simple shelter

Inside my heart, there is a shelter in decay and yet still covered with the leaves from the last Autumn ,some cracked ,some hurted by the dry wind which insists on pick them away …

Inside my heart, there is a hut grabbing still life with its last strengh to a meaning ,its dying power but standing ,still to the remainings of a lost time…

Inside my heart,there is a cabin of fragile dreams fading in every moment,every pulse,in every grain of dust which appears to wash away in circles unspeakable feelings …

Inside my heart ,there is a tiny roof sustained only by old branches which watched time being created twisting ,spinning ,giving air,water ,flowers ,grass painting them in luxurious colors of joy …

Inside my heart,there is an ancient palace with broken mirrors,harmed walls,cristals and gems shattered by a raging storm devastated its residents carried into a burst of flames …

Inside my heart, even tiny ,insignificant, humble ,full, there is a place like a fallen tent but so bright ,so deep searching for a place to rest over this beach…

So ,inside this falling place there is a delicated bosom surrounded by blossom cherries,flowers of yesterday and with my rising head capturing the only thing i learn :


Fallout pt. 1 | Jungkook

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Genre: Mature | Angst | Post-Apocalyptic AU

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Length: ~4k

Synopsis: After the bombs fell, there was nothing on the world besides grey; grey skies, grey pastures, and grey people. The world had been devastated, and the sole motor of your every action was pure instinct because, deep inside, you only wished you had died with the majority of human kind. There was no good people left in that world, not even you, and when his dark figure hovered over you and brought you forcefully with him you confirmed it.

They were no good either.

TW: MATURE CONTENTS | Swearing, mentions of abuse/rape, blood, violence, gore, “zombies”, sexual contents/references

A/N: ED | I’m editing the series slowly because this is one of the first things I EVER wrote and I’m not 100% satisfied with it! Bear it with me while I edit this monster and pray for my soul :)

(*) If you see an ED is that the chapter has been edited and that I’m one step closer to feel proud of this story.

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It was unbearably hot, and it was not because the weather was acting against you or that September was still reluctant to leave summer behind. The stifling sensation you felt had a very simple explanation. You had been running through the forest for what felt like hours, until sweat had drenched your already malodorous clothes and your legs felt like they would collapse at any moment if you did not stop.

Only when the feebleness of your limbs became unbearable you allowed your body to give up and your knees to meet the damp soil. You had an excuse, though. For the third day that week you had heard the barely audible creak of brittle leaves not far from your position, