What do you do to prove you’re not awkward with each other?

(Featuring hypocrite!Super Junior.)


One of the most precious moments in Shinhwa career. The 1st ever Daesang they get. And what makes it even more precious is its timing. It was Shinhwa’s 1st comeback, under a new agency, which they moved to, to remain & continue as a group, after their previous agency, SM, wanted to disband the group & offered a solo career to only some of the members. People around Shinhwa expected them to already disband like what was the norm back then, & even some reporters tried to bring the group down. But Shinhwa insisted on their dream & determination to continue as six. The first comeback after leaving SM in 2003 & moving to Good Int in 2004, was with the “Brand New” album .. an album of their own creation, the album that made them sweep awards, chart high, & prove to everyone the power of Shinhwa. It’s the first time in Kpop that a group gets the Daesang award after moving to a new agency.

“Until now, everyone had hoped & anticipated, but every time you linked arms over the loss of the Daesang. Today, we finally got it.
Since long ago, I’ve thought of the "Daesang”, not because of Shinhwa..But because all of you, Shinhwa Changjo. “We’ve to get it for all of you”, was what I thought. I’m really happy that this wish finally came true today. I want to thank all of my beloved Shinhwa members & all our lovely fans. Thank you.“

Minwoo is hot-tempered. Of course, he doesn’t throw a temper as often as I do but when he gets angry, he gets angry very scarily. In 16 years, Minwoo has never lost his temper at me before. Even in extreme situations where it wouldn’t be weird if either of us explodes, he surprisingly becomes calmer. He tends to explain, in detail, how the quarrel started, so that I, or the other party, will understand. This side of Minwoo applies too, in the time where he is the recording director. Anyone can record diligently and painlessly with Minwoo. I don’t really like it when Eric directs. Because he is the type to be hard on someone… . Sometimes that brings about good results but because I’m the type to be hard on myself so it is really awful when someone is hard on me.
—  Kim Dongwan, The First pg 217
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“16 years has passed since I have lived while receiving love from many people despite my lacking talents. I started thinking of writing a book as I increasingly started telling those I’m close to, “Honestly…”. I have filled it with extremely personal stories and photos. I hope there will be people who are slightly curious…”

— Kim Dongwan, The First prologue

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