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Art Of Persuasion (pt 2)

How To Master The Art Of Persuasion

Everyone is being sold to on a daily basis – in magazines, on television, through ads on the radio, and at the grocery store checkout line. What a lot of people do not recognize is that the process of selling – whether it is a concept or product – is deeply rooted in an understanding of human psychology. A lot of research done in the past century points to one truth: there is a science to persuasion, and there are six main motivators that are crucial in the art of persuading people.

1. Reciprocation

When candy is included with the check, women give a 21 percent higher tip, and men give an 18 percent higher tip.

Basically, people repay a kindness with a kindness. If someone gives you something, you feel responsible to return the gesture. This is why free samples are able to be very successful. The rule of reciprocity extends past gifts and favors and applies to concessions that are made.

2. Social Validation

A 1960′s Stanley Milgram experiment: 1 man on a busy street in NYC stares up into the sky for 60 seconds.

When one man looks up, four percent of passerby look up.

When five men look up, 18 percent of passerby look up.

When 15 men look up, 40 percent of passerby look up.

The laugh track revolutionized sitcom television due to the fact that it did something of which was desperately needed – it told us when to laugh. We are social creatures, and we like to look at what other people are doing to help validate and inform our decisions.

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19 Parents Share What Their (Creepy) Kid Remembered About Their ‘Last’ Life

1. He showed us his grave

When my brother was about 2 or 3 he told us his name used to be Austin. One day we were picnicking right along side a cemetery, when my brother took off running towards the gravestones, my dad and I followed him and found him touching a large headstone that simply read “Here Lies Austin” no name, no date. My brother did not learn to read until he was 6 and this headstone wasn’t even right out visible from where we were, yet he ran right to it

2. We don’t watch firefighter things

my son told me a few months ago he “used to be a firefighter, and we got called to a fire. There wasn’t any family inside the house, so we just put the fire out. Then the fire truck caught on fire and I died”.

A few nights later, he elaborated he was taken to a hospital, where he died.

We don’t watch firefighter things.

3. Her “other” mother’s name was Sally

I was talking to my four year old when she began to freak me out. She was telling me a story about her “other mother” and that she “died a long time ago on a Thursday.”

I tried to brush it off, you know, whatever, shes a kid, they have wild imaginations… but then she started to go further into detail about the death of her “other mother,” whose name was apparently Sally. She has never met anyone named Sally, and I can’t recall any shows on TV she watches where “Sally” is a character. She told me that she was playing with her father’s gun that she found and accidentally shot and killed Sally while she was walking upstairs. It’s pretty weird. There are no guns in this house, I haven’t even really told her what guns are all about and how they can hurt or kill someone, shes only four!

I think I am beginning to understand now why when I try to tell her when someone dies, they go away forever, she tells me that, that is not true. “We come back, mommy!”

I’m only 23, I had my daughter very young and despite not being prepared, I don’t think I could have ever prepared for a conversation like that!

4. “When she lived before she was born”

My daughter did the same thing at the same age. She told me about her life “when she lived before she was born” and described herself as a woman with long hair who lived in an apartment with a long flight of stairs outside of it. She drove a VW Bug and wore long skirts. She then told me that she fell down the stairs and died. Her stories were startlingly vivid and always consistent. Quite spooky.

She is now 19 and doesnt remember it. My advice would be write down everything your daughter tells you on the subject. Everything! Record her stories if you can.

5. Roanoke?

I would tell my older sister about my death. I told her my husband was captured and fire was everywhere. I took my young son and ran. I told her my son couldn’t run fast enough. I knew we would get killed and I had my husbands knife on me, I wanted to leave a clue. I wrote in capitals “CROATOAN” I told her we were caught and how my son was killed before I was killed. I told her how I was stabbed in the stomach with a knife. Then, I went about playing with dolls. I can still picture the scene and my son to this day.

6. “She used to come visit me”

my son says he remember his great grandmother (my grandmother) and can describe her in perfect detail (how she looks, how she acted, even what brand of cigarettes she smoked) , although she died 11 days before he was born. He says that she used to come visit him in his dreams.

