all the sudden attention. “Nothing’s going on. I’m just… Not used to…” He cleared his throat, eyes moving to address Logan. “Why is he looking at me like that?” He asked, referring to Patton’s extremely fixated gaze. His eyes were wide and almost doe-like, his expression showing way too much concern. Logan snapped his fingers in front of the father figure’s face, and he blinked in confusion.
“Morality. Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“Being so… emotional. Virgil says there is nothing wrong, so evidently, there is nothing wrong. Perhaps he simply dislikes your cooking.”
Patton slapped a hand to his own chest as if he had just been impaled.
“No! No, no it’s not that,” Virgil quickly said, and the bickering ceased as the attention was brought back to him. “Like I was saying, I’m just not used to doing stuff with you guys. And I don’t usually eat this early, anyway.”
Roman cut in to the conversation for the first time. “It’s nearly eight o'clock, how late do you eat?”
Virgil pursed his lips and shrugged. “Not til, like, the middle of the night. I just don’t really think about it.”
Logan gasped sharply, and now it seemed as if he was the one being impaled. “Virgil that is so unhealthy.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Then why do you do it?!”
A shrug was all the logical side got in response. Patton sighed and shook his head.
“Well,” he began. “You don’t have to eat with us, I just thought a change might be nice-”
“He doesn’t like change,” Roman muttered before stuffing his mouth with broccoli, and then immediately realizing his mistake and cringing at the taste of the vegetable.
Virgil pointed at Roman to acknowledge the statement. “Yeah. That.”
Logan frowned. “I don’t see how broccoli has anything to do with-”
“No, the- the change thing.”
Now Patton was frowning, almost as if he was disappointed in himself. “Oh. Right.”
Virgil’s chest ached. He hated seeing Patton upset, especially when it was his fault. He felt his hands begin to shake, and took a deep breath before speaking again.
“But I want to put in effort for you guys, just like you’ve all been putting effort in for me. Even Princey.” He picked up his fork, stabbed it into a piece of steak (Patton had cut all of the meat into small cubes) and guided it into his mouth. “Oh. Oh that’s really good,” he murmured, shoveling more into his mouth. Only now did he realize how hungry he actually was.
“Don’t speak with your mouth full,” Logan sighed.


16. “Stop it! It tickles!” (More Virgil stuff yayy)

“Are you sure this is going to turn out the way you wish?” Logan asked from his seat, eyes never raising from the novel in his hands.
“Oh, pssh! He’ll love it!” Patton waved away Logan’s question and positioned himself against the wall in such a way that if one were coming down the stairs, there was no way they would see him. He’d heard the telltale sounds of shifting and groans coming from upstairs that meant Virgil was finally emerging from his bed, and was likely going to come downstairs at any moment.
Just as predicted, Patton heard a door opening and closing as well as shuffling footsteps. He waved his arms in excitement and pressed a finger to his lips, though Logan was the only other side in the room and he hadn’t said a word other than his initial question.
Patton waited patiently, though his legs were starting to cramp in this crouched position. He finally heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and as soon as they grew close enough, he pounced. A screaming Virgil went down as Patton attacked, his fingers tickling any sensitive spot they could find. Virgil’s screams soon turned to laughter, his arms flailing in a desperate attempt to swat Patton’s hands away.
“S-stop it!” He wheezed, barely able to speak between spasms of laughter. “It tickles!”
Logan spoke again: “I believe that is the point.”
“Get him- Ah! Off of me!”
“I don’t understand, the sounds you’re making suggest that you are enjoying yourself.”
Virgil was unable to reply as he gasped for air, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. At that point Patton finally granted mercy and moved off of Virgil, laughing and feeling very proud of himself.
Virgil took a few moments to catch his breath before sitting up, clasping his chest and glaring at the moral side.
“I’ll get you back for that.”


60. “They didnt just find out! They already knew!” (I made this Prinxiety and im not even  ashamed)

“Aww, you guys are adorable,” Patton cooed as he entered the room, casually plopping himself down onto one end of the couch. On the other end, Virgil and Roman had been cuddling together while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, Virgil practically sitting on the prince’s lap. At the sight of Patton, the anxious side quickly scrambled away from Roman and sat with his arms crossed and his cheeks bright red.
“What are you taking about?” He muttered. “I-I don’t… We’re not-”
“Oh, please,” Logan added, suddenly materializing seemingly out of nowhere and straightening his tie. “You two could not be any more obvious.”
Roman paused the movie, sitting up straight and looking incredulously at the other sides. “But- but we’ve been so careful, how did you-?”
Virgil cut in, rubbing at his face with one hand and grimacing, “They didnt just find out. They already knew!”
“Correct,” Logan grinned.
Patton giggled, shaking his head. “Come on. We’re all different aspects of Thomas’s personality. We may not know what all of the others are doing or feeling constantly, but it’s pretty darn easy to tell when something’s up. And you two are definitely up.”
Logan looked at Patton with something in his eyes that seemed to resemble respect. “That was… Actually a very accurate response, Patton.”
The moral side shrugged. “Aw, thanks-”
“Not very articulate, though.”
“Ah, well. Next time.”

Survival (Alex x Reader)

Pairing: Alex x Reader

Summary: Tommy admired Alex’s will to survive, though he never knew Alex’s reason for survival until he met her.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: None

Tommy had admired Alex’s will to survive. He was desperate and willing to do anything in order to survive. Though Alex hadn’t discussed any reasons as to why he was so desperate to survive, there was an obvious drive for him to get home.

Once they got their seats on the train, Alex was suddenly burdened with worry over not being enough for his country. The thought of his country not being proud of him plagued his thoughts, though it was deeper than that. It was her. What if she wasn’t proud of him? Victories don’t equate to survival. Simply surviving surely wasn’t how wars were won.

