Mini Roses | Nailing It

Mini Roses were one of the first styles of nail art that ever I learned.  This design is way easier than it looks and is sure to attract lots of attention.  I love how the rose pattern looks like old, floral wallpaper, while simultaneously feeling modern and fresh.


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) White Nail Polish

4) Red Nail Polish

5) Pink Paint

6) Green Paint

7) Medium Sized Dotting Tool (or the end of a paint brush)

8) Small Paint Brush


1) Begin with a base coat on all of your nails.

2) Start the design with two coats of white nail polish.

3) Place a medium sized dotting tool into the pink paint.

4) Create a bundle of three small dots together.

5) Continue this pattern across the entire nail.

6) Dip your brush into green paint.

7) On each rose, paint two small leaf shapes outside of the petals.

8) After cleaning off the brush, use it again by dipping it in red polish.

9) Create small curves on the inside of each rose to add more detail.

10) Once dried, finish off with a top coat to seal the design in place.

Mickey Mouse | Nailing It

“Oh boy!”  Who here loves absolutely anything Mickey Mouse related?  This Mickey silhouette design is so simple, yet so cute!  It’s perfect for both beginners looking for something easy and more practiced artists who want a design they can complete quickly.  Make sure you read to the bottom of the tutorial to see a second version of the look!


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) White Nail Polish

4) Black Paint

5) End of a Large Paint Brush (an extra large dotting tool will work as well)

6) Medium Dotting Tool (the end of a smaller paintbrush or pen works as well)


1) Start by preparing your nails with a base coat.

2) Next, paint your nails with two layers of white polish.

3) Take the end of a paint brush (or an extra large dotting tool) and dip it into black paint.

4) Place a dot on the bottom corner of your nail.

5) Using a medium sized dotting tool (or a smaller paint brush), re-dip in the black paint.

6) Place two new dots directly above the first large dot.  Make sure these dots touch the large dot, but not each other, to create a Mickey Mouse silhouette.

7) Finish with a layer of top coat.


As an alternative, use this Mickey Mouse design as an accent nail to simple polka dots.  Make your polka dots nails red and white for a real Mickey-inspired look.

Clouds | Nailing It

Today’s nail art tutorial is a simple design for nail art beginners.  Clouds are the perfect starting design as it only requires the use of two colours and a dotting tool.  If you don’t have a nail art dotting tool, using the back of a paintbrush or pen works just as well.  Use different sizes to create a variety of clouds.


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) Light Blue Nail Polish

4) White Acrylic Paint

5) Large Dotting Tool (the end of a paintbrush or pen works as well)


1) Begin with a base coat on your nails.

2) Next, paint all of your nails with two coats of a light blue polish.

3) Dip your large dotting tool into white paint.

4) Place one dot anywhere on the nail.

5) Create a cloud shape by placing about four or five dots immediately next to and around the first dot.

6) Re-dip your dotting tool into the white paint and repeat steps 4 and 5 over the nail to create a cloud pattern.

7) Finish the look with a top coat.

Galaxy Print | Nailing It

Worried that you’ll struggle with nail designs because you don’t have the best art skills?  Maybe you don’t feel the most confident with a paint brush?  These Galaxy Nails are perfect for anyone, no matter their artistic level!  To create these nails, you’ll need quite a few materials, but all of these tools are easy to use!


1) Base Coat

2) Top Coat

3) Black Nail Polish

3) Silver Nail Polish

4) Dark Purple Nail Polish

5) Dark Blue Nail Polish

6) Makeup Sponge

7) Tape

8) Medium-Sized Dotting Tool

9) Optional: Glitter Nail Polish


1) Prepare your nails with a base coat.

2) Paint a layer of black polish onto each nail.

3) Tape the area of the finger surrounding the nail to prevent mess.

4) Paint a dot of deep purple polish onto the corner of your makeup sponge.

5) Randomly dab splotches of the polish onto your nail.

6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 with a dark blue polish as well.

7) Remove the tape from around your nail.

8) Take a medium sized dotting tool and dip it into opaque silver polish.

9) Apply a few randomly placed dots onto the nail to represent stars.

10) Optional: Paint a layer of glitter polish (I chose a gold and black glitter) on top of the entire design for extra sparkle.

11) Finalize with a layer of top coat.

Nail Art- Remus Lupin

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