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Day Ninety

-Today I have been entrusted with the responsibility of being the operator. This seems like an oversight as I have next to no idea of how to be the operator. We will see how this goes.

-I found a pair of Valentine’s Day socks depicting a glorious Norse warrior with the caption, “I’ve taken a great Viking to you.” This is the single greatest seasonal item I have ever seen in my expansive seasonal item-hunting life.

-I inadvertently stumbled upon a solid stock of doomsday-ready supplies on a shelf in the hanger room. Hand-powered radios. Flashlights. Baby lotion. Everything one could ever need for armageddon.

-When given the phone, I was told to expect very few calls. This was a relief. I received many calls. I crossed my fingers I had been forwarding the calls correctly and not simply hanging up on confused callers. I still have no proof either way.

-I watched a toddler sprint off to the end of an aisle, wait for his mother to get close, and then sprint off again. This continued through the entirety of the store until he eventually sat down and let her catch up. Never again will I believe video game chase sequences to be unrealistic.

-A decidedly-creepy man asked a female coworker for a spare print ad. After being handed one, he walked off for five minutes to then return to her. He pressed a clipping from a Valentines page against her stomach. The cut-out paper read, “Let’s be friends.” I cannot be sure, but something in me says that this may not be the most effective method.

-From across the store, I heard the voice of a young boy chant, “Let me have my boobies back.” I cannot even begin to imagine the sort of monster who would take them from him.

marco: *doesn’t correct Ms. Heinous calling him a princess*

marco’s family: *doesn’t question why everyone is calling their son a princess*

star: *tells marco he looks “super pretty!” in makeup without even the slightest hint of mockery or sarcasm*

marco: *with enthusiasm* “Can I stay in this dress?”


Title: Can’t Lose You

Pairing: Prince Sidon / Link | SidLink

Rating: Explicit

Tags: anal sex, rimming, comfort sex, shark dude loves a blondie

Summary: After a little of Link’s blood gets into a quick moving river, he and Sidon have a heart to heart about their fears of losing one another.

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Staring up at the dimming sky above him, he made a mental note in the back of his mind that perhaps he shouldn’t rush down a steep, rocky slope.

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     Impala mugs. “Got Salt?” T-shirts. Supernatural posters as tall as Sam.

     You were at a convention about your life, unnervingly accurate copies of you and the boys everywhere you looked, and nothing had ever freaked you out more. Though watching Sam and Dean squirm might just be worth powering through any potential embarrassment suffered on your part.

     You pried your eyes away from the dumbfounded Winchesters when a squeaky-voiced girl appeared in front of you.

     “Oh. My. Gosh. Your costumes are amazing, you guys look just like them!” You took a step back from the flannel-clad girl, watching as she walked up to the younger Winchester with an awe-struck look on her face. “He’s even the right height to be Sam!”

     The shaggy-haired hunter scrunched up his face, clearly at a loss for words, though the girl seemed to get tired of him quickly enough and promptly turned her attention on you.

     “And you guys make an awesome Dean and Y/N!” She clasped her hands in front of her chest, a wide grin spreading across her face. Then she leaned in with a conspiratorial smile. “I ship you two together, you know.”

     If you’d had a drink you would have spit it out. Dean simply looked confused.

     “You what us?” he asked, screwing up his face in confusion.

     “I ship you!” she said excitedly. “You know, like a relationship? I think Y/N and Dean are just perfect for each other. And I know they both feel the same way, they just need to get over themselves and accept how they really feel!”

     This time Dean understood her perfectly, if his mouth hanging open and the light flush spreading over his cheeks was any indication. You cast an exploratory look in his direction, smiling nervously at the eldest Winchester.

     “Come on,” he said as he grabbed your hand, dragging you away from the girl and his brother. “I think we have some things to talk about.

     You happily let him lead you away, out to the parking lot and to his beloved Impala.

     Maybe these conventions weren’t so bad after all.

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Story time

My old school was pretty bad because we’d all get surprise drug searches in our classes. (Mind you this is a JUNIOR highschool) 7-9 grade. We used to be assigned hallway lockers based off of our 4th period classes. My friend at the time, had a locker right under mine. The police were called because someone said some kid was selling weed. As the police were searching the halls and classes, they soon went to our locker section. Our class was pulled out to the hallway to be sniffed at the same time they were doing our lickers. One of the dogs went baLLISTIC at my friend’s locker. Immediately she started bawling and the policeman pulled out her bag and tore it open to start searching each pocket. I elbowed her to make her shut up and I asked her why she had weed. She started screeching at me saying I “planted it in her bag”. I guess the cop heard us so they pulled out my bag too. The dog still will not shut the fuck up. It started to paw at the front of my friends bag so the policeman opened it up. It was a pack of FuCKinG OREOS! The cop starts to lose his shit so of course we were all confused. He simply walked up to my friend and asked if he can have one. She threw the whole package at him “here TAKE YOUR DRUG COOKIES” He opened the package and gave one to the dog. Supposedly they give Oreos to the dogs if they found drugs. Later on they busted a custodial worker for having them and selling them to seventh graders. I thought I should have shared my public school experience.

A small headcanon:

Right, so everyone knows Yuri Plisetsky is one passionate and hugely competitive teenager. So when Victor suggests that he and Yuuri are the cutest couple ever, because he’s just so extra, Yuri takes that as a challenge. Thus beginning a fierce insta-war over who can take the most cheesy couple photos, poor Otabek and Yuuri happen to be caught in the crossfire.

Yuri Plisetsky is no loser. Otabek is ever suffering. Victor is still fairly convinced he and Yuuri can’t be beaten. Yuuri is mainly just confused, he simply co-operates because its much easier that way.