7. Conchon

Apparently beginning around the time my friend could form sentences until he was little more than 2, he would go on and on about how he was a Native American named Conchon and that after his wife and son got sick and died, he moved to a mountain to live by himself with his horse. He died of a broken neck when he fell into a ravine.

8. “My real mom and dad were killed when the bad men came.”

when I was 2 or 3 I was talking to my grandmother and told her that my mom and dad weren’t my real mom and dad. My grandmother, knowing this wasn’t true, said they were. I calmly explained that no, my real mom and dad were killed when the bad men came. I had lived because my mom hid me behind a rock. I then went on to describe white men with guns and us “dark” people with long hair. When I was done, I went back to eating my ice cream.

9. Jesus

My cousin, approximately 3 years old and riding in the car with my mum and dad, pointed out a random house that they went past and declared “I died there”.

10. Included because, WHAT?

I did something sort of similar I guess. When I was about 3 my mum and I were driving over a bridge on which there’d recently been a major accident that resulted in a car bursting into flames and the driver dying.

Anyway, I asked my mum who the man in the front seat was and when she told me to describe him I said, “Well he’s on fire and he keeps looking back at me.”

11. I drowned

My mother told me about a story I told her when I was 2 or 3. I told her she was the best mommy I ever had, to which she replied, “I’m the only mommy you’ve ever had.” “nu-uh, I had another mommy.” I said that my older sister and I went out to a pond in the woods behind my house. Around the pond, all of the trees were the same type: skinny with white paper-like bark. (I had never seen a poplar tree before in this life.) We put some logs together to make a raft, and put it into the water to play boat captain and climbed aboard. The raft fell apart, and I didn’t know how to swim. I tried to grab a log, but my hand slipped off. I could see my sister freaking out from underwater. I drowned.

12. My war memories

one of 6 hopping out of a helicopter into a field, it’s hot as shit, humid, daytime, two house/buildings smoking and heavily burning straight in front of me (to the side of the chopper), and there’s firing from the woods and field to my right. It’s chaotic a noisy, lots of firing and helicopters, my guys are firing back crouched next to the back building, one guy runs out of the other building with a kid he pushes forward and yells at to run, the kid gets shot from out of nowhere, and drops. I see a few of my guys advancing from another chopper behind me duck down in the grass as their chopper leaves, I crouch in tall grass about 10 feet from my chopper, fire my rifle twice from just above the grass line, and my chopper starts to take off, and is taking fire. I get up to move forward, panicky, and am shot dead – I feel a hard thunk, see part my chest explode, fall forward go black, and zoom out above my body.

I also drew this later (still have pics, mom saved them). To me, it’s clear as day, still. Mom said some of my first chatter was about “heavy fire” “zip em boys” (don’t know what that means) and I would ask “Where are the hueys?” I was born in the early 70s, and my family was NOT military (very anti, actually). I err on the side of thinking it’s media (news footage?) I absorbed at some point from the Viet Nam war, but I also wonder if it’s not a past-life dream.

13. “That’s why I don’t like water now”

When my kid was 4, we were watching a docu on the Titanic. The scene was a picture of the schematics of the boiler room and the camera panned from left to right over the plans. He pointed at the tv and said, “That’s wrong. The boilers were on the Other side. And I was right here.” And he pointed to a small space in the boiler room. “That’s where I was. And that’s why I don’t like water now.”

14. My family’s farm, burning

When I was younger I would have dreams of living in colonial american. I remember bits very vividly and only when I was older did I realize what they were about and how accurate they were. Most of the dreams consisted of me being in my late teen years and centered around my family’s farm being set on fire during the night. I never dreamed past that night, nothing about the aftermath of the fire, and I haven’t had one in years.

15. “Nobody scroofs me there”

Getting my two and a half year old daughter out of the bath one night, my wife and I were briefing her on how important it was she kept her privates clean. She casually replied “Oh, nobody ‘scroofs’ me there. They tried one night. They kicked the door in and tried but I fought back. I died and now I’m here.” She said this like it was nothing. My wife and I were catatonic.

16. Nope

“Before I was born here, I had a sister, right? Her and my other Mom are so old now. They were ok when the car was on fire, but I sure wasn’t!”

