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Day Ninety

-Today I have been entrusted with the responsibility of being the operator. This seems like an oversight as I have next to no idea of how to be the operator. We will see how this goes.

-I found a pair of Valentine’s Day socks depicting a glorious Norse warrior with the caption, “I’ve taken a great Viking to you.” This is the single greatest seasonal item I have ever seen in my expansive seasonal item-hunting life.

-I inadvertently stumbled upon a solid stock of doomsday-ready supplies on a shelf in the hanger room. Hand-powered radios. Flashlights. Baby lotion. Everything one could ever need for armageddon.

-When given the phone, I was told to expect very few calls. This was a relief. I received many calls. I crossed my fingers I had been forwarding the calls correctly and not simply hanging up on confused callers. I still have no proof either way.

-I watched a toddler sprint off to the end of an aisle, wait for his mother to get close, and then sprint off again. This continued through the entirety of the store until he eventually sat down and let her catch up. Never again will I believe video game chase sequences to be unrealistic.

-A decidedly-creepy man asked a female coworker for a spare print ad. After being handed one, he walked off for five minutes to then return to her. He pressed a clipping from a Valentines page against her stomach. The cut-out paper read, “Let’s be friends.” I cannot be sure, but something in me says that this may not be the most effective method.

-From across the store, I heard the voice of a young boy chant, “Let me have my boobies back.” I cannot even begin to imagine the sort of monster who would take them from him.

If Eurus had trapped the Cabin Pressure crew in her cell instead of BBC Sherlock...

Martin, with his unassailable knowledge of aeroplanes, would have figured out within 30 seconds that the girl in the plane couldn’t possibly be real. 

Carolyn, who must always be top dog, would have immdiately disabled the camera and microphones in the cell, leaving Eurus powerless.

Douglas, with his brilliant ability to remain clear-headed when others are panicking, would have remembered that there is no glass in the cell, and thus they can all leave at any time. 

And if any guards tried to stop them on the way out, Arthur would simply charm, confuse or frustrate them into letting them pass. 

They’d be sailing out of Sherrinford within half an hour and be home in time for tea.  

Commissioned @istehlurvz for the upcoming part in the new chapter of Take These Broken Wings… And Tear Them Off My Fucking Back. The one where Bakugou finally says he loves Kirishima.

He was right where he left him, still staring down at his phone. Bakugou stood, stopping roughly a foot away from the bench. “Eijirou,” the boy looked up at the call of his name, lips twitching up into a ghost of a smile. Weak—it didn’t reach his eyes; why didn’t it reach his eyes?

Bakugou stepped back, giving him more room to stand.

He pushed himself up with all the grace of a boy who hadn’t moved in more than an hour, stiff and slow. So slow to stretch to his full height that when Bakugou came in, wrapping his arms around his shoulders, the boy simply stopped. Tensing in confusion at the intimacy. He didn’t move when he pressed a kiss to the corner of his lips, nor when he pressed their lips together with a quick peck—not for the second or third time either, didn’t kiss him back until the fourth, didn’t reach out a hold him until the sixth.

Bakugou turned, tucking his face into the redhead’s jaw. He didn’t know what else to do; how could you properly empathize the near opposing fears and negate it? How could one express that everything will be fine, we’ll be okay while pleading that the other doesn’t crack under the pressure you brought them… for them not to leave you over it?

I can’t lose you, Bakugou thought as Kirishima’s arms wrapped around his ribs. I won’t blame you for leaving me, but I can’t lose you.

With the stressor of All Might’s retirement out in the open a newer fear made a larger appearance—it had always been there, appearing when the boy grew too damn close to him. Shifting from a fear that he was only friends with him because he wanted to ride his coattail, to fearing that he’d lose the friend he found in him ‘cause the other found out he had a thing for the boy, to where we were now.

Like this, holding him like this, the height difference wasn’t so noticeable. Just a slight hunch on Kirishima’s part to keep them cheek-to-cheek (but how long would he stay this height? He’s seen his family, Kirishima had a way’s to go yet in growing).

“I love you.”

The boy stiffened, holding his breath.

“I love you,” Bakugou repeated, whispering against Kirishima’s jaw. He clung a little tighter, holding him all the closer. “Just deal with me for awhile longer and I swear I won’t be this fucking high maintenance ever the fuck again.”