This is Yuri’s first attempt at grinding Victor and his little piggy into the dust. Soft lighting, ice cream, tooth rotting sweetness.

Victor is not going to let this slide. He is preparing for an all out Instagram couple war. #couplegoals


(ft. a lil tiny tiger plushy)

I continued this… Victor’s post can be found here

Last time Victoria and Lord M saw each other they parted liked this

If this is how they say goodbye from now on, I will die a happy death.

4 a.m. Cuddles (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: (by @maddie-leighhh )

prompt list: 27. “If we get caught I’m blaming you” & 34. “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?”

Warnings: mentions of murder and sexual language (but not that much)

Word Count: 586

A/N: I’m sorry this is a bit late and also very short! (btw I made the reader and Peter both Avengers, thought that would be more suitable in this imagine)

Originally posted by tmhllnd96

It was nearly 4 a.m. in the morning, meaning the Avengers Tower was in complete silence. Everyone was already asleep, being exhausted of the mission the day before. Except for one person.

Peter Parker was wandering around the tower, trying to find something that would help him fall asleep. Even though the last mission basically wrecked everyone, Peter felt more energized than ever. He tried to watch TV, spend time I the training room and even considered swinging around the city for a while. Then he realized what he had to do all along. Pay a visit to his girlfriend’s bedroom.

He knocked on Y/N’s door for a couple of times, but of course, she was already asleep. He tried to open it but it was locked. It wasn’t a surprise for Peter so he decided to climb up to her window, which is impossible for a normal person to do but not for Spiderman. He quickly ran outside of the building and shoot his web up on the wall.

When he finally arrived at Y/N’s window, he was already exhausted, he knew he could just go to sleep but he wanted to sleep with his girlfriend so he didn’t give up. Luckily, Y/N’s window was open because Peter didn’t want to pay the damage for a broken window. He got inside quickly and walked towards her bed. He didn’t want to give her a heart attack so he gently shook her.

“Mmmhh…” Y/N whined. Peter knew he had to wake her up first because if she noticed someone was laying down beside her, she would freak out and maybe even murder Peter in his sleep.

“Babe…” Peter whispered. Y/N was woken up. She blinked her eyes for a couple of times to adapt the darkness. She looked up and saw someone standing beside her bed, watching her. “Who are you?” She sat up quickly and rubbed her head. “Spider-man” Peter answered with a grin on his face.

“Why are you here Peter?” Y/N wasn’t mad at Peter waking her up in the middle of the night but since she just woke up she wasn’t really adapted to the situation, she was just simply confused and Peter knew this. “Any guesses?”

“Peter I swear to god if this is a booty call, I’ll murder you in my own bed while having sleepy sex with you,” Y/N glared at him.

Peter threw his hands in the air and murmured: “This wasn’t a booty call at all but if you would suggest we-“


“Alright I’m here because I couldn’t sleep and thought I would be able to sleep if I slept with you- But not in that way since you are clearly not available for that right now,” Peter smirked.

“You come to my room and wake me up at 4 am, to cuddle?” Y/N asked. Peter nodded and without letting Y/N talk more, he jumped into the bed and dragged Y/N under the blanket. “If we get caught I’m blaming you” Y/N mumbled, closing her eyes to go back to sleep. “What are you talking about? We are fully clothed and we are just lying beside each other?”

“You know how much they like to mock us about everything,” Y/N chuckled lightly; she was nearly asleep so Peter decided to shut up finally. He wrapped his arms around Y/N and threw his right leg over her hips. He nuzzled his face into her neck, feeling warm and peaceful for the first time that night. Then slowly fell asleep.

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Word Count: 694

Requested: No

The quiet humming over the tour bus filled your ears as you laid in the nearly-too-small bunk. Your body was pressed against Shawn’s while he held his arms around your waist, keeping you from sliding off the edge. His hand rubbed up and down your back, drawing shapes and different patterns. Neither of you said anything. You let the silence hang over you like a blanket, not quite sure what to say in this moment. You laid still, just taking in the sweet scent of Shawn with every breath. 

Your fingers traced gently over his tattoos. Even in the dark, you knew every curve and line to the drawings, memorizing them with every trace. Shawn’s grip suddenly tightened as he leaned down, pressing a gentle kiss on the top of your head. You looked up at him as he removed his lips from your head. Even without being able to see the details of the face, you knew he looked upset. You knew his eyebrows were furrowed together. You knew he was biting his lip, a habit he had when something was on his mind. 

You moved one of your hands to cup his cheek. Your thumb brushed against the soft skin slowly, feeling his face lean into your hand. You let a frown form on your face, thinking to yourself how this would be the last time for several months you would get to share a moment like this.

Shawn leaned his head down, resting his forehead on yours. Neither of you moved, just looking at each other, taking each other in. He closed his eyes while inching his lips closer to yours. You moved the rest of the way, pressing your lips to his in a soft, gentle kiss. The kiss wasn’t hurried. It wasn’t needy or hungry. It was a lingering kiss, neither of you daring to move away from each other. His soft lips continued to move against yours for just a second before drawing away, resting his forehead against yours once again.

You didn’t need to ask him. You knew what was wrong. You felt the same way. You never wanted to leave the soft, warm embrace of his arms. You didn’t want to go months without seeing the way his face lit up when he was excited. You didn’t want to leave. 

Shawn’s voice broke through the heavy cloud of silence that had been lingering for too long. His voice was quiet and cracked, showing that he was truly upset. 

“I’m gonna miss you.” His voice was just above a whisper. The words were only meant for you to hear. You nodded your head in agreement, moving it back down to lay on his chest. 