17. “Their screams are keeping me up”

I was in my room on the computer at about 11, which is late for my sister to be awake even now. I was thinking about bed, but then my sister knocks on the door. She was maybe 10 at the time, so not so young that she doesn’t know when she’s dreaming. She wanted to sleep in my room because she was sad and scared. I asked her why, and she said, “I watched your sons burn up in the fire. Their screams are keeping me up.”

18. Role reversal

My three year old said, “Remember when I was the grown-up and you were the little boy?” to his Dad.

19. When he was a grown up

My father used to hate policemen when he was a kid, he used to tell my grandmother that they came to his house and shot him when he was a grown up.

For creepypastaisrad sixpenceee and their followers

calypsolovesleo  asked:

okay i have a request thats solangelo but its an odd one. sooo how bout a fic where Nico realizes he loves will cause hes spending time with ella and the way she goes on bout tyson reminds him so much of will so Nico decides to confess cause it worked for ella why not for him

Sorry it took days. Hope you like it. Thanks for leaving a prompt.


Nico di Angelo can’t quite remember when the seemingly unique friendship he’s got with the Harpy had actually started. Or as to who actually did the first approach in the first place. All he knew is that Ella the Harpy is one friend he wouldn’t trade for in the world which is quite saying something when it comes to the son of Hades and his ‘no one shall approach further beyond a soecific, allocated spot’

Admittedly though, no matter how much he values his friendship with the other, Nico values her more for something she wasn’t even aware with but had played a significantly major role.

Ella, without her even knowing, has got Nico realizing his own feelings towards a certain camp healer.

And all she ever did for it to happen is to talk animatedly about a certain Cyclops.

“Ella like Tyson so much because Tyson cares for Ella when she’s sick”

“Ella thinks Tyson is cool”

“Tyson defends Ella a lot”

“Tyson make Ella happy!”

“Tyson is one reason why Ella stays in camp”

“Tyson is Ella’s hero!”

Why does all of those actually apply to Nico? Though, obviously instead of Tyson, it had been Will who had done everything for him. Will had been the one to nurse him back to health. During their encounter with Octavian and his onagers, he didn’t realize it yet back then but he started thinking Will is actually cool. Will, aside from Reyna, Jason and Hazel had been his top defender. Specially when he had decided to come out to the whole camp.

Will makes him happy. No doubt about that.

Will is the top reason he decided to stay in camp. There are other reasons that contributed to his decision but Will had definitely outranked everything else.

And, Will is definitely Nico’s hero.

Nico stood up, briefly startling the Harpy. He tried to minimize the dust on his clothes . He nodded appreciatively at the Harpy who had pulled a small leaf on his hair.

“Thanks for the company, Ella but there’s someone I needed to see right now” Nico started running towards the infirmary where a certain someone would be at this hour.

He needed to tell Will something and he needed to tell him, now.

“Hi, is Will there? He’s not at the Infirmary or the Archery range” Nico asked sounding a little too demanding than how he had actually wanted. Thankfully, Austin simply shrugged it of.

“No, sorry. Try the Big House, I remembered him speaking about asking Chiron for a favor”

“Thanks” The son of Hades gave a curt nod.

“…Oh, and Nico?”


“Good Luck” Austin winked at him before closing the door shut, leaving no time for the son of Hades to ask what it was all about. Well, no time to waste trying to decode what Austin meant. He’s got a certain blonde son of Apollo to find after all. He walked towards the big house.

Meanwhile, Kayla had pinched Austin real hard on the hips making him wince in pain. “What did we talk about being subtle?”

“But he’s looking for Will! He’s totally going to confess his hidden desire of love and lust towards our dear brother!”

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I Could Never Stoop To That Level - Austin Carlile

Could you do an austin imagine where you have a little sister and she’s coming to visit and she doesn’t like austin because you used to be in an abusive relationship and she’s afraid he’s gonna hurt you but then she sees him being super sweet towards you and she realizes that he won’t hurt you and she warms up to him. Fluff please, I think I’ve seen this story before but your a really good writer and you could make it even better.

Awe thank you you’ve made me smile^-^ Here you go, I liked this one c: small trigger warning, I guess. Written by Emma.

