simplicity rose

it’s bright and early. i’m not from this part of town. i’m at the mall and there’s a disney store that I ran across. it just opened, but they have this big magical lock and two store clerks were outside with a big key! a little girl is their first customer and she gets to use this key to unlock the gate, i bet she felt so special. and then afterwards they even gave her a little key to keep! idk, i thought it was pretty cool. just a reminder that we all need to feel special sometimes. and if you forgot, this is a reminder. buy yourself that new book. write down something that you’re happy about read it to yourself if you’re really hurting. maybe backtrack and remember your first memory. go get that tattoo that you’ve always been wanting. go to a city and get lost. go outside and hear the birds banter with one another. get stuck in traffic, you won’t have to talk, just being around people without actual interaction isn’t so bad. if you’re like me, you’re into the little details. get out of your head and into the world. and if you don’t have anything happy to be happy about, i’m still proud of you anyway. we should all be like that little girl, feel special. do something nice for yourself. your soul desperately needs it. if you’re crying, hey, it’s not okay now, but there’s a chance that ice cream might help, especially cotton candy ice cream from ben and jerry’s. omg. yes. the tiny crushed pieces. you’ve got to get some. so what if it’s a drive to go get it. just go. get lost. get lost in your head, but do it around nature. get lost within yourself, you’re special. you’re beautiful. shit, if no one’s going to love you. love yourself. this is how you do it. treat yourself to the art of wandering around without a goal, you’re not being constructive in anyway, but at least it’s a step towards the creative recreation of your heart, soul, feelings, thoughts, emotion, writing or whatever it is that you want to tend to like a garden that you’ve been dying to grow, maybe you’re like me and enjoy the simplicity of a rose or how it curves so voluptuously. draw. play an instrument. learn a new skill. dig deep into your broken bits and ask, what can i do today to feel nice, warm and fuzzy inside my own emptiness? you start by walking. you solve it by walking.

it is solved by walking.