anonymous asked:

banhsoo- totally not her


do they follow me: yes | no

do i follow them: yes | no | now

what i think about their blog: can ngan be the banh to my mi…. hehehheeh ngan’s blog is pure perfection and her graphics are to die for because they’re so simple yet so pretty and perfect alkhglhkglhgsa

and ngan’s so nice always holding giveaways on tumblr!! go join her giveaway if you haven’t already~~ 

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leubaek asked:

leubaek ? *u*

Do they follow me: yes | no

Do i follow them: yes | no

(if i follow them)What i think about their blog: i love your theme ;u; you can never go wrong with a grid theme :-) i like how it looks so simple and yet at the same time it looks really pretty! 

send me a url anonymously and i’ll talk about the blog


hey we started being mutuals not too long ago but ur blog is actually really cool nd ur theme is so simple yet so pretty and i love ur posts  and you’re into great anime >:))))

haraldic asked:

  • My favorite thing about your blog

The layout tbh. It’s so pretty and nice. Simple yet elegant ♥

  • What fandom I associate you with the most

YuGiOh I don’t know any of you other fandoms

  • What I think of your URL

Issokay? I don’t get it, but I don’t know the character. 

  • If I follow you and why

Because I went to your blog and went whoah this rper seems rad. i wanna interact, crap how do approach. suck it up, say hi’ But then I chickened out like a wuss and we should interact okay? 

So client requested purple so I added lilac and holographic with bird cage and 3d bird and 3d bird perched on tree limb on other finger ,simple yet so pretty 💜

exco asked:

jimin or sehun ♡*:・✧

thank you for sending one~! ((Jimin is my bias from BTS btw! ;w;))

url: don’t get it | not bad | nice | good job | love it omg | who did you kill
theme: not my type | ehh | decent | I like it | pretty amazing | I’m stealing it
icon: don’t get it | not bad | nice | pretty | flawless omg | brb killing myself
posts: not my type | not bad | nice job | love | perfection | give me your password
following: no sorry (but ily;;) | just followed | yes | you mean stalk what
: hello cutie~ you have a really pretty blog ;w; i love how you managed to keep it simple yet so pretty~! i would totally recommend it to anyone who loves aesthetic! c:

Tell me who you ship me with and I will rate your blog ~

hariumi asked:


The first song I heard + first MV of theirs I saw:

Mr. Ambiguous 

My first bias and current bias:

Moonbyul so far ^^

Three of my favorite songs by them:

Don’t be Happy - it’s so chill…yet sultry.

Piano Man - i think my favorite part about this song is the atmosphere it provides idk haha it’s pretty simple yet it still gives so much depth

Hi Hi Ha He Ho - i love the lyrics in this song ok 

A song I wish they’d promoted:

uhm idk they’re new still i don’t really have anything that i felt like “OMG I WISH THIs wAS HIGHLIGHTED MORE”

Something I really love about this group:

Their personalities are perfection.

A concept I would like to see from them in the future:

their style is so fresh to me i don’t want to ruin it while at the same time i want to see how they do other styles…maybe a cute concept but mamamoo version haha

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