downworlder appreciation week.
day four / favorite downworlder scene: ragnor comforting magnus.


I have this headcanon that while Barry is in the process of finding a new apartment and furnishing it, he slyly runs everything by Iris first. He shows her the floor plans for all the available apartments but he subtly tries to push for her opinion on the more spacious places that two people could comfortably live in, as opposed to the studio and efficiency apartments she keeps focusing on. She balks at the crazy prices for the larger one and two bedroom apartments but she begrudgingly admits that the 2 bedroom apartments about three blocks from CCPN with the terrace and the gigantic walk-in closets were to die for.

He takes her to the furniture store and again she’s shopping with him solely in mind. She picks furniture she knows he would like, and the color of the sheets for his bed and the curtains, etc. are all colors he would prefer. Meanwhile, he’s asking ‘hypothetically’ (of course) what color she would like and she just gives him a confused look and says, “I’m good, babe, I’ve already got sheets and curtains at my place, but that light blue is gorgeous.” He just gives her an exasperated look that she misses because she’s found some plaid sheets that she’s sure he’s going to love.

Later, while Barry halfway listens to a salesperson explain to him why he needs the couch, the love seat, the ottoman, AND the side tables he watches as Iris stares longingly at a long slate gray couch. It isn’t as sleek or sophisticated as some of the other couches in the showroom but it has a look about it that makes you just want to grab a soft blanket and cuddle in for a long nap on dreary Sunday afternoon. Iris meets his gaze for a second and gives him a small smile before she turns her attention back to what the desperate salesperson is saying.

Finally, they go and look at mattresses and as they’re laying back on one ridiculously fluffy one (even though the sign clearly says no sitting on the furniture) Barry props himself on his elbow and looks down at Iris (who is blissfully thisclose to falling asleep) and asks her, “so what do you think about this one?” She answers, “I love it, but I love soft mattresses–you, on the other hand, hate them. So let’s find you one that you’ll love too.” She sits up and gives him a kiss and grabs his hand and tugs him off the bed in search for one that’s just right for him.

Despite Iris’s (and Joe and Wally’s) protests Barry does all the moving in by himself. Finally, he’s got his apartment set up exactly how he wants it and he is ready to unveil it to everyone–but, Iris is first. He picks her up at CCPN and requests that she close her eyes. She gives him a suspicious look but she closes them anyway and she only jumps a little when she feels the cool satin cover her eyes. “Do you not want me to know how to get where you live?” she teases and Barry laughs along with her nervously but doesn’t answer the question. He just softly asks her if she’s ready before he bends down and picks her up bridal style and takes off.

Less than a second later they’re at Barry’s new place. He carefully leads Iris up the stairs to his apartment and it isn’t until they reach the front door that he takes the blindfold off. She takes in her surroundings and she turns and give him a perplexed look. “This is your place? Barry the rent here is ridiculous…” He just rolls his eyes fondly and ushers her in as she continues explaining why she was thinking about writing an investigative report on the exorbitant rise of rent prices in Central City. Her tirade is cut short when he flips the light switch and the first thing she sees is the big gray couch from the furniture store in the living room. Next, her eyes shift to the big French windows that lead to the terrace that are shielded with light blue curtains.

“Barry…” she starts but she’s stopped by his lips on her. “Let me finish the tour,” he whispers against her mouth. She nods her head slightly and he kisses her once more before taking her hand and leading her through the rest of the apartment. Her fingers tighten intermittently around his as he takes her through the kitchen and she recognizes the silver Kitchen-Aid stand mixer she oohed and aahed over sitting next to the ridiculously cute Dr. Who cookie jar that Barry loved. His stainless steel refrigerator was already covered with pictures and 90% of them were of her.

Next was the bathroom, and she suppressed her squeal of approval at the teal and gray rugs and shower curtain that she had adored the minute she laid eyes on them. Barry laughs at her excitement and continues to tug her gently down the hallway. He briefly explains that the guest bedroom is currently empty because he hasn’t figured out what to do with it yet. When Iris jokingly suggests a roommate he just looks at her with an unreadable look in his eyes and mutters, “I’m not interested in a roommate.”

