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I know this is a blog about Bi facts and stuff, but I've seen talk about other stuff in the same sphere and I was curious what your thoughts on Demisexuality, especially since a lot of people claims that its illegitimate as a sexuality.

Demisexuality is a legitimate sexual oreintation, and I wasn’t aware people were claiming it was illegitimate. But there are definitely people out there that are demi, and simply can’t feel sexual attraction until they have a strong emotional bond with someone, and I don’t understand why that’s a hard concept for anyone to wrap their head around.

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well everything’s the same in a la la land #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

i wanna get back to the old days when the phone would ring and i knew it was you #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

you’re a trainwreck but i wouldn’t love you if you changed #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

get your party on and sing alone hold on tight, it’s a crazy night #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

ever holding my hand? never again please don’t forget #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

you better stop messing around ‘cause you’re gonna get caught #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

showed me what i couldn’t find when two different worlds collide #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

i wanna crash, i wanna fall i wanna be somewhere in the middle #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

even close to complete i won’t rest until you’re mine #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

cause’ everyone’s perfect in unusual ways you see, i just wanna believe in me #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

well i’ve been walkin, walkin, behind enemy lines and i’ve been fighting, fighting, from the other side #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

than trying to let you go 'cause here we go, go, go again #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

here’s what you’ve won got me ready to go solo #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

now i know who you are u got nothing on me #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

simply fade away … who you are is falling over me #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

it’s too quiet in here make it all go away #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

your love is where i’m falling but please don’t catch me #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

the truth is all that i can hear everytime you lie #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

you just might need dynamite, got dynamite? #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

and still the same, we can’t stop the world #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

i’ve got a world of chances, chances that you’re burning through #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

please remember, remember, december #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

the reason why i couldn’t breathe 'cause all I want is everything you’re not #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

when you’ll open your heart and believe in the gift of a friend #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

so far so great, get with it at least that’s how i see it #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

don’t make plans, come on with me, we’ll stay up all night long #MTVHottest Demi Lovato  

and everybody here is thinkin’ who’s that boy? #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

you’re my only shorty i’m tellin’ you the truth girl, it’s only you #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

if we all could get along, then we all could sing this song together #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

i’m a lightweight, easy to fall, easy to break #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

i’m gonna love you like i’ve never been broken, i’m gonna say it like it’s never been spoken #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

'cause you can’t bandage the damage, you never really can fix a heart #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

just don’t leave me alone, this is a hold up #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

i see it written on your face, you know you made it, your greatest mistake #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

don’t wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

go on and try to tear me down, i will be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

in real life, i’m waking up alone and it’s one more night #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

my love’s like a star, yeah you can’t always see me but you know that i’m always there #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

please, father put the bottle down for the love of a daughter #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

and i tell myself keep breathing but i’m caught in your aftershock #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

right here, i’m everything, yes i am yes i am #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

putting my defenses up, cause i don’t wanna fall in love, if i ever did that, i think i’d have a heart attack #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

i know that we’ll never break, cause our love was made, made in the USA #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

why are you singing me love songs, what good is a love song? what good is a love song, without the love #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

you’ll be coming home with me tonight we’ll be burning up like neon lights #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

we’ll never fall apart, 'cause we fit together like, two pieces of a broken heart #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

can you be my nightingale, sing to me i know you’re there #MTVHottest Demi Lovato 

in case you don’t find what you’re looking for, in case you’re missing what you had before #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

you can take your words and all your lies oh oh oh I really don’t care #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

i’m a fire starter make your blood run faster #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

yeah you always make it hard for me to stop but you always think we’re something that we’re not #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

i will love you like i’ve never been hurt #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

i don’t reply, you know the reason why maybe you shouldn’t come back #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

now i’m a warrior, now i’ve got thicker skin, i’m a warrior, i’m stronger than i’ve ever been #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

i hate you, don’t leave me i feel like, i can’t breathe #MTVHottest Demi Lovato

Without You

So I got a request to do a one shot based off the song, “Can’t Remember To Forget You.” by. Shakira  and  I didn’t know how I wanted to do it but then I heard “Half A Heart.” By One Direction again…so this is a mix between the two!

This is for superjelenasworld. Love youuu Mayra! (P.s. you guys should check out her stories! She’s amazing, and a super awesome writer!)