Kirishima clung right back, holding him so tight he could swear his ribs creaked. “You’re Katsuki, of course you’re going to be high maintenance—I knew that from day one.” It was as much of a promise as anything. “I’m sorry its been such a crappy weekend.”

The blond grunted; it has been, but he really just wanted to toss it aside and forget about it. Acknowledge it happened but move the fuck on. “Can’t we just make out when we get back home?” To dorms, though it didn’t matter if they started back at the Kirishima’s. He just really wanted to kiss him—kissing Eijirou was fun, it was comfortable. Made him feel good, made him feel important.

“We can.”

I’m still sticking with my theory that Jumin and 707 created this game, or at least know it’s a game. Think about it, they both break the 4th wall on multiple occasions, and when you break the 4th wall with any of the other characters, they simply get confused. Also Jumin and 707 are both a part of deep story, which may have another meaning besides them having more complex backgrounds.
It’s also stated that 707 has feelings for MC in every route, and many suggest you do his route last. This may be because 707 created this game to meet MC and knows she has to go through all the others to get to him and if he’s last he knows you’ll be his. As for Jumin I’m still unsure of how deep I can go besides the fact he would definitely have something to do with the creation of this game.
Perhaps they are both lonely? So they created a game in hopes of meeting us.

What happens now? || Final part

Note: please go read part one and part two first!


You were shocked as well you couldn’t find the right words to say. You clear your throat before quickly grabbing Elijah, “uh I got to go” you say before turning around to walk away.

Shit this can’t be happening, you thought to yourself.

Suddenly Justin runs infront of you, “Y/N…since when did you have kids? With who?” He asks confused. You simply ignored his remark as you continue to walk. Justin doesn’t quit as he was persistent to follow you.

A few seconds later Karlie, a friend of you and Justin stands infront of the both of you. You try your best to be polite and smile back, but your frustration was taking over. “Omg I had a feeling he was the father!” She says smiling. Justin looks at you confused. “Uh Karlie it’s not what you think…” you say nervously, as you try your best to sound convincing. Karlie’s smile turns into a frown as she looks at you confused. “Woah…. are you sure? Because from what I’ve noticed Elijah is an exact duplicate of Justin, and Victoria she has a few similari-”

Unexpectedly out of nowhere Kylie shows up with Kendall.

What a miracle you thought to yourself.

“Hey karlie why don’t we go grab a few more drinks?” Kendall says before pulling Karlie away from the both of you. You look back at Justin to see that he was already observing the kids. Before he could notice anything you quickly hand your kids to Kylie.
Once Kylie left, you decided to leave aswell just so you can avoid the awkward conversation that was about to happen.
Just as you were about to leave Justin blurts out, “Those are my kids aren’t they?” You step dead in your tracks, your heart starts beating faster but you remain silent. “They look exactly like me….this is all making sense now. You were gone for 9 months, no news from you at all…those are my kids aren’t they?!” He says a little louder causing everyone’s attention to turn towards the both of you.

You turn red from embarrassment as you quickly walk towards the balcony.

“Y/N!” Justin yells, your hear his footsteps behind you. You tried your best to walk faster but Justin grabs your arm, causing you to face him. “Tell me the tr-”

“Yes!” You yell frustrated. You pull back your arm. Justin looks at you shocked. “Fine they’re your kids! There! I said it! Are you happy?!” You say, this wasn’t how you expected the conversation to turn out but he was making you angry.

“W-what?” He says still shocked. You looked down at your feet, trying your best to avoid eye contact with him. Justin let’s out a frustrated sigh before running his fingers through his hair.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” He says angrily. You quickly look up. “Why didn’t you fucking tell me that I was a father?!” He yells, you took a step back. You really hoped no one could hear this conversation from the other side.

“Would it matter if I told you?!” You say, Justin looks at you confused.
“You’re the one who left!” You say, and you felt your eyes begin to water. “You’re the one who left me without any explanation whatsoever. You ignored my calls and texts, you pushed me away when I needed you the most!” You yell, as tears began to rush down your face. All the bitterness and hurt from that day all came rushing back. You watched as Justin’s expression turns to guilt.

Justin takes a step closer. “Y/N I needed time-”

“Time? Not even two weeks and you already had a girlfriend? Justin that’s such a pathetic excuse…you don’t even know how hurt I was, yet you acted like nothing happened?” You say harshly, you didn’t care how pathetic you looked, you were hurt and you wanted him to feel what you’ve been through.
“Now tell me, why the hell would I tell you?” You say quietly, looking directly into his eyes.