He had done this for his country, of course, but he did it more so for her. He entered the draft to keep her safe, it was his top priority. He had never told her that though. He simply told her that he had entered the draft once he had arrived to their shared home afterwards. She was solemn in her response, her eyes were understanding as she rubbed his cheek with her thumb. Alex could see the tears prick her eyes as he ghosted his hand over hers, “I’ll be okay.” He whispered lightly as he kissed her thumb that ghosted over his lips.

For weeks afterwards there was no word about if Alex was truly going out to the front. At night she would wait for him to fall asleep then admire him. She admired his lips that naturally had a slight curve to them, the raspberry color that pouted as he slept. She would trace her fingers lightly over his cheekbones that protruded then following along the dip between his cheekbone and jawline before she finished tracing along his jawline. She took in the sight of his long eyelashes that were splayed lightly against his face, she had always made comments over how jealous she was of the length of his eyelashes that complimented his deep green eyes. She would wake Alex up in the mornings with light kisses over the freckles on his face before laying lamely in his arms for another half hour before getting out of the bed.

She had memorized every simple imperfection, the curve of his lips, the freckles sprinkled against his cheek, how his nose crinkled when he woke up. She memorized all of it simply because she knew he was going to be drafted and that one night she was going to be laying in the bed with no one to accompany her except for the cold sheets where he used to lay. Alex had known it too, resulting in him pulling her into his arms every chance he could get. Whether she had been cooking or simply reading on the couch, Alex would always pull her close. He loved the feeling of her warmth against his chest, how her hair tickled his jawline as she rested her head into the crook of his neck. War was lonely with a costly toll, though he had no clue of the loneliness till he was stationed at Dunkirk.

The nights were cold, wet, and lonely. He had never truly slept, no one could in the wake of war. Everyone was caught between sleep and consciousness. Though Alex’s mind was racing with the thought of her, she was alone sleeping in their shared apartment. No one was there to watch after her or hold her close. She was completely alone. He started to feel the gravity of what this war meant and how this could affect not only him, but her. He could die, leaving her alone and heartbroken. He swore to himself that night that he was set on getting back to her.

Alex and Tommy were getting off of the train, Alex was in a desperate search to find his love. While Tommy was still confused, he essentially knew nothing about Alex except for his name. Alex was incredibly fearful that she wasn’t going to come to the train, fearful that she would think of him as a quitter, not brave enough. Survival wasn’t a victory in the eyes of war. Alex had spotted her, wearing a deep maroon skirt with a cream shirt tucked in, her face was written with worry over the fact that Alex might have fled before seeing her. She was worried that Alex was going to come home as a completely different person after the war. A piece of her knew he wouldn’t be the same, but she was fearful that she might have completely lost him.

That was until she had seen Alex running up to her, his familiar smile beaming bright on his face. He picked her up off of the ground, holding her tight into him before loosening his grip in order to look at her. He had missed all of her soft features, he had missed the gentle touch of her fingers running through his hair. His eyes immediately filled with tears, “I missed you so much.” He coughed up as her fingers gently swiped the tears away. “I was so scared. I’m so proud of you, love. You were so brave out there.” She held his face lightly as she pressed a light kiss on his lips. The kiss was small, but after being so long without her touch, he craved more. The words that came out of her lips were enough to make him feel proud of all his efforts. The words that came out of her mouth were enough for Alex to realize that he was enough out their on those battlegrounds. He would never tell her about all he went through, he didn’t want to put that amount of worry and stress onto her. It was easier for it to remain a mystery between himself and Tommy. He had survived for her, her validation was all he needed.

Tommy cleared his throat as Alex realized he was still there. He placed her lightly on the ground and Tommy was a bit taken back to see Alex be so soft with someone, he was used to seeing Alex who’s only goal was to survive at all costs. Though when she turned to look at Tommy, he understood. Alex was willing to do anything to survive to come home to her. The Alex that Tommy had knew on the shore of Dunkirk was no more, he had been replaced with the love smitten Alex that watched her with love in his eyes.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” She beamed brightly as tears were still in her eyes, “Tommy.” Tommy responded as they shook hands. “That’s my girl.” Alex muttered as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. There was a shared look of understanding between Tommy and Alex. Tommy knew why he had to make it home, he understood why he wasn’t going to let anyone get in his way. “So can I take you two to lunch? A small thank you for you two’s service?” She smiled sweetly as Tommy nodded while Alex joked, “A pretty girl like you wants to take us to lunch?” He slid his arm off of her shoulders as he took her hand, “Of course, you two aren’t too bad yourself.” She nudged Alex with his arm as they walked off of the train station.

44335557! (21)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 21 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 1,627

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 22  Part 23 Part 24  Part 25  Part 26 Part 27  Part 28 Part 29

A/N: I apologise for the really short chapter, I wasn’t feeling good at all and as a result I couldn’t really concentrate properly. 

You were confused, you were in school for a whole hour or two but apart from you and Rozz, nobody else had showed up. You could understand why Jongdae couldn’t come in and you were assuming Chanyeol didn’t necessarily want to come in due to what he had told you the day before, that much made sense to you but you couldn’t understand where everyone else was, especially Sehun and Minseok. You were sure Minseok’s food poisoning would have settled by now if that’s what he had acquired and as for Sehun you couldn’t think of one reason as to why he couldn’t be present.

“Where is everyone? I don’t even see Nel nowadays.” Rozz pouted as she looked at you from behind her statement glasses, they were not prescription; purely fashionable. You shrugged your shoulders not really bothered about Nel, as far as you were concerned she was the one that led Baekhyun into this mess and if it weren’t for her you’d still be happily hanging out with your friend.

“I don’t know where everyone is.” You said as you looked down at your phone and frowned, you had text Sehun asking him where he was around half an hour ago and he still hadn’t replied and it was putting you on edge.

“How is Chanyeol?…” Rozz near enough whispered as she looked at you through wide eyes, you noticed that she was biting her lip nervously as she waited for your reply.

