161028 Chanyeol’s Goodnight song (© 찬란)
How was your day today, it wasn’t easy wasn’t it
Everything’s tedious and boring and you’re grumbling isn’t it
Sleep doesn’t seem to dawn upon you, even as you close your eyes, bad memories are constantly replaying
It’s frustrating isn’t it
Take a deep breath and exhale your worries
Convince yourself that this song will take you to dreamland
Don’t fill yourself with negative thoughts, as the clouds in the sky will soon return
Now, just think of the beautiful world that you’re about to enter
Good night, good night
Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-Chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)

“Hey Mama” Tracklist

Hey Mama!: Cheerful song reminiscent of the 1970s funk, disco, pop genre. Lyrics are about having fun in a normal day to make it more special.

The One: The short vcr that was revealed in EXO'rDIUM. Lyrics about feeling like a male has to confess because of a girl’s charms.

Rhythm After Summer: Funky groove and electronic dance song.

Juliet: Medium tempo and R&B ballad song symbolizing love towards a female with soft vocals.

Cherish: Pop style song symbolizing a man in love and his fluttering heart.

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I’m gonna miss this ufcking vine