A commission of the lovely Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir~

Was asked to do this specific pose with some background and it got a bit more ambitious than planned but ah well. Wanted it to look nice and pretty happy with how it turned out at least. I haven’t done a background on a commission in a long while ffff

  • A sigil is just an activated thought or intent; it is your will cast out into the universe. And it’s easy. Very easy. Anyone can do it with minimal effort and just a pen and lighter.
  • Take your thought, your will, your want, and refine it. Refine it until you have a statement of intent that is simple, direct, and to the point.
  • Take all the letters from that sentence and rearrange them into a symbol. Experiment with the shapes and make it a work of art, or simply connect and overlap the letters until it’s one sign.
  • Make sure it is how you want it, and that the energy feels right. Trust your intuition. If you don’t like how it feels, go back and redo it. Get it right.
  • Cut it out. Burn it.
  • You’ve just cast a sigil.

Aaaand yet another love letter to my goddamn Nerevarine.

Finally done!  Hhhhoy shit.  This was getting to ‘please let me be done’ levels.  Hey so maybe the next time I jump back into digital painting, I should pick, like, something 40 times simpler.  But, uh, it was definitely good practice?  I think I am pleased.

WIP of a winteriron seamless pattern I’m trying to do… Simplifying designs into tiny spaces is hard haha

I can’t decide what the other part of the pattern should be… I want Tony and Bucky out of their armor doing something fun and/or recognizable. 

Maybe Tony working on Bucky’s arm? Or maybe I should just have them sitting on the ground with their helmet/mask off, looking tired?