“He’s…coping I guess.” You shrugged your shoulders again and she nodded lightly.

“Can I tell you something Y/N?” She took her glasses off slowly as she continued to stare at you. You let out a short silent breath, you really weren’t in the mood for anymore earth-shattering, time stopping revelations you had had your far share as of late.

“What is it?” You asked apprehensively, you were looking back at her in an identical fashion now.

“Umm… Chanyeol… I like him.”

You snorted.
“Right…and you think this is news to me? I could smell that from a mile off Rozz.” You smiled at her sympathetically; did she honestly think she was being discrete? Maybe it was like you with Baekhyun, Sehun had noticed but maybe it was just because you weren’t as discrete as you thought you were being. She looked at her hands clearly embarrassed.

“I didn’t know I was so obvious.” She mumbled. “I accidentally let it slip over the phone… I told him I loved him, and I haven’t seen him since…I’m too scared to, what if he doesn’t want to be friends after that?” She looked up at you again but this time you could see worry in her eyes.

“Look Rozz to be honest, with everything that’s happened with Chanyeol lately I’m sure that will be the last thing that’s on his mind, just speak to him ask how Youngjae is if there’s nothing else you can think of saying and I’m sure it will be fine.” You smiled as reassuringly as you could at her, but now it was making you think of Sehun. What if he hadn’t spoken to you for a while because of his confession? ‘No’, you thought to yourself, that couldn’t be the case, you had just text him so clearly you didn’t feel negatively towards him. He was the one with the issue. You looked at the clock you only had one lesson left but right now you were concerned about everyone else. You wished that Jongdae was here; at least he would know how to handle the situation.

You had no motivation to go to your next class and even though you were well aware of the fact that exams were creeping ever closer, you still didn’t want to go. “You’ve not heard from Baekhyun at all have you?” You asked her. Much to your dismay she shook her head, though you couldn’t say that you were surprised. You nodded your head slowly and in disappointment. “Okay well I need to go, I’ll see you later,”

You felt a bit lost without the majority of your friends around, it felt as if the world was off balance and it made you increasingly anxious because you didn’t know what was going on. You got your phone out and began to dial.

Hello? Sehun?…”

“What?”  He replied bluntly, an image of his blank face popping up into your head.

“Where are you?”  


“I-I just want to know…” You frowned, his mood seemed way off and his tone of voice was extremely different.

“I don’t think where I am, is your business right now.”

“What is wrong? I feel like you’re acting off with me.”

“I don’t care what you feel.” He near enough scoffed at you, making you instantly angry.

“What is this about Sehun? Is this about me not feeling mutual…I thought we were okay to continue being friends, or did I miss read what you wanted from me?”

“I don’t have time for this bullshit.”

“Sehun, speak to me? I feel like you’re going hostile again.” You were confused and angry, he said it was okay, why now was he changing his mind?



“Look if you’re bored and you want something to do then go and call your boyfriend! I’m fucking busy.”

You frowned angrily down at your phone as Sehun cut you off, why was he acting in such a disgusting manner towards you. It was infuriating you more than you could put into words. He hadn’t spoken to you for quite a while and his voice had apparently taken on an air of new found arrogance. Not an elitist type of arrogance, but a sinister type of arrogance. You decided it was time to pay Oh Sehun a visit.

Sehun’s P.O.V.

He stared down at the weapon in his hand, it felt sinful and yet thrilling all the same, it gave him such pleasure and power to be holding it. It was no ‘unconventional’ weapon it was just an ordinary kitchen knife but it held so much more meaning than that, since it was given to him by Reiji. It meant that it was one hundred times worse than the ones in his kitchen draw; those were simply for cooking this however was for fatal damage. Reiji had gladly accepted him back, it was almost as though Sehun had ran into his open arms. He was even more warm when Sehun had stated he no longer wanted to have harmless fun, he wanted something more dangerous, more fatal. He grinned down at the sharp shiny blade in his hand, slowly slicing his index finger tip as though to check the thing actually worked, he sucked the blood from his finger and stuck the knife carefully into the pocket of his hoodie. It was dark now and the blade was about to meet its first set of victims. He jumped when he heard a knock on the door, frowning as he walked over to it. He swung it open in one swift motion.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

You pushed passed Sehun and walked into his apartment, it looked unusually disorganised, you eyed the living room suspiciously.

“I said what the fuck are you doing here?” He hissed at you again as he turned to face your direction.

“You were giving me the cold shoulder over the phone so I came to see you for myself.” You frowned at him. “I thought we were okay Sehun, I thought we could be friends…”

“We are okay Y/N, now get out. I have somewhere I need to be.”
You looked at him and for some reason something looked off, he looked blank, yes. But it wasn’t the type of blank you were used to, it was a whole other different type of void and you were trying to figure out what exactly had happened. You took a step closer to him, so that you were just an inch away from his face.

“What’s going on Sehun?”

“Nothing.” He protested, not giving anything away. “Now get out.”
You shook your head; you weren’t going to leave not now.

“You’re lying to me Sehun.”

He grunted at you, almost mockingly as his gaze turned into one of disgust.
“Stop acting like you know me so well. I’m not Byun Baekhyun.”

You scoffed, you couldn’t believe he was acting this way, it was infantile and stupid.

“You said we were okay, why the fuck are you being this way Sehun?!”

“Because I fucking hate you!” He shouted as he pulled your body into his and pressed his lips against yours, it took you a moment to process the fact the he was kissing you, it was rough and needy but filled with anger at the same time, you let out a yelp as he bit your bottom lip, drawing blood from it.
“I fucking hate you so much!”

