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📅🕯️Busy Witch Routine🕯️📅

Hello Witches,

Now, I know as much as we’d prefer to spend our days riding broomsticks and brewing our potions in the big ol’ cauldron.

We still have responsibilities * shudders*, some of us are mothers, students, workers, or just people with a hectic schedule.

These are ways to get some witchy practice without completely throwing off our daily routines.

                                  🌅 Waking Up 🌅

  • Do some Yoga poses for 2 minutes.
  • Brush your teeth counter-clockwise to banish negativity from your day.
  • Stir your Coffee/Tea in a clockwise motion to invoke positivity to you and your day.
  • On your way to work, whisper a silent greeting to the sun. Enjoy its warm rays on your commute.
  • If you’re willing, try to pack or purchase a healthy snack like fruit and veggie bowls.


  • Ditch the soda! Try rejuvenating yourself with water instead, maybe add some lemon, cucumbers, or even fruits to your water to detoxify your body.
  • Meditate for 2 minutes, but don’t forget to eat and energize your body again.
  • Carry crystals with healing and or corresponding energies pertaining to your work, school or plans for that day.


  • When cooking/ cleaning, take a moment to play some of your favorite music to invoke spiritual energy.
  • Take a few minutes to google something you’ like to know! Crystals? Candle colors? Moon phases? Research and learn something new!
  • Mediate! Even if it’s for another 2 minutes. Anything counts! Clear your mind and relax.
  • Whisper a “Goodnight” to the moon, enjoy its glow for a few seconds.

Hope this helps you in your journey! We actually do things on this list and it’s been easy to manage! 

~Kinara and Nessa



Holby City - The Sky is Falling

Favourite Berena/Holby-moments 1/?

'callout culture' is a blight on social justice

1) It creates a culture of fear and intimidation and discourages people from participating in social justice out of fear of mistakes

2) It is not about holding people accountable and stopping harassment, just about preening with a bunch of self-congratulatory posts about how the person/thing is bad and how they are inferior to you

3) It’s often a giant game of telephone where tons of misinformation about the person/thing you’re calling out is spread

4) It invites minute character dissections/judgments of strangers based on superficial interests, often harmless opinions, and ignorant mistakes, and turns simple social media interactions into a perpetual trial by jury, which can be particularly damaging if you’re young or have little positive socialization outside social media

5) IT DISCOURAGES DISCUSSION and the healthy and civil sharing of ideas and opinions!

If you want someone to learn from their mistakes, you must be able to forgive them for their mistakes. Harassment and the spreading of ‘receipts’ on people only breeds fear and resentment. Healthy discussions come from being patient and kind with people and not treating their every mistake like an irredeemable character flaw.

I hate the way we can’t just like or dislike things anymore. Everything has to be a debate. If you dislike a thing, you have to prove that it’s objectively bad, preferably by calling it whatever-ist or whatever-phobic. And if you like a thing, you better be prepared to defend that preference against people who’ll tell you it’s whatever-ist or whatever-phobic.

Screw that. I like things because I like them. I dislike things because I dislike them. I don’t have to justify anything if I don’t want to, and other people sure as hell don’t have to justify anything to me. It’s okay to like different things. That’s why the world is so full of stuff, so that there’s something in it for everyone.

A caution about asking pronouns.

Gender-related etiquette is rarely simple.

In fact, no etiquette is as simple as people want to make questions like this.  Basically, you’re never going to find a simple formula that applies to all people in all situations.  And anyone claiming there is one simple formula is either misleading you or has been misled themselves.

But what am I specifically talking about today?

You know how trans, genderless, gender-ambiguous (as seen by others), and/or gender non-conforming people (and anyone I forgot) are always getting rude, invasive comments and questions that can often lead to physical or social violence if we don’t answer, or don’t answer correctly?

Like, “Are you a boy or a girl?”  I have had people get in my face and demand to know that, getting louder and more threatening the more I stayed silent.  And being totally unable to respond even if I’d wanted to.  I was 13 the first time someone asked me if I was a “she-male”.  

