Columbia Knit for The Woodlands

The Woodlands consistently keeps their store front filled with amazing brands and quality garments, so just to add another brand to that mix they’ve teamed up with one of the last remaining knit factories in the states to make some really nice knit caps. Exclusive colors that were made specifically for Woodlands, and made in limited numbers. Good news is: we’ve got a handful of them to give away. Since 1921 Columbia Knit has been making all of their product in Oregon, and not cutting corners when it comes to quality or materials. These chunky knits are woven of 100% cotton, and they keep their shape amazingly well – wash after wash. I’ve been wearing the red one since last fall, and it’s been washed 4 or 5 times.

The rules for entering are simple – you’ve gotta do all of the following to be eligible. The newsletters the guys at Woodlands send out are really awesome, and not spam by any means.

We’ll be letting this run over the weekend, and then will pick 5  winners – and then ship the beanies out to you. All 100% paid for by us. Good luck!

Not so Simple.

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If you don’t recognize the beard, then you need to become acquainted with the gentleman behind the thoughtful, thorough and always well photographed journal entitled Simple Threads.

Ryan’s mission is highlight quality products, produced by well-intentioned makers, individuals and companies. In that sense, his blog is simple - yet having several (albeit, and unfortunately brief) conversations with him, there is much more to the story.

*We sent him an Aleutian Pack in Field Tan to photograph - no further explanation necessary.

We’ve already mentioned that one of the benefits to doing the work that we do is meeting other creatives that we respect. Getting to work with these folks is pretty much what we initially set out to do and we’re excited to do more of it.  

LAYERXLAYER as an entity is about sharing and collaborating. 

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