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Got7 Reaction To Their S/O Being A Fashion Designer

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Mark: *always the best dressed at any event because they always make sure he is dressed amazingly*

Jaebum: what do you mean I can’t just wear a white t-shirt and jeans? isn’t that stylish? *Wants to wear simple outfits but is basically forced to dress better*

Jackson: will you design me clothes? let’s date then. *jokes around about wanting specific clothes made just for him*

Jinyoung: isn’t this a little much? *just wants to go get a coffee not walk the runway*

Youngjae: I want matching outfits with this stuffy and this one… oh and can you make me a shirt with… *Constantly requesting clothing*

Bambam: *loves to let them play dress up with him and always loves being used as a reference chart as to how patterns will look on people*

Yugyeom: what do you think of my outfit today? *always skyping and making sure they approve of his outfit before he leaves the house*


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i don’t even know what to say, thankyou so much for your support. pardon my absence for this little while, school work can sometimes just take over and i can’t figure a way of getting back. this took quite a while, but its totally worth it for you pals. I love hearing from you and being in this community, so once again- thankyou  ★~(◡‿◡✿) *new merged download link at the bottom*

Veggie Jumpas’

a selection of comfy winter tops, featuring a few shoutouts to the veggies.they say:

1. “grass fed” 2. “veggie-saurus” 3.”vegan” 4.”eating veggies for christmas” 5.”vegetarian” 6.”#veganpower” -this is the one in the preview.

new mesh. suitable for all genders ❤

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Big Belted Bad Boy Jeans

featuring holes, wOw!1 to give you those chilly legs this winter

suitable for all genders ❤

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Swishy Skirts

i just wanted something simple that you can wear with some tights, 

suitable for all genders ❤

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Smile for a While matte lipsticks

i wanted a cute lil’ selection of weird colours. voila!

i think you’ll need get together. 

suitable for all genders ❤

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Get em’ all in one

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Casual Allura after the con~
I love all the color filters, honestly… 😀😄💖💖💖😙

iconic trans girl gansey looks:

-(from the notes of last post) a hot pink sports bra, an old crew tank, and preppy athletic shorts for a lazy summer day

-a fuckening khaki skort and a fluorescent orange polo. adidas sandals and nike socks.

-one of her mom’s campaign t-shirts that has been given The Blue Treatment, skinny jeans, and boat shoes

-a cute sundress with a distressed denim belonging to her gf

-her bf’s madonna t-shirt with a flirty black skirt ronan decided didn’t look good on him and fila sneakers

I’ll be gone for the weekend and I’m not sure if I’ll actually have time to draw since I’ll be hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in months, so I’ll leave you guys with this WIP~


She grows the flowers in my mind.


In honor of Yellow and Blue’s publishing! Honestly so proud of Lena and honestly really wanna buy the books, but can’t due to financial problems. Wanted to draw these for a few days now, so here it is!

Deetron’s Wendy V2 Dress Recoloured

I edited the texture a little - I removed the buttons to make the dress look a little more simple and everyday wear. Hope you like it!

As always, the colour palette is by the amazing @soaringsparrows and you should totally check their stuff out, if you haven’t already!

Let me know if there are any problems.

Please read my TOU before downloading! You can find it here

Deetron’s Wendy V2 Dress

All credit goes to @deetron-sims​ for the mesh, and you should totally check her out, she makes some fab stuff!

● Standalone

● You NEED the Mesh by @deetron-sims​ - You can get it HERE 

Make sure to get the “Wendy 2 Dress″ in order for this to show up in your game.

● Custom Thumbnail

● 28 Swatches

Download: Simfileshare

anonymous asked:

hello kylie! i'm going to be starting school in about a month, and i'm in uni now but i've been wearing uniform for my whole life :o do you have any cute outfits to recommend? thank you!


- mostly great for layering under sweaters in colder weather, or as a thin overlayer in summer. other ways to wear: with a pinafore, tucked into shorts, with any kind of skirt tbh.

- mostly strap dresses because that’s what i tend to wear. strap dresses are great for wearing over any kind of tee or blouse or rib knit which is great if you’re running late. 

- great layered over a blouse or under a strap dress! 

jackets / coats


- i love wearing skirts :-) with a collared blouse, a t-shirt, a sweater, etc. etc. u can tuck almost anything into a skirt. (also why wear pants in winter when you can wear skirts with tights???)


sorry for the long post today :-) anyway i post a ton of outfits over here so maybe check out that tag for some ideas too?! plus a lot of the linked listings have outfit pics you can steal inspo from too.