I'm glad you like it when I'm sappy

I wanted to write you a poem
But I couldn’t find the words
No matter how hard I tried
Everything just felt wrong

I tried to describe you
But words are a disservice
For you are beyond words
Beyond description
It would be impossible to do you justice
My princess, my Khaleesi

When I shut my eyes, your face is all I see
When I cover my ears, your voice is all I hear
When I close my mouth, your lips are all I taste
And yet, you are indescribable

Space Cadet

Time slows to a crawl
As my thoughts retreat back into my head
Zooming out from the moment
Like a mental Google Earth
I can see my house from here
I’m up in the clouds
I’m dancing with stars
Did you know you can’t see the Great Wall from space?
I’m leaving the solar system
Leaving the galaxy
Goodbye universe, I’ve found a new plane of reality
What’s that? Now I’m falling
Back to reality
Oh, here comes gravity
Hello stars, hello clouds
Oh look! There’s the Great Wall
Falling, falling, falling, falling
Wile E.’s got nothing on me
I crash into the ground, metaphorically, of course
I’m sorry, what were you saying?