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art dad? more like bae because I have a huge crush but whatever. how upset might you be if someone casually used kind of your commission post layout as their own. Not a direct rip off but like, just a base to make their own? i'm mostly paranoid because after seeing how nice yours looked i redid my own and now it... looks really close to yours. and i feel bad but it took me 2 hours and i'm a weak and lazy gay.

mine was a pretty simple, quickly-done layout thing so I wouldn’t mind if people used it as reference! [though it might be different if it were copied almost exactly, I guess?]

mileage may vary for other illustrators but I appreciate that you decided to ask me! ^///u///^

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Hey, what about prompt 2 characters, for Shoichi with numbers, 20, 22, 31, 46 & 48 ? Luv' you ♥

I love you too, my dear! And I love all of these questions - you picked such interesting prompts! I hope you’ll enjoy the answers and thank you so much for all the requests!

20. Childhood illnesses? Any interesting stories behind them?

Shoichi actually had mono when he was about thirteen. He lied and pretended he caught it from it’s nickname - ‘the kissing disease’ but the truth was, it was simply caught from drinking out of the same bottle as his cousin, who had mono too!

22. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

Shoichi is prone to doodling without even thinking about it and it’s while he’s doodling that he comes up with his best ideas. It’s when he’s doodling that he comes up with blueprints for machines or simple layouts for new technology. He also sketches out music, either lyrics or melodies.

31. Most prized possession? 

When he was younger, it was just stupid things, like a video game console he’d really wanted or band merchandise. When he grows up though, it will be that stupid box. That stupid box that he hated so much somehow becomes his most prized possession, that thing that ties together everything he’s ever gone through and everything he will continue going through.

46. Do they express their thoughts through words or deeds?

Shoichi definitely shows his thoughts more through his actions. He tends to hold a lot of himself inside, tends to keep things bottled up in his mind and his body so, for anyone to truly get to know him, they have to pay close attention to what he does.

48. How do they express love?

Shoichi shows that he loves someone, platonic-wise, familial or romantically, through trust. If he truly cares for someone, he’ll trust them, he’ll share more with them than he would with anyone else, he’ll let his guard down more around them. Those people he loves will be the ones to see more of the real Shoichi, more of who he truly is than anyone else ever will.

I honestly really dislike my theme because the text is so freaking small (especially for the tags) and I hate the lack of accessibility, but I also like that it shows the tags and has an about page and a few links (I only need to link to my ao3 but still) and stuff like that. I mean, I would like a small sidebar where I can write stuff about me because the one I have currently is kind of meh, but yeah.

But seriously, I’ve been searching for a really simple layout (I don’t like fussy stuff) w/o pics that has things like that for weeks now and it’s been almost impossible to find. Like, so many layouts involve really tiny text that even I struggle to read. It’s honestly kind of frustrating.

But hey, I’m currently on page 200 or so here and I haven’t lost hope yet in finding something I like yet.

writer ask game

Hi people who read my Ladybug fic, fun fact, I’m not dead, I’ve just been seduced back to the world of romance heavy YA urban fantasy fandoms. 

I was tagged by @clairelutra who I have interacted with directly before, I once asked before I lifted one of her ideas and it has become one of my most popular fics and yet I’m still a little surprised she knows who I am. *waves like a dork*

Where do you publish your work?

Tumblr or AO3. Usually AO3. I love AO3. I mean I have a but I don’t use it much. I also technically have a wattpad but it has a single chapter of an old fic up on it.

What medium/application/etc. do you write in or with?

I only write digitally. I do not hand write anything. I often use 750words for drafting (I love its stats and simple layout and I’ve been using it since 2012 so I got grandfathered into a free account – also I am so so so motivated by don’t break the chain stuff or coloured graphs and this has both). I organize and live out of Scrivener though. That one I bought and it was worth the money. I got a 50% off coupon from Nanowrimo as a winner years ago and I have never looked back. They have a free trial. You should try it. I used to use it for organizing my university notes too. I love it. I sometimes use Microsoft word and if I’m writing tumblr prompts then straight into tumblr.