“(Y/N)?” He asked, making you look up.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Shawn,” you said back, a small smile growing on your face.

“I don’t want you to go home,” he almost whined. You felt bad. You wanted to stay. You would do anything to be able to, but you knew you had to finish school.

“I’m not going home,” you stated simply, confusing Shawn.

“Yes you are. You’re leaving me.” You could see the pout forming on his lips, making your heart drop to your stomach.

“I’m leaving, but I’m not going home. You’re my home. I’m just going somewhere that you won’t be,” you whispered, moving your hands to brush through his hair gently. 

“It isn’t the same,” he said in the same whining voice.

“I’m going to miss you so much. And I hate having to leave you. But no matter where I go, you’re my home,” you said, snuggling into his chest even further. 

You two sat in silence again for what felt like hours. Neither of you said anything. Neither of you moved. You two laid in the darkness, just enjoying each others presence. You laid on him, memorizing the feeling of his body under yours. The feeling of his hands running through your hair. It was something you wanted to remember when you left.

“(Y/N)?” He asked like before, making you look up and hum in response.

“You’re my home, too.” 

The Tenth Floor pt11

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader & Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language, smut talked about/implied, some dark themes

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

The trash can in the break room was full. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but there was only one janitor authorized to take out the trash from the Tenth Floor, and she was out sick. 

“Why don’t you take out the trash, Hoseok?” Jimin said, pointing to the can.

“And I would do that because…?” Hoseok shorted. “Do it yourself.”

“Jimin can’t take out the trash because he’s trash.” Jungkook offered unhelpfully. Why he was getting himself involved you had no idea. He had asked to see you, but the only place you could really talk was in the break room, which happened to be rather full at the moment. 

“That doesn’t even make sense.” Jimin retorted. “And if anyone is trash, isn’t it you?” 

“Why are we calling people trash?” Taehyung walked in, looking around curiously. 

“This is ridiculous.” You muttered. “What did you want to talk to me about, Jungkook?” 

The doctor finally focused his attention on you, frowning slightly. “Here isn’t the best place.”

“Sorry, since when do the two of you get along?” Jimin cut in suddenly. “Last I checked, you,” He pointed in your direction. “Hated him.”

“We don’t get along.” You snapped. 

“Did anyone else notice that the trash can is full?” Taehyung asked, apparently unaware of the rest of the conversation. 

“No, we had no clue at all, and if it wasn’t for you stating the obvious, we would have gone on putting more and more trash in it, never realizing the truth. The world owes you thanks.” Jungkook shot back sarcastically.

Taehyung blinked in surprise. “That was a little harsh, don’t you think?” 

“No, I don’t.” Jungkook shrugged. 

“Oh for god’s sake.” You muttered, standing from the table you had been sitting at with Jungkook and walking to the trash can. Without another word, you took the trash bag from the can and tied it. 

“What are you doing?” Taehyung asked in bewilderment.

“What does it look like she’s doing?” Hoseok laughed. “She’s taking out the trash so she has an excuse to get out of this room.” Hoseok was exactly right, but you decided not to tell him this fact as you stalked from the room, trash bag in hand. 

There weren’t any trashshoots in the building, so you had to take the elevator to the ground floor. This was fine with you; the longer you were away from your co-workers, the better. 

You wondered if there had always been so much tension on the tenth floor, or if that somehow had something to do with you. But that was impossible, right? Surely you couldn’t do that much damage by simply working there. 

You got several odd looks as you made your way to the ground floor, and then out a back door that you knew utility workers used, but at that point you weren’t particularly bothered. You had started to accept the fact that you would likely never quite fit in at the company anyway, so it didn’t really matter if people thought you were weird.

Once outside, you found yourself in a side ally between the two buildings, with a large dumpster against the wall of the one you just walked out of. You were about to throw the bag of trash into it when you noticed the man on his hands and knees in front of it, aparently trying to reach something under the dumpster. 

“Y–Yoongi?” You blinked at him in surprise. He jumped, looking up at you with eyes wide. An unlit cigarette was between his lips, and his hair was out of place from crawling around on the ground. 

“I, uh… Can explain.” He said, quickly taking the cigarette from his mouth and putting it somewhere out of view.

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Alternate Bughead Car scene 2x06

“Okay. I think we’re all set here, so remember what I said about not riding the clutch, it’ll be fast but it’s still just a machine.” Betty swiped her thumb across her cheek, motor oil staining her porcelain skin as she packed the tools back into her perfectly organized tool box.

Jughead nodded sharply, his eyes still halfway across the garage set in a stone hard glare. He was tuned into her, every move she made, the sounds that spilled from her lips, he heard them all so when she sighed softly, pushing the loose strap of her overall over her shoulder, he turned slightly.

“I know you’re angry, I understand but Good luck Jughead, I’m sure I’ll see you at the race but… I figure you already have someone else to see you off.” She smiled sadly, turning to leave the garage before a familiar hand gripped her bare forearm, turning her towards him in an incredibly ungraceful twirl.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He questioned, his posture was angry but his eyes were simply confused, an anxious longing buried deep in the ocean blue.

Betty wiggled her arm free

“I was at Pops this morning with Archie, well I guess I was walking past Pops, anyway I saw you and Toni and… you looked happy. I’m happy for you really. I’m happy you could find someone to make you happy in all of this crazy.” She was smiling, her “I’m Betty Cooper and everything is going to be fine” show smile.

Jughead shook his head stepping towards her as she took a step back, a game it was always a game.

