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McDonald’s.. play area. How simple of a vacation is that…😐 My son is making friends, a girlfriend, and is so fun to watch.

“Love cannot endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. Like a lamp, it needs to be fed out of the oil of another’s heart, or its flame burns low.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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WOW AM I AWKWARD!!! But could you do some HCs about Newt x reader on their honeymoon? I love love love your writing 💕

Thank you so much, anon! ❤️ Hope this is okay~

-Always the best phase of a marriage they say, but for Newt and you it was always going to be like this. You just knew.
-He’s so sweet the entire time your off on your vacation. He’s even more of a gentleman than usual, holding every single door open, carrying you over every threshold, even if it’s in public and people behind you both get antsy.
-He’s constantly kissing you, on the cheek, the lips, the forehead, and hands.
-He likes to hold your hand the entire time, bringing it up to kiss your knuckles as he smiles lovingly at you.
-You both aren’t big on extravagant things, so a simple vacation to a beautiful scenery is fine.
-He rented you both a cottage up in the beautiful green hills of a far off place for a week.
-He likes to sit outside, enjoying the breeze, while you’re lying back against his chest. And he’s resting his chin atop your head.
-“I love you, my darling.”
-And then he pulls you closer, nuzzling into your neck as he leaves sweet kisses there.
-And as all honeymoons go, he wants you so badly. Every night, because you’re his wife and he wants to show his love for you constantly.
-You both make love anytime you can, in the bed, the shower, the couch, and yes even outside on your picnic blanket.
-The love sessions are sweet and passionate, both of you whispering out love confessions, and promises.
-And he loves to bask in the after glow, just holding you next to his bare chest, lifting your hand and kissing the ring he gave you.

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I lost my phone. I have a phone now, and I lost it and I just really didn’t look for it. It was the nicest feeling, like six weeks. … A couple of times I needed to use a telephone, and I was always able to touch someone that had a telephone and say, “Hey, can I use your phone? May I please?” And they’d say, “Sure.” And that was it! So it was OK, it was a real vacation. I took a real vacation from myself. …

Everyone needs to take a vacation from the sort of automatic things you do, you know. The automatic things you do are basically those things that keep you from doing the better things you need to do. So, getting away from all that sort of left me in front of the question, “Well, what would I do today if I had no one telling me or asking me to do something?”

So, I really relaxed. I hadn’t relaxed like that in many years, I don’t think. I don’t think I ever got as relaxed as I got this summer. You know, I walked around, I looked at nature, I jumped in the ocean — things that you think you’d do if you had real freedom of a day.


Bill Murray

Very interesting minimalist experience from actor Bill Murray.

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Don’t Look Back (Keep Your Eyes On Me) (Arin/everyone | nsfw | 36k)

“It’s just…clearly, you’re stuck on Dan, even if you don’t want to admit it, so I don’t think fucking anyone else will ever be enough. Barry will never be enough…” Ross trails off for a moment, his eyes taking on a faraway look. Arin feels like fucking shit. “I will never be enough. You’ll never be satisfied because we’re not Dan.”

I know I always pick this one but it was where my fics in this fandom started and I just really still love it and am proud of it. Arin fucks everyone except Dan and Dan finds out. There are feelings to be had. The epitome of my love for bottom!Arin. 

Waiting To Be Found (Ross/Barry | nsfw | 44k) 

Ross, the show-runner for the wildly popular cartoon Gameoverse is beginning to crack under the pressure of creating the second season of his show. When his best friend and co-worker Arin suggests a vacation it sounds like just the thing Ross needs to unwind. Ross finds himself at a bed and breakfast in a sleepy Oregon town run by best friends Suzy and Vernon. Ross also meets the bed and breakfast’s handsome handyman Barry, and for Ross, what starts as a simple vacation turns into more than he could have ever expected. 

One of those ideas that just nags at you until you have to write it. I knew this was going to turn out huge and I am proud of myself for committing to it to finish it. Also was written for the first GGBB! 

Vast Skies (Ryan/Matt | teen | 3k)

Matt and Ryan are going to Nevada to hunt Pokemon, but once they actually reach the desert it seems all Matt can focus on is Ryan.

This fic just gives me warm feelings because I wrote it as I first got into them and it was summer and I can so vividly remember the feeling I was in when I wrote it and go back to that head space and memory very easily. 