Well… you know how there’s that ever-present question, that everyone asks to try to be polite?  “What are your preferred pronouns?”

Just be aware that for a whole lot of people any or all of the following may be true, and you can’t tell by looking or even by whether they answer you or not:

  • The answer may not be simple.
  • The answer may change day to day.
  • They may not know the answer.
  • There may not be an answer.
  • They might regard the answer as personal and none of your business.
  • They might find the reminder of their gender experiences upsetting.
  • Regardless of whether there is an answer, they may find the question just as invasive and with the potential of social (and even other kinds of) violence as my aggressive encounters with people asking “Are you a boy or a girl?” 
  • Answering may force them to think within a framework that’s alien to their experience of gender.
  • They may regard such an answer as just a more socially acceptable (in trans circles) form of the “Are you a boy or a girl?” question.
  • Any answer they give, even if truthful as to their preferences, may be misleading in other respects, and thus they don’t want to answer.
  • They don’t want to give the impression that they’ll judge you if you forget their pronouns.
  • They don’t want to answer but they don’t want to call attention to themselves by not answering.

One of my favorite quotes, relevant here:  

“The tight weave of traditions that makes a comfortable hammock for some just as surely makes a noose that strangles others.” -Anneli Rufus

That goes for new traditions as well as old ones.  I understand why asking pronouns is the height of politeness and respect for some people.  Really, I do understand that, it requires no explanation.  But try to keep in mind that for other people, it can be intrusive, confusing, and emotionally devastating.  I wish I could tell you how to tell the difference, but I’m not sure anybody knows that.  

If this confuses you at all, think of a situation where there’s a question that some people don’t care if you ask, and others find incredibly rude and invasive:  “How much money do you make?” “When’s the baby due?”  And remember that often asking pronouns is another way of asking gender and not everyone finds it non-invasive for you to ask – or demand – to know their gender.

Just know that there are people who feel so strongly about the ritual of making everyone go around the room and say their preferred pronouns, that they will stop coming around to LGBTQ events where this ritual has become expected of everyone.  And be aware that saying “I’d rather not say” can, in itself, single a person out even more for attention they don’t want in the first place, as well as mislead people who make snap judgments about things like that.

As to how to deal with a social world where some people want very much for you to ask their pronouns, while others want just as much for you not to… I think everyone is going to have to figure that out as we go along.  But awareness that this custom is not universally respectful is the first step towards figuring anything out.  And a lot of people overlook this as even being a possibility.  So – I don’t pretend to know the answers, but at least I’m asking the question.

[This post originated from conversations with people who find the question much more consistently invasive than I do.  Whether I find the question invasive depends on the environment.  But just understand that not everyone wants the very first thing that happens in a meeting, to be asked an intense personal question that might dredge up all kinds of unwanted emotions and social possibilities.  And they may not always be able or willing to let you know.  How you deal with this information is up to you, just know that you’d be surprised who feels this way and who doesn’t, sometimes.]

I’d like to hear your opinion on this subject everyone! Have you asked yourself the question of whether you have been spending too much time on social media, and if so,would you consider going on hiatus or taking a time out to reevaluate and prioritize.

(🙋🙄) This is meg

Read on:
It’s been almost a year since I left social media and honestly it was an amazing 9 months away. I really needed to get away and hit refresh.
A lot has happened like my baby turned a year old and is walking and talking up a storm and we traded our rugged Montana life for a lake life in Wisconsin. I sit in that chair a lot, thankful for the water, the dappled light and our new adventures, our simple and humble life. It’s never what you think or imagine. It’s better when you simply let go and let life and God take you places you never dreamed. So, hello old friends, it’s been awhile. 🌿
By therootedwanderers @instagram

Smooth Social Gatherings Sachet

For when you want everyone to just get along.



Lemon Rind


Amethyst or Selenite


In a sachet, combine one piece of lemon rind, some lavender (dry or wet), and a piece of Amethyst or Selenite. Charge your crystal with your hope for a pleasant social event.

Keep the sachet with you if you are going to a social gathering that has the potential of fights and discomfort to ensue.