Justin looks back at you. “Because I have the right, I am still their father Y/N.”

You shake your head slowly. “You lost that privilege once you left…” you say. Justin’s face fell as he absorbed the words that came out of your mouth. At the moment you felt a bit guilty for what you said but it was too late to take it back.

“You didn’t tell me?!” He yells frustrated. “If you told me once you knew I would have came back.” He says causing you to chuckle.
“Are you serious right now?” You ask and he just looks at you confused. “So you would come back in an instant if we were possibly having a child but when I asked you to stay…that was suddenly too difficult ?” You say looking at him hurt. “Funny how that goes…”

“Y/N I’m not the bad guy here, yes I admit what I did to you was wrong but I was scared.” He says defensively, you hated the fact he was trying his best to defend himself.

“Scared? Justin tell me what were you possibly scared of?” You scoff before crossing your arms.
“Scared to tell me the truth? That you didn’t love me and that you just used me for pleasure? Is that what you’re scared of?” You yell and you knew you were pushing his buttons but you didn’t care.

“I was scared of falling for you!” Justin blurts out, you look at him shocked.
“What?” You choke out, still not comprehending what he was saying.

“Y/N I’ve loved you since the day we met. Never once did I ever lay eyes on anyone else. You’re the one I wanted to be with but I was scared.” He says softly looking you in the eyes.

You turn away, “Justin you’re not making any sense right now.” You say softly.

“That night was one of the most special days of my life. I was so lost I didn’t know what I was feeling but at that moment I knew that I don’t deserve you.” He says, you remain silent waiting for him to continue.
“One day we might argue and I don’t want things to end on a rough note. In fact I’m going to dread the day if I ever lose you. Y/N were best friends i just wasn’t 100% ready for the next stage.” He says, causing you to shake your head slowly.

“Justin that was such a coward move.” You say harshly, before facing towards him. “It didn’t mean you had to leave. You didn’t have to lead me on, Justin for crying out loud you knew how I felt about you I know you did…you think just because you weren’t ready that’s suppose to make me feel better?” You watch as he looks down, you heard him sniffle and you could tell he was crying…but you decided to continue. “Justin, we could have talked it out, we could have compromised…if you truly lov-”

“I do love you!” He yells, before grabbing one of your hands gently. “I loved you so much that I was afraid I wasn’t good enough for you. Yes I’m a fucking coward but I didn’t want to take the risk of losing you. I wasn’t thinking that day I left, I needed to clear my head, I tried my best to replace you with someone else but no matter how much I tried, it’s you I’m always thinking about. Every day I’m guilty for what I did and I’m sorry for hurting you. Please give me a second chance. Y/N I’m in love with you. I want to be with you, I want to be with my kids, I want to get married, buy a house, I’m ready…I promise I’m not leaving. I pr-” you gently place your lips onto his. You both pull away, Justin slightly smiles as he looks at you confused.

“You talk way too much.” You say slightly smiling. “If I give you a second chance, you better keep those promises…” you say as Justin nods his head rapidly causing you to giggle.

“No Justin I’m serious, I want this to work, I want my childr- our children to grow up with a complete family and we can’t have that unless we talk..” you say looking at him, he looks at you as he places his hands on your waist, “do you really forgive me?”

You nod your head slowly, “because I love you”. He looks at you and smiles before pulling you in for a hug.


As you and Justin return to the party, everything was still the way it was. Kylie walks over to the both of you holding Elijah’s hand and carrying Victoria with her other arm. “I see you two made up” she says smiling before handing you Victoria and Elijah.

Justin looks at the three of you and smiles. “Justin, id like you to meet Elijah and Victoria…” you say before handing Victoria and Elijah to him. “Hey…” He says as he places a kiss on both of their foreheads. “Dada-” Elijah says as he points towards Justin.

Justin looks at you shocked “they know who I am?” You walk towards him as you grab Victoria out of his hands, as he holds Elijah. “I may have mentioned you a couple times.” You say smiling, causing Justin to chuckle.

“Second chances are not given to make things right, but to prove that we could be better even after we fall”. (Not my quote)

Enjoy! I hope you liked all three parts! :)

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Dally's Little Sister. Pt. 1
For part 2 of this story search the tag ‘thingsaretuffalloverdallyslittlesister’ I’m unable to link part two here because I’m currently only able to use tumblr mobile!

