“Because Andy exists, SHINHWA also exists.“

"I, Andy, promise to always be the same to Shinhwa Changjo’s heart. I’ll keep this promise until I’m old.

"To us, the number ‘6’ is so unique and so special. It was through all six of us being together that we became the “Shinhwa” we are now, and it is our desire to continue to be together as six and as Shinhwa… That’s why the number ‘6’ is so special to us.. When we first practiced together there wasn’t six of us, but the day we first went up on stage as “Shinhwa” we became six… it can be seen as destiny

To us, to be together as “Shinhwa” is only too natural, and we hope people will just continue to accept “Shinhwa” as we all hope to become better within that name..

And because of all this, now all our members would probably pick the number ‘6’ as their most special number… Its because there are six of us that we become a more brighter “Shinhwa”, and because its only too natural to have six of us as “Shinhwa…”


Of all the many things about you that I love, one that touches my heart deeply is your brotherhood and love for each other. Thank you for always choosing Shinhwa over money and popularity. Thank you for sacrificing a lot and for taking difficult roads just to stay together. Thank you for becoming a living example of what true friendship is, and for showing us what wonders a true friendship can do.

To the many more anniversaries to come. To the upcoming new album and comeback promotion. To every one’s individual activities in the mean time. And especially to our lovely maknae who is going through a hard time lately…
Happy 16th anniversary, dearest SHINHWA ♥