If you are hosting the gathering, you can make the sachet a piece of the decor or stow it somewhere safe and secret.

juvia of the great sea.

twitter. instagram

Happy first day of spring, from my favorite cat.

The thing about Social Media...

So, I hear Sam and Cait have more Twitter followers than ever before.   You know what I think about that?


 There’s a lot that goes into calculating overall social media statics.  It’s like a calculus equation that I’m sure even Einstein would have trouble with…thank God there’s an App for that!   Sure, your number of followers count but it’s only the active number of followers that make any real difference.   It’s things like Favorites, Likes, Reshares, Retweets, Reblogs, Replies, and Comments that make up the statistics and beyond that the social media reach of your followers’ counts as well.  

 Let me see if I can break this down into simpler terms with an example:

 Jamie has 5 followers and they are:  Rupert, Murtaugh, Young Ian, Claire, and Jenny

Rupert has 5 followers: Jamie Murtaugh, Young Ian, Claire, and Jenny

Murtaugh has 10 followers: Jamie, Rupert, Young Ian, Claire, Jenny, Dougal, Colum, Geillis, Brianna & Roger

Young Ian has 10 followers: Jamie, Rupert Murtaugh, Young Ian, Claire, Jenny, Dougal, Colum, Geillis, Rollo, and Lord John

Claire has 5 followers: Jamie, Rupert, Murtaugh, Young Ian, and Jenny

Jenny has 5 followers: Jamie, Rupert, Murtaugh, Young Ian and Claire

 Jamie makes a tweet about the upcoming Battle of Culloden and all 5 of his followers see it.  That’s 5 potential impressions to his tweet.  

Rupert & Murtaugh retweet his comment so that’s 2 engagements and 15 extra “reach” of Jamie’s tweet, but wait…Jamie follows both Rupert and Murtaugh and so does Young Ian, Claire, and Jennie who saw the tweet when Jamie sent it so that’s only really 5 extra reach with Dougal, Colum, Geillis, Brianna & Roger.

Young Ian comments that he wants to fight, that’s 1 more engagement and 10 potential impressions, but Rupert, Murtaugh, Claire, Jennie, and Jamie all follow Young Ian so that’s only 5 more potential impressions to Jamie’s tweet and since Dougal, Colum and Geillis follow both Young Ian and Murtaugh, that takes the potential new impressions down to 2 with Rollo and Lord John.

Clare and Jenny are too busy with potatoes to think about the war so they ignore the tweet but they both follow Jamie Rupert Murtaugh, Young Ian and each other so they yield only 1 impression each.

 Now you must factor into this equation all the comments Jamie got on his Instagram post modeling his new war kilt and how many times his Tumbler blog on breaking Lord John’s arm was read and… gets confusing, don’t it?   Point is, there is no simple calculation to measure social media metrics and you certainly can’t measure it by how many followers someone has -  it’s a complicated process.

 I asked our statistician (see social media statistics are so involved we have a guy whose SOLE job it is to monitor them) to check the Outlander stats.  Overall Outlander is down from this time last month.  Sam and Cait are both down as well in total overall social media statistics in the same range. 

Think that’s impossible?  Here’s something else you may find hard to believe.    Believe it or not, Donald Trump has the best social media metrics around, in fact, he’s a genius at it and I’ll tell you why.   Science has proven that anxiety, awe, and anger are the top emotions positively associated with virality – most specifically, anger.  Trump knows this and he uses it.    Plainly put, people are more apt to interact and engage when angry than at other times.

 Which is why I guess some folks are acting childish, screen capping blogs and tattling on certain individuals to the actors.  Personally, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what SH, CB, MM, and WS think of me or my opinions.   I look to them for entertainment, not counsel on my morals, my social media presence or how to live my life.   However, if someone should feel the need to tattle on me, please be sure to get the following image in the screencap as it appropriately encapsulates my feelings on the matter.   

My dash is really empty and I want to follow more people. Reblog if you post about any of these bands listed and I’ll follow you.