You slapped him around his stomach as hard as you could but hissed in pain as you felt something sharp slice through the skin of your middle finger, your blood began to drip on to the shiny wooden floor.
“What the fuck?” You breathed as you put a hand in his pocket and pulled out a knife. “Sehun, what the fuck?!” You were confused and scared as your eyes were darting between his own and the knife in your hand. He grabbed it back off of you and pushed it into his pocket again.

“Like I said I have shit to do, Reiji is waiting for me. And you’d better get out now, unless you want to be my first victim, either way I’m coming for you. You don’t get to crush my heart. Not over Byun fucking Baekhyun.”

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Safe Place - Luke Hemmings/(Y/N) Series - Part One

Okay, so a few of you said you’d be interested in reading my series that I wrote a few months back. So here it is :) I hope you like it! Let me know what you guys think <3

Luke’s POV

I walk down the familiar hallway to my flat, my feet bouncing with excitement as I make my way through the run-down building. The boys and I have just finished a press tour to promote our next album, but thankfully, I wasn’t gone very long. It was a few weeks in LA, a week in London, and a week in Australia, which comparatively speaking isn’t too bad. I see our door down at the end of the never-ending hallway and my heart skips a beat.

I’m not so much excited about being back in my apartment as I am to see my best friend and roommate, (Y/N). We’ve been best friends since secondary school, and when she turned eighteen we decided to get an apartment together. In all honesty, it’s mostly her apartment since I’m gone most of the time, but I still pay half of the rent. When the band first started to get big, I had planned on just saving my money and getting an apartment somewhere in America like New York or LA. But after she finished high school, (Y/N) asked me to be her roommate, and I just can’t say no to her.

A smile forms on my lips as I finally reach the door. I notice that it’s cracked open very slightly and I freeze for a moment. I check my watch and see that it’s only 11 AM, so (Y/N) should still be at work. I begin to brace myself to attack the intruder until I smell burnt food wafting from the kitchen. At that point I know it must be (Y/N) because despite her many talents, she is a terrible cook.

I very carefully push the door open and walk through the living room. Just seeing our old couch and tv makes me smile even wider. I really have missed being here. I drop my bag near the edge of the living room and head toward the kitchen. I have to stifle a laugh when I see (Y/N) dancing around the kitchen with her headphones in while she stirs something on the stove. I casually lean against the doorframe and wait for her to notice my presence. After a few more minutes of jumping around and quietly singing along to the music in her ears, she finally turns around. Her eyes go wide and she immediately drops the spoon that she’s holding and it hits the floor with a loud clang. She glares at me as she pulls the headphones out of her ears and places one of her hands on her heaving chest.

“You can’t scare me like that, Hemmings!” She breathes as a smile stretches across her lips.

Before I even have time to respond, she lunges toward me. I’m able to catch her just before we both go toppling to the ground. She wraps her arms around my beck and buries her face in my shoulder.

“I missed you,” I say once I’ve steadied myself.

I feel her nod against my shoulder. “You can’t leave me for that long ever again,” she whines.

She says this every time I come home, and sometimes I wish I could just stay here with her all the time, but I know I can’t. She loosens her grip on me and I gently set her back down on the floor.

“Have you been working out?” She asks as she reaches out and squeezes my bicep. “You used to struggle to hold me like that,” she teases.

“Please,” I snort. “You weigh like two pounds. Even weakling Luke could pick you up with no trouble.”

She smiles, and I swear the whole room gets brighter. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, and it never ceases to knock me off my feet.

“It gets so lonely here at night,” she says as her smile suddenly fades. “The other night, oh my gosh, I almost had a heart attack. There was this creaking noise…” her voice seems to fade out as my eyes focus in on the hint of a bruise that’s fading underneath her right eye. “…I pick up my hair dryer and start walking around the apartment looking for intruders and-“

She stops talking when she sees me staring at her.

“What?” She asks, laughing nervously.

“What happened to your eye? It looks bruised,” I say as I reach out and brush my fingers over the fading yellow spot.

A shiver runs through her as soon as my hand touches her and her eyes immediately fall to the floor.

“Oh,” she says, her eyes suddenly unable to meet mine. “I did that at work the other day.”

She’s never been a good liar, and I’ve known her long enough to know when she’s trying to cover something up.

“Oh yeah, that riveting library job,” I say sarcastically. “Must get pretty crazy in there.”

She lets out an insincere laugh as she turns back to face the stove. “Speaking of work,” she not-so-subtly changes the subject. “I took the day off so that I could be here when you get home. I wanted to make you a special dinner for your grand return,” She says, gesturing toward the burnt food on the stove. “However, after three attempts, I’ve begun to realize that I simply can’t cook.”

I laugh as she turns the stove off and officially admits defeat.

“So, pizza?” She asks.

I nod. “Pizza sounds good.”

She picks up her cell phone to order the pizza and I grab my bags and carry them to my room. I open the door and am met with a perfectly clean bedroom, which I know for a fact is not how I left it. (Y/N) must’ve cleaned it while I was away. She steps into my doorway a few minutes later as I’m beginning to put some of my clothes away.

“You could at least fold your clothes before you put them in the dresser,” she sighs, a small smile still on her lips.

I roll my eyes playfully and attempt to fold the shirt in my hands before giving up and shoving it in the drawer with everything else. She laughs.

“Oh, I don’t know if you have plans tonight, but Jonah is coming over for dinner,” she says, sitting down on my bed and folding the rest of the clothes that are in my suitcase. I guess she got tired of watching me messily shove them away.

I try to keep the disgust off of my face as she mentions her boyfriend, Jonah. I know I should be supportive of her relationship since she’s my best friend, but I just can’t. She deserves better than him. He’s not a terrible guy, but he’s just not nearly good enough for her.

“I was actually just planning to sleep,” I admit. “Jet lag is starting to hit me.”

I could be imagining it, but I swear her smile falters ever so slightly when I say that, but she nods.

“So you and Jonah just try not to make the bed creak too much, huh?” 

