* Firstly I would just like to say that you should do your OWN research before coming to social networking sites to ask about the basics of Witchcraft.  I am happy to answer questions, but do get a little sick of answer basic questions when there is a whole Internet out there. There are so many websites and BOOKS on the subject, and they aren’t very hard to get a hold of! Here’s a post I made about my favourite books; 

Anwyays, here we go; A list of questions i frequently get

Q - Can anyone be a Witch?

A - Yes! Regardless of Religion, skin colour, identity, blood line, etc. Magick is inside us all, you can chose to work with it if you wish! All it takes is a little practise.

Q - When can I start calling myself a witch?

A - There isn’t a specific time frame, but I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t annoy me when a person goes and buys a crystal or something with a pentacle on it and then proclaims themselves a witch. Personally, i think you will know when you are a witch, you will feel your magick awaken and you will know. Owning tools, crystals, books, whatever, doesn’t make you a witch. The feeling inside is what makes you a  witch, you will know it when you feel it.

Q - What advice do you have for a beginner witch or someone new to the craft?

A - Don’t be afraid to try things out! Don’t worry about doing things ‘by the book’ or ‘perfectly’ there is no such thing as doing a spell right or wrong. Do it how you feel you should

Q - How do I get a familiar?

A- You don’t just acquire a familiar.  Your familiar will come when the time is right, and the same as you cannot go pick up any animal (your pet or other) and claim it as your familiar, you cannot force you familiar to appear. Deep meditation and visualisation are some ways you can try to find your familiar, but often, trying too hard will only fail. Just wait and see what happens!

Q - What items would you recommend for basic witchcraft?

A - Although you don’t NEED these items, they’re a great way to start. I would recommend you start with an Athame, Wand, Pentacle, Chalice, A heat proof bowl, Candles, Basic multi-use herbs like lavender, sage, Frankincense and sandalwood, and also clear quartz and amethyst. 

Q - Does your astrological sign have any connection with your magick?

A - If you believe it does, or if you want to incorporate your sign into your magick - Yes

Q- Why do my spells not work sometimes?

A - Spells don’t always work because sometimes they don’t need too! The universe knows what you need and sometime it isn’t what you ask for. 

Q - Which deity should I worship?

A - You do not need to worship one specific deity, But doing research is a great way to find a deity you feel drawn to or most connected with.

Q - What is this circle you speak of and how do I cast one?

A - The sacred circle is a space for you to perform your magick in! I won’t go into the lengthy details on casting it, but basically you envision a bright white sphere of protective energy around yourself and this is the time in which you call in the 4 quarters, the god and goddess and other deities to aid you in your work. ( see my post on a full circle casting ritual here >

Q - Should I be in a Coven or a solitary witch

A - Whatever you feel most comfortable doing! You do not have to be in a coven to be a witch, and you do not have to be completely solitary either - you can always invite a witchy friend over and do little rituals and spells together!

Q - Do I need to charge crystals? How can i do so?

A - You can charge crystals by burying them in salt or clean earth or by immersing them in fresh water from a lake or the ocean. The easiest and most common method is leaving them out in the moonlight to absorb the energies, same can be done with the sunlight but as harsh sunlight will fade a lot of crystals, the early morning rays are best

Q - Which crystals/herb/incense should I get for ____

A - this answer would be much better answered if you did your own research so that you could find a whole list of herbs and their attributes and work out what will work best for you.

* I will probably add more to this over time.