There comes a point where we must decide to go farther. To take the extra leap in order to put more in and receive more out. Yet, there is so much more to it then that. In reality, it is more about ultimate gratitude and respect that we often simply cannot help but feel the need and desire to do more. Thus, we develop farther and become more devoted to such an individual or passion.

you took me for granted (angst)

Genre: Angst

Character: Jimin & You

(A/N) this is from my AFF but i feel like posting it here too :-) 


you place the last kimbab that you made in the food container and smiled contently. you look at the clock and gasped. “shit im late omg” you said to yourself feeling panic. you put the food container into a bag and quickly dress up. you were going to meet jimin and his members at their usual hangout place. yes, you always go to their hangout place with the food you made because they love your cooking and also theyre hungry monsters of course. you wore simple today, white tshirt and jeans with converse shoes. well, thats what jimin likes. he once told you that his ideal type is a person who wore simple yet still looks beautiful.

  "~~~~~ah! yes thank goodness for bringing food for us! thats why we love you!“ taehyung ran to you and takes the food. the other members welcomes you and hollered for you to sit beside jimin. you were smiling at how happy they are that youre here but your face slightly change when you look at jimin. he was staring at you with hard eyes that looks like he’s irritated. **did he not like my presence here or is it just me.. but its alright to come here right..? im his girlfriend after all** you thought. you snapped back to reality when namjoon told you to come over and sit beside jimin once again. you tore your gaze from jimin and looks down while walking towards his direction. you were sitting abit far from him cause you can sense that he is still staring at you. 

the whole time youre here were like hell to you. the boys were noisy and chirpy as usual but the thing that makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable is your boyfriend. jimin has not spoken to you and neither the boys. he was just watching the tv with a bored expression and you feel hurt by it. you couldnt take it anymore and gets up from the sofa. the boys stopped talking and looks at you confused together with jimin. "urm i have to go.. i forget that i didnt complete a school assignment” you bow and walks away quickly. jimin squints his eyes and gets up too. “im gonna send her” he said and chases after you.

  **if you didnt like me to be there you should’ve told me. i’ve wasted my time to make kimbabs for you and youre being this way** you sighed. suddenly, you felt a hand grabbing your arm and turns you around. you frown but eases your forehead lines. “are you okay? do you really have to go?” he asked. “y-yea im okay. and yes i have to” you lied and looks away. he lets go of your arm and puts his hand into his pocket. he nodded and walks away. you look at his back with your heart breaking into pieces. he should’ve double check you or maybe walk you home. but no, he just… walks away. you know you shouldnt feel sensitive over it but this situation has been going on for a long time. 

 you’ve been dating jimin for a year. you still remember the day you confessed to him your love. yes, you confessed and not him since you’ve been having a crush on him for three years and your dream came true when he accepts. in the beginning he’s sweet towards you, going to school with you, sending you back home, having dates frequently, saying sweet words but after a long time.. he doesnt really show his affections and becomes emotionless only towards you.

 he rarely talk to you, reply you with only a word or few, saying that he’s busy when you want to go out with him. he’s ok talking to his friends, other classmates, but not you. you didnt know your mistake or who’s fault that he became that way. Its like he’s doing a dare or a one-sided love. sometimes you regret confessing to him, but youre glad that he’s yours now and youre can shower your love towards him. the next day, you were walking along the school hallway alone while looking down. you werent in your mood due to yesterday and jimin didnt pick you up as usual. 

you look up and frown. jimin was walking with another girl, smiling and laughing at each other’s jokes. you seem fine with that but it hurts you when he saw you but walks past you, not giving a smile or a goodmorning. your tears were threatening to fall but you force yourself not to let it out. you’ve been trying to get use to it actually since jimin has been hanging out with her for the past few months. 

you tried to think positive and thought theyre friends and nothing more than that. you jumped a little when somebody tapped your shoulder from behind. you turned around and giggled. “you scared me do you know that!” you pinched hoseok’s arm. he chuckles and rolls his eyes. 

“wow you should’ve said thank you for snapping you into reality cause classes are starting soon and this woman here is blocking the hallway just by standing here” he scoffs. you laughed at his words and smacks his arm earning a whine from him. both of you walks to your class as hoseok offers to send you to your class before going to his. you sit at your place and smiled.

 **at least theres someone that can make my day better even without you** you thought as your heart cringes remembering what happened just now. you shook your head and try to focus in class.  

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Okay so I just got notified that you reblogged my Evanstan manip and I saw you tagged it in the talented people thingy and that made me very happy cause youre one of my favorite blogs and thats like the best compliment ive ever gotten (the hashtag) so thank you for making my whole day ha <3

Well what am I to do when you make something so simple, yet so powerful and beautiful?