Finally they make it to the bedroom down the hall and Barry pauses for just a second before pushing the door open. Iris holds her breath in anticipation (even though she didn’t know why) and she expels it in a large whoosh as light floods the room.

“Oh Barry…” she breathes out as she sees the bedroom, “it’s perfect.” And it is, it’s a little bit of him mixed with a little bit of her and it’s just enough for the both of them. There was the big fluffy bed that she loved with the light blue sheets and the dark brown leather chair in the corner that he decided he couldn’t live without. The wide dresser he chose had eight drawers (4 more than he claimed he needed) and above that was the massive mirror that Iris wanted the second she laid eyes on it.

“Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Barry teases as he walks across the room and swings open the door to the closet and Iris literally feels her knees get weak. He was standing in front of the biggest walk-in closet she’d ever seen with the biggest, cheesiest grin she’s ever seen.

“Barry, this place is beyond amazing. I love everything about it!!” She practically squeals as she rushes forward into his arms. She plants wet, sloppy kisses all over his face that cause him to chuckle happily.

“Yeah?” He questions once she’s done peppering kisses on him. “Yeah,” she responds as her eyes sweep the room, “I can’t help but notice though that a lot of the stuff here is stuff I like.”

“Yeah…” Barry answers uncertainly, “I just wanted you to feel at home here.”

“You’re here, why wouldn’t I feel at home here?” She teases sweetly.

“That’s not what I meant,” he responds solemnly and her smile fades as she realizes how serious he is.

“So, what do you mean?” She asks quietly.

“I don’t know,” he shrugs, “I just wanted you to feel comfortable and at home here. So, you know…if…”

“If what?”

“If you wanted to stay…permanently…you know…”

“You want me to live here?”

Barry looked hesitant for a moment before answering honestly, “I want you with me always Iris, so yeah…eventually, when you’re ready I want us to live here together.”


“Yeah, eventually.”

Tears shimmer in Iris’s eyes as she looks around a room that is a much him as it her and she slowly nods her head and responds. “Yeah…eventually.”

Stop Procrastinating Candle Spell

You will need:

  • Red candle
  • 3 drops lemon oil
  • Tablespoon almond oil
  • Full Moon

Go outside underneath the full moon. Combine three drops of lemon oil with a tablespoon of almond oil. Anoint your wrists, inhale the scent, and concentrate on how energizing the smell is.

Light the red candle, making note of how steady and bright the flame is. Close your eyes and repeat the following chant five times: fiery candle, bloody red, clear the slowness from my head. Mother moon of glowing light, give me fierceness through the night. Make me strong, steady, and as quick as the candle’s fire licks. Place within me strength and drive, so that my dreams may come alive.

This needs to be perfectly recited, so either take notes with you or commit it to memory. After the chant, concentrate on what it is you have been avoiding. Imagine conquering and completing this task, with success. Snuff the candle, and visualize that the flame is your procrastination, and it’s gone when the flame is crushed. Either immediately following the spell or the next morning, get to work on whatever it is you have been putting off. This spell can be completed as often as necessary.

(Source: Wicca Candle Spells by Milla Walsh)

one of my favorite things to picture is the small hesitation before lance and keith first kiss. like… as soon as they’re this close 👌to making contact? they just… stop right there. they want to continue, but they’re so. damn. hesitant. so they just linger like that… staring at each other’s lips/eyes… waiting for a sign… as if asking permission to go on, or giving the other a chance to back out and forget this ever happened. til finally, one of em snaps out, decides fuck it, and makes the move.

“put on something real nice im taking you to a new place dont ask no questions you got two hours.”

“throw on something casual, we about to see a movie/go bowling/kick back/for a walk.”

“throw on a turtle neck we going to see my mom.”

“pack your bags for three days, we going on a vacay/road trip.”


Easily one of my favorite Ksoo vines.