“She’s gonna hate me, she’s so gonna hate me.” Austin is pacing back and fourth in our kitchen. “Austin, she won’t hate you.” I say for the hundredth time to him today. “How do you know?” He asks, looking panicked. “Because you’re amazing.” I cup his face and smile, but he pulls away. “She will, I know she will. You know what she thinks of me, she thinks I’m some cocky asshole who doesn’t give a shit about anyone apart from himself. I know it, you know it.” He mutters. “Then prove to her you aren’t.” I shake my head at him, he’s acting ridiculous.

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Don't Touch Me - Chapter Five - Deserted - Austin Carlile, Alan Ashby and Mike Fuentes.

Hey, this chapter is here finally. (I’ve written somewhere on the blog why I’m going to be updating slowly now). Written by Emma.

Chapter One: Britney’s Calling.

Chapter Two: I Hope His Phone Is Okay.

Chapter Three: Leave It To Me.

Chapter Four: Fuck You All.

Chapter Five: Don’t Touch Me.

“Wake up!” A voice yells through Austin’s bunk curtains. Before I can react, Austin simply shoves the person’s face away. “Fuck off.” He mutters, tired. Squinting my eyes open, I see Alan peering over us. “C’mon, we’re here.” Alan prods. “They made me come and get you to meet the guys from Pierce The Veil, I don’t want to go on my own, I’ll probably want to punch Mike in the face, I need you to restrain me.” He says. I thought he was joking, but he looks plain serious. “I’m not going out there.” Austin sits up, exposing his bare chest, then rubs his face with his hands. “This is just a series of shows for me, I’m not going to be friends with that dick.” He mumbles. “I’m not going if you aren’t.” Alan humps, sitting on his bunk opposite ours. “And I’m certainly staying.” I add. Wrapping my arms around Austin from behind, I rest my head on his shoulder.

“What-up-what-up-of-mice-tour-bus?” We hear an irritating voice: Jaime. Austin groans, not amused. “Come on, it’ll be fine.” I lie. Reassuringly, I begin to kiss his neck, I hear him chuckle and Alan sigh.

“Y/N? Oh.” I recognise the voice instantly, it’s Vic. “What do you want?” Austin asks. “I wanna, I wanna talk to Y/N.” Awkwardly, he points to me and I shy away. “Y/N, there you are!” Jaime peeps his head through. “Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to you?” Austin grumbles. “Just-” Alan interrupts Vic. “Wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t.” He mutters. “Y/N can decide that.” Vic looks over Austin’s shoulder to me. I did, I did want to talk to them. But they’re liars, they knew about Mike all along and they never told me. I can’t talk to them, I hate them. Blankly, I look at them, nothing to say. “Y/N, come on, it’s us.” Jaime says, looking a little hurt. “Y/N, it’s us.” Vic frowns. “You can’t be serious, still ignoring us?” He looks confused. “We’re, were, your bestfriends.” Jaime tries to smile. He’s right, we were. We all used to go everywhere together, having fun, having the times of our lives. I loved them, they were like a family, they were my bestfriends. Bestfriends, that word just infuriates me now.

"I was your bestfriend?” I stand up. I hear Austin and Alan get up too. “To hell with that.” I hiss. “If I was your bestfriend, you wouldn’t of lied to me!” My voice raises. “Y/N,” Vic sighs. “Don’t Y/N me.” I squint my eyes. “You were not my bestfriends. Instead, you are all, filthy, good for nothing, liars.” I press my finger to Vic’s chest. “The whole fucking time we were together you lied! You knew it all along!” I step closer as they begin walking backwards through the bus.

Entering the main section of the bus, I see Phil and Aaron looking strangely at me, but I didn’t care. Alan and Austin are on my heel. “You kept his stupid, dirty, little secret from me.” I growl. Vic and Jaime stumble info Tony, who’s eyes widen. “You too.” I add, shaking my head. “If you were real friends, if you cared about me in the god damn slightest,” My voice breaks as I get more upset, but I continue to walk them backwards through our bus to the door. “You would’ve fucking told me.” I whisper, tears in my eyes. Austin’s hand grazes my shoulder gently, supporting me.

"But no.” I change my tone, we step out onto grass outside. “You kept that fuckers secret from me and let me get played the whole fucking time!” I scream. Throwing my arms at the air, I let out my frustration. Grabbing me, Austin pulls me right in to his chest that’s still bare from the bunks. I scream into his body and burst into tears. Securely he holds me, ensuring I feel better.

