“We’re SHINHWA, the longest-lasting idol. You guys are the longest-lasting fan club, “Shinhwa Changjo.” If I were to be born again I would want to have this life. I want to meet you guys and these mischievous members again. I feel so grateful to be born as a member of SHINHWA and to be with you guys. For SHINHWA and I, you are a great encouragement and motivation. Thank you guys.” - Lee Min Woo (SHINHWA 17th Anniversary concert)

[Request] Mentions of Dongwan in interviews of ‘I Live Alone’ PD

※ Article 1.

PD of ‘I Live Alone’: “I hope Ha Jungwoo joins us as a full member” [Interview ①]

[Photos and content omitted]

Producer Choi Haengho said the Rainbow members need to invoke a sense of empathy and curiosity.

“The person needs to have a quality that sets him or her apart from the other existing members yet have viewers empathize with that person and make them want to learn more about him or her. Viewers need to feel like, ‘Oh, he or she has a lifestyle similar to mine’ or ‘I do the same thing in similar situations’, and at the same time find something new in the celebrity they’re watching. We try to satisfy the viewers’ curiosity.”

He said the member that best fits this description is Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan. “Kim Dongwan is always busy. He climbs icy cliffs, rides mountain bikes, and learns new languages. He doesn’t do it for the show; it’s just the type of person he is. We ask celebrities to fill in a questionnaire before appearing on the show, and at first they doubt there will be anything interesting in their lives to see but end up being amazed and entertained at the new perspective.”


Source: Osen

※ Article 2.

PD of ‘I Live Alone’: “I watch shows produced by Kim Taeho and Na Yeongseok too” [Interview ②]

[Photo and content omitted]

- ‘I Live Alone’ has aired on Friday nights for three years now. Where do you think the show stands now?

“The show started as a Lunar New Year pilot three years ago. At first it was fun to see celebrities eat and do their laundry and clean their rooms like the rest of us, but it soon became repetitive because it’s not new anymore. I try to find new people to bring into the show because diversity is important.”

- Is that why the show has so many members?

“We have seven members now, but if we cut down on the number of members then it will be hard to show the members’ lives as they really are. We try to keep things as real as possible even if that means one member may come out only once every other week. Fans may feel let down if their favorite member doesn’t come out on the show that week, but I’ve given up on keeping every member on the show every week. For example, for Kim Dongwan, going to study foreign languages is an actual part of his life. It’s not something he does for the show. The program does its best to capture something in the members’ lives that are interesting and make it into an episode. Interesting events don’t always occur, so that’s why we have the members appear once every two weeks.”

[Photo and content omitted]

Source: Osen

[News] Kim Dongwan on ‘I Live Alone’ again engages in self-improvement with an English study group and Crossfit

Kim Dongwan on ‘I Live Alone’ will again be engaging in self-improvement in the next episode.

The singer will attend an English study group and have conversations with English speakers. It is said he managed to make friends with his study members with his English skills and body language.

He also attended a Crossfit class with middle school students nearly 20 years younger than him.

The singer in his late-30s tried to keep up with the young students with his willpower and well-kept physique, but in the end surrendered to the endurance of his young peers.

Kim Dongwan’s busy day will be aired through MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ at 11:05 PM on the 12th.

Source: Asia Today


Dongwan spotted on Naverblog

The pics are from two different blog, but they are related since it’s about Best Friend (his Korean Language School), and the girl with the light pink shirt posted a pic on her instagram talking about live broadcast, so it’s also about I Live Alone ^_^ (precisely tonight’s episode) 

Les photos viennent de deux blogs différent, mais sont liées car c’est en rapport avec Best Friend (son école linguistique), et la fille avec le pull rose clair a posté une photo de lui sur son instagram, donc c’est aussi en rapport avec I Live Alone.(précisément l’épisode de ce soir)

Cr: here & here

[Tweet] 160211-12 Jun Jin Official Tweets

※ Tweet 1.

(On photo:
Mister Jun Jin Choongjae - What’s up with Instagram
Mister Jun Jin Choongjae - ??

[What Choongjae Said] How do I bring my account back!!! What’s up with Instagram?? Quick, they’re all worried! I can’t seem to do it! Aaaahhhhh!!

※ Tweet 2.

[Choongjae Now] Ta-da~! Oppa did it, heeheehee!

Great work Mister Choongjae(’s heart, head, hands, etc.)!
Thank you Jun Jin’s Girls(’ hearts)!

※ Tweet 3.

[Agency Notice] Mister Jun Jin’s do whatever V App live broadcast “Mister Jun Jin gets a yellow card. Please get your father to stop, Podo and Jackson” is now available.
Hope for your continued interest in….. the Do Whatever broadcasts…….

※ Tweet 4.

(Fan account RT) LOLOLOL look at the intro to the broadcast on Naver’s main page LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Thank you Ms. Hwang Eunyoung LOLOLOLOL

(※ N.Fino thanked Hwang Eunyoung of Naver in the comments section for helping them upload Jinnie’s recent episode with a few changes)

(Introduction on photo:  Please get your father to stop, Podo and Jackson)

Source: Jun Jin’s Official Facebook, Twitter