It was a mistake (part 2) (Eisuke, KBTBB) (Request)

Part 2 requested by cigaletto and minhanhtruongthi (as a headcanon but I hope you don’t mind it being just Eisuke, if you wanna request the same thing with your fave bidder lemme know ^ ^)

Part 1 summary: Eisuke cheated on you and you broke up but now, in part 2, how will you react when he finds you at last, a year later and meets the child that the two of you share.


1 year. It had been 1 year. For most, it wouldn’t seem like that long, but for Eisuke, it was too long. He had tried to stay away, to give you the right to live your own life. After all, seeing how upset and betrayed you had rightfully been, he knew that forcing you back would only hurt you more and that was the last thing he wanted. However, after a whole year of pushing women away, waking up with cold sweat from nightmares featuring you and a tragic accident and pretending he was ok, he had had enough. The search began immediately. “Finally!” Baba had proclaimed, throwing his arms in the air as if the waiting was over. “It’s about time you started looking for the pretty lady Boss!” 

Though he didn’t want to hurt you more, Eisuke just couldn’t stand not seeing you or having you by his side any longer. Never before had he felt such a necessary presence so, sending as many people as possible to search for you, he began to prepare words to say for when you were found again.

After a day of searching, he became worried, what if you still hated him after you were found? What if you just couldn’t forgive him after the past year? What if…what if you had found someone else? After two days he became scared, what if something had happened to you? What if his dreams had come true and you were in a tragic accident? What if…what if you had been found but refused to return? Finally, by the third day, he became angry. Why was he, Eisuke Ichinomiya worrying so much over some woman? So what if you never came back? That didn’t mean he would have to suffer for it! Why should he sit around, moping about like some lovesick fool? However only an hour later, he accepted his true feelings. It didn’t matter that he was rich and famous. It didn’t matter that he was acting like an idiot. It didn’t matter that he has wasted the past few days perfecting a speech for when you were reunited. It didn’t matter…because you were worth it. A single picture of your smiling face reminded him why he missed you so. What had happened that fateful night was all a mistake. He knew it the second he saw your dumbstruck face. But he knew he was a second too late. Now, as he spent hours pacing back and forth, waiting for news on your whereabouts, he knew that he would stop at nothing to have you back.

When there was finally a trace of you, of your whereabouts, he raced off, with nothing in his head but you. He sprinted to your flat and inhaled a deep breath before placing three, firm knocks on the the door.

“Coming!” The sound of your familiar voice made his heart race as he felt the few seconds it took for you to reach the door prolong into hours. He watched as you eased the door open and gasped at the sight of him. “Eisuke.” His hair was more messy than usual and there were dark circles under his eyes, as if he had failed to gain any decent sleep in a long time. His usual charisma and aura of authority were gone, leaving simplt him, gazing at you desperately, almost vulnerable.

Using your initial shock to his advantage, he acted in the only way he knew how. He grabbed your wrist and tried to take you back to Tres Spade with him. However, you began to struggle and squirm in his grasp almost immediately. “H-hey Eisu- Mr.Ichinomiya! What do you think you’re doing?!“ “You’re coming back with me.” Refusing to turn around, he continued to try and pull you along with him. “I have missed you for 1 year now. I can’t take much more of this. You belong to me.” “H-hey, let me go-” but you were interrupted by your crying infant. “What…is…that?” His gaze hardened as Eisuke stared at you. Shaking his hand off your wrist, you rushed inside the tattered apartment to tend to your child. Eisuke simply stalked in after you and demanded answers instantly. He seemed more than shocked to see that you were a mother but that didn’t stop him from interrogating you like a wanted thief. “Who’s is he? How old is he? Why are you taking care of him alone-” “ENOUGH!” You sighed, exhausted from the onslaught of questions and continued shock to see him after so long. You had no idea what to feel but was to busy caring for your child to decide.

After finally putting your little boy to sleep, you sighed and turned around to face the music. "His name is Shotaro, he’s 4 months old and he’s…he’s yours.”


“He-He’s mine…?” Instantly, he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him. You struggled in his grasp but that only made him hold you tighter. “Come back with me _______. That was why I came here. I need you. That girl-” you tensed at the mention of her. “That girl means nothing. She never meant anything to me. I don’t know why I did it and I really wish I hadn’t.” “Yeah. I wish you hadn’t too.” Finally pulling away successfully, you turned away from him, tears forming in your eyes as you tried desperately to ignore the aching longing in your heart. “Go back Eisuke. I don’t need you here.” “Look. If you can’t do it for me, and you can’t do it for you, at least do it for Shotaro. He needs his father!” “No. No he doesn’t. Not if his father is someone like you” the words hurt even you to say them but you had to do it, to protect yourself from further pain. Suddenly, you felt a hug from behind. A warm embrace that you knew all too well blanketed you in warmth. “Please _________. You know you don’t believe that. Please, let me be here for you, for Shotaro. I want to be a real father to him…” His voice suddenly hushed to a whisper, “…seeing as I lost mine at such a young age…” Finally, your mind gave into your heart and you turned around to return his embrace. He immediately relaxed as you settled in his arms. “Come on. Let’s go home.”



Aaaaand now to sleep X3

Stay Beautiful~


I’m sorry for dropping this but EXO-L’s are STILL just as bad as ARMY’s are (if not worse). I was trying to enjoy my time on tumblr when two EXO-L decided to come on anon and start hating on me simplt because I have not been in the fandom for long. (?) I do hope things will calm down again after the promotions of Exo’s album and everyone is back to enjoying what they want in peace!