“Look what you fucking did.” Austin mumbles at them, nuzzling my head. I don’t make any sound, just soundlessly whimper into him. “Where’s your fucking brother now, huh?” Austin asks, staring at them agitated. “Did he not have the fucking guts to come over to our bus?” He continues. “Just sent his little posse over to our bus whilst he hides away?” Alan adds in. “Where the hell is he? I want to see him, now.” Alan clenches his fists.

Pierce The Veil are literally speechless. I don’t blame them for not knowing what to say; I wouldn’t. “Is he in here?” Alan quickly stamps over to their bus, they follow like a flock of sheep.

“Mike, get your bloody ass out here!” He hammers on the bus door that’s locked. “Don’t be a coward, get your ass out!” He punches harder. Austin still grips onto me, not letting me go. I look up to him with wet eyes. I want to speak, but he presses his index finger to my lips. “It’s okay. I love you, alright? This is all going to get sorted. I promise.” He kisses my hot forehead, before letting me out to stare at the group of old friends. His hands tuck around my waist, head on my shoulder.

Vic looks at me, he literally felt like my brother. At least, he used to. His long hair hangs by his shoulders. He looks at me with a forlorn expression; I knew he hated seeing me cry on the rare occasions it happened. Me and Jaime lock contact too, he tries to smile, but it doesn’t work. He can’t cover the sad look that covers his face after realising our friendship has gone to shreds. But, but that was over a long time ago. They, I, need to get over it. Finally, I look into Tony’s eyes. Still shy as ever, he looks to the ground. I was closest with him; he was Mike’s true bestfriend and was round more than the others. He saw me at my best and worst, but always was my friend. That’s what family did.

But they weren’t my family. Your family wouldn’t let you live a lie.

Or would they?

Were they just trying to protect me? Didn’t want me getting hurt? Maybe they cared so much it would break them too to see what happened to me. I haven’t spoken to them - maybe they’ve been as a just as bad time? Maybe Mike…

No. Mike wouldn’t feel a thing. He’s a selfish, obnoxious, heartless boy. In my deep thoughts I still hear Alan rattling their bus, trying to get Mike to come out. He hasn’t yet, why would he? He’s a coward. But their tour bus’ door suddenly swings open.

“Alright! I’m fucking out!” Mike shouts, making my legs shake. I look at him - he’s just the same as he was. I bet he hasn’t changed, just a good for nothing boy with a sad life. “Now what the fuck do you want?” He storms straight over to Alan, who looks like he’s about to flip out any fucking second.

“Dude, there is so much I want.” Alan chuckles, making Mike frown. “Firstly, why, in fucking hell, would you ever consider cheating on my bestfriend. My bestfriend.” He clarifies to the rest of PTV. I know he’s pulling past to present, but it has to be done. “What the fuck, gave you the right? Who the fuck do you think you are?” Alan’s voice is calm, but angry. “Do you think you can just shatter a girls heart like that?” He says through gritted teeth, he squeezes his fists. Mike is speechless, but I guess he should’ve been expecting this. “Do you want to know what the fuck you did to Y/N?” He points in my direction, Mike’s eyes followed, then his jaw drops as he looks at me.

He didn’t see me and Austin standing here, he was too busy angry at Alan. That and he hasn’t seen me for months on end. I’ve changed, but he hasn’t. I remember the last night I saw him, sleeping so innocently, covering that secret. My blood began to boil, just him being in my presence. Austin clutched onto me with one of his arms. He locks his mouth shut trying to stop himself from causing a bigger scene. His chest is heaving; I imagine he’s purring his all into resisting to punch him. I know he wants to because he’s said it hundreds of times. Just because he won’t - doesn’t mean I won’t.

"Oh, Y/N.” Mike breathes. His words are laced with seduction, like they always have been. He steps towards us, ignoring Austin towering by me. Alan continues to yell, pacing next to him, but it seems like it’s just me and him here. It seems to go in slow motion, I block out the sounds other than his voice. “Y/N.” Mike smiles, standing close to us. His hand strokes my cheek. “Don’t you dare touch me.” I hiss, snatching myself away from him.