Winds Will Change (Dan/Brian | Mature | 7k) 

Dan is a ninja, skilled, at the top of his game, but he feels empty and alone in his violent world. Disenchanted with his life, Dan can feel something coming, a storm inside of him that will surely change everything.

In-universe N /S/ P fic with Danny and Brian’s backstories. This is one that just poured out of me and I wrote most of it in one sitting in one night because the idea captivated me so much. 

Oregon (Arin/Dan | nsfw | 9k)

It’s been such a long time since Arin and Dan have traveled alone, just the two of them. Dan’s not used to the quiet stretched between them. Usually, when they travel, it’s chaos, a jumble of seven or eight people trying to get their shit together. Right now, Arin is sleep-mussed, wearing only pajama pants and a hoodie, looking like he would happily crawl back into bed if given the chance.

Another that I am just very happy with. A lot of my ideas are drawn from real life experiences they have and I like the idea of them falling in love and it being the least scary thing because they already did love each other in so many senses of the word. 

Love me like you do (Part 1)

Here it is!!! Now, it’s just the intro so don’t expect much lol But, it’ll get there. I took many creative liberties sooooo….yeah. I don’t know how long this will be but I don’t intend to make it ridiculously so. It’s a simple plot, with romance. Just enough to write a few parts and a smut. Hope you enjoy!!!


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“You could just quit.”

You rolled your eyes at your friend, smiling softly as she tried to explain your own issues to you. As if she had the answer to everything and a single wave of her hand would fix it all. You admired her spirit though, and truthfully you needed the vote of confidence right now. Work was getting rather hectic lately, and your courses weren’t any better. A simple vacation was what you wanted but as every day ticked by you realized it wouldn’t be coming.

“Yes. Quit and then go into debt. Sounds perfect.”

It was a dark joke, but she seemed to catch on. She playfully pushed your shoulder, taking a few steps ahead as she saw her bus stop.

“Well, I gotta go. I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N.”

She waved behind her as she ran off, cursing when she noticed the bus approaching. It was an amusing sight, and you chuckled quietly to yourself.

“Well….guess I’ll call it a night.”

You stuffed your work apron back into your bag, rubbing a hand over your messy hair as you headed down the sidewalk towards your apartment. It was late at night, and your body was just begging for a warm bath and then a really long nap. You turned the corner of the postal office at the end of the street, smiling at a young man who was leaning against the wall casually. He seemed preoccupied with his cigarette, and without a second thought you walked passed him, no sense of danger going off in your mind.

With heavy steps you walked down the ramp that led into the apartment complex, pulling your bag up further on your shoulder. There was a sudden feeling inside you, like your instincts were beginning to kick in and as you approached your door you stopped. With a quick turn of your head you met the face of the man who was outside the post office earlier, his features hidden under the hood of his sweatshirt. You jerked back, almost falling on your behind as he inched closer.

“Get the hell away from me!”

You swung your bag into the air, narrowly missing him. He hardly seemed phased by your outburst, and with the oddest of laughs he just moved closer to you.

“Now now, girl. Just relax, this will all be over in a second.”

Your senses began to heighten, and with every beat of your heart you wanted nothing more than to escape this situation. Your eyes scanned the area around you, but no clear exit was seen.

“What do you want? Money? Take my bag! Take whatever you want!”

The young man just laughed at your offer, grabbing your bag roughly from your hands and tossing it aside.

“We’ve got bigger plans for you.”

Your brow furrowed in confusion, wondering what he meant by ‘we’. Were there others waiting by for more sinister reasons? Just as you moved to ask him, a loud scream caught your attention and you looked to your left to see your neighbor rushing out of her apartment, an almost translucent being rushing after her. If someone had told you earlier today that you’d spend your night watching someone run from, what you could only describe as an alien, you’d call them a liar and bet your job on it.

“Oh my god…”

Your words came out weak, almost strained as you backed away and up against the brick wall. There was no way any of this was real, and as you glanced around the complex the screams began to grow silent, numerous beams of light flashing along the windows and shooting high into the sky to some unknown place.

“Like I said….relax.”

The young man grinned evilly at you, holding up some sort of gun and pointing it towards your neck. Before you could respond everything around you went pitch black, and the only thing you felt was the lightness of your own body.


“Get everything in order. Lord Balem will be making an appearance soon. Wants to ensure his harvest was more than bountiful this time.”