The words taste like vinegar coming out of my mouth. I can’t believe I just make a joke about her having sex with that idiot.

She tenses up at my attempted joke, and she suddenly stands up and walks toward the door.

“I’m gonna go wait for the pizza,” she says. 

Something is definitely off about her voice. Did I offend her somehow?

“(Y/N)?” I ask, but she’s already out the door.

Something has changed since I left; something big.

I love you

I love you

You looked like an idiot wearing that overgrown straw hat, really. I still can’t fathom what went through your mind when you decided to wear it, let alone wear it outside where other people could see you. But you still wore the damn thing, head held high, a huge grin nearly splitting your face. You looked like a complete and utter idiot wearing that damn hat. But you were my idiot.

I love you

Did you know that you snort in your sleep? Not the cute almost inaudible way like they show in the movies, where two lovers have cute arguments about it, no sir. You snort like a hog, and I can’t tell you how many nights I sat up watching you, reminding myself that if I smothered you in your sleep, I wouldn’t get to see you tomorrow.

I love you

It’s strange how certain things just fit, you know? Like how your hands fit so perfectly in mine. I know them like my own, every crick in your palm, every vein in your wrist. I know you think that I’m being romantic when I grab your hand when we’re out, but I’ll let you in on a secret; It’s really just the most effective way to keep you out of trouble.

I love you

You can’t cook. I just need to get that out there. You have many gifts, many virtues, but cooking is not one of them. Don’t think for a second that I’ve forgotten that time you accidentally managed to burn water, or that we had to throw that pot out. I eat the food you cook simply because the only thing that hurts more than the potential food poisoning is the potential frying pan in my face.

I love you

You have never been as beautiful as you were that day by the lake. Don’t mistake me, you looked like a drowned cat as you wobbled out of the water, and the whole business with your nose running didn’t exactly improve things, but that shy smile. God, I live for that smile. Just a barely there twist of your lips, looking up at me like I held the stars in my hands. I don’t think anyone has ever looked at me like that before.

I love you

You idiot. You fucking idiot.

I love you

Why the hell did you leave me alone? I’m not good at this, at being alone, not anymore. You took that away from me, coming into my life as a freaking tornado, ripping everything I thought I knew apart, ripping apart the foundation that my life was built on. I never wanted this, you know. Never wanted to know what it felt like to wake up next to someone day after day. Fuck. Why did you leave me alone?

I love you

I wish I told you every day, every minute, every second, how much you meant to me. I wish I told you everything. Fuck. How come I never told you that you looked amazing in that shirt, or that your smile lightened up my whole day, or that you were right - I should have read that book sooner.

I love you

Why did you have to die?

I loved you

Dating Ignis/ Blind!

Here’s another headcanon. Blind Ignis may have a sad story, but he makes me smile to the point of blushing. I really enjoyed thinking about this. Enjoy!

-       He can be very emotional at times. Even though he doesn’t show it on his face, you know him well enough that you can see the signs. “Iggy, talk to me. What’s on your mind?”

-      He needs a little more help but rarely asks. (You help anyways because stubborn Ignis is stubborn)

-       You actually find his stubbornness ridiculously adorable.

-       You love reading to him, even if it’s work related. He finds the sound of your voice soothing.

-       Vision impairment hasn’t hindered his love for cooking. Seriously, he’s still a wiz in the kitchen! You sometimes sit in the kitchen just to watch him go. “Cooking simply takes a good sense of taste…and knowing the difference between hot and cold my dear he’d grin.

- He still manages to crack his cornball puns and jokes. Ohhh the sass is still strong. One of the things that made you fall head over heels for him.

-      He sometimes worries that he has become a burden, but with lots of kisses and endless lovemaking, you literally reassure him that everything is fine. “I-I apologize, y/n…” You cup his cheeks “nonsense, Ignis. You are still perfect and I love you

-      He still has a hard time believing it. (Stubborn Iggy strikes again)

-       You love his scars because they tell a story of someone who is willing to do anything for the person/people he cares most about; even if it meant putting himself in harms way. “Do you really like them, kitten?” You place a gentle kiss on his closed eye  “They’re beautiful

-      He loves when you trace them while you’re cuddled up with each other.

-      Intimacy was difficult at first. Ignis worried that his impairment would slow him down or leave things unenjoyable for you but it was the complete opposite. Your image was etched into his memory before he lost his vision, and with his hearing and sense of touch heightened, the pleasure seemed to double. “You still feel as wonderful as I remember, y/n.

-      Oh how he still wished he could see the look on your face when you’re a withering mess beneath him.

-      Even though he can get around fairly well on his own, he still asks you to guide him. (His excuse to hold your hand all the time. He adores your touch. Not that you’re complaining)

-       You love helping him with his clothes. Buttoning his shirts, adjusting his collar, and even helping him spike his hair!

-       Through everything, he still thinks of your wellbeing first.

-       He feels utterly lucky to have someone like you by his side.

“What has a man like me done to deserve such a loving creature?

BTS Reaction

BTS reaction to s/o being self conscious


Yoongi was the kind of boyfriend who didn’t take much notice in what you did. Clothes wise anyways. Unless it was too short, then he noticed. He was especially shy dating you, but he still did small things like buying you roses or taking you out to dinner, cuddles, etc.

Yoongi noticed when you started hiding your body more, keeping your head down, but he didn’t say anything and you didn’t bring it up. He ignored it, he was worried, but not worried enough to ask about it. That is, until Jimin came to him.

“Hyung, is Y/N Nuna okay? She has been acting strange lately. I’m worried.”

That’s when he started to worry. If even his members were worrying about you he knew something was up.

One night he decided to confront you about it. “Hey, Y/N, I need to talk to you.”

The gentle worry in his voice made you heart pinch in your chest. Knowing he had caught on you immediately changed the subject, brushing past him and asking if he was hungry. Catching on to the fact you didn’t want to talk about it he didn’t speak, just simply watched as you cooked for him, mouth set in a hard line.

