simplistic tattoos


Minimalism (single needle) trees with delicate geometry available for tattooing. Size approx. 6” (15cm). The tattoos will be fully dot-shaded with thin lining for the geometric elements.

Each tattoo 250$
If you’re interested, please write me an email to

Laconic (Kuroo Tetsurō)

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Summary: In a world where everyone’s first words to their soulmate are tattooed on their soulmate’s forearm, you are cursed with the vaguest, most simplistic tattoo in history. And you hate the word “hey.”

Genre: Fluff + Soulmate!au

A/N: This is my first fic for an anime and I’m not even an anime blog (whoops lmao) but I saw @lazyhaikyuu’s post and I just couldn’t help myself!! Enjoy the 2.8K words :)

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