It was a voice that stirred you from your sleep, a soft tone, almost nasally and it was certainly a voice you hadn’t recognized. With shaky hands you pushed yourself up, exhaustion clouding your mind. Everything around you felt foggy, and as you tried to adjust your eyes to the darkness you heard the sounds of many sobbing somewhere in the distance.


You hugged your side, feeling drained of all your strength and with as much effort as you could muster you turned onto your back. The floor was cold beneath you, and the ceiling above seemed endless as you stared up at it. It was clear wherever this was, it wasn’t some run of the mill trafficking center. The walls were adorned with gold markings, marble gracing the tiled floor and every little thing had the most minute details to it. Yet, the sound of those crying filled the halls, no doubt the sobs of those just as panicked as you were.

“Keep them sedated, we don’t want a repeat of last time.”

You could hear the many voices carrying down the hallways outside, the shadow of people passing by the door of your prison making you grow more nervous. None of this made any sense, and as far as you could tell you had no idea what or where this place even was. But, one thing was obvious to you, you couldn’t stay here. If the screams of others was anything to go by, whoever had taken you did not mean you well.

You scooted back into the wall, curling your legs to your chest and biting on your nail in thought. How could you possibly fight back against these…beings? You knew nothing of them, in fact you didn’t even know they existed until today. As far as you were concerned you were as good as dead if they walked in here right now.

The cries from the others in the area slowly died down, and an eerie silence seeped through the halls. The only noise was that of footsteps, and you waited patiently until the door to your prison creaked open. Light flooded the room, sparkling against the gold embedded in the walls and you made out the large shadow of some creature standing at the exit.

It stood tall, bulky, and it’s breathing sounded close to a loud vibration. It’s very presence made your skin crawl, and as you tried to scoot back further into the vast room it just neared your position with a loud chuckle.

“If you resist, I’ll make this even more painful.”

As it stepped into the light it’s features grew more apparent and an audible gasp left your lips when it came into full view. This creature stood twice your height, maybe more, and its body was that of a reptile, large and scaly with massive wings that were tucked safely behind its back. It wasted no time in crossing over towards you, extending its clawed hand and grabbing you roughly. It lifted you up, your boots rising from the floor as it carried you off towards the outside. You struggled against its strong grasp, kicking your legs and screaming at it to release you.

“I said let me go!!!”

It’s laugh reverberated around the room, making you shake in fear. “You’re feistier than the others, girl. It’s almost admirable.”

“What did you do to them?”

Despite your fears you had to ask, because most of the people they took were your friends or acquaintances. They had families, lovers, a life they needed to get back to.

The lizard creature just scoffed at your question, gripping the collar of your shirt tighter, almost choking the life from you. You clawed effortlessly at its arm, nails scraping into the black overcoat it wore. It wasn’t phased by your fight as it moved to get a better hold of you, and as it reached forward you kicked it hard in the face, the heel of your boot scratching into its teeth. It dropped you onto the ground, the fall knocking the wind out of you.

“Ahh!” The creature growled out in rage, shaking its large head and sneering over at you. With frantic movements you crawled back against the floor, hands slipping against the smooth surface. You could venture a guess as to how this would end, and the only image you could conjure was that of your lifeless body hanging from its jaws.

“I sincerely hope this isn’t another one of your mistakes, Mr.Tskalikin.”

You stopped in your attempts to escape, mouth going dry as the sound of a silvery voice rang through the never ending hall. The lizard creature stilled too, reptilian eyes looking up in fear as it met those of the man standing behind you. At least that’s what you guessed it was, your back was pressed firmly against a sturdy figure, and as you trailed your eyes down you noticed the ornate tops of black boots.

“Lord Balem…forgive me, I-”

“You what?”

The man’s voice was soft, yet strained at some points. As if he struggled to keep his true emotions in check. Against your better judgments you glanced up, holding your breath as you found yourself sitting at the legs of a tall, lean man. He was clad in all black, a long silky cape billowing behind him. He wore a high collar, adorned with many gold jewels that was the very picture of royalty. It was plain to see that he was in charge here, even if he stood feet shorter than the creature who attacked you. His demeanor spoke volumes and there was an air of confidence around him that even made you sit back in awe.

“I’ve given you more than enough chances, haven’t I? Mr. Tskalikin?”

The creature opened its mouth, too afraid to say anything as it backed away from its master. But, it wasn’t quick enough it would seem. The guards surrounding the regal man lifted their guns, awaiting his command and with the most graceful of movements he gave a simple wave of his hand.

