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I've heard (youtube, blogs) so many people talk about how they got samples from sephora/mac/etc. and I wanna know how ?? (Btw I love your blog! You're so helpful)

Hi, thank you!

All you have to do is… walk into the store, and ask one of the people that work there, “Hey, I’m interested in trying a new ___________ (foundation, cleanser, etc)  Could you help me find a couple to try some samples of?”  Sephora will give you up to three customized samples of pretty much anything in the store, and I believe it’s the same number for MAC?  I’m not positive, but if you are genuinely interested in trying something, most stores, including counters at Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc, will give you a sample to try if you ask nicely.  Don’t just walk in and be like, “Hey do you have any free samples?”  The people that work there are trained well and want to genuinely help you find something that will work for you, so don’t abuse the system.  When you shop online on, you also have the option to add free samples to your cart when you check out.

Another way to get free stuff from Sephora is to sign up for their Beauty Insider rewards system.  Chances are if you’ve ever shopped there before you’re already signed up.  Beauty Insider is a points system, and once you reach 100 points or more (just don’t try for the 1000+ points, lol) you can redeem for free deluxe minis of products.  Beauty Insider also gives you a free birthday gift, and if you get to higher levels you can get other random free gifts throughout the year!  Ulta has a similar rewards system, but their points go towards money off of a purchase.

Hope this helps you!  Happy shopping!  :)


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At the end of the day, we put ourselves into bed.
In the morning, we wake and we rise.
Everyday we do the same, because all we have is ourself;
To push alone through the days, both good and bad.
At the end of our lives we die alone, and the life we live is ours alone.
All we have is ourselves.
—  R.L.K
Plasma Ranking Ideas?

These are some ideas influenced by medieval knight positions, Roman military stucture. With the whole knight theme around Team Plasma, I just had to delve into this! I tried to use the position’s original meaning, while translating it to fit a modern world.
It’s far from complete but this is what I’ve done so far. Although there are some ranks removed for the sake of simplisity, I did try my hardest. I used the Roman structure, seeing as Medievak knights weren’t as structured. I plan to further my research and expand on these ideas.

Plasma Order ( excluding scientists, seeing as they were kept confidential ) :

Grand Master /  Head Sage ( Ghetsis )

Ghetsis is the head of the Plasma organization as a whole. He refuses to retire from the position, seeing as death is the only way he’d step down. He is obviously in charge of all the grunts within the organization, plans strategies and works out how exactly they’d rule. His words are law.
Often times, he will act as a sort of priest.

Master / King and Commander ( Natural as Master  ; lead Shadow Triad member )

The Master and Commander was the local commander in charge of the stronghold and often holds responsibility and command over the other grunts.
Natural was placed as Master in order to give him a sense of responsibility and to teach him what he needed when the ranking of Grand Master would be handed down to him, although due to his nature, his words can easily be overruled.
The most experienced Shadow Triad member is often granted this position. They are in charge of keeping order and making sure that the grunts do as they are told. This member is highly efficient and deadly, so refusal to do a task can lead to harsh punishments.

Seneschal ( Vio / Zinzolin )

The Seneschal was the right-hand man for the Master and was sometimes called a Grand Commander.
In the field, the Seneschal was in charge of the movements of the grunts and can tell them what to do, assuming a Master and Commander isn’t near. With how soft and naïve Natural is, Vio’s words can overrule the Master’s. When needed, the Seneschal will act as a Turcopolier.

Turcopolier ( Other Sages )

This officer was the third in line militarily. He was in command of the light cavalry and the Sergeant brothers (see below).
They are often in charge of smaller grunt cavalries and groups and often speak with the Marshal. The sages take care of their own separate groups, leaving 6 cohorts under their control.

Marshal ( 2nd in command Shadow Triad )

The second most experienced Shadow Triad member is often granted this position. They are in charge of taking care of any weapons – such as the case with the Genosect army – or with the grunt’s Pokémon.

Under-Marshal ( 3rd Shadow Triad member )

The weakest member of the Shadow Triad is granted this position. They are often in charge of dealing with smaller supplies and weapons. Despite being in a lower rank when compared to the other Triad members, this position is very important and loosens the strain that the Marshal has.
This Shadow also keeps track of their positions and often guides the grunts.

Standard Bearer ( Higher ranking Plasma grunts )

Also called the Confanonier, they often made sure the lower ranking grunts were disciplined and made sure they were battle ready before a mission has been started. They can heal a grunt’s Pokémon when needed. These grunts often carried banners and equipment for the Plasma rallies.

Knight ( Basic Plasma Grunts )

The knight is the backbone of the organization. Knights were the equivalent of the cavalry. A small force of knights was very powerful, skilled in warfare, clad in armor, able to take on a large number of Trainers.


Group Organization, inspired by the Roman military system ( assuming that the Plasma Organization as a whole consists of over +5,000 members ) :

Contubernium: consisted of 8 grunts, often times sent for patrols or smaller missions.

Centuria: (century) was made up of 10 contubernium with a total of 80 grunts commanded by a Standed Bearer.

Cohorts: included 6 centurie, a total of 480 grunts. When needed, the Centuria are split into 6 different groups which can make it easier for the Sages to lead and split apart.

Legio: consisted of 10 cohorts, about 5,000 grunts. They are often lead by Zinzolin or Natural.

Eques Legionis: Each legio had a cavalry unit of 120 attached to them. They either travel by Pokémon-back or rely on technology.