Little by little you are vacating this heart.
Take your broken records and those dirty socks that accumalated
And leave my heart as it used to be,
Before you vandalized it by tearing the wallpapers and shattering the lights.
You will have to pay for these damages someday.
And someday, you’ll be gone forever. Another lover will move in again and repair the damages YOU did,
And then you’ll realize how much you destroyed me.


It’s kinda silly, though. 

A year ago all I could think about was being with you.

Visiting you at a territory where I know I could see you.

A year after,

it’s been two months and 4 days without seeing you.

And hell, the only thing I “have” is a picture of you on my phone, and the regrets that fill up my brain.

It’s kinda silly, actually.

A year ago, I fell asleep talking to you.

and Now, I wish i could talk to you non-stop for 5 minutes.

As i visit that McDonald’s, i hope to see you pop out with the same stare again…

but then I realize that you aren’t the same person I still think about.

I just wish I could back a year and feel alive again.

Back when I didn’t miss you as much.

A year ago, I fell for you.

It’s kinda silly, huh? 

A year later, i’m pretending to be happy being friends.


*I just hope she’s making him happy ‘cause he deserves it.  I was never strong.