You closed your eyes as the flashes from their guns flew forward, the creature’s cries of pain probing into your memories forever. You curled back into the man’s legs, trying to calm your heart as the execution came to a close.

The guards began to lower their weapons, going back into formation behind their lord as they awaited his next movement. He grabbed the edge of his cape, flipping it forward and laying it halfway over his arm as he looked down at you lying pathetically at his feet.


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Stardust Crusaders trio dancing, wanted to recreate this :D

i also made different variations under cut

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Hello you beautiful person!!! ^w^ Hope you have a wonderful day. How would the main 4 propose to their beloved? (I'm new here, so I'm sorry if I just repeated a question that you already answered *offers sweets and got chocolate.*)

I accept this offering… Since you offered me something sweet, I will give you something even sweeter in return!

  • You and Noctis had decided to go on a much needed break; just you and him on a small and simple vacation.
  • Of course the two of you ended up some place by the beach. No surprise to you, you figured it might have a little to do with fishing. But surprisingly he seemed to abstain from that.
  • Instead of that, he would spent his time being on the beach with you, walking and enjoying the water washing up against your legs, or getting to see the small barnacle pools along the shore. But eventually the two of you sat down and started to build a sandcastle. Nearly complete, and the moment you looked away Noctis had put something up on one of the tallest towers. Looking back, the shine of something caught your eye immediately- a ring…
  • “Before you ask if it’s what you think it is, the answer is ‘yeah’, it is. And yes, I am.”

  • At the beginning of the day you had already known something was up by the way Ignis started to randomly pamper you extra by serving you breakfast in bed, and the fact he had already gotten everything ready for you that day.
  • Not only that, but it also seemed like he was in somewhat of a hurry to get you outside of the house. Very rarely did Ignis hide his plans from you, but seeing as how this time he wasn’t telling you anything, all you did was try to roll along with it the best you could. After all, if he had a plan then it couldn’t be too bad. Of course… you’d find what it was soon.
  • You came back later in the night, the house completely dark save for the candles. Little dim lights trailing through the house, leading you along to the den where there’s a circle of votives positioned around a ring. And beside it is a note from Ignis, it’s a little on the lengthy side; it goes on reminiscing about the history you two have had, and all the reasons and ways in which he fell in love with you in the first place. “For all those reasons, and so much more, I would love for nothing more than to spend my life with you. Will you marry me?”

  • Gladio wasn’t one for too much romance, at least not an abundance of it. Even for something as important as this… So the idea of this proposal didn’t come with much planning, and it came suddenly.
  • You and him had been enjoying a weekend of camping. Seeing as how he loved the outdoors, this was sort of a common thing. So there’s no suspicions roused out of you when he offered you to come with him, somewhere deep out in the middle of nowhere for a little getaway because this had happened all too many times already- but then again why would there be? He didn’t even plan on doing such a thing, even while on the travel over. He didn’t even have much time to even start acting suspicious over it.
  • The two of you had been lying together in the tent, post coitus with you cuddled up to him, when he had been really getting to think about it… “You know, we’ve been through some pretty amazing journeys together so far. And… I’d like to take the next step in that journey. I think we’re ready for that next step.”
    “What are you saying, Gladio?”
    “What am I saying? Something I never thought I’d be saying; I’m hoping you’ll do me the honor of marrying me.”

  • Prompto actually spends a long while of thinking how to do this. If he’s going to spend the rest of his time with you (or so he’s hoping to) then he wants to make sure that it’s perfect and that this moment is memorable; he plans a little treasure hunt with you.
  • The first clue is a simple one, a hand-written clue, and it starts off in your very home, and it’s a hint to the location of the next clue and so on and so forth. Eventually it all takes you out, leading you to around some of your most favorite places around town and even further out.
  • The last stop finally ends with a small little box. “Go on, take a look.” He encourages. And just as you start to reach for it to open, he starts talking. “You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a long while y/n, and all the time we’ve spent together has brought me nothing but happiness… And I was wondering if you’d do me the honor of making me the happiest man forever more-” but it’s as soon as you open it and get a good look at the ring inside that he finally pops the question… “Will you marry me?”

Summerweek 9 | I’ll be going to Schwarzsee this Sunday and made a wardrobe page in my bujo for this vacation. Schwarzsee is A nice place in Switzerland where it could be very hot and sunny, or cool and windy or raining all day, so one should be prepared for that. I just painted these items on paper with watercolor, cut them out and sticked them into my bujo, because the color would come through the pages.