Having been in that environment for five years, which is a very specific environment, I was craving smaller. I was craving tighter. I was craving a bit more pressure, in a weird way… There was a longing to simplify, I think, and to strip away excesses. I wanted to be able to fully focus on the simple job of being the storyteller as the actor. And that’s kind of where I want to be anyway, I think. Forever.

Andrew Garfield ph. Dan Doperalski for Variety [x]

So I don’t know if this is common knowledge and I’m just late to the game (which I usually am), but have y’all heard of Simple English Wikipedia?

It’s literally just Wikipedia, but with articles written in simple, english vernacular, without any technical jargon and short, clear sentences. It seems that it was created with non-native speakers in mind, but it has turned out to be super accessible for anyone who just needs things simplified. I just discovered it when I was Googling “random access memory” and the standard wiki article was so technical I couldn’t get my brain to process the words. 

So voila! A place where you can actually get simple, easy-to-read articles that don’t require previous knowledge to understand!

why do men freak out when i tell them i collectively do not trust men. why do they use that moment as a way to flex their debate skills and argue how impractical it is for me to distrust an entire gender of people instead of like. i dunno. really taking into consideration what so many men must have done to hurt me, enough times for me to instinctively tense up and shut down and react anxiously around every man i see now. lol. its just interesting to me how little they want to consider that maybe Shez-Been-Thru-Some-Trauma-And-Shez-Protecting-Herself-From-The-People-Who-Traumatized-Her and instead wanna just simplify the situation and turn me into an irrational feminazi bitch while conveniently ignoring the abuse i went thru. but i mean. None Of My Business

Hey everyone! So I finally figured out how to make a paypal, and since I’m a little pressed for cash right now…

                          I’m opening up commissions!

Now, I have every right to refuse your request if you make it something that doesn’t follow my guidelines or if you are rude in how you ask me for it. I also may take a little while to get your piece to you, depending on how demanding it is. Here is what I will not draw:

  • Detailed Gore (I can do a little bit of blood)
  • NSFW (slightly suggestive is fine)
  • Mecha (I can simplify designs, but I just don’t have the time to be fully accurate)
  • Extreme Body Horror
  • Complicated Weapons

Anything else is perfectly fine! And if you have a request that is not shown on the sheet, then ask me for my Skype and go over what you’d like to see.

          Thank you, and remember to signal boost!

Among other things that are very much happening this week (oh gad, so much Happening occurring, 2016 please find your chill) I got my copy of Miss X, or, The Wolf Woman, aka That Weird Book That Is Possibly About Lesbian Werewolves and Maybe Also Sort of Petrus Borel For Some Reason?? I know some of  y’all were curious about it, so having given it a quick read, here’s a quick quick synopsis and some discussion (spoilers for a decades-old book, here, and content warning for discussion of sexual situations and death, and also, I am longwinded.) :

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Trans-Eurasienne - carte 60 / choix arrêté - image vectorielle, rendu jpg

Trans-Eurasienne - Emmanuelle Troy - Projet OARA, novembre. 2016

(Base cartographique : ; Base iconographique : - Atlas Catalan d’Abraham Cresques (1375), Bibliothèque Nationale de Fance - photomanipulation, vectorisation, colorisation, recadrage, etc.)

Pour E.Troy.

© j c lauruol, 2016

Omg so I went to the library because I wanted to read 1984, they didn’t have it. I asked the librarian if maybe it was checked out and she had never heard of classic novel 1984 by george orwell. But she checked the system and said the only copy is currently in the library of the next town over and they could send it here. Ok

So today I went to collect it and she hands me this…. very thin book and I’m thinking ok maybe it’s small print and as I’m leaving I check the back and it’s a simplified version for “intermediate readers”


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Some of you were curious about the honey process

Well, I’m here to show you what these wonderful little ladies make, and how us humans collect the extra.

Some Vocabulary:

This is a Langstroth beehive. Those boxes in it are called “Supers”. Supers hold 10 frames each. Frames look like this.

I’m here to teach you about honey extraction from this particular kind of hive, and when you only have like 5 or 6.

The Process:

First, we start with the frame of honey.

Notice anything? The bees have “capped” this honey with beeswax so it can keep for the winter! (or beekeep heheh)

So what you wanna do is cut those bad boys off with ya Hot Knife.

(Or you can just scrape them off with a fork. Or poke holes in them. Dealer’s choice, man.)

Next, you put your uncapped frames in the Crazy Spin Cylinder. (The Extractor)


And the honey sp i n s

Honey GO

H O N  E  Y

The frames are spun at such a high speed that the honey is pulled right out!

Next, you open the spigot at the bottom, run it through a strainer…

Pour it in a jar…

and VOILA!

Beautiful Bee Nectar that you got yaself! This has been a PSA