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Espririt is here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

This beautiful girl was the easiest to photograph at my last shelter photo shoot. She sat still, looked around and kept her head up high. She also loved the attention I gave her after she was such a good girl. Didn’t have to keep my camera out too long with her which is nice since I also enjoy spending some time with the dogs to get to know them a little!

This pretty girl is still up for adoption!


Further proof verifying that the human brain is designed to fill the gaps in concepts and experiences we aren’t familiarized with. This is an adaptation we have that allowed our species to react to sudden changes in emergencies. If you really were a wolf or really thought like one, you wouldn’t have to branch out to others in a human exclusive manner. If you really had the socialization of a wolf or any other canine, this outdated concept wouldn’t have even come to you as a possible concept for socialization, you would have simply reacted in a canine like manner without question. You were never a wolf because you cannot fathom structuring yourself around a group in a non hierarchal way, because you are a PRIMATE and can only process things the way you and the rest of our species has evolved to.

Yes, I understand that packs can be metaphorical. Yes, I understand that not every grouping of otherkin interacts with each other in the same way. But isn’t that even more proof that you guys are deluding yourselves? How can so many of you believe you’re the same species, but refuse to coincide with each other in the way you behave? None of you act like each other, all of you use those adaptive capabilities that all primates have at some base level to fuel your imagination and convince yourselves that you’re like another animal or are or were. But the truth? You simply aren’t like those animals. You are wholly human, there’s no other form of existence you can be. There’s no such thing as being an otherkin.

Wading On A Stream Of Conscious Necessity

The difference
between being a bloodhound
who bites down on
even a mere whiff
of what they want,
and believe to be
intrinsic in their nature…
and being tolerable
-sharpening your molars 
with your sharpest canines-
is simply approach…
except I’m not a wolf. 
Not in the least.
I’m dressed in furs
from the amalgam
of dead skins
I’ve come across,
useful only in
conveying fear
and concealing contempt
deep under my skin,
and wool.
I’m soft 
and silky 
and sensual
and sensitive
and sympathies
(deeper than ocean floors)
and symptoms 
(fitting in my smallest pores)
and pathetic.

Pathetic because
I make allusions
to chasing a red hood
but would rather
be wind under cape
than wind under skirt
(and I want to be both).

Pathetic because
I am both allocated
to the abominable
and all of the above.


I’m all of it.
I’m full of it.
It’s interesting
how the last word
can be poignant
and necessary.
I’m a reject
who lives under a thumb
turned down
but at least I can say
that we’re neighbours.
I want to be right next to you.
I want to be right there with you.
I want to be there with you.
I want to be right with you.
More than I already am.

You directly stroke the wool I am
-rather than around the fur I am not-
and I can feel the pain in you.
I can see where the wolves’ teeth
sliced away at your wrists
and this is why you appear
with no control.
But you do.
Like it or not,
you do.
Your bones are sticks
that shepherd me over.
Your eyes are distractions
and deep within my focus.
I could trot out rhythms
for every way
I want to move you.
I want to love you.
I want to fucking love you.
I’m going to fucking love you.
I will warm
all the cold spaces in your head
with my softness
because you relieve
and all the warm places in my heart
with yours.
Now there’s contentment
sailing my veins.
It feels like pride in me
and a gift for you.

Calling all dog nerds

Especially ones who hoard PDFs like me!

It’s no secret that I really like reading about dogs and compiling educational resources for myself and others. I’m wondering if there are any other like-minded people who also collect research, studies, and articles who would like to contribute to a collection of such works which I’ll eventually link to on the Resources page of my general dog blog, simply-canine, so everyone can share the love. (Knowledge is love right?)

Right now it’s just sighthoundish and I uploading PDFs to a folder on Google Drive, but I would be happy to add other contributors. All dog-related research and educational articles are welcome regardless of topic.

Here’s our collection so far, not so organized for now.


[~☪~] It hadn’t even been a day… that was literally very hard for him to grasp since it had been less than a day since he had met up with Mitsuru in the midst of the Midnight Channel…

After all of the Persona Users appeared on the Midnight Channel for something called the Grand Prix, they were all sent into a battle where they went against their friends to get at the one called General Teddie.

And he was shocked to find the next one he had to fight was Mitsuru Kirijo herself… the former leader of SEES… the current head of the Kirijo Group, and the new ‘Queen’ of the Shadow Operatives.

The two of them fought each other, and he ended up losing… though he wouldn’t lie and say he didn’t try his best against her…

He brought her to his house, had dinner with her, showed her around… they talked… and the more he had her around, the less he wanted her to leave… especially when she gave him the offer to become a Auxiliary member of the Shadow Operatives like Junpei, Yukari and Ken… though he was curious on if he would accept going back to that kind of work.

And then the night arrived on Inaba… and the sky was painted red.

And then the screen for the Midnight Channel appeared once more… and he felt his heart go cold at what he sees. Mitsuru… Akihiko… Fuuka… Aigis… the Shadow Operatives were trapped against crosses…

Almost similar to what was described to him on the night Ikutsuki betrayed SEES and tried to have them sacrificed… which would have happened to him too if hadn’t been in the hospital… who…

Who is the person who knew enough of what happened recreate this scenario…?

“…Koromaru, come here.” He called out, as he went downstairs, having his blade, Corpse Rod at his side.

The shiba ran over to him, giving a little bark, as he sat down beside Shinjiro, as he knelt beside him, and carefully placed a familiar object around the small one’s neck, as the bright red eyes met with the narrowed silver.

“…Someone took Mitsuru and the others… we’re going to save them.” He told the canine simply, before standing up, and heading for the door.

A bark was his response, as Koromaru followed after him, the familiar gleam of light shining off the collar Evoker that the Queen had left behind for him.

….War had begun.