It took another week of you avoiding him and hiding yourself for him to confront you again. By now he had figured out what was going on.

“Yah! Jagi!”

You knew when Yoongi said “Yah” he was serious.

A/N: Yah is informal Korean and Yoongi usually uses formal Korean.

You open your door and quietly and slowly shuffle your feet to Yoongi. He stood when he saw you, then before you knew it he was pulling your face to his chest. “You don’t have to cry alone you know.” His voice was steady, an undertone of anger to it. “That’s why you have me.”

It took a while before you started crying, but you did. You started sobbing, wrapping your arms around Yoongi and burrying your face in his chest.

“When I find out who made you cry like this I swear I’ll kill them.” He growls lowly, obviously not for you to hear.

You smile a little, comfortable again in the familiar arms of Yoongi.

“Yah, let’s go somewhere. I found this really pretty place I think you will like.”

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label masterlist pt 1

after many, many requests, i’ve finally created my own label masterlist. the following 8 labels are all inspired by the aesthete and relate to such to some extent. they cover all sorts of characters from artistic and knowledgeable, to the foodies to the self-indulgent and pleasure seekers. depending on the response this receives, i may post another label masterlist similar to this. so i’d love to hear your feedback on what you guys think of the labels below. likes and reblogs are great and highly appreciated but they’re not required. if there’s any labels that you’re not sure of or would like a deeper insight to, feel free to ask me and i’ll be more than happy to explain further. enjoy !!

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anonymous asked:

Your Ebook is based on Harleys advice but you disagree with him now. Time to give refunds Bonny! You are just money hungry 😟

That’s funny last time I checked my ebook said nothing about 10-20 bananas smoothies with cups of sugar, cereal with sugar for dinner, sugar water all day, sprite for meals, white rice with jam all day or riding a bike 8 hours a day. That to me is Harley’s advice. My ebook is a “High carb” vegan recipe book and “high carb” is very general and many many other people promote it including doctors. I was not following rawrill4 when I made it. OR Harley’s advice.

Actually two years ago he told me to throw away my expensive camera, fuck off photography, and never spend more then 2 minutes preparing meals. THAT was his advice. Yet somehow my ebook which is full of whole food vegan recipes is based on his advice?…Just because I have a few smoothie recipes in there? haha. Harley couldn’t make the recipes in my book if his life depended on it because he simply can’t cook. He never has promoted cooking or how to prepare meals.

I did however have a very small section saying I roughly followed an 80/10/10 ratio (which I have since changed) And my reference in the ebook was dr mcdougall not Harley.

I am still high carb, I still eat all the recipes in my ebook and after all it is, is a recipe book with high carb vegan recipes. Not a meal plan or a weight loss book😂 just some of my fav recipes that I still eat. Any info I no longer follow to the T has been changed. I don’t think fruit is toxic or bananas are bad at all. I just prefer to not eat it for breakfast and lunch everyday….my ebook doesn’t promote that and never did. If you want to have a smoothie for breakfast go for it👌🏼

I’m money hungry?.. haha yet my ebook was and still is the cheapest vegan recipe book online. Whilst Harley sells his for $30 and now has stolen freelees to sell.

Projection, projection, projection…

I understand these question are probably just Harley or his trolls but if anyone that bought my ebook is ACTUALLY displeased, or has any issues. Email me at hello@bonnyrebecca 😘

I REALLY don’t want to talk about this drama but I have to stand up for myself when people make up blatant lies. I worked really hard on that ebook, creating some of my favourite recipes! So of course I’ll get defensive when someone is manipulating the truth for their own agenda.

The Pirate Chef, Ch. 8 (8/8)

CS AU: When all her planned work for the upcoming special in the show she produces falls apart, Emma Swan is forced to work with the networks rising star. And she doesn’t think anything good will come out of it.

Shotouts to @fairytalesandtimetravel for the amazing arts he did for this! and both @sambethe and @nowforruin that have been sounding boards, betas, translators when I ran out of words in my meagre English lexicons and cheerleaders to no end. Thank you so much for the support.

This is also dedicated to @kat2609 , @amagicalship and @brooke-to-broch

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Ao3  On Tumblr Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7

A/N: This is it, the end of the road. thank you so much to all of you for reading and commenting and sticking to it. I had a lot of fun writing this one. As for future projects, I’ll be resuming my canon reversal, Time Upon Once, and a few other things in between. 

Week #7 London

The trip to London was a quiet one. Killian had chosen to ride with Tink and Liam separately, sending his apologies beforehand to the rest of the team. There were gloomy faces among most of the crew, the weeks on the road taking a toll on everyone and adding to the dreaded sense of finality. Despite the early hours and crazy days, there had been such camaraderie between the teams that it seemed it was hard for everyone to see the season come to an end. Adding to that was the fact they weren’t sure if this would be a one-time thing. They all had hopes the audience would react positively to the new spin on the collaborative show. Tink and Emma thought they had a great show and that their audiences would love it. They all hoped the network would choose to continue with the format in upcoming years, but even if the show was a success, there still could be a million reasons why this might not happen again.

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request:  Omg 24, 30, and 42 sounds interesting lol love you 😘  & could u do 24 and 46

hello loves! i’m coming at you with more friend Harry. honestly, this one i had a hard time coming up with ideas for, so bare with me. send in those requests from this writing list, or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Being a chef had some many perks. First, obviously, was that you knew how to cook. Second, you got to do what you loved. It wasn’t always a practical job that your family wanted for you, but in the end, you did what you wanted for yourself, and didn’t care so much about what others thought. Finally, your friends got gourmet cooking. That was more of a perk for your friends, but you liked doing what you loved for the people that you loved. Your roommate, Harry got the most benefits, mainly saving money on food, not that he really needed to.