“No, you’ve got it wrong. Me and Toni? She knows I still have feelings for you, I’m not going to sit here and tell you I didn’t think about it. We kissed, more than once but it was nothing. Nothing like you and me, you can’t be angry at me. You broke up with me? No I’m sorry Archie broke up with me. Remember?” Jughead growled, turning away from the beautiful blonde in front of him, why did she have to look so sad? She did this to them, she gave up on this.

It was silent for what felt like hours, just as Jughead was about to turn around and see if she had left, Betty spoke

“I’m being threatened. You’re being threatened. The black hood wants me to stay away from you, to cut ties with you and Veronica. He won’t leave me alone and I know what he’s capable of. I know you hate me and you have every reason to, I just… I never wanted to hurt you. That was never my intention, everything I did, everything I’m doing, it’s to protect the people I love. I just wanted to get you through this race, that’s all. I was going to tell you.”

Jughead whipped around, his heart shattering under the weight of the guilt he was feeling right now. She hasn’t given up on them, she hasn’t lost hope.

He had.

“Betty..” the dark haired boy choked

Betty shook her head, her arms coming up to wrap around her body

“I thought… I thought it was all going to be okay when you found out, we would be able to go back to normal, but I was stupid. You.. you kissed Toni?” Her red rimmed eyes drifted towards his matching tears shimmering in broth of the broken teens.

“Betty, I thought… I was hopeless, it was initiation… I didn’t know anything…” he reached for her, he wanted to fix this. Fix her. Fix them both.

“You didn’t even wait a day. You didn’t…” she was cut off by her own chest aching sob.

“I know.” Jughead cried, finally managing to get a hold of her, pressing his forehead to hers.”I know”

Suddenly she was melting into him, her arms wrapping around his body as she held on for dear life

“It’s okay.” She cried “it’s okay, I understand.”

They were both shaking, holding each other so tight that they stumbled onto the hood of the black Camaro next to them.

“I love you and I haven’t been there for you, I’m so sorry Betts.” Jughead sighed into her hair, vanilla and honey.

“I haven’t been there for you either, with the Serpents, the Southside. I love you, I want to make this work.” She whispered.

And In the tiny garage surrounded by nosey men covered in motor oil Romeo and Juliet found each other again.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim (M)

Words: 2229

Warning: Smut, cursing, teasing.

Reader X Taehyung 

Request here

Originally posted by changkyuh

Arranged marriage. That was the most awkward, annoying and trashy thing that could’ve happened in your life. Marry with a guy who doesn’t love you? With a guy who doesn’t care about you? Shit. Of course, you couldn’t deny your own cultural traditions, but it didn’t mean you were happy about that.

 Kim Taehyung was your husband for 6 months now. Yeah he was completely gorgeous, hot and stuff but he couldn’t be less worried about you. And that sucked. You just wanted attention. Was that ask too much to have a little of caressing from your husband? It was pretty clear he didn’t love you.

 The sex was completely robotic. No emotions, no feelings, no cuddling after. Actually you had never come.

Nice marriage.

  “We are gonna be late, Y/N!” Taehyung screamed at you. You were finishing your make up. You both were going to a party, and you were fucking excited. You would finally have some fun. You wore a black, lacy dress that did draw your curves. You smiled to yourself when you caught Taehyung’s eyes wide when he saw you.

  Once there, you and Taehyung get away from each other, going to talk to your own friends. It was common. You never spend time together at parties.

  “Oh my god, Y/N, you look amazing!” your friend greeted you. Finally.

  “Thank you! So do yours” you hugged her. You loved her.

A couple drinks after; you started talking about your marriage.

 "It sucks. I’m not happy. I’m not fucking happy" you said, “I want a man. I want a man to show me I’m his; I want a man to fucking claim. But Taehyung?” you laughed, “Taehyung does not give a fuck”. Yeah, the alcohol had already gotten you.

  “Well, you can always find some fun, Y/N…” she whispered.

 "W-what do ya mean?“ you gasped, the drink burning your throat.

 "Well, if what you’ve told me is true, then he doesn’t love you, Y/N. Or at least he doesn’t care enough to show you he does. I’m sorry, but it’s what it’s. However, you can always…you know… Find some fun. Look around. There are a lot of men here. Beautiful, hot men” she said.

 What? She meant… cheating? No! No way. You were not this kind of girl. You would never cheat your husband, no matter how shity he was. However, she was right. There were a lot of men there. Attractive men.

 "I don’t think so. I’m not cheating my husband, Y/F/N" you said.

 "Ok ok. No cheating. But you can flirt. Flirt is just a… a healthy conversation, you know".

 Yeah, she was… kinda right. You could just flirt around, for fun. Not to fuck. You looked around, searching for someone who you could be interested in. A few seconds later your gaze caught someone else’s. You looked away quickly, and occasionally looked back, and he was still staring at you.

  Wow. He was really, really beautiful. His suit was fitting him so perfectly. You could see his muscles. His gray hair pulled back… fuck.

  “Go talk to him” your friend’s voice pulled you from your reverie, noticing you found someone.

“What? No” you said harshly.

 She rolled her eyes at you, “for god sakes dude have some fun”

  “No. Oh god, what am I supposed to do if he comes to talk to me?” You said suddenly worried.

 "I dunno, but you better think quickly, because he is coming. I need to go to the bathroom" she said and turned around to leave.

 "No, fuck, wait" you tried to pull her back but it was too late.

  Fuck fuck fuck. How could she. For god sakes, your husband was there!

 What If-

 "Hey lady" a soft voice called you from behind, and then you felt a body beside yours. No. You looked at the beautiful guy beside you. Fuck he was prettier when he was close.

