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it’s not the most recent (from february 2017) but here’s some iwaoi!

i simply wanted to draw soft iwaoi and use a bunch of pretty colors, because i’m still a softie and also very weak

- You are an important part of something very large and beautiful

Happy Birthday Shiro // February 29th

2 cool Karamatsus for 24/02


journal page 86-87/?
lately ive been feeling pressured by my family and a couple of friends to do things I dont wanna do and I end up doing absolutely nothing and being sad and avoiding every single person that tries to talk to me

Ok but Chris’s handwriting is 👌 and so is Steph’s new haircut.

I’ve always wanted my own Meta Knight Clone™, but my little baby self thought he was too hard to draw at the time I created Lilac… Plus, I was bad at character design; Stapple was just an actual hat that looks like a cat until at some point I decided it’d be cool if they were a cat that looks like a hat.

Anyway, here’s the mighty Nebula Knight, the great defensor of the kingdom of Dreamside, known and loved by all. However, she’s consumed by her pride and eventually becomes the villain of Lilac’s Dreamside 2™ . They become friends after these events, though.

She likes oranges.

Pidge ft this really cute outfit I saw on my dash (plus the model was cute too)

i love that “everybody” has become like… the Happy Bendy song. like i first saw it on that meme created from the song for bendy specifically, and i watched that little video so many times it did, and still does, just make me so dang happy. and then i saw it on nirami15′s speedpaint video of bendy, and like, if you didn’t think it was already in my lampblack playlist you’re crazy

i think what i appreciate about it as a song that’s connected to him in any capacity is that it’s incredibly happy and soulful and has heart and it seems so opposite to everything he seems to represent, but like it doesn’t have to be..? i think bendy’s got a lot of soul. deep down there somewhere. the only lyric is “everybody ask me how i know, i smile at them and say she told me so” it’s so simple and like, that one line clearly comes from a place of love. like please can bendy have a life where none of this is ironic