Then it speeds up. Everything rushes, everything becomes loud. “Don’t you dare even come near me!” I shout. I launch myself at Mike, wanting to take out every bit of frustration I have on him, but Austin’s arms lock around my stomach. “Get away from me and don’t look at me ever again!” I squirm in Austin’s grip. “Mike Fuentes, you’re nothing but a heartless, two timing dick!” I try to grab out at him but I can’t reach. I release a loud, aggravated moan, as I begin to kick out. “You’re unfuckingbelievable! Don’t ever touch me, look at me, talk to me, none of it!” I begin to kick out at him but I’m hopeless in Austin’s arms. I begin to cry again, and Austin murmurs into my ears. “Shh, I love you, okay? Just calm down. Shh…”

“Is that not enough for you? Leave her alone!” Alan shoves Mike hard, sending him staggering. He ignores Alan’s actions and walks back over to us. “You’re crying.” Mike says. “No fucking shit.” I say as my voice cracks. “I’m so sorry.” Mike cradles my neck with one of his hands. “Don’t fucking touch her.” Austin growls, using one hand to shove him back.

Mike just looks around and bites his lip. Shrugging, he turns on his heel and goes back into their bus, the door smacking wildly behind him. I share a look with the rest of PTV again before me, Austin and Alan walk back towards our bus.


bc since the first time I shipped Auslly … I soon thought that “At the beginning” was SIMPLY PERFECT for them ♥

You know, I really hope Laura wins the TCA’s this year. Why? Because I feel that she’s very deserving of it. She’s supported Austin & Ally, her cast, talked highly about her friends and family, she’s worked hard with filming ASOHC and AA season 3, while still attending school and graduating school AND getting accepted into one of the best universities in the world. She’s also very kind to her fans and thoughtful of everyone around her. She’s a talented actress(Not just on Austin and Ally, but other shows from when she was a kid), and I feel like if anyone on Austin&Ally deserves the TCA, it’s Laura. She’s just such a genuine person and a talented actress and I feel like people don’t appreciate her enough or recognize how talented she is. Laura’s just simply amazing.

I came sooooo close to bailing on the work presentation I was scheduled to give tonight. Turns out I have BOTH an upper respiratory infection AND an ear infection. 😩So, speaking to a large group for half an hour felt like such a daunting task.

But, I did it. And, I rocked it! So, I treated myself to the breakfast taco I didn’t have time for this morning. Because you simply cannot live in Austin and not celebrate National Taco Day. I hear they kick you out of the city for that…

Beautiful Auslly Hugs

Austin and Ally have the most beautiful hugs in the history of beautiful hugs.  To prove my point, I have rated some Auslly hug gifs (none are mine by the way, if you want cred tell me) from bottom to top:


This is at the bottom because he didn’t hug her back, but you can clearly see him smile so it does get a spot on the list.


A side hug, but still an Auslly hug, so it also deserves a spot.


It doesn’t have the best angle, but this hug is still cute.


He’s so ridiculously happy to be hugged by her… this can’t not be on the list!


This fetus Auslly hug beats the previous one simply because Austin really gets into this hug compared to the other one.


I don’t know why the gif won’t move, but basically he rolls his eyes and hugs her.  Trust me, it’s a beautiful moment.


Their hug was so instinctual here, ya know?  It’s like they are automatically programmed to hug each other every time something great happens (or when anything happens, really).


This is the most recent Auslly hug gif I have, but it’s such a bittersweet moment that I couldn’t bear to have it as #1.  Speaking of which…


There are so many great things about this hug that I don’t know if I can properly express them all.  First of all its basically their first hug as a couple.  Second of all, I love love love how Austin basically buries his face in her hair.  It’s like he’s trying to inhale every bit of her beauty, awkwardness, and kindness all at once.  Finally, (and this is a reason that this gif is my icon) it features Trish and Dez (fellow Auslly shippers) in the background adoring the cuteness.  The gif perfectly expresses everything I love about Austin & Ally: the friendship, the romance, and the downright adorableness.

Now I know I missed at least a few hugs, but unfortunately I don’t have all of their hugs on my computer.  If there was a really big one I missed, I apologize.