  “H-hey” you answered hesitantly.

  “I’m Park Jimin. I’m the host of this party. And you are…?” he asked as he gave you his hand, his gaze locked with yours.

 You greeted him back, smiling shyly.

 "I’m Y/N. I, hum… I’m an invited’s invited. I don’t think we know each other" you said. He smiled at you.

 "Of course we don’t. I would remember you if we did"

 Shit. Your cheeks got red as his words left his soft, pink lips.

“Well, can I offer you a special drink?” he asked politely.

You looked around, looking for Taehyung. He was far away from being paying attention in you.

 What bad could a drink do?

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So since no one could link me to a gendrya reunion fanfic AND I NEED ONE BEFORE MY HEART EXPLODES, I decided to make one myself. So, here you go:

Gendry fell back from the group as the walls of Winterfell came into view. Davos was grilling Jon about his relationship with the Dragon Queen, while the wildling and the brotherhood were talking about how they can’t wait to get some food and take a long, hot bath. Gendry tuned them out; he wanted some peace, and, frankly,—some time to rehearse his apology.

After they got separated, his brain had done nothing but tirelessly run through possibilities of their reunion. At times, dread ate him with the thought that she must already be dead. But he knew better: they were both survivors, and if he made it alive after all these years, then surely the bravest person he knows did too. “Arya’s alive and one day we’re gonna meet again,” he told himself every morning as soon as he woke up, and again before he went back to sleep. Gendry has never had anyone until Arya; she’s family, she’s home, and one day he’s going to go back home, wherever the fuck that is.

They finally passed the gates. A crowd formed behind it, ready to welcome back the King in the North. The crowd parted and a beaming red-haired girl hurried towards Jon and gave him a hug. Sansa, Gendry realized. Arya once said she had a sister, this must be her.

“You made it. We’ve been waiting for you,” Sansa said.
“The North give you any trouble while I was gone?” Jon teased.
“Nothing I can’t handle,” Sansa replied with a chuckle.

“Jon!” a familiar voice rang from their left.

Gendry turned to look. Arya was pushing a younger boy on a wheelchair in a probably unsafe speed, but the boy didn’t seem to mind. Jon met them halfway, and Arya jumped into his arms.

Gendry smiled to himself. Jon has always been Arya’s favorite brother. Every one of her Winterfell stories involved him in some way. He understood why, though. With the little time he’s spent with Jon—during their travel to the wall, and beyond it—Gendry could not help but admire him. And with the shortage of honorable and heroic people such as Jon, he knew the King in the North is one worth serving.

Jon kissed Arya’s forehead before letting go of her.
“Bran,” he called the boy on the chair before he hugged him.

Gendry observed the younger boy. He had the trademark Stark dark brown hair and elongated face. Bran is their younger brother, Gendry realized. But unlike the other Stark siblings, Bran did not seem to be affected with his reunion with Jon. His face remained stoic and his arms circled around Jon as if the hug was an obligation.

“It’s good to see you again, Jon. We have a lot to talk about,” Bran said.
Sansa moved closer to her siblings.
“That we do,” Jon said to the three of them. “But first, let’s feed our guests and see them comfortable in vacant rooms,” he added, glancing at Gendry’s group still standing by the gate.

Gendry watched Arya study the faces of his companions, registering familiarity, before her eyes met his. Their eyes locked, and neither of them could move.

“Your Grace, I believe introductions are appropriate,” Davos said.
“Of course,” Jon said. “These brave men accompanied and fought with me beyond the wall. Surely, that story could wait ’til later over supper. But this is,” he gestured toward Gendry first, “Gendry Waters. He’s Robert Baratheon’s bastard son…”

Arya’s eyebrows furrowed, sparing Jon a glance to see if he’s joking before looking at Gendry again. She was now glaring at him. Gendry felt something tug at his heart. He really would’ve rather they talked about this later, but he couldn’t really blame Jon, given he had no clue Gendry even knew Arya.

Gendry mustered the courage to approach her, a small smile forming at his lips. 
“M’lady,” he bowed, peering through his lashes to watch her reaction.
For a minute, she was frozen, the scowl on her face growing darker.
“Gendry, this is my sister, Ar—“ Jon began before he got cut off by his little sister punching Gendry in the face.

“You son of a bitch!” Arya continued to hit him in his torso, because Gendry was no longer bowing and the little girl couldn’t reach his face anymore.

Gendry moved away, dodging some hits and taking others. He was doubling in laughter.

“Arya! What are you doing?” Sansa exclaimed.
Jon simply watched them in confusion along with the others.

“With all due respect m’lady, I don’t think this is how highborns treat their guests,” Gendry teased, unconcerned with the audience.
“You’re not a fucking guest here! You—“ Arya yelled, still hitting him.
“Arya! Your language! Stop it!” Sansa lectured, “Jon! Tell her to stop, she’s embarrassing herself”

Arya pushed Gendry harder than normal, and watched him land on his ass. He was still doubling in laughter, amused with her reaction. After a moment, her frown disappeared and her expression grew softer.

I’m sorry I let you go. I should’ve gone with you wherever, fought with you against whomever, and stayed with you until the end, because the last few years without you were torture. You’re all I have, and I’m glad you’re back — Gendry wanted to say—but not yet. Not now, not in front of all these people. We have more time, and I hope to God we have more than ‘more time’—I hope we have a lifetime, because I am never leaving your side again.

“Welcome home, stupid” she said.

Request: Hi, I love your writing and I was wondering if you could write an imagine where you’re from Ireland and you meet Fionn through Cillian? Thank you so much xxxx

A/N: thank you darling 💕


“Uncle Cillian!” You shouted happily, spotting the man you had been searching for.

