simple wheel

Do not bow your head. Do not close your eyes.

Let us look deeply within one another.

TODAY, I give thanks for the light that exists within each one of you.

TODAY, I acknowledge that your quest for light beyond shadow, your desire to defeat your own cynicism, your work at believing the impossible possible, your faith in change and the ability of humankind to transcend past transgressions and overcome the shortsightedness of ignorance and fear, and our collective effort at stretching the boundaries of reality, has enabled us to achieve the dream that is TODAY.

TODAY, I acknowledge that even my own success is a simple spoke in the wheel of our collective success, and that our collective success is in response to all of the individual effort that we have put forward in our individual lives, in private moments, in private struggles against our lesser selves.

Some of us worked on being more honest.
Some of us worked on being more kind.
Some of us worked on not hiding our emotions.
Some of us worked on becoming less angry.
Some of us worked on becoming better listeners.
Some of us worked on facing our fears.
Some of us worked on remembering to say thank you.
Some of us worked on trusting our loved ones.
Some of us worked on having more faith.
Some of us worked on detoxifying our environment.
Some of us worked on detoxifying our minds.
Some of us worked on monitoring our diets.
Some of us worked on strengthening our discipline.
Some of us worked on broadening our skills.
Some of us worked on learning new languages.
Some of us worked on becoming better parents.
Some of us worked on becoming better friends.
Some of us worked on remembering our dreams.
Some of us worked on forgiving the past.
Some of us worked on strengthening our bodies.
Some of us worked on sharing and giving back.
Some of us worked on taking on greater responsibility.
Some of us worked on our art.

As a result of all of the work that has been done quietly in our individual lives, we have collectively contributed to the blossoming understanding and simplest expression of what God is. God is our good, and even the good we do for our self counts. Each fully blossomed flower on the hillside of our destiny adds to the broadened spectrum of our being. And together, we create more than beauty, more than fate; we evolve the depth and scope of the All-Seeing.

We may never see it reported through the media, but there is more good happening in this world than evil. There are more children smiling in this moment than any single one of us could fathom… and someone just fell in love, and someone just helped a stranger, and someone just scored a goal, and someone got their hearing back, and someone’s joking with their co-worker, and someone’s sitting in the kitchen, while the rest of the household sleeps, writing a poem.

Today, I give thanks for all of the good that has gone unrewarded, for every kind word, action, or deed. Today, I gave thanks for the God that is within each and every one of you, that is us, when we claim who we are.

—  saul williams

When you begin to use the third eye common symbols in this world begin to suddenly have this strong spiritual appeal. Suddenly things we take for granted are no longer so simple. Wheels correspond to the Norse Odin, The Vedic Indra, the Celtic Taranis, The Jain cosmology cycle, the birth charts used by astrologers all have a common pattern. Now look at a car, driven by wheels and steered by one as well. The symbols of Hekate are keys. Keys turn on the ignition. This ignition can be metaphorically used to the power of the solar plexus which is our inner will which is driven by the third eye chakra (ajna in Sanskrit which also means command) we are in a world of symbols. We are our own symbols meanwhile studying the very symbols we make up our society of. We are the universe reflecting itself :) namaste!


Before video games were around, Nintendo was making cards, toys, and gambling games like this Las Vegas themed roulette set. You can date the box by the style of logo used on it and find that it was made in 1965. That’s 12 years before the Atari came out and 20 years before the NES was around. Although it’s simple in design, the wheel has held up great throughout the years and still works like new.


Circonvolution Improbable - Alexandre Lane


I like her flow.

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Perhaps I’m simply over thinking again… But I’m curious as to why the wooden toy in Alison’s things that Spencer discovered had the initials “CD” carved onto it. It’s a boat with a very simple design and wheels that don’t seem to quite match. What I’m trying to get at is that it looks handmade, not store bought.

My grandfather on my father’s side makes lots of wooden airplanes with the motors from old fans for the propellers. The style of this boat greatly reminds me of the style of my grandfather’s airplanes. He makes them for himself and as such, he leaves no markings on them.

But my great-grandfather on my mother’s side didn’t make simple toys out of wood. For him, it was truly art and he made beautiful doe and birds and things. He’d meticulously craft his little wooden sculptures, always leaving his initials carved on the bottom. He’d decorate his house with them and give them as gifts.

What if the boat hadn’t belonged to CD, but was made by CD? What if it had been a gift for Alison? From it’s simple and sort of “thrown-together” design, it’s plausible that even someone taking middle school shop could have made it.

I just find it odd for a child to carve their name on such a toy. It’s clearly intended for very young children, too young for that compulsion, or at least ability, to carve their name on their possessions. Perhaps write it, but not carve it. That requires more skill. Skill that wouldn’t come until they’re old enough that they would no longer play with such toys. By the time CD would be able to carve those rounded letters into wood, they wouldn’t be interested in claiming that little boat anymore as they would have outgrown it.

They wouldn’t care to say “this is mine” any longer.

But a gift, especially one they so proudly made by their own hand, could easily have had those letters added. It says “I made this”.