Do you collaborate with others?


I will rarely ask trusted sources for specific bits of help on specific chapters but I do not do co-authoring and I don’t have a consistent beta. I’m a control freak about my writing and while I could probably benefit from a true beta/editor, it seems like a lot of work to push on someone else also I am socially awkward and can’t ask for help so approaching anyone in that capacity terrifies me unless it is super specific and I am pretty confident that they’ll be ok with it. “Here is 2000 words, is my characterization of your fav on point?” is different than, “Do you want to embark on editing a potentially 50,000-100,000 word novel with me? I won’t pay you because it is fic.”

How much editing do you do before you publish?

Edit one: as I go – I skim back over yesterday’s writing and adjust.

Edit two: content edit – I close read and add and delete and rearrange as needed. 

Edit 2.1 etc : content edit redux - not every story gets this. I mean Choices got probably 3 content edits then it got another edit to divvy it into chapters then it got close edited. It’s also probably the best writing sentence by sentence that I’ve posted in awhile because hey look all the work pays off but not every story gets that treatment. If I’m binging a long form it gets no content edit at all. The first turbo posted blast of Sealed Away was like that, write it check for egregious errors, post, repeat.

Edit three: close edit – I copy everything into Hemingwayapp and go through it sentence by sentence and try to catch as many errors as physically possible. I never get them all.

Do you listen to music when you write?

Occasionally but not consistently and not with any loyalty to music matching tone. I have written battle scenes to Walk the Moon’s Different Colours which is aggressively happy guitar-pop. Often I go on 8tracks and pull an instrumental playlist like this one to listen to.

How do you decide what to write about? 

I day dream. Sometimes I day dream things that are compelling enough that I think a story could be built out of them. Sometimes those day dreams are sparked by good ideas or bad ideas or dialogue prompts. I write a lot of fic that starts with “I didn’t like that thing from canon, you know what would be better? If they were adults, if she had made the first move, if they all ended up together and no one died etc” and then builds and grows and changes from there. I don’t write from “This is the best part of the thing that I loved.” I always write from the moment of discontent the, “There is a lot to love but I would like it more if”

When do you write?

 Whenever I have extended time. If I have 20 minutes before I need to leave for the bus, I won’t get any writing done in that small a block, I shouldn’t even try. If I have two hours on said bus on the way to the city in rush hour traffic? I will write the entire way there. Typically though, I write after work/school in that block of time before dinner and then if the writing is good then after dinner as well. My favourite time to write is early on a weekend morning. Get up at 5 (no really I have recently become a convert to early mornings, I love them), make a coffee, make a nice breakfast, sit down with the cat, brush the cat (priorities), then start typing until I have aches from sitting in the same position or responsibility is calling.

How often do you write?

Without external stress: daily.

When battling stress (especially school stress): whenever there is a break in the stress, I cannot write through misery or discomfort. No writing when sick or anxious or over tired.

Do you take requests? Why/why not?

Yes but I don’t write TO those requests. I love external twinges to ideas but I am far more interested in letting my own imagination take me. Right now I have a “sibling of best friend” prompt in my inbox and while the spirit of that prompt is all-human fluffy fluff of the likely teenage variety, I’m not going to write that. I’m leaning more toward writing it as a canon divergence fic involving a deep cover operation. So yeah, I love getting prompts. You are probably not going to get back what you’re expecting if you send me one though.

Is there any genre or type of story you want to write but are hesitant to? 

 I am at this moment writing orgy smut so you know, my fanfic boundaries are basically zero.

 I would someday like to write a “treasure box” story with a series of interlocking reveals that in the end all build to one final picture. I once read a review that called the Time Traveler’s Wife a “treasure box” of a novel and I’ve always wanted to make a story that intricate but I am not that good yet. 

