Trailer for HyperNormalisation (Adam Curtis, 2016)

HyperNormalisation tells the extraordinary story of how we got to this strange time of great uncertainty and confusion - where those who are supposed to be in power are paralysed - and have no idea what to do. And, where events keep happening that seem inexplicable and out of control - from Donald Trump to Brexit, the War in Syria, the endless migrant crisis, and random bomb attacks. It explains not only why these chaotic events are happening - but also why we, and our politicians, cannot understand them. 

The film shows that what has happened is that all of us in the West - not just the politicians and the journalists and the experts, but we ourselves - have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. But because it is all around us, we accept it as normal.
The Future of HIV Treatment—and PrEP: Long Acting Injectables
Renowned HIV Researcher Dr. David Ho say injectables take human error out of the mix.

Dr. David HoTIME Magazine’s 1996 Person of the year, and one of the people who launched the era of HIV-suppressing, highly active antiretroviral treatment—addressed the 2016 United States Conference on AIDS, talking about the next critical step in HIV treatment.

“If you take the drugs they work, it you don’t they don’t work.” Ho said, simplifying the problem with nonadherence. “Long acting agents will take human behavior out of the equation.”

“How do you administer long-lasting antiretrovirals administered to high risk individuals?” He asked rhetorically, before spelling out the answers: One: he said, through potent and broad virus-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies. Two: through slow-release formulation of antiretroviral drugs. “Cabotegravir (GSK 744) is a potent integrase inhibitor of HIV. This drug has unusual physical properties: a high melting point, low water solubility, high potency, low metabolic clearance, and can be put into an injectable.”

Plus reported on the 12-16 weeks injectable last week.  In the findings from the World AIDS Conference in Durban it was found that injectables could be used as long acting agent.

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"Stop acting like having or not having sex is 150% what our orientations are about?" ok but asexuality is literally defined as not being interested in/not desiring sexual activities... ?? So id say it is pretty much about that. I mean yeah there are tons of a-spec identities but after all to a certain extent they do define how or under which circumstances a-spec people wanna have sex/not wanna have sex.

No? Not having sex is a behavior, while not experiencing sexual attraction (which is the most common definition aces use - though not the only one) is not. Someone can experience zero sexual attraction and still have sex, and someone can never have sex and not id as ace.

Also for reasons related to this, basically simplifying any a-spec identities to “describes under which circumstances the person wants to have sex” is… also a really not correct definition?

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Your diet post was spot on, man! I've seen all these vegan posts going around, shaming people who eat meat and most often their attitudes give me the vibes that these people don't even care about animals, they only care about putting themselves up on a pedestal above others. I have nothing against vegans, but there are better ways to spread information than being an asshole. I too, have an eating disorder and being shamed over meat doesn't help one bit. So cheers to you for your awesome post!

Thank you so much, I’m glad my longass post got a positive response because I feel that nowadays people really over-simplify stuff and nobody is capable of addressing life’s complexities anymore.
I agree with you and to be quite frank I really don’t care about other people’s lifestyle choices, you just do you and if it works for you then good. But then again I really don’t get why some percent of vegan people feel so morally superior in a way that they can pat themselves on the back for buying cabbage instead of chicken. That might be just my own subjective opinion but to me personally, saying that you’re vegan bc you wanna save the planet is like worrying about your nailpolish while you’re drowning. Veganism does address some really important issues and that’s good, but first of all (like you say) there are better ways to spread information without being a self-righteous asshole about it, and second of all, I feel like once people watch some graphic shit and decide to go vegan, they indeed pat themselves on the back at the end of the day and that’s it. And what I mean by it is that the animal agriculture issue is like the tiniest tip of the iceberg of human civilization problems. I’ve watched a lot of documentaries and lectures but I really don’t remember any of these media widely addressing the fact that animal cruelty is directly tied to capitalism and corporate greed, it’s not an issue of people buying chicken for dinner. There is also a lot of talk about how animal agriculture takes land from people to live on and crops from people that could feed the starving, and yes that is true and that is an issue that needs to be addressed & fixed, but at the same time I never heard any vegan media address the issue of all corn being turned into high fructose corn syrup that is being dumped literally into everything you can find in a grocery store. You could feed that corn to people but instead due to monetary politics of the oh so wonderful capitalism it’s being turned into poison that gives shitloads of people metabolic syndrome disease. Another thing is that people don’t seem to understand that thanks to capitalism and lobbying it’s cheaper for low income families to eat fast food than to buy fresh whole foods and cook at home. I didn’t understand it myself til I did some serious digging and man was I absolutely baffled by fucked up the food politics is. Moreover people don’t even know how to cook with whole foods anymore because the capitalistic politics made us as a globalized population so addicted and dependent on easy, cheap processed food.
One of my favorite posts on tumblr is the one with people holding a sign “save the planet kill yourself” and it may be brutal but in a nutshell that’s how I feel when people talk like not buying meat will save the planet. The main cause of humans driving themselves into extinction is not people eating meat, it’s capitalism. It’s tough to recognize how deeply rotten is the system but you need to acknowledge that in order to expect some change. The way we mass breed animals is cruel and bad, but also everything else capitalism-related is cruel and bad or even worse, to put it lightly. Humans have created a really rotten system that makes people sick, miserable, drives crime, hate, poverty, unplayable eternal debt, whatever human issue you name it, you can all trace it back to money and the politics surrounding it. And unless we overthrow that system there is no way we are gonna evolve as a society into something better and people need to realize that.
I’m not saying that being vegan is pointless, I wanna clear that up before someone sends me hate mail. I think it’s a great option to choose to benefit your health, a great way to address animal cruelty and exploitation and so on; veganism really does good stuff out there and helps having people informed about how corporations don’t give a shit about you getting sick from a toxin packed burger made out of 20 different cow parts. But at the same time just not buying meat isn’t gonna save the planet, in my humble opinion. If you wanna save the planet then bomb all humanity (sarcasm people) because unless we do something to put down our governments and banks and start a healthier, more conscious society revolving around spiritual development and not around being a sellable workforce, then we’re p much fucked regardless of your neighbor buying chicken period.
On another note, I personally like being informed and I like to read stuff even if it’s to confront what I already know so I can keep thinking and growing and evolving. But I’m not emotionally invested in many matters - thats just how I operate, I’m interested in facts so I can form my views on things and it really bothers me when some percent of vegan media try to guilt-trip me and emotionally manipulate my shit by somehow forcing their morals on me and assuming that if I do not obey such moral standpoint then I obviously am an evil immoral person that bathes in the slaughterhouse blood. I think nobody wants to be called that, it’s not okay. We should work together if we want to create a better society and using veganism to shame people and create some kind of a classicist environment when you go around the internet jacking off to feeling better than others, man that’s not the point of all this. Use veganism to spread awareness, not self-righteous bullshit.
To end this another long ass post, I myself still struggle with food even tho a high fat diet helped me a lot to better my relationship with eating. I really don’t regret taking that step and I hope that everyone else out there can find a way to nourish themselves the way it’s best for them. After all your life is all you got and you should care for yourself; a diet is a good place to start.
Thank you for your message mate that allowed me to elaborate a bit more on both capitalism and diet stuff and how it’s all interconnected.