Dally couldn’t believe it when he found out about his sister. He was shocked and angry and simply confused. He couldn’t figure out how he didn’t know about this but yet there he was standing with all of his friends in the parking lot of the high school trying to spot anyone that could have resembled Dally.

He was pretty pissed off having insisted to his friends that he didn’t want to meet her. But after the initial anger cooled off a bit he did have to say that he was a bit curious just to see.

School had let out and Dally was looking at every greaser girl that walked in his eye sight but so far none caught his eye. He swore to himself wondering what the hell he was doing there. He’d never know how she was.

“Let’s get outta here you guys.” He said to his friends as he lit up a cigarette. “Man, this is stupid.”

“You’re meeting her.” Darry told his friend firmly and stopped a passing student. “Do you know a girl named Beatrice?”

The girl nodded and pointed her out before walking off.

All the guys were a bit taken aback. The girl that they were now looking at was in no way a greaser like they all thought. She was dressed to nice, although she wasn’t dressed up enough to be a soc so Dally assumed she was somewhere in the middle class, the safe zone.

She wore a light blue dress that had a classy floral pattern on it. She also wore white keds and had her hair half up. She definitely had Dally’s hair color and the gang definitely noticed that she was pretty right away. They all watched as she went over to her bike that was tied to the bike rack. Instead of getting on to ride it she began wheeling it beside her while she walked. As she became closer to passing them they noticed her tire was flat and so Steve spoke up to get her to come over to them.

“Do you need some help with that?” he asked her and nodded to the bike.

She looked surprised and a bit confused as she was pulled from her thoughts. She didn’t seem put off by the fact that they were greasers but she shook her head. “I’m alright.. Thank you though. My brother is picking me up today anyways.” she said and gave a friendly smile. Dally was staring intently at her not sure what he was feeling at that moment. She began to go again but they didn’t want her to walk off just yet so Two-Bit pointed to her hand which he had noticed was holding onto an unopened red lollipop.

“Got any more of those?” He asked. “I love candy.”

“Yea but you probably won’t like it. It’s cherry. I know most people hate that flavor but it’s my favorite.” she stated laughing a bit.

“Well,” Two-Bit grinned ear to ear as he remembered something. He pointed to Dally and spoke. “Cherry is his favorite too.”

She gave a friendly smile at Dally and pressed the lollipop into his hand. “You can have this one. I keep a whole bag of them in my backpack. And besides maybe it’ll help you kick that bad habit.” she said boldly and pointed at his cigarette.

“Yea..” Dally muttered and quickly without thinking dropped the cigarette to the ground to put it out.

“I really should go,” she said then. “My brother’s waiting for me. It was nice meeting you all. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

They watched her walk off and they even saw her brother putting the bike into the back of their car before they went off.

Dally just opened the lollipop and put it in his mouth. “Let’s go.” he muttered angrily. He shoved the wrapper of the candy into his pocket. He wouldn’t tell any of his friends but he would hold on to that wrapper. He would call himself stupid for it but would always take it out when he was alone and think about his sister who he knew was better off without him.

How can Ya’ll really think they are younger than 17???

NOTE: Okay I don’t usually get involved with shit like this but I dont understand how people see them so young. Pidge, I get, She possibly hacked herself in. But in the case of Lance, Hunk, and Keith unless the Garrison is that of a correctional military academy i see no reason for them to be seen younger then 17. If you have canon Proof that show them as younger please do share I am not trying to be rude i am simply confused how a lot of others think they are all so young. Also I apologise for any grammar/ spelling errors i have dyslexia but i will try my best!.  

 I believe they are all at least older than 16. 
Guys let’s look at the facts. If I assume that the garrison is in America we can also guess, being that it is Academy and, I believe military at that, such as West Point or the Air-force Academy. It seems like ya’ll for some reason (and I am up to being proven wrong but by facts) that they are all like 15 (which is how old Pidge in if i remember correctly). 

They are confirmed to be in their late teens I believe. That can Range from 15-19. Now let’s look at the Academy’s I mentioned earlier. Now again I am talking about American military I have no authority/knowledge over other countries military rules. 
These Academy’s are essentially college’s they give you free education and in return you serve on average 6 years of your life. 

That would explain why shiro, if we assume he is 25 was 1. Sent on the mission 2. Was seen as a Senior Officer not a student. if he joined when he was lets say 17 he would be on his possible 5th year of servus.