She wasn’t okay. And she wasn’t going to pretend she was either. He broke her, completely. Every stupid memory of them, good or bad, over taking her brain. It had been two months. Surely she should be able to get over a three year relationship, right?

But here she was, sitting on the ground, curling up in his sweater. He had come by to get all his things, but she purposely kept this one. It had his scent, still. He had worn it over her house the night they gave each other everything. She would always keep this. Stupid, stupid Selena.

She made this mistake everyday. And about a month ago, she told herself it would stop. That, this was not healthy. Thinking of everything he did for her, how happy he made her. Most times, forgetting how he hurt her. But her friends were quick to remind her.

“Selena?” Charity called, walking in the young adult’s part of the house. Taylor following after her. Selena sighed, not bothering to move. They would often find her in it, and scold her. Reminding the petite girl of all the shit he’s done. But she would just tell them it was no use.

“Of course you’re in here.” Taylor groaned, calling to Charity. “In my room? You’re right. Call the cops, no the S.W.A.T. team. I need to be stopped.” Selena shot back, sarcastically. Her voice was cold, lacking emotion. She was a shell of herself, these days.

“You know we mean in his sweater.” Charity rolled her eyes, sitting next to the brunette. Taylor sat on her bed, turning off the music. “Why do you do this to yourself? He’s over you, you should be over him.” The blonde was basically yelling at this point, but she was so damn tired of this.

She missed her best friend. The optimistic, perky, silly girl Selena once was. She couldn’t understand why she was so hung up on Justin, anyway. Sure, he was cute and funny, but that’s it. She could name hundreds of guys better for her, than him.

“Oh you’re right. I’m completely over him now, Tay. Thank you.” Selena smiled, bitterly. “Could you stop being an ass for two seconds?” Charity was the one to yell, as she normally was. Selena’s laugh was dry, sad. “Why are y’all even here? I don’t want to see you, you don’t want to see me,” Her hands clutched the fabric around her wrist, “And I mean that in the nicest way possible.”

Taylor rolled her eyes, not even bothering with what she said, “How about we invite Demi over and have a girl’s night?” Selena’s ear perked up at the mention of the, now blue, haired girl’s name. Demi could always make her happy, no matter what. She was her best friend, sister.

“Sure.” Her shoulder’s shrugged, struggling to show no emotion. It had been awhile since Demi and her had been together. This surprised Taylor and Charity, normally Selena was very reluctant about doing anything they suggested, but they wouldn’t argue it.

“Hey Dem.” The tallest girl smiled, letting her in. “Hey Tay.” Her smile was big, as usual. But tonight there was a new shine to it. She was excited to see Selena, excited to cheer her up. “Okay, before you go back there, imagine Selena at her worst and multiply that by two.” Taylor joked, only slightly. “That bad, huh?” The blonde simply nodded.

“Hey Sel.” Demi greeted, inspecting her. A big sweater fell over her shoulders, shorts, and long socks around the lower half. But her eyes were tired, and dark circles surrounded them. Her visible skin was skinnier than what she remembered, and her smile had lost its bright quality. Something she always admired about Selena.

“Hey chicka.” Selena smiled, mostly all the way, and embraced her best friend. “I missed you.” She whispered into the other’s colored hair. “I missed you more.”

“Let’s play marry, fuck, kill.” Charity suggested as they got settled. Selena rolled her eyes, leaning back on the couch. Trying to get closer in the fabric.

“Okay, I’m going first,” Taylor smiled, “I pick Selena.” The brunette grunted. She should’ve bet money on that on. “Go ahead.”

“Alright, Logan Lerman, Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber.” The room went silent at the last name. Selena looked pale, Demi concerned, Charity surprised, and Taylor content. Maybe Selena would finally say kill Justin.

“You don’t have to answer that.” Demi whispered. Selena’s eyes set on blue ones. The smirk on her face, taunting. “I’m good.” She replied.

“Kill, Logan. Fuck, Ryan. Marry, Justin.” Selena said, getting up and leaving. She should have known this whole party was to get her to forget about him.

And she was right. The whole night they played games and watched movies based on boys. Continuously asking her about different boys. Showing her pictures of them. They even played “Pin the hands on the devil”, The devil being Justin. To which she refused to play.

No matter what, Selena didn’t think she would ever forget about Justin.