You and Harry had been best friends since primary school. Your families were friends since they had been in Uni, so naturally you guys became close friends as well. After Harry’s hiatus, he came to stay with you for a while, just wanting to be back in London with his family and you. He had been with you for about a month before you guys decided just to move in together. You knew that once writing began again for him, he wouldn’t be around as much, so you were happy that he was with you while he could be. There was just one issue with Harry living with you.

That man did not know how to cook.

But he still tried to at least once a week. So that meant once a week, you were under so much stress simply from Harry cooking. You tried telling him every single time that he just didn’t know how to cook, but of course he would say, “I used to be a baker, love. It’s not that different.” Usually on nights when he would cook, you would call a pizza shop telling them to send over a cheese pizza in 30 minutes. Harry took offense to this, but you were always right. You didn’t know the severity of his awful cooking until one night after getting home from your restaurant around eight. You walked into your flat and were met with a putrid smell. Harry was in the living room, eating pizza.

“Harry, why does it smell like smoke? Why do you smell like smoke?” you said while giving him a kiss on the cheek hello.

“Well, you see, I saw this recipe for a spinach quinoa that I wanted to try, and I may have left it on the stove for too long,” he explained, timidly.

“How long is to long?” you asked.

“20 minutes,” he mumbled, knowing that you were going to be frustrated.

“Harry!” you scolded.

“I know, I know. But there’s more.”

“Oh god, what?” you asked, not exactly wanted to know the answer.

“There may have been a small fire.”

Your mouth fell agape, not actually believing that his cooking was that bad.

This isn’t just one of your little jokes, right?” you asked, walking into the kitchen.

“I wish it was,” he said following.

You screeched when you saw the damage. There was a fire mark on top of the ceiling above the stove. It wasn’t awful, but it was your kitchen. Your home. And you were mad.

“Dammit Harry! What were you doing in those 20 minutes?!” you yelled.

“Well, I had an idea for a song, and went to write it down in my journal, but then I thought of lyrics, and it all flowed together. Sorry, Y/n.”

You were still mad, but didn’t like fighting with Harry, so you changed subjects.

“Can I at least hear the song?”

And that was the last time you let Harry cook for a month. Then he tried again, with you in the house, but your knowledge of his cooking adventure was unknown to you. You were upstairs, reading, when you smelled smoke. You sat there for a minute, waiting to see if anything would happen. Then you heard Harry.


Then you ran downstairs, to a very smoky area. Harry was in the kitchen with a fire extinguisher that you bought after Harry’s first accident. He was putting out a very large fire that started to spread to the counter. Luckily, Harry got the source of the fire out before it spread any further, then moved onto the counters, which didn’t take long to get out. He put down the fire extinguisher and slowly turned to you, knowing he was in deep shit.

“Before you say anything, I already ordered the pizza.”

“Harry! This isn’t funny! This is your second fire! You put us both in danger!” you shouted.

“I know. I’m really, really sorry. Truly!” he said.

I’m begging you, STOP COOKING! I’m literally a fucking chef! I’ll cook!” you said.

“But I like cooking. It’s fun,” he said, a tad bit whiny.

“Then I’ll teach you! Just don’t cook alone until I’ve taught you everything,” you reasoned.

“Okay. I’m sorry!” he said one last time.

“I know. C’mon, let’s go get stuff to redo the wall that you destroyed.”


Evan x Reader - Baking Headcannons

• okok so
• Evan looooves baking
• and hes like, SUUUPER fantastic
• you can TRY and rip this hc from my COLD. DEAD. HANDS.
• ok onto the headcannons
• Evan’s loved baking since he was a kid
• when Heidi was sad, he would make her red velvet cupcakes
• he used to be fairly open about it
•UNTIL jared found out
• jared probably told him it was “ultra lame”
• and Evan didn’t want to be ultra lame
• so he stopped baking as much
• until he met you
• for your birthday he made you some of your favorite sweets
• when u first bite into them you meLT
• ur gushin over HOW GOOD they are
• and Evan is just beaming
• and Evan
• this angel
• hes just “uhm, actually I.. uh, I made them?”
• your jaw drops
• HOW???
• You start RAMBLING over how skilled he is!!!
• he doesnt believ you???
• he’s just- “no, theyre not that good, they’re just average if anything…”
• and you cannot believ
t h i s b o y
• finally you convince him theyre at least good
• and ur just “TEACH ME BLEAS”
• And so that weekend
• you guys get all the ingredients
• and are gonna make a nice batch of brownies
• you get to his house
• and as ur washing ur hands thIS BOY
• he brings out two aprons
• one thats a nice sky blue for him
• ((he used the money he was supposed to use to buy pizza i stg))
• Its all white and simply saying “WORLDS CUTEST COOK”
• he drapes it over ur shoulders when u dying ur hands
• and yOU READ IT
• sMoR cH
• the entire time ur baking
• Its basically hugs, giggles, and batter fights
• it starts when you’re mixing the bowl of batter
• hes standing behind you, his hands are on urs, helping you get a good folding motion (and also so he gets to touch you he loves u)
• then as ur mixing he goes to push ur hair out of his face
• but his hands are covered in frosting
• and he gets frosting ALLL over ur cheek
• long story short
• u r both throwing access batter at each other
• u forget about the brownies and they almost burn
• u dorks
• after calming Evan down (dont lie to me the idea of burning the brownies scares him cause what if they catch fire or start smoking and you cant breathe and)
• its a mess
• u dweebs forgot like two ingredients
• the brownies are all wonky
• at first Evan’s like
• “I’m sorry this was supposed to for you to make brownies and theyre awful and you hate them dont you im sorry -
• u shut him up by shoving a brownie in his mouth
• “Evan this was the most fun I’ve had in years”
• its now a tradition
• every holiday, you cuties are baking up a batch of somethin
• and now everytime someone mentions brownies
• you two break out laughing
• everyone else is confused
• you dorks