 I know this because I will be applying for the Air-force when I am old enough. Being that the Garrison Is a Academy, I assume that all of them have completed high school. In America the average senior in high school is 17-18. And please correct me if I am wrong but the military will not even let you enlist unless you are at least 17 years of age. 

Now lets  assume that they are all freshmen in college (which I also think Is incorrect but I’ll get into that in a second) that puts them at at least 18.

 Now. Let me tell you why I believe that that they may be even close to 19. I believe that they are all in their second year of the garrison. (This next part I very well may be wrong but) Shiro was missing for close to a year. Well I believe Keith and Shiro knew one another from the Garrison, so they have to be at least 1 year in. And with the amount of Emotions that Keith faced when finding Shiro was more then just seeing a person you knew, they we friends before he left, close ones at that. And i assume that Keith left/was kicked out, after shiro leftand being that Lance knew what Keith looked like ,so well he was able to reconise him simply by the back of his head in the darkining evening desert, I’d assume that at least Lance had to have know Keith for a substantial amount of time . This makes me believe that they are at least in the end of their fist year, or  into their second year of the Academy. That would put them at 18-19. And I had personally seen them at least 17 all along???

 If I said something factually/canonically incorrect please do tell me but this has confused me for some time. If you have sources or even your own reasoning of either agreeing or disagreeing with me please do share! Also this is in no way me trying to defend ships it is simply about their ages.

i’ve removed my cops and robbers au posts, again i’m very sorry for making them in the first place, they were wrong and harmful and downright racist, and thank you to everyone who brought that to my attention. i strive to do better with my content in the future.

also a second apology for the kin subject; i completely understand people’s concerns about it and you are in the right if you were made uncomfortable by it. i would like to clarify that i am not and have never been kin with kravitz or any characters outside of my race, i simply confused the terms for ‘kin’ and ‘comfort character’, and i apologize for the hurt that it brought.

please feel free to address these things with me, as a white person i’m naturally going to do racist things and it’s my responsibility to be aware of that and put a stop to it, but if i don’t realize something, tell me, and i’ll change it immediately. thank you

BTS Reaction to Getting a Boner While You (GF) Are On Their Lap

Ah, such a cute request. I hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He held you tightly against him as the two of you laughed at the movie that was on the screen. Your laughter caused your body to move slightly on his lap. The moment he felt his member growing harder, he stiffened and slowly picked you up to lightly place you on the seat beside him. When you looked at him in confusion, he simply smiled and waved at you; trying to seem normal.

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Suga: He was trying to focus on the movie you were watching, but he couldn’t help but glance down at your body, the way your chest rose as you breathed in deeply at the approaching jump scare in the horror movie. You jumped back with a loud gasp, pressing yourself against Yoongi. He felt his hardening erection and turned you so you were looking at him. “How about we turn off the movie if it is scaring you too much. There are better things we could be doing.”

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J-Hope: “Hobi, stop!” You whined as your boyfriend mercilessly tickled you. You were wiggling around against him as you started to cry from laughter. J-Hope was laughing with you, stopping suddenly when he realized with horror that he was starting to get a boner. You looked down at him in confusion and he just remained silent; fearing that you would realize his little problem.

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Rapmon: He felt his erection forming as he wrapped his arms around you. You were sitting on his lap while he worked on some new tracks; intently listening to the music. Rapmon tried his best to keep his cool, but he was starting to worry the harder he was getting. You started to lean back when you suddenly gasped; feeling his hard member pressing against you. You turned to look at him but he tried to look away from you from embarrassment.

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Jimin: You were sitting on his lap in the car as you made your way to the studio to watch BTS dance rehearsal. You had suggested sitting on the seat beside him, but he insisted that he wanted you on his lap. There was a pot hole that caused you to bounce on his lap. He felt himself becoming aroused and started laughing hysterically. “Maybe you should sit next to me. For… safety reasons.” He said as he started taking you off of him.

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V: You were playing the Mario racing game. Tae had his arms around you and was helping you steer clear of all the sabotages. You were turning, swiveling around until you felt Tae freeze beneath you. His eyes widened in shock and he was staring blankly at you. “Taetae, are you okay?” You asked as you turned to face him. He just continued to stare at you with a blank face.

Originally posted by jiminuh

Jungkook: He was hesitant to let you sit on his lap, but when the other boys took all the other seating in the room, he finally agreed to letting you sit on him. He felt nervous the whole time you were sitting on top of him and felt his nervousness quickly becoming arousal. His boner was quickly growing and he was getting nervous that you would notice. Without thinking, as soon as Rapmon got up from his spot beside Jungkook, he pushed you off of him. You landed beside him in surprise. “So-sorry.” He mumbled as he nervously stared at the movie still playing.