It had been awhile since you had seen your favorite uncle, he had been super busy with filming.

The two of you had a very close relationship. Your parents were both workaholics, so often you would go to Cillian with your problems. You were like a daughter to him.

Since you were a little girl in pigtails you would visit him on set. Because Cillian worked with Christopher Nolan so often, you had met the man many times. Chris absolutely adores you, he never could deny any of your requests.

Which is why he had arranged for you to stay on set for the duration of your winter break at Uni.

Cillian spun around at the call of his name, barely catching you as you flung yourself at him. You were vaguely aware of others watching you, but you didn’t care as you clung to the uncle you had missed dearly.

“Y/N, is tha you?” Cillian asked as he pulled away from you slightly. When he caught a glimpse of your cheerful face, he pulled you tightly to his chest. “It’s been so long sweetheart. You seem so grown up.”

“Seems tha Uni does tha to ya.” You told him happily, pulling away from him. He ruffled your hair affectionately, making you huff in annoyance.

“I’ve missed ya.” He smiled, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “But wha are ya doin’ here?” He asked curiously, glancing down at you.

“Chris told me tha you guys were talkin’ about me the other day. He said ya really missed me, so he asked me to fly out for break.” You told him, causing him to smile brightly. “But let’s all be honest here. I really only came for Tom.”

A loud laugh sounded from behind you, making you glance over your shoulder. As soon as you saw Tom Hardy standing there, you moved out of Cillian’s arms and launched into Tom’s.

“How are you little love?” He asked, using the nickname he had given you back during the filming for Inception.

“I’m brilliant! Finished off me first semester o’ Uni with top marks.” You told him, pulling away to smile at him.

“Atta girl.” He said, ruffling your hair just like Cillian had moments before.

“Blimey. I’m not 12 anymore. Ya both can stop treatin’ me like it.” You glowered in annoyance, fixing your hair once again.

“Nonsense. You’ll always be 12.” Cillian spoke, making you roll your eyes.

“I’d have to disagree. She definitely doesn’t look 12 to me.” A voice sounded in a smooth British accent, making you look towards the source.

There was a boy, right around your age, standing there and staring at you. His eyes roamed your body briefly, before locking eyes with yours and sending you a cheeky smile.

“And who might you be?” You asked, taking a step in his direction. You noticed that there were 3 other men there, but your eyes were locked on the dark haired stranger.

“My name is Fionn, love. And I gathered you’re Y/N?” He asked, offering his hand towards you.

“You’d be correct.” You told him, taking his hand with a smile. Instead of shaking your hand like you expected, he pulled your hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to your knuckles.

Internally swooning, you smiled shyly at the boy, hand dropping to your side.

“It’s a pleasure to meet ya Fionn.” You told him, eyes staying locked with his.

“Trust me, the pleasures all mine.” He answered, his eyes growing intense as he continued to look at you. You could feel a flush begin to take over your cheeks, but you quickly batted it back.

“I’m Jack.” Someone spoke, but you found yourself unable to move under Fionns gaze. “Not that you seem to care at the moment.” There were a couple laughs from the other men, but you hardly even noticed.

“No! Nope, absolutely not!” Cillian suddenly said, startling you out of your eye contact with Fionn.

“Wha?” You asked, glancing at your uncle in confusion.

“Don’ ‘what’ me lassy. I know tha look. Under no circumstances am I allowing ya to be with a boy. No boys until you’re 30, remember?” He said seriously, sending a glare at Fionn. All of the other boys were holding back laughs, obvious amusement in their eyes.

“Uncle Cillian, you’re bein’ ridiculous.” You whined, rolling your eyes.

“Head back to me trailer, I’m gonna have a little chat with Fionn here.” Cillian said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“No.” You told him, holding back the urge to stomp your foot.

“Tom.” He simply spoke, making you confused. Moments later you were airborne, finding yourself placed over a strong shoulder.

“Oh you’ve got ta be kiddin’ me.” You groaned, slapping Tom’s back slightly. “Don’ tell me you’re on his side! Put me down Tom!”

“Sorry little love, I don’t really like the way you and Fionn were looking at each other either.” Tom responded, laughing slightly as you squirmed.

“Ya both are actin’ nutters! So wha if Fionn and I are attracted to each other? I’m in university! I can make me own decisions!” You groaned in annoyance, giving up on trying to get down.

“Wipe tha smirk off your face Fionn.” Cillian growled, making you laugh slightly. “Go on Tom.”

“I swear ta god, if ya don’ put me down righ’ now…” You continued to utter threats to Tom the entire way to the trailer, making the boys laugh behind you.

“I wish I had some popcorn on me. This is some modern Romeo and Juliet stuff right here.”

“Shut up Harry.”

Babies? (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Can you do another one like Just a Dream. But where Jughead and the reader are married and Jughead has a dream where him and the reader have a daughter and she is a daddy’s girl and when Jughead wakes up and he tells the reader he wants a baby. Btw love your stories!!

A/N: Hey! So I’m sitting on the beach while writing this. Actual goals right now. I’m writing this as a continuation of “Just A Dream” but you don’t have to read that to understand this one!


Babies? (Jughead x Reader)

A few years had passed since Jug had his dream of marrying you. You two had been married for almost two years now.

As your anniversary was coming up, thoughts of kids had popped in your mind a few times. You had talked to Jug about it but you knew he wasn’t sure if he wanted kids. He was terrified he was going to end up like his father.

He knew that there could be a chance of losing you and a child like his father had lost his wife and jellybean.