Also magical realism. I really want to delve into a soft small town fantasy fluff setting and just wallow in it a bit. Something like Water or the Scenery (a Malec fic) but more expanded. Think Gilmore Girls with magic. I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet. 

Any inspirational quotes, videos, tricks, articles, etc. that help you stay motivated?

Nothing consistent. I will sometimes go to Chuck Wendig’s blog though because his writing advice all boils down to: “If you want to write a thing then you need to string the words together, go to the word mines and stop reading blogs you lazy asshole” and that to me is the only writing advice that matters. You don’t get better if you don’t write. You don’t have finished stories if you don’t write. You can’t explore ideas if you don’t start somewhere and write them down.

Go to page 7 of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, and share 7 sentences. 

 *stares at this*

Currently I am working on a smut fic so you’re not getting that because I don’t post smut direct to the blog and every word of that monster is pornographic.

I would choose a Ladybug fic since I was tagged on my Ladybug blog but I haven’t written Ladybug fic in months. Since whenever the last Somebody’s Daughter was released and I think there was still snow on the ground when I last wrote some of that.

So here’s something from page 7 of the next part of Gray

“Of course you, you bastard.”

 "That’s an idiot idea, I am dying if you haven’t noticed.“

 Will took a deep breath and cut him off before he could keep talking, "You’re my family, James. I can’t lose any more family. Next year we’ll be placed abroad and the only guarantee I have that we will not end up on opposite sides of the globe is this. They can’t separate a parabatai team.”

RoleplayRumors Layout #1

Purple Galore | Code

This is a simple layout. My first one, so I made it fun with all the colors.

  • Top banner can be changed (800x100)
  • Gifs in interest section should not be more than 275 in width(It will mess up the position of the banner.)
  • Comes with a cute little matching cursor as well.
  • Any questions about the layout, just let us know
☆11 Questions Tag☆

thank you @xiuxiustudy for tagging me !!

rules: answer 11 questions, ask 11 new questions, and tag 11 people.

  1. Favourite music to have in the background while studying?
    the acoustic guitar mekaku city actors medley, the vocaloid medley and slow (kpop/jrock/khh) songs ^^

  2. Do you like the old library aesthetic? (think of Hogwarts library)
    not sure tbh, it’s really cozy and pretty and all but for some reason it slightly creeps me out lol (still a HP fan tho c:)

  3. Typed up notes or Hand written notes?
    both but i remember things better by writting them down ^^

  4. Bullet Journal aesthetic or simple layout?
    bujo because it’s so pretty 

  5. Favourite late night snack?

  6. Cute stationary or simple stationary?
    cute because if i’m going to spend a lot of money, might as well buy cute stationary ;)

  7. Favourite place to read?
    In bed ^^

  8. Favourite Artist? (Can be musical or art)
    i have a lot but I’ll narrow it down to Tablo, Twenty One Pilots, Childish Gambino, BTS, Kai and Jin (not from bangtan ^^); this is purely on how much they inspire me in general. It might be different if you ask “full appeal” wise though

  9. Biggest pet peeve?
    ignorance, like seriously people should not just assume things. pick up a book or think from other people’s perspective..

  10. Favourite Holiday and why?
    New York + Miami 2015 because I got to see my dad and brother for the first time after 10 years and my best guy friend as well ^^ i discovered a lot of things about myself; tastes, dislikes, ambitions, etc ^^

  11. Rain or Sun?
    Depends, but mostly sun c:

~ My Questions ~

  1. What’s your native language?
  2. Best/favourite school app?
  3. What culture would you like to explore?
  4. Favourite movie?
  5. Who/what inspires or inspired you to be who you are now?
  6. Favourite event you attended?
  7. What is your main source of stress?
  8. Written essays or presentations?
  9. Non existing class you’d like to take?
  10. Favourite word in another language?
  11. Food you’ve never tried before but would love to try?

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