Ever since the RWBY volume 4 designs went online in July, the hype was real. Because of that hype, my hands just wanted to do one thing. So here it is, what my hands & hype created.

I could have went with a simple picture or sketch of the new RWBY designs, but it has been a while since I went this far with a piece of art I made. As you can see by looking through my DeviantArt gallery, most of my recent stuff lacks a real background & is often just one person standing in a boring position. So I wanted to create an actual background, I wanted more than one person or creature in the picture & I wanted to have them doing something.

Is it the best? Nah. Am I happy that I did this? Yeah. Enjoy Internet.

P.S. - Yes, I’m paying homage to the Red trailer here. Ruby fighting a horde of Grimm in a snowy field, I mean, it’s pretty obvious.


HOW TO: Super Simple Summer Protective Style Hair
By Sade

Hello everyone! I’m Sade from In My Sunday Best, and I’m here with a super quick and super easy hairstyle for summer. This can be done on any hair type, and could be modified for shorter hair. I’m in the process of growing my Natural hair out so I have to keep my ends protected and tucked away majority of the time so I’ve become quite creative with my updo’s. Protective styling doesn’t have to mean boring buns all the time!

I’ll keep my words sweet and simple as it’s a pretty self explanatory tutorial. Firstly you’ll need a couple of hair pins (I used about six) and a summery headband, but don’t worry if you don’t I’ve done this hairstyle plenty of times without a hairband and it’s turned out just as nice (here and here). If you’re using a headband, you’ll need to securely place it over your head with your hair framing your face, and simple roll and pin your hair over the sides and back of the headband, leaving a few tendrils out to give it a bit of an undone look, and voila you’re done! How easy is that?! This is usually my go to style for everything if i’m in a rush as it can be made more professional or laid back with some more pins and headbands. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if this is something you’d like to see more of on Powder Doom!


— About 500 words —

I reeally hope it’s okay like that. I gave my best!

If you want to request an Imagine, feel free to do that! :] (Request here!)

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Yoongi; me you, you me

❝i immediately wanted to write something when I saw this photo because LOOK AT THAT BOY. /also, this is for Isabella who casually called out to fight me but I suck at pairings so whatever k/ the-storyweaver
► 977 words | mini scenario, smalltown!au
/smalltown!Yoongi might be a thing i don’t know blame Isabella for this shit

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Don’t get me wrong, I love who I am
I don’t wanna be ungrateful
It probably sounds strange
I really love the role I play
The songs I sing
But with all the fame
The things that seem so simple, suddenly, so far out of reach
Wish that they could see that underneath…
I’m just an ordinary girl!
Sometimes I’m lazy
I get bored
I get scared
I feel ignored
I feel happy, I get silly
I choke on my own words
I make wishes, I have dreams
And I still want to believe
Anything can happen in this world, For an ordinary girl (Like you, Like me)
For an ordinary girl (Like you, Like me) How are you? Hello, Goodbye
One day here, one day there
And again it’s time to go
Miss popular always on the road
But my best foot forward
Gotta get on with the show
Strike a pose for the front cover of a magazine
Every where I arrive, I get high-5’s
They pay me larger than life
I’m just an ordinary girl!
So give it everything Or nothin’ at all
Get back on your feel when
You stumble and fall
A little luck can go a long way
So don’t you worry about what people say Who knows when the wind may blow
For an ordinary girl…
I’m just an ordinary girl
Sometimes I’m lazy
I get bored
I get scared
I feel ignored
I feel happy, I get silly
I choke on my own words
I make wishes, I have dreams
And I still want to believe
Anything can happen in this world,
For an ordinary girl
For an ordinary girl Like me, like you….
—  Hannah Montana Forever- Ordinary Girl
This Mess of Moments

A Joyce and Hopper Fic
(on ao3)

HAHAHAHA IT’S FINALLY DONE. CAN YOU BELIEVE??? This started as a simple 5 times fic and now it’s a little over 35K and spans from high school to post season one. It’s got fighting and angst and sex and more fighting and more sex and more fighting! It’s even got plot! PHEW. 

Anyways, big shoutout to francesca and rebecca for being CONSTANT cheerleaders. High fives to my other cheerleaders, you’re the best too! (these people will tell you never to add me on snapchat because you’ll get frantic 1am messages about plot and endings.) 

SO …here friends. Enjoy! 


Coming out of chemistry, his last class of the day, was like taking a deep breath of fresh air. And seeing Joyce perched on the hood of his car, her pencil skirt hiked up as she let the sun reach all the way above her knees was a much needed reminder that life wasn’t always boring chemical bonds. But if any of the escaping teachers caught her with her skirt up like that, she’d be fucked.

“If you’re gonna sit there, at least wiggle your ass a little to buff the hood,” he joked as he got closer to her.

She rolled her eyes and flicked her cigarette butt in his direction before hopping down and leaning against his door.

“You gonna survive Mr. Cook?” she asked, looking up at him as he got closer. She was so small.

“Any chance you’ll do my work for me?” He cocked an eyebrow but she rolled her eyes again.

“I already did that work last semester and I’m sure as hell not doing it again. Go find a new girlfriend for that.”

Hopper tossed his books through the window behind her, then slid his hand up her side as he leaned down to kiss her.

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Away From Home pt.1

As promised, here is the rest of part 1 for the new series I’m working on. I mentioned this earlier, but this is my first piece and first time sharing my writing so any feedback would be appreciated. I hope you guys like it!

Summary: Where is home? What is home? Life was simple for you and your best friend until he shares some news that will forever change your lives.

Word Count: 1669               

Taehyung x Reader 

“Do you trust me?”

Your gaze was locked with the dark brown eyes of your best friend boring into yours. The wall was cold, your back pressed into it with your friend’s hands on both sides of your head, trapping you in place. You shifted nervously, as he licked his lips and repeated his question.

“I said,” his voice a little softer and slower, “Do you trust me?”

A shiver ran down your spine when he started to lean in, testing your patience while continuing to hold his gaze. You managed to give him a small nod as you closed your eyes, seeing his fading face closing the gap between you.

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  • Designer:*Makes something interesting that took time, effort, and some semblance of creativity.*
  • Isaac:"It's not avant garde. It's boring. I don't like it."
  • Sam:*Drapes a nothing simple dress, with no effort at all, that clearly doesn't fit the challenge.*
  • Isass:"It's so avant garde! It's my favorite dress here!! He's obviously the best!!!"

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite dates you and your gf have been on, want ideas and you seem to have a happy relationship💜

Cute! Thank you - um, I like to bore my girlfriend by taking her to places I love associated with history to prove how much she really loves me ;) @rchlcx but aside from that we are very chilled introverts so here are some of my faves

  • movies and tv binge nights in - im talking ugly pyjamas, too much food, spooning and make out sessions. simple and amazing.
  • museum dates!! if you’re a nerd like me, just holding your girlfriends hand around a museum is the best kind of medicine for the soul 
  • visit important places in each others lives, like visiting Oxford and showing them all the important places and telling her why they’re important to you and what they mean to you - you love them, they love you. its good to learn stuff about each other and honestly me and my gf could talk FOREVER about ANYTHING to each other. its nice to have a pretty place to walk around and just say everything.
  • food dates - self explanatory, if you’re lucky to have a girl who loves tea (I’m not but she would let me have cream tea if I really wanted it) go take her to a cute tea room and have cream tea and take instagram worthy photos of each other
  • day drinking date - im not talking get drunk af, I’m saying have a nice cocktail with ur gal on a nice sunny day before u go out shopping
  • shopping - my gf is the most gorgeous person in the universe and she always looks so so good so shopping is always good to go for a date