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David Parejo (La Voz kids) sings ‘Demi Lovato - Warrior’

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Okay all the Dec babies move out of the way a magical August baby has appeared. We're quiet the opposite, but you know what they say? Opposites attracts c; You're a winter kid and I'm summer kid. You're cool and I'm hot. You're ying I'm yang. You're the paper and I'm the pencil. You're the phone while I'm the charge. OK, I'll stop xD I just wanted to list the difference between us

PFF Ha-  incredible comparison Ti 

Your spirits is swayed, every time my lyrics is played
So please stop givin’ these lyricists praise
‘cause they bluffin’ while they bustin’ with a serious face
and it’s unbearable, These stereo-rap tracks are terrible
I’m here to take care of you wack cats
and bury you back at, wherever you came from
I’m carryin’ this game on my back 'til the pain’s numb
—  Blu
I won’t let you go (part 7/10)

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Hello my dearies! Thanks again SO MUCH for your kind comments, it really means the world to me ♥ Here’s part 7 where drama begins! Hope you like it! 

P.S.: I’ve been struggling with a new theme and I’m sorry if it disturbed your reading, it’s repaired!

P.S.2: I have finished writing this story, and it’ll be a little shorter than I thought. It’ll have 10 parts! Aaaand for those of you who’d still like to read my stuff, I’m currently writing another fanfic! To be continued…

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