160826 Chanyeol fanaccount at the hospital:

- After the prerecording for Music Bank ended and during the free time before the end of the show, Chanyeol went to the hospital.

- One of the hospital’s nurses said that one EXO member went to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

- Chanyeol got injured during practice.

- Originally they had to run some tests/ checks but since Chanyeol was very busy and he knew were he was hurting he only received simple treatment and took some painkillers.

- He then left the hospital and returned to Music Bank right away.

- The staff mentioned that even though she’s not a fan it was heartbreaking to see Chanyeol limping as he left the hospital.

- She also mentioned that Chanyeol was very courteous.

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chanyeol the type to smile thru the pain and never let anyone feel there’s anything wrong, the type to crinkle the corners of his eyes in delight as he layers on his mask of happiness, to hold his bright and big grin from ear to ear as he waves to his fans, concealing his injuries and holding in his woe, convincing everyone that’s he’s fine… he’s fine…. he’s fine….. and that he never. gets. upset, because there’s no way he could ever let anyone… know.

n wow im emotional

The China Line Chronicles #HereComesNCT Ft. The8 & Jun

Kris: Okay it’s been a while because I know that we all have very busy schedules but thank you all for making it out.

Tao: You’re welcome Kris!

Kris: Um…I’m addressing everyone…not just you, so need to make it personal.

Tao: I like things personal.


Jun: Okayyy ignoring him-

Luhan: like usual

Jun: So we’re all here in Lay’s room…but where’s Lay?

Lay: *enters with guests* Here! I brought some new faces that were interested in joining our movement. We were a little late because Sehun was dancing to Lotto in the living room and wanted them to watch.

Chenle: Believe me we didn’t want to.

Kris: Woah woah woah Lay! Is it show & tell day at the dorms?

Renjun: We’re all a part of NCT.  SM’s newest super group. 

WinWin: Hey everyone!

The8: Younger members?! I vote them in the club already. It sucks being the youngest.

Tao: Tell me about it.

The8: Tell you what?? You’re the one who chooses to “act” like the youngest, not me.

Tao: Kris are you going to let him talk to me like this??

Kris: Yes. This is a group of equals.

Renjun: Nice!

Luhan: Oh yeah I’ve heard of NCT! It’s another 50 member group, because SM has such a stellar record of managing their produc- I mean artists.

Tao: I’ve heard of Taeyong, Ten and that Mark kid…but I don’t recognize any of you guys.

Lay: Well they’re Chinese so…

Kris: So of course we’ve never heard of you.

Jun: So what are your roles in the group?

Renjun: Well me and Chenle are in NCT Dream and I am a dancer and vocal.

Chenle:  And I’m a main vocal.

The8: What about you, WinWin?


Lay: Don’t be shy, tell everyone what you do.


WinWin:Woop Woop



Kris: We may just be too late to save him

Luhan: Moving on… to less pitiful things…Yixing what happened bro??! Golden boy Kai got hurt and SEHUN got the prime dance slot in the new MV?

Tao: You watched the new MV?

Luhan: It had autotune and I heard it had double meaning lyrics so of course I was curious. 

Lay: Well SM just thought it would be a better fit for me to take a back role and let the younger members shine.

Kris: If you sit back any further you’re going to be laying on the ground, limp and broken.

Lay: Oh? Like you’re acting career?

Luhan: *chokes*

Chenle: *whispers to WinWin* is this why EXO M failed?

Jun: I swear these moments are why I keep coming to these meetings.

The8: Same.


Chen: *knocks on door* Lay?! Why does it sound like Kris is in there??

Lay: *whispers* everybody be quiet shh *through door* NO KRIS ISN’T IN HERE. IT’S JUST ME AND SOME OF THE NCT KIDS WATCHING OLD SHOWTIME EPISODES.

Chen: *through door* Well okay that’s fine I guess, but hurry up and come out. The rest of NCT are here and Suho wants us to have a combined meeting and swap stories or some kind of mess. I don’t really know I never listen he’s kind of boring.

Suho: *from outside door down the hall*  I can hear you Chen!!

Chen: *to Suho* DID I SAY IT WAS A SECRET?!?! *through door* Gah! Just hurry up Lay. *leaves*

Lay: Okay guys you all just stay in here until the coast clears. I’m going to take the NCT boys and go to the meeting. *leaves*

Renjun: This was nice! *leaves*

Chenle: Thanks for letting us join! *leaves*

WinWin: I said more here than in my last 4 interviews…*leaves*


Luhan: That WinWin kid depresses me and I don’t even know why.

Jun: Well what do we do while we wait them out?

Kris: there’s a window here but it may be too high to jump out of.

Luhan: Yeah let’s not do anything dangerous.

Tao: I got it! We can sit in a circle and say our favorite things about each other! Kris you start!




Luhan: I’ll jump now.