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Eu digo que não, mas o sim quase grita de dentro pra fora. Tento negar, apagar e disfarçar a expressão quando me perguntam sobre você, porém não dar. Foram momentos, não ocasiões, anos e não simples dias. Difícil esquecer? Sim, mas não impossível.
—  Jhonata Riscovisk.

violet vang @nonny request
the nonny requested an artistic, good and simple sim. and also asked me to dont use cc, so here it is. the skin and eyes are cc default in my game, so just ignore it (and i put this hat but you can ignore it too)
i only made the casual outfit so you’ll have to choose the others

traits: romantic, criative and music lover

  • private download

“Welcome to Blue Lion!”

Tho there are already million bakery AUs, I too had to make one where Keith is a tired college student™ who stumbles into an old but cozy bakery/cafe and meets the bubbly baker~

Also this was the first time I created the setting on Sims 4 and used it as base bg. Much more easier than building on Google SketchUp :’)


Benji Kelly - Download ☼

This is my baby, Benji, I don’t really use him anymore so here he is up for download. Just a simple .Sim file. I am too lazy to go track down the CC so go and check out my Resources on my Homepage.

TOU: Though this is my first sim there is still a TOU.. 

-Please don’t change his face too much ;__; i’m still super attached, 

and you can use him for anything, just don’t be creepy with him,



Enjoy him darlings and have a simtastic day! ♥


⇩ B e n j i ⇩


surprise surprise?? uh; so I finally figured out how to make the meshes appear for base game (I couldn’t before and it was driving me nuts) but i got it to work and I thought I would just update them and now tadaa; it’s updated & bgc so for those of you that wanted to have them but couldn’t before; now you can ^^ happy simming~! ❤️️

simple halter top // simple dress // bell sleeve dress

Madlen Bradford Boots

New boots for your sim! Simple yet classy! Come in 8 colours (suede texture).

You cannot change the mesh, but feel free to recolour it as long as you add original link in the description.

If you can’t see this creation in CAS, please update your game.
If you’re experiencing thumbnail problem, update your game (latest patch should solve the problem).

Hope you’ll like it!



Simple recoloring of objects in PS for beginners ©Martine

Since some people asked me about this (after I posted an ask for a tutorial about recoloring), I’m reposting here what the awesome Martine wrote me (I’m a total noob so I couldn’t write it better). It is really very simple.

1) Duplicate the background so you have a back-up (right-click on background layer > duplicate). 

2) Desaturate the texture (image > adjustments > desaturate). 

3) Adjust brightness and contrast (image > adjustments > brightness/contrast). You can do this during recoloring as well. 

4) Select the parts of the image you want to recolor (ctr-a to select all or use the marquee tool, lasso tool or quick selection tool from the tool bar on the left). 

5) With the selection active, click layer > new fill layer > solid color (or pattern if you have patterns saved you want to use). 

6) Duplicate the color fill layer (right-click > duplicate). Hide it for now by clicking the eye icon on this layer. 

7) Set the first color fill layer to multiply (above layers, in drop-down bar next to opacity). Adjust the layer color (double-click on the colored rectangle). Adjust the opacity of the layer. 

8) This might not yet give the desired result, use a second color fill layer. Unhide the second layer by clicking the eye. Set this layer to color (above layers, in drop-down bar next to opacity). Adjust the layer color (double-click on the coloured rectangle). Adjust the layer opacity.


We’re releasing Issue No 4 on April 1st (We swear it’s not a joke!) But we will be releasing the cover and first page of the issue to hold you over until then. ~DK & TT

A personal matter has come up so I won’t be on my laptop for a couple days. I don’t want to rush the magazine so I’m pushing the release date to April 1st :) Thanks for the support. I can’t wait to post the sneak peek :)*