-Warped Tour

-Twenty One Pilots

-Pierce The Veil

-Sleeping With Sirens


-As It Is

-Real Friends


-All Time Low

-Never Shout Never

-The Story So Far

-My Chemical Romance

-Bring Me The Horizon

-Neck Deep

-State Champs

-A Day To Remember

-My Digital Escape

-Damon Fizzy

-Social Repose

Não, não precisa me chamar! Não precisa fingir que se importa comigo! Não precisa fazer nada por peso na consciência ou obrigação diária! Esse tipo de tratamento eu tô dispensando!

Eu ainda sonho que um dia as pessoas farão as coisas sem segundas intenções, de troca e afins, que as pessoas reconheçam, e valorizem o que lhes foi dado com carinho, respeito e admiração! Para que se possa exercer a tão utópica reciprocidade singela!

É engraçado como as pessoas são egoístas, reclamam do século das relações falaciosas mas se submetem as falácias todos os dias!

Pessoas que, por sua vez tem ou tiveram seus ombros como apoio, mas que as vezes por “terem problemas demais” esquecem de auxiliar o próximo que guardou a sua dor no bolso pra ser útil a ouvi-lo simplesmente desabafar! Mesmo que não solucionasse os seus problemas!

Fico inconformado como um simples teste social pode te submeter a tantas indagações e, com elas respostas, estas que, outrora, você insistia em resistir,  mentindo pra o seu próprio eu! Tentando acreditar em outra verdade!

É, no mundo capitalista, no século das gerações que valorizam mais o ter do que o ser, tudo trata-se de status, infelizmente! Aqui, você vale o que tem, só confundem o significado de valor e preço.

“Amigos” pra rolês de bar, balada, enquanto você tem uma condição legal ou poder monetário, tem vários. Já quando isso tudo começa a esvair-se, muitos somem, ignoram, fingem que se importa, mas aproveitam a sua ausência.

Agora me diz, quanto tiveram pra estranhar o seu estado de silêncio, que te conhecem ao ponto de dizer “você está estranho, quieto demais, sei que está acontecendo alguma coisa, vamos conversar?”, são raros.

Pessoas como eu, teimosas, receiosas de tudo, cansam de contar as novidades dos seus problemas pro mundão,  e as vezes, prefere se abster de comentários com medo de demonstrar fraqueza, para que seus problemas não se espalhem mais, para não dar o orgulho para os invejosos e, que se resolvam da melhor maneira.

Mas, eu confesso, que as vezes por ser um cabeça dura e não querer ouvir que “tudo vai dar certo”, minha vontade era um “mesmo que tudo dê errado, eu estarei contigo”.

Muita coisa se perdeu, valores, essência, amor ao próximo e afins! E sou grato a quem se importa de verdade, quem não faz joguinhos e quem faz a diferença e não indiferença! Eu admiro vocês! - CIRQUEIRA, Guilherme.

anonymous asked:

How do you think the chocobros would react if their s/o was being flirted with by a complete stranger, yet they were 100% oblivious to it? Just a thought 😄

I don’t know why, but I’m such a sucker for jealousy.

I know, I know… it’s not healthy, it’s not always a sign of a good relationship, and it can be totally destructive and dangerous -

But come on, how can you not love the fact that seeing somebody else with the person you love sparks a little flame ablaze inside of you?

It’s a sign you care 😌

Song: “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala

Noctis would experience a slight bit of triggering at the sight of his s/o being flirted with. I mean, I wouldn’t say he’s possessive exactly… but he’s possesive? It’s simply the fact that he holds the few people he’s close to very dear to his heart, willing to sacrifice anything and everything for them, therefore the fear that somebody would compromise that is always present in the pit of his stomach. He is ready on a dime to go to lengths to protect his loved ones. Given this, when he realizes the one way flirting situation he’ll most likely step in and unintentionally say something awkward and obvious to paint the stranger a clear picture, perhaps along the embarassing lines of “your boyfriend is back to save the day” while sliding beside them, a tight lipped grin upon his face as he glares at the stranger. Seeing the person grow uncomfortable and leave, his s/o would erupt into laughter and shake their head, because the fact that Noctis could flawlessly and elegantly take down a physical opponent with one swoop of his sword, but couldn’t do the same in conversation without sounding like a dork was nothing less than hilarious.

