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A small collection I started last year of 22×15 cm watercolor SM ilustration. I’ve modified Sailor Moon a little because she was the first I did and after Inner senshi… I saw her a little simple xP As you can see if you put them together it looks like a full planet. Hope you like it!! ^^ 🌙✨

Valjean: Bwaaahh~ Javert~ 
Javert: Hush love.

A while ago I saw this post and the image of Valjean being sick in bed wouldn’t leave my head, so I started drawing. It was going to be a short comic, but it got out of hand :P

She's Here Now, Deal With It! (Closed RP w/ just-a-simple-servant)

Oh man, how are you gonna explain this one Ann?

Ney is gonna be living in the castle here now & you have to tell Evan this, or else he’ll see her in the castle & try to kill her on the spot. But explaining that the girl who left daggers in your servant’s back is now going to be living here isn’t the easiest thing to try & explain. Well, she’s gotta thing of something! He’ll be showing up here soon like he always does every night… think Ann! Think!

I’m late but I just wanted to congratulate an awesome YouTuber for hitting 9 million ^w’ Heard your favorite Undertale character is Sans so I drew you as him.

CONGRATULATIONS, @therealjacksepticeye. You have inspired so many people (influding myself) and I hope this joy and happiness we see in you will last a lifetime. Thanks for all the hardwork and love you pour in your videos. It’s really touching to see a YouTuber who really, truly cares for his fans. You do you, Jackaboy! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!

We’re rootin’ for ya, Jack •u-

Pokemon's World! | Closed w/ just-a-simple-servant


「☯-♔」- It’s the crack of dawn, the sun rising just outside the window. The sunlight seemed not to bother the two little pokemon, which slept outside their normal confines of pokeballs for a change. Their trainer is very nice & let them sleep on the edge of his bed for the night. And as the sun pecked into the sky, the kind trainer decided to wake up his sleeping companions.

「☯-♖」- “Wake up, wake up, little ones. It’s morning, it’s time to wake up.” The trainer, named Stevenson, gently shook them both awake. “Wake up, wake up.”


「☯-♔」- Never again.

Never, ever, drink that much coffee ever again, Eve. Yes, Ann was having coffee & you said you never had coffee before so she offered, but the dead & caffeine don’t mix. You drank too much & were full of way too much energy & when it all finally died down at the end of the day, you were so tired you didn’t even make it to your coffin to sleep; you just passed out on the floor upon entrance to your room. How you got through that day without Sue stabbing you in annoyance must be a gift within itself.

No more coffee, now get up you lazy vampire. You slept so long, it’s the end of a new day & you at least owe Ann an apology for acting so weird.