Pocket Jun

Scoups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || Dk || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino

» You didn’t find pocket jun
» Pocket jun found you
» You were just sitting on a park bench one day
» And he just climbed up onto the bench next to you and stared at you
» And you were like wth
» And he was like
» “Hey”
» And thus started your friendship
» You had never connected with someone so quickly as you did with lil jun
» You guys met up a lot at the park at first
» He’d complain a lot about where he was living for the time being
» And that’s why he was out walking around in the first place
» You had thought about offering to let him stay at your place
» But you didn’t know if it would be weird or something
» Plus you can barely take care of yourself
» How could you take care of another person
» And a pocket person for that matter
» But the day someone almost sat on him was the day you brought him home
» He was all for it tbh
» But he was also like
» “I may be small but im not a baby”
» Which you simply chose to ignore as you started to create a little bed for him
» And then within weeks he had his own little house sitting next to your bed»
» They two of you had gone out and looked at all the pocket people houses
» But jun actually ended up liking a doll house more
» And you were for it
» Its cheaper anyways lol
» So that’s what he ended up with
» You added a few fairy lights around the house so he could get some light in there at night
» And he rearranged some furniture that you had bought along with the house
» And that was that
» Out of the two of you he was the one to always wake up first
» So naturally
» He woke you up right after
» Honestly you relied more on jun to wake you up then your actual alarm clock
» The two of you would also play a lot of games together
» From video games
» Where you never truly understood how he could push all the buttons on the controller but he managed
» To board games
» Where he was the piece instead of using one of the plastic pieces
» It sure did make games like monopoly and life more interesting
» At night you got in the habit of reading a chapter of a book out loud
» Jun loved it more than anything
» Of course he wouldn’t really tell you that
» He’d be to embarrassed
» But honestly you could tell
» Mothers you like nobody else
» Like even out mothers your mom
» Its kinda sweet actually
» He’s always making sure you get places on time
» And helps you pick out outfits
» Makes sure you are eating enough
» And at the right times
» Sometimes you think he makes you cook simply so he can eat off your plate too
» He’s always sneaking into your food
» Even tho he’ll have his own
» He eats it all super quick then sneaks over to your plate
» You don’t mind tho
» Keeps you on top of your choirs
» And just all together helps make sure everything’s in order
» How did you even manage without him before?
» Sometimes buts on little wushu performances for you on your coffee table
» Sings a lot
» Often in chinese
» You find it the cutest thing on earth
» Honestly he himself is the cutest thing on earth…

A small continuation of Charlie Weasley’s life story. Picks up where I left off here

  • A few years after the war, while the Weasley clan and the Ministry of Magic itself is still reeling and trying to figure out the right ways to proceed, Charlie is working at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and trying to plan his next step. Ideally, he’d be working with his hands, absorbing himself in his work as completely as he did when he was working with dragons. It’s been nice, though, being so close to everyone, and to be on hand when George needs someone to cry to. 
  • The family is having Sunday dinner, everyone’s a little tipsy, and an idea begins to form in Charlie’s head while Ron is telling the dragon at Gringrotts story again.
  • The institutionalized fear, concealment, and killing of dragons…What if that never had to happen again? What if there were a place for dragons in England? What if we had a sanctuary so we could stop illegal trading?  What if I could protect them?
  • The problem isn’t so much the traders individually, because they buy and sell whatever they can get, it’s the fact that all of it is done underground and everyone - dragons, buyers, and sellers - ends up hurt. What if the laws meant to protect wizards and muggles alike from the dangers of unchecked dragon populations were shifted? What if no one had to be caught in that cycle anymore?
  • It takes a couple of frantic days and sleepless nights, but very soon, Charlie has drawn up a detailed plan for a ranch similar to the one he’d worked in Romania, but adjusted for England’s stricter rules. Thought it’s a little known, due to his quiet, relaxed aura, Charlie is just as nerdy as Percy, and just as thorough. The plan is complete with visual aids, and list after list after list of to-do’s, and S.M.A.R.T. goals. 
  • An important piece of the plan is, of course, his partner in crime. Who would he want by his side in this, but the only other dragon-crazy git in England? 
  • He stops by Hagrid’s hut late one evening, crazed with the sleeplessness of planning, and lays out everything he wants the ranch to be, how beautiful a place for dragons to breed, recover, and live in safety, away from Muggles and Ministry laws. How the two of them could work with dragons full time, always. Live and breathe their shared passion. 
  • Hagrid agrees, of course, and Charlie takes the plan to his favorite sister-in-law, who happens to be the Head of the new and improved Department of Magical Creatures. 
  • Hermione says that if they can get the funding together, the project really would make sense for everyone.  
  • It takes a year or two of intense planning, campaigning, budgeting, and eventually using the funds from the deserted Lestrange vault, where the dragon who had started the whole idea in the first place, had been contained for so many years, but the ranch dream becomes a reality. 
  • Hagrid and Charlie work together as a seamless team, buying dragons and dragon eggs off of illegal traders, living on the ranch in a cottage designed for the rural life the two of them were embarking upon. 
  • A few Shield Charmers come to the open field they’ve chosen for the project, set up a big enough space for the creatures to fly free, without bothering the people nearby, and it begins. 
  • Dragon-related crime stalls in its tracks, and dragon-related incidents affecting both wizards and muggles stop entirely. The ranch, this crazy dream, is working. 
  • Charlie works with dragons of all ages, sizes, temperaments, and breeds; grows orchids in the back garden; learns to cook simply but deliciously, and enjoys the rough, real work. 
  • He and Hagrid get close, of course, working and living so closely together, and Charlie is more comfortable with this arrangement than he’s ever been with anything ever. The work, and his partner in crime, fill him a purpose and inner peace he’s sure is what everyone must be looking for in romance. 
  • And he’s found it.