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One Last Time | Jack Maynard

Request - No 

A/N - have you ever been so drunk that you just don’t make sense at all? Because literally same, drunk Y/N makes no sense 😂

Clubbing. What a perfect way to get over your ex boyfriend right? You and Jack decided to call it quits after a year. Admittedly you were  sad about it, I mean you don’t have him in your life anymore, which was weird because you spent almost everyday together. It wasn’t a messy  breakup but you both decided to Move on from it, delete each others numbers, unfollow from social media. Simple. It stung slightly having to do this but you both wanted the break up, right?

You and your friends were all in your skimpiest outfits and 6 inch heels, ready for a night out. All you wanted to do was get drunk, have a great time and maybe even go home with a guy. Once you get to the club, you started drinking like no tomorrow. 4 shots of tequila and a cocktail later, you were feeling yourself. This was until you saw Mikey Pierce making his way over to your table with Jack, Conor and Joe. You didn’t expect this, London was a big place, surely this was just a coincidence. You ask them to join you guys because what else were you meant to do? Run away? You kept having to remind yourself that the break up was mutual. You wanted it too.

The drinks kept coming. And coming. Everyone was in their own world, except Jack. He was worried at the state you were in, you couldn’t walk, you could barely talk, it was all just slurs.

‘Y/N, are you okay? He said as you tried to get up from your seat but you stumbled and fell on the floor, Joe looking at you with wide eyes as he realised how drunk you actually are. 'Great’ is all you manage to say before holding a thumbs up from under the table. Conor was whispering to your best friend and all of a sudden they were getting there things together and about to leave.

Mumbles started coming from, everyone staying silent, trying to figure out what you were trying to say, Then they recognised the song you were singing.

This is my version of heartbreak, this is how I get over you. I don’t wanna feel, I don’t wanna feel like this anymore.’

Conor shares glances around the group and bellows 'GUYS THATS MY MOTHERFUCKING SONG YOU GO GIRL’ but he’s met with the glares of everyone. 'Not a good time? No, okay I’ll leave.’ He takes your friends hand in his and proceeds to exit the club.

With the atmosphere in around the table, it doesn’t any words for the group to leave you and Jack to talk. Sliding down his seat, he joins you on the floor. You automatically put your head in his lap.

'Hey there’ he says as he strokes your hair. 'Someone’s had a few to many don’t you think?’ You look up at him and giggle. 'Y/N, what is going on tonight? I thought we had gone over this, I thought we had moved on’

'Jack if I could tell you, I would. I dunno what’s going on with me. I think it’s the alcohol. I think it was just after seeing you for the first time since we broke up’ you said in your drunken state. A sigh came from Jack, clearly not knowing what to do. If someone saw you two under the table they would thing something frisky is going on.

You start breathing heavily, feeling nauseous. Jacks eyes went wide as he has seen this before. He pushed you up from your lying state, so that if you happened to vomit it wouldn’t go on him, because if it did, he’d hurl as well.

'Maybe I need another drink’ you pant. 'No I think you need to go home’ he retaliated. Standing up to take your hand.

'Jack no’ swatting his hand away from yours but he wasn’t budging. 'Y/N this isn’t a good idea you staying here, I don’t want you vomiting. I need to take you home’

Giving him the evils you were about to snap. The alcohol had gone to your head, emotions you never had before were starting to show. 'Jack will you fuck off and let me drink my sorrows that I never knew I had away? Stop acting like you care, it’s not your problem anymore.’

'Y/N, please don’t do this. I need to take you home before you make a fool of yourself. Let me do this, just one last time.’ Jack pleaded, reaching his hand out again to try and pick you up. Realising you had gone past the point of no return. If you stay, you were most certainly gonna vomit, all over yourself. There was only one way out of it. Go home.

Grabbing his hand you let him take you home, one last time.

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