Marco Polo travel - map - 03. (Images vectorielles ; maquettes, rendus jpg.)

Voyage de Marco Polo - Continents turquoises, océans gris (essais a, c et d)

(Bases cartographiques : ;

Pour E.Troy.

© j c lauruol, 2016

Clinton quotes Trump saying he hoped the housing market would collapse in 2006 and Trump says, “That’s called business.” She is not, however, replying to his simplified explanation of taxing imports.


A.K.A. Another OC of mine I haven’t drawn in a while! And she’s actually a set character within my world of Quaterath rather than a weird concept!

Her name is Rekku of the Kurazaa takaarclan and even though she 5′8″, she is considered very short for someone of her race. I’ll definetly draw more of her so I can figure out how to further simplify her design!

OK, so full patch notes are great and all.  Yay for new gear, simplified glamour prisms, new stuff, yada yada.

But we need to discuss the most important thing:

What will Rowena be wearing now?

They tend to give her the new lvl 1 glamour gear.  So either the new Ramie gear (the hood and poncho), this new Extreme Survival set, or the Far Eastern Dress.

I’m leaning towards the Far Eastern Dress.  In metallic orange, of course.

“ What has happened is that all of us in the West - not just the politicians and the journalists and the experts, but we ourselves - have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. But because it is all around us, we accept it as normal...”

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fun (kinda simplified) deep time fact: the ocean used to be bright green with a special iron mineral, 'green rust', and when the great oxygenation event happened, it rusted the iron out of solution, which became modern-day banded iron formations (BIFs to geologists). i saw your 'deep earth' tag and thought you'd like to know! :3

I knew about banded iron formations, and I’ve been on the market for a good one ever since I first learned about them. (Literally a billions-year-old rock. Imagine the energy.) But I love hearing about this stuff from others! Thank you, friend! <3

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Was Voltaire an anti-Semite? Or just against religion in general, therefore hostile towards Judaism?

That’s a difficult question. I would say that Voltaire was as anti-semite as educated elites in the 18th century were. That being said, his main objection towards Judaism was that he considered the Old Testament to be incredibly violent so it is a set in a wider criticism of religion that he makes. He blames Judaism for the violence that Christians would absorb into their own practices (This is still a very simplified version of the whole problem though). if you can access that article I would recommend it.

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Some of you were curious about the honey process

Well, I’m here to show you what these wonderful little ladies make, and how us humans collect the extra.

Some Vocabulary:

This is a Langstroth beehive. Those boxes in it are called “Supers”. Supers hold 10 frames each. Frames look like this.

I’m here to teach you about honey extraction from this particular kind of hive, and when you only have like 5 or 6.

The Process:

First, we start with the frame of honey.

Notice anything? The bees have “capped” this honey with beeswax so it can keep for the winter! (or beekeep heheh)

So what you wanna do is cut those bad boys off with ya Hot Knife.

(Or you can just scrape them off with a fork. Or poke holes in them. Dealer’s choice, man.)

Next, you put your uncapped frames in the Crazy Spin Cylinder. (The Extractor)


And the honey sp i n s

Honey GO

H O N  E  Y

The frames are spun at such a high speed that the honey is pulled right out!

Next, you open the spigot at the bottom, run it through a strainer…

Pour it in a jar…

and VOILA!

Beautiful Bee Nectar that you got yaself! This has been a PSA