exo as things my family has said to roast me:
  • baekhyun: hi! welcome home! your hair is so ugly
  • chen: i'm so glad you like reading and staying at home. explain how that solves the problem of you being single all the time though
  • kai: you're always in the dark. i'm not entirely convinced that you're not a bat
  • chanyeol: you're so flat footed, but that's ok! potato feet are cute! you're like a little dinosaur!
  • kyungsoo: you said you wouldn't bother me today and yet you're still talking??
  • suho: i love you but why do you run like an ostrich
  • sehun: please don't hug me right now, you literally look like doofenshmirtz
  • xiumin: i wish someone in this house would let me listen to music with them... except, no, not you, don't ever make me listen to that weird shit ever again
  • yixing: i wish we could undo that interaction. i wish you could unsay the things you just said to me. take that sentence back. in fact, i want to un-know you. un-introduce yourself to me and prevent this interaction from ever happening
EXO Reactions to you thigh riding them

That’s funny, I already planed a thigh riding MTL for BTS 😁

I hope you like it 😘


He’s going to love it. It turns him on just to watch you go crazy on his thighs.

“This is so fucking hot, Babe”


He likes it when you play the dominant part and just take and do what you want.

“Work it, my crazy lil’ princess”


He loves watching you but is a little impasient and can’t wait to fuck you.

“You gotta grind my dick just like that, Babe”


He’s getting a little wierd and thinks that it’s kinda crazy. But he’ll let you do your thing.

“Why are you into that kinda stuff? Can’t we just have sex?”

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He goes crazy just by watching you. He loves the way you grind on his thighs and just let yourself go.

“Yeah work those fucking hips, Babe”


He’s definetly into it. He loves watching you, but also had to hold back. He couldn’t stop moving his own hips.

“Can you do this all day, please?”

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He likes it so much and just wants to grind on you too before he fucks you hard.

“Can I grind on you too, Babe?”


He enjoys the show and after you reached your climax he would say…

“I really liked that. We should do that more often.”




That kinky little shit likes everything thats a little extra. He’s really into it and couldn’t stop staring at you and your body.

“Keep on doing this, Babe”


As soon as he realizes what your up to he would take of his shirt, be all hectic and say…

“Stop grinding and start fucking me!”


As you started grinding his thigh he just realized that this was his biggest weakness and turn on.

“Don’t ever stop doing this.”