You had assured him that he wasn’t his father and that you didn’t plan on going anywhere. He would just shake it off and change the subject.

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The Kiss That Made History

   Amidst the chaos of excitement from the most recent episode of Yuri On Ice, I don’t think some understand how important that kiss was. So I think I should explain it to those of you who are unsure of its importance. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me please!

   In Japan, they are not as openly accepting of homosexuality as people in the US are. Normally, if you wanted to see two guys, or two girls kiss, you had to either watch hentai/porn or a certain type of genre known as, “Yaoi/Shonen-Ai,” or “Yuri.” (Note: You may still see two guys or two girls kiss in an anime that qualifies for neither of these things, but it will be a mature rating because of it.) This is still standard.

   Now, why Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov’s kiss was important, was because it will change the future of the anime industry as a whole. Yes, you read this right. This show is making history in the most brilliant way possible.

   Since Japan is strict about censorship laws and is a very conservative culture, they (studio MAPPA and the director) could not show the kiss in it’s entirety. They used Viktor’s arm as a clever censorship, to get around the censorship law.

   If they had shown the kiss in its entirety, they would have either had to change their rating or their genre (or both), which is a hassle and will prove to have big problems for them.

   The director of the show has always loved putting gay characters in her works, whether it’d be a gay male(s) or a gay female(s). She loves to break typical Japanese stereotypes and tropes in anime and manga that are commonplace for gay characters.

   Now in anime, the most typical stereotypes for gay characters are usually as follows (I’m only going to be highlighting four of the most common tropes to avoid this list from getting even longer):

   The Weird Foreigner-

This stereotype is common in an anime with foreign characters. These characters are usually from outside countries or something as simple as the neighboring town/city.

This cliche or trope depicts a type of outlandish or sometimes over the top male or female foreigner who are perceived by others as having homosexual tendencies (sometimes towards the main lead(s).)

They dismiss this characters homosexual tendencies as simply being a part of the culture from where they are from, or blaming their homosexuality on their “foreignness.”

The characters will try to avoid him/her and call them strange or weird, typically negatively. They will sometimes show other characters from the same country as acting the same way as the foreigner.

   The Confused/Mistaken “Heterosexual”-

This cliche/trope depicts a character, usually a teenager or young adult, who has homosexual tendencies, coming to terms with their sexuality (usually at the beginning or middle of the shows run.)

They are told by the other characters that they’ll grow out of their tendencies, or worse, will attempt to teach them how to be heterosexual because the other characters believe that they are simply “confused,” or “mistaken,” about their sexual orientation. They will attempt to correct it by any means throughout the show.

Another worse stereotype that goes hand in hand with this one, is one I’d like to call:

   The Infected/Diseased Homosexual-

This trope goes hand in hand with the previous one, and is sometimes influenced by it.

It depicts a homosexual character who can turn others gay.

Yes, you read this correctly.

This character is avoided like he/she were diseased or infected, hence, the name of the stereotype.

One look or touch, or something as simple as being influenced by them, can turn a character into a homosexual too.

Often times, the other characters will try to help the, “infected,” or “confused,” character by teaching them of their heterosexuality.

But wait, there’s more!

   The Homosexual Pervert/Sexual Harasser-

This stereotype is the most common, and it is the most damaging stereotype/trope in anime and manga.

The homosexual character is depicted as extremely perverted and will do absolutely anything to do as they wish to any character of the same sex (typically the main character.)

This character may also touch, grope, or hold onto their desired character without consent and are typically represented as not taking, “no” for an answer.

On an even more damaging scale, these characters may also kiss, or attempt to rape a character of the same sex with no particular order or care for the feelings of the character they are attracted to.

The less serious on this scale, is a homosexual character that has an attraction to a character of the same sex, but they do not force themselves onto the character.

This character’s only purpose get in their desired character’s way, be obscenely annoying, or a nuance to the character or plot and may even be violent to the love interest of the character they are attracted to.

Which is not as bad, but is still a damaging trope nonetheless.

   Not only do typical anime and manga use and incorporate these stereotypes into their material on a regular basis, but Yaoi and Shonen-Ai also use these tropes too.

   Yes, you read right. The genre that features a gay love story/gay characters in an abundance, also uses these stereotypes just as much as other shows, if not, maybe more.

   You might be thinking, “Lyra, how could a genre about gay characters incorporate these negative stereotypes just as much as your typical anime or manga?”

   I’ll tell you.

   I have seen a lot of Yaoi, I have read a lot of BL, and over time I have noticed a predictable cycle of negative stereotypes and unhealthy romances that, after a while, just become background fodder.

   My most recent watch was JunJou Romantica, which was decent enough, but I cannot begin to describe to you just how many times I’ve seen the Homosexual Pervert/Sexual Harasser trope used in Yaoi, Shonen-Ai, and BL as a plot point.

   Typically, the main character will be in denial about his sexuality. The main character then meets his love interest. Now at this point in the story, the love interest will either be the aggressor and sexually harass the main character until he gives in, or there will be another character to sexually harass the main character, appointing the love interest to save the main character (usually out of jealousy or selfishness.)

   When the main character is out of danger, the love interest will typically do the same thing to the main character as the previous aggressor was just attempting, but it will typically have a different effect because, “it’s you, and you’re different.”

   Sound familiar? That’s because this is the exact formula for any BL or Yaoi story. There may be some changes or differences between some, but this is the absolute blue print for any type of unhealthy BL romance out there.

   Not only is this extremely disengaging and damaging, but there is another strange and equally damaging stereotype that is typically selective to Yaoi and BL.

   The Uke/Seme Mentality-

This trope is everywhere. In every single BL or Yaoi romance.