Two days later the boy forever on her best friends mind, ran into Demi. They were both recording at the same studio.

“Hey.” Justin waved, smiling. His eyes were sad. Demi did nothing but remind him of Selena. Not that she left his mind, anyway. But this brought on a new pain.

“Hi, what’s up?” Demi returned the gesture, Justin was her friend, too. “Just working on some stuff.” He shrugged, glancing in the room. “Can I hear?” Her question was irrelevant, because she was already on her way into the room. “Guess so.” Justin laughed, walking in after her.

“I-Is this about Selena?” Demi asked, looking at Justin in shock. He shrugged, “I don’t know. Well—yeah. Pretty pathetic, right?” He laughed bitterly at himself. She shook her head, “No. Its cute. She would be thrilled to hear this.” He rose his eyebrow, “Thrilled? Try disgusted. She hates me.” She bit her tongue. “What? Who told you that?” Her eyebrows were furrowed. “Charity. When I tried to call her and talk.”

And here he was. At her doorstep, persuaded by Demi. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door.

“If its Charity and Taylor I’m not in the mood for you shit.” Selena yelled from the inside. Justin winced slightly at the venom in her voice. That’s not how he remembered it. her normally sweet, and sultry voice was the only one that consumed his dreams.

“Its not. Just open up.” Justin’s voice cracked. Why was he so nervous? This is Selena.

Her eyes widened at the sound. It-It was his voice. It was Justin. Scrambling to he feet, she hurried to the door. Checking in the mirror and flattening down her flyaways. She cringed at the reflection, but decided it was too late to put some on. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door.

“I-Um Hi.” Justin mumbled, waving cutely. There was a nervous smile on his face as his eyes set on Selena. She was just as beautiful as he remembered. Her long, flowing hair, now sat in a messy bun. She was skinner than he imagined, but still extremely beautiful. And was that..His sweater?

Selena wasn’t much different. Her eyes lingered on his messy hair. How fit he had become since the last time. Probably because of all the girls he was with. The smile on his face was inviting, and gorgeous. His eyes lit up at the sight of her. They were…mesmerized.

“Uh h-hey. C-come in.” She stuttered, stepping to the side. Walking into the familiar house was…comforting. It smelled the same—like vanilla and spring. It looked the same—their pictures and others still taking up the walls. It felt like he was visiting his girlfriend, again.

“Er, can I get you something? Water, some popcorn, chicken dinner?” Selena asked, making Justin laugh. She cracked a smile—a real one. “Um no. I just came to…talk.” She nodded, timidly sitting next to him.

They both sat there, not knowing what to say. Both of them dreamed about this day for two months and here they were ruining it.

“We-” “-I.” They chorused, then exploded in laughter. “This is ridiculous.” Selena sighed, looking at Justin. “Exactly. This is us. We’re acting like we don’t know each other.” He agreed. “Right. We’re Justin and Selena.” “Together forever.” Justin said out of instinct, making the room silent.

Selena gasped, quietly, trying to process the situation. He didn’t still think that, did he? “I knew I was missing something.” Justin randomly said, catching her off guard. “Huh?” He smiled, smugly. “My sweater. I missed it.”

It was as if she just realized his sweater was on her body. Her cheeks warmed in embarrassment, “I-This…It was cold.” Selena choked out, fiddling with the sleeve. “Its cute. I put your picture in this chain…wear it everyday.”

Her eyes went wide with astonishment, the comment completely taking her by surprise. “We’re terrible at the concept of moving on.” She mumbled, chuckling to herself.

Justin smiled, taking both of her hands in his, “That’s because we don’t need to.”


Its so bad, ugh! It didn’t really come across how I wanted it to be, but there were too many ideas swirling around up there. Feel free to completely ignore this, please.

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WBS plot: maybe they are on vacay in Simon's yatch and there are some friends, xf judges and their families. Demi starts to get horny and tease simon, some ppl start to notice her moves and make fun of her. She doesn't care, but she really wants him. Now two choices: one where she gets mad at him, goes to the badroom and take care of herself, but in a hot way to tease him even more, he can join her in the end.

Picked this one.

Hope you like it,

It’s rated. I would really like some feedback, and what parts u didn’t like or liked the most please. Just so I don’t get unmotivated so fast. :(

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