Theme 017 by Robotic Themes

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  • 200/250/400px posts
  • one or two columns
  • optional live fishes (you can choose a black, white, or default color scheme)
  • 3 fonts to choose from
  • optional pagination / endless scrolling
  • optional: grayscale / faded images
  • up to 5 custom links (not including home, ask, and archive!)
  • a side image 
  • much much more!!!

infinite scroll does not work with 200px posts

Pear Theme

The Pear theme brings elegant simplicity to you with its grid layout and double sidebar. Contrasting typography and lack of clutter creates a simple and clear aesthetic. Includes optional background/banner images, custom title/text/link colors, like/reblog buttons, fully optimized permalink page, and custom categories and social links. Enjoy!

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“Left behind“ Theme #137 made by Ocehans:


            *FEATURES HERE*

note:  you can change the triangles in your links with any other unicode symbol that you want

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Redirect/Saved URL Theme 02 - Particle

Previews: [Particles] [Fish] [Starfield| [code] | [magnusthemes]


  • Customizable moving particle background; or-
  • Customizable interactive fish background; or-
  • Black-and-white moving starfield background
  • Customizable colors (starfield colors are fixed!)
  • Can be used for both moved/saved URLs
  • Simple/elegant layout
  • Hides tumblr controls


[terms of use]


To customize the fish, you can go here and choose the colors you want, then paste your colors into the text blanks in the appearance options.

Please remember to key in your new URL at the bottom of the appearance options! (e.g. if i have just moved from slaiinetroyards to kiriitokuns, i would key in kiriitokuns in the blank) (:

Particle background credit to jnicol/particleground; fish background credit to abowman; starfield background credit to rocketwagon!!
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130316 ◦ my university bullet journal set up! a lovely anon asked if i could post up my set up so, here we go!

to preface, this is a really simple layout which i had pre-set up during the holidays! i have things laid out so that i have enough space to be creative, yet still be useful. i slip this a5 hobonichi memopad into the back of my hobonichi cousin cover, which i bring everywhere. i’m hopefully going to buy myself an a5 Leuchtturm1917 notebook for a daily bujo and another hobonichi cover!

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☆  bands headers  ☆

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- credits to @5secsxofjb if using x


Porto Theme

Minimal portofolio tumblr theme with three columns or four columns, custom logo, unique animation, fast page transition and responsive to showcase your best work on tumblr.

Features :

  • Header
  • 3,4 column(s)
  • Color & Image Background
  • Logo
  • Photo Hover button
  • Page Links
  • Many more

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