Decided it was high time to rework Clair’s design a bit! The old outfit was pretty cluttered and had way too many colors to be convenient to draw consistently, so I got to simplifying!

I’m going to be going through all of my characters, and working on them some. Most draws of them that I’ve done are in different outfits or situations where it’s difficult seeing what’s what, so I’m going to be making simple reference draws like this one and the one’s of Tallow and her siblings for the whole cast!

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Ahh, thank you! You're also so polite and kind. Often times I feel nervous asking leftists stuff because some of them can be very knee-jerk it seems. Idk. Anyways, I mean like.. about the "first part"... maybe I just don't understand surplus value and expropriation of the extra value etc etc like you explained. Do you have any links or resources that explain it super simply?Thank you so so much! I'm just concerned that it's (theft of surplus value) not real or *provable* - just an abstract rly

Oh yeah, no problem! =) Richard Wolff is a Marxian economist who does a fantastic job at simplifying many of the original anti-capitalist concepts, and this link HERE will take you to one of his lecture videos where he discusses surplus value. 

In a condensed summary, a capitalist will not hire a worker unless they can squeeze more value out of of them than they actually pay them. Surplus is the total value a worker generates minus the amount the capitalist ends up paying them. A McDondald’s cashier may bring in hundreds of dollars of value to the company each hour, but they’re only paid minuscule fractions of that. As far as capitalists are concerned, the lower the better, because that means more surplus for them. There are more details to it, and Richard Wolff covers them nicely in the above video. I understand not wanting the idea to be reduced to “just a theory” when you’re trying to convince someone – it’s tough because people take capitalist exploitation of labor for granted, as though it were an unalterable fact of nature. Wolff is great at putting all of the Marxist jargon into layman’s terms. 



General thoughts on Commander

1. The only reason not to run the creature variant of any given spell-like ability- such as ‘destroy target creature’ is because you need it at instant speed. Otherwise, why is your kill spell not something like Noxious Gearhulk?

2. If you do your math right, when it comes to two color decks, having basic lands is better than generic enters-the-battlefield-tapped lands. Simplify the ratio of mana symbols among cards as much as possible, then extrapolate an even ratio of basics proportionate to the land slots you plan to use for basics. Boom.

3. Sacrifices in different abilities within your deck need to be made. For example, sometimes you gotta cut back on removal and/or counterspells in decks that don’t revolve around those ideas- I got Slobad’s combo potential to turn 2 wins by giving up on the idea of 'interaction’ beyond literally Spine of Ish Sah and a Spellbomb that shocks.

4. The idea of 'jank decks’ and 'power decks’ exist as a venn diagram- in the middle of that diagram are cards that are both powerful by themselves and on-theme, like Torrential Gearhulk in Jori En.

an understanding

The Joker’s actions should not be excused. Harley’s physical and mental pain should not be excused.

But it shouldn’t be simplified, either.

Jumping right off the bat into the thought process of: “oh, she gets hurt so automatically she is confused and needs to overcome him.”

Harley doesn’t deserve what The Joker does, but you can’t forget they are sado/masochistic clowns in a fictional universe where chemicals give you purple eyes and green hair and a man jumps off roofs in a bat costume.

It’s fiction, and I think people feel less connected, even uncomfortable to think that this bubbly, lovable villain is masochistic, forgives her abuser and even loses interest in him when he stops being the abusive asshole that he is. (read: My Boyfriends Back)

I think also people refuse to believe that an abuser can CARE for - even LOVE their victim. The Joker isn’t bashing her head in every panel. He shows affection and has proved feelings for her.

Yes he’s still an asshole psychopath.

Yes she still gets abused.

But, some of it can even be considered consent. Expectation, even.

Harley’s attraction to him and Ivy show what she wants - a dominant. Which Ivy and Joker are, but to the very extreme. The, I’ll hurt the fuck out of you, extreme.

So extreme they both put her in harm’s way.

It’s okay to be uncomforted by this.

It’s not supposed to make you feel good, she’s a murderous clown, her entire character is supposed to be unnerving.

Harleen Quinzel was driven by love for her patient - a man she knew who was dangerous. A man she knew could and would kill her whenever he pleased.

This does not mean she is a black and white abuse story.

Harley Quinn is so much more complicated than that.

It’s almost insulting to her creators to see her as nothing but a doormat who can’t defend herself.

She can.

She will.

She HAS defended herself.

Becoming a villain gave her more confidence and self respect and HAPPINESS than she ever shown to have as a doctor - even while being with Joker: a murderous maniac.

Harley Quinn has had so much development as a character, but most importantly, a VILLAIN in Pre52. Even by Joker’s side, she evolves into something just as dangerous as him.

Don’t excuse what happens in their relationship. Never accept abuse.

But don’t simplify the complexity that is Harley Quinn.


to the person who was asking about vector art.

i’m kinda bad at explaining this, but here it goes.

for the small frank head that i vectored, i took a drawing i had already done with lots of different levels of shading and basically traced it with the pen tool in illustrator. it just gives it this neat, cleaned up, angular look. that’s just a series of shapes built onto each other, basically.

(you can do this in photoshop as well, it’s just a few more steps and more pixelated. vector art is basically very clean art that can be scaled up or down without losing quality.)

above is also a doodle (drawn in illustrator with the blob brush and a mouse) of what ended up kinda looking like idubbbz to show you that…really you just go in with the pen tool and outline shape. the style i was going for was just more simplified and sharp.

for that frank head, i also just added a couple black lines (with the pen tool and blob brush) to add emphasis.

it’s fun. i used to do it a lot more during college.

i hope this helped….

me: theres so much more to bpd than just feeling jealous.. i hate it when ppl over simplify it!

a character: *gets jealous once*

me: omg..!!! this character has bpd!! love this character with bpd… thats amazing.. they have bpd like me

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I think I know why people do that. Like Knuckles who can be gullible at times which is sadly translated into stupidity , people take Sonic's tenancies to be brash and quick into action which sometimes gets him into trouble to " Oh I'm stupid and can't do things for my self" Same way people take amy's admiring Sonic and make her psycho. People tend not to understand character traits properly. it's annoying.

Tell me about it.

It’s never a good thing when writers simplify characters into one-note versions of themselves because they’re too crappy a writer to acknowledge all of their traits and bring them out.

i need a phrase for the phenomenon wherein a select portion of a fandom takes a character who has been simplified by fandom jokes/clichés and tries so hard to push those stereotypes away that they literally end up with a completely different character who they see as the “right” and “sophisticated” version. so the phrase i’m proposing is invertoject (invert + project)

Make Me Choose

Yes I suck for re-posting this but I wanted to simplify this, oops. I would love for you lovely people to send me asks (anonymous or not) and make me choose between characters, ships or anything else hp related. You don’t have to reblog this, just send an ask ♡

Note: I’m open to doing these as moodboards or posters, however if you don’t specify in the ask then I will just do them as moodboard. Thank you, ily guys!!