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Over my time here, I’ve seen lots of these posts float about in the ether.  As a way to make a more cohesive fandom, I think it’s time to try to approach this and commit again.  I will be making a sideblog with a comprehensive masterlist of all characters in Dragon Age roleplay. Anyone, of course, can participate. When I have made the blog, I will try to update entries as thoroughly as I can. Please be patient and realize sometimes in the time it takes me to do things, new stars have formed.

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( Do not like this post, please.  It will simply be confusing! )

the reason i love shows with unrealiable narrators such as mr. robot and the good place is that they’re teaching us to be more engaged, critical viewers. media isn’t supposed to be a passive experience. we aren’t supposed to simply absorb in an apathetic manner. and this notion is coming to a head right now as everywhere we look, omnipresent fake news and authoritative figures spouting lies left and right. that’s why it’s so aggravating for me to hear a relative or peer complain about a movie or show that was “too confusing” simply because the writers refused to simply hand their audiences a story. instead they attempted to engage you, to make you sit up and pay attention, to make you question what you’re hearing and seeing.

Mana, the Earl, and what we know as of chapter 219

Because lots of people seem really confused about this chapter (mainly about how Mana can be the Earl), here’s my explanation on the chapter. Long explanation under the cut, warning for 219 spoilers.

I really recommend that you read these three posts before reading, if you haven’t already.

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Dear ZP Community: Addison is a boy.

To the people who are confused on what Addison’s gender is, he is a boy. Viv has confirmed Addison to be a boy multiple times throughout the ongoing span of Zoophobia.

If you were simply confused, I’m here to tell you that he is a boy…

If you think that he’s a girl, I could understand why. He does seem very effeminate and so many people get confused by his gender.

Also, don’t try to tell Viv that her character is a girl. It’s her character, what the hell do you know? XD

wxld-and-free  asked:

lawliet !

send me a dn character!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: Showing weakness in order to fool his opponents! The obsession with sweets, weird social skills, strange appearance….they make people underestimate how cruel and two-faced he can be. One prime example of this is the scene in the first Relight movie, where he shakes Light’s hand but wipes the other hand on his own shirt. It was simply a distraction to confuse Light.
worst quality: His arrogance. I don’t really have more to add to this because I think that almost everyone who knows L relates to this, lmao.
ship them with: probably Light but I’ve lost most of my passion for this ship, maybe Matsuda
brotp them with: MATSUDA, their dynamic is amazing
needs to stay away from: Sayu Yagami, do you know how I glad I am about the fact that she never had to meet L in real life? (if you ignore L Change The World)
misc. thoughts: A mysterious individual that hides behind several faces. That makes him even more similar to Light - yet with L, we know even less about him. We will never know the deepest paths of his personality, that’s why his character is so interesting!


Okay, so you know how people always talk about there needing to be a human version of the Impala?

Well, imagine Human!Impala looking, sounding, and acting exactly like Castiel?! (and is played by Misha, naturally)

However, Human!Impala is not only Cas’ doppelganger, he’s also extremely sassy and flirty.

But Dean doesn’t notice. He thinks it’s just Cas.

Sam noticed Cas acting weird, and mentioned it to Dean.

Dean is in denial at first, but then he starts to notice subtle differences in him.

At one point Human!Impala asked Dean why he keeps calling him “Cas”.

Which confuses Sam and Dean.

Human!Impala asked Dean to call him what he always calls him.

That simply confuses Dean further.

They get into an argument, and eventually Human!Impala tells him, that he always calls him Baby.

Sam loses it. Dean is embarrassed and confused.

Dean refuses to call him that, and Human!Impala becomes upset, and decides to go “have a drink”.

Which is highly un-Cas-like.

Dean chases after him, trying to stop him, but is too late. He’s gone.

Dean also notices that the Impala’s gone, and that just pisses him off.

Later, Sam somehow manages to convince Dean to forgive Cas. He probably just saw a movie or something, and he thinks he should have a pet name, or something strange like that.

Dean eventually decides to apologize to Cas, and tell him that he doesn’t need a “pet name”.

So later on, Castiel walks in. (Human!Impala is still not back).