Now this usually is supposed to display who is more submissive and who is more dominant in the relationship. Nothing inherently wrong there, right?

Except when the uke is portrayed as more emotional, more womanly, and always submissive in the relationship. Especially when the seme is always portrayed as barely emotional, manipulative, and always dominant in the relationship.

This is inherently, imitating heterosexuality and is very inaccurate when it comes to two men or two women who share an equal attraction to one another.

Two men or two women in a relationship are equals, and one should not treat one as being the, “woman,” and the other as being the, “man,” in the relationship. They are both men/both women. They are equals.

   Not only are these stereotypes negative towards gay characters in anime and manga, but there a ton of regular romantic stereotypes that are just as unhealthy and forced.

   So much so, that any romance with these tropes is just hard to watch or practically unbearable to sit through.

   Here’s a brief list of some of these tropes (these should be obvious/self explanatory so I won’t waste your time explaining them):

  • Attraction is instant/rushed.
  • Attraction is only valid between a male and female lead.
  • Characters decide they love each other within the first moments/days of meeting each other.
  • Conversations between the two characters are rushed with little to no importance.
  • The romance hinders the plot and/or does not progress it.
  • The romance does not benefit the plot/is practically meaningless.
  • The romance is only valid when the characters kiss or have sexual intercourse.
  • One or both partners say/do things to their significant other without their consent.
  • One or both partners assume that since they are in a romantic relationship, they can kiss or have sex with their significant other any time they want to, and will ignore when they tell them to stop or that they are not in the mood.
  • One or both partners will consciously ignore problems within the relationship, instead of addressing them.
  • One or both partners will not fully trust one another.
  • One or both partners are consistently jealous of their significant other’s friends, exes, or family members.
  • One or both partners will not let their significant other have their own space or privacy.
  • One or both partners often fight or have miscommunications over things that people with healthy relationships would be able to address, discuss, and understand.
  • Miscommunications are often created to further the plot, and will be resolved haphazardly.
  • Any romantic attraction between two men or two women is often invalidated and/or ignored entirely.
  • One or both partners are pressured into relationships because they believe that they could never truly be happy without a significant other.
  • When one or both partners disregard their significant other’s feelings towards their actions or words.
  • When one or both partners do not confront their significant other for their wrong doing(s).
  • When one or both partners will not admit when they’ve done/said something that hurt their significant other and refuse to apologies for it.
  • When one or both partners are manipulative towards one another.
  • When a romance is built on lies or false pretenses/expectations.
  • When one or both partners only show care or affection for their significant other during sexual intercourse.
  • When one or both partners are not sure of the other’s feelings towards them, even after they’ve had sex or continue to show affection towards one another.
  • One or both partners do not appear to have any chemistry but will still say that they love each other, even when there is no existing connection between them.
  • One or both partners will have “crushes” on other characters to create tension between the two love interests, even if they are already in an existing relationship with other characters.
  • When certain characters are homophobic or disapprove of the relationship just to create high stakes for the plot.
  • When one or neither of the characters are likable or interesting and yet you are still expected to care about the romance between the two characters.
  • When one or both partners will pretend to not be in a relationship because they feel like others will disapprove/make fun of them because of it.
  • When little to no conflicts arise to draw the two characters closer, yet they end up together regardless.
  • When the two characters end up kissing or having sexual intercourse as a temporary solution to a problem or miscommunication in the relationship, instead of discussing it with one another.
  • The development of the relationship feels unnatural or off.
  • One or both partners will not benefit or better each other because of their relationship.

   Now seeing as how damaging these stereotypes can be in the anime industry and in romance in general, Yuri On Ice has managed to go above and beyond what any anime, manga, or romance has managed to do.

    Yuri On Ice has either avoided or destroyed these tropes entirely, and continues to do so magnificently.

    It has created both a healthy, unforced, naturally growing and developing love story that just happens to be between two men, and is also destroying some of the most damaging and commonplace stereotypes for romance and gay characters in the anime industry.

    Since Yuri On Ice had the guts to take on these problems head on, instead of turning away from the obvious flaws of the anime industry, it has set the bar high for other anime in the future.

    It has given us a much higher expectation for a healthy romance, well portrayed and matured homosexual characters, story, animation, and music. It will leave a mark on the anime industry and it will hopefully encourage other shows to do something like this in the future.

    Now, Yuri On Ice has always been iffy for me (not that I didn’t like it, I love this show). The reason it was this way for me was because I was nervous and concerned that they would abandon Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship, or sweep it under the rug and never resolve the feelings these two characters had for one another.

    Yet I had always had faith that the director would pull through, and they did so magnificently.

   Now since Viktor and Yuuri have kissed, people have began to say that this anime should now be in the Yaoi genre/category. That simply cannot be farther from the truth. If you’re confused as to why this is the case, this post summarizes it perfectly.

    When Yuuri and Viktor kissed (on screen, no less) I knew that Japan was changing. This is one of the first sparks, that will lead to a complete change in the anime industry. Now granted, Yuri On Ice was not the first to do something like this.

    No.6 was the first to feature a well portrayed homosexual lead and an unforced romance between two men without changing their genre or rating (which is seriously amazing).

    Just because Yuri On Ice was the second, does not mean that it has any less impact and importance. Now, a kiss between two male characters on screen, without any change in the rating and genre is astonishing.

   Having a show that’s so driven to destroy these damaging stereotypes and tropes that are so common in the anime industry, gives me hope that other shows will do this in the future.

   These two shows have set such a high bar for expectation from the media, and I have faith that Yuri On Ice will continue to make history.