Dean confronts him, something like. “Hey baby. I’m sorry, But I just want to call you Cas, okay?

Sam’s surprised that Dean actually said it, and Cas is just confused.

Sam notices Cas’ confusion, and talks to Dean about it, in private.

After a bit of arguing, they decide to just tell Cas.

Cas is confused, and has no memory of any of that happening.

Are we dealing with a shifter? How could we be so blind?

But then Human!Impala returns.

Sam, Dean and Cas become extremely defensive, but Human!Impala doesn’t even notice or care.

He walks in all like: “Hey guys.“ As if his existence is perfectly normal.

He’s drunk off his ass, and extremely flirty. He acts as if nothing happened. Maybe he just forgot?

Sam and Dean do all the tests. Salt, Iron, Silver, Holy Water, etc. Human!Impala doesn’t mind, and nothing has any effect.

Cas is extremely cautious around him. He keeps a tight grip on his angel blade, and doesn’t let human!impala out of his sight.

They all question human!impala, and Cas can sense there’s something not quite right about him. Other than the fact that he looks exactly like his vessel.

Human!Impala, doesn’t seem to care. He answers all of their questions as sassy as possible, and flirts with Dean the entire time.

Dean is extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing.

At one point, Cas visually becomes annoyed by this.

Human!Impala takes note, and thinks that Cas is jealous, or feels left out. So he starts flirting with Cas, which only pisses Dean off.

Sam is confused, but can’t help but laugh at the bizarreness of it all.

Human!Impala insists that he knows them all very well, and that they always call him ”Baby“.

*confusion intensifies*

Castiel can sense that he’s not entirely human, but some how he knows that he’s not evil.

Dean feels he can trust Baby. He doesn’t like the way he’s acting exactly how Dean would act in this sort of situation. But for some reason Dean doesn’t feel threatened by him in anyway.

Eventually they figure out that Baby actually is the Impala. They have no idea how that’s possible.

It’s the only logical explanation for how he knows everything about the Winchesters, and also why his "name” is Baby.

Dean is freaked out by this, and then asks Baby why he looks like Cas, instead of a hot chick.

You know why,” explains Baby. *winks*

Dean: *blushes and is confused*

After awhile, Sam mentions the time when Gabriel turned him into the Impala, so they think their dealing with a trickster.

Gabriel’s long dead, so it can’t be him.

They spend a long time trying to find a trickster, but find nothing. They also seem to be the only ones affected by the trickster, so it can’t simply be a coincidence. Besides, how would the trickster know that making Human!Impala look like Cas, would mess with Dean the most?

They search everywhere but find no evidence of a trickster being involved in any way.

Eventually, Gabriel makes his big entrance.

He exclaims that it “became boring”.

They all freak out. Gabe’s back!

Dean’s pissed off, naturally.They could have used his help with the Mark of Cain.

Gabe apologizes, he explains that he could not have helped Dean with the Mark, anyway.

Gabe also admits that he’s actually been following them around for quite some time, looking for the best opportunity to show them he’s alive. (He just REALLY didn’t want to get involved with the MOC.)

He also didn’t just want to pop up like: “Hey guys, I’m alive. How have y'all been?” The moment after Dean finally managed to remove the Mark.

Cas is glad he’s alive but angry with him, and feels betrayed because he didn’t even tell him that he’s alive.

Gabe wanted to do something memorable, and funny. Something to take some weight off of all the hell that broke loose while he’s been absent.

After he saw the spn musical, he decided he needed to do something big, as a means of showing he’s alive.

That’s when he came up with his master plan.


A woman once gave birth to one hundred children

To avoid confusion, she simply named them after the number of their conception. Unfortunately all of them except for #90 died at a very young age.

90 was a little girl who grew up to be a great woman. She married at a young age and gave birth to two children, a daughter and a son. Unlike her own mother, she gave her offspring actual names. But their names don’t matter.

One day, the daughter and the son came across a small puppy they found left alone in an alley near their house. They brought it back into their home and fed it, took care of it, and nursed it back to health. But they knew that their mother, 90, wouldn’t dare let them keep a dog in their home, so they decided to hide it. In order to continue successfully keeping their dog a secret, they named the dog “This.” During conversations about the dog which took place in front of their mother, the daughter and the son would refer to their puppy as “This,” so as to avoid any suspicion at all. It worked for a while, but unfortunately a few years later, their secret dog, name of This, died.

And so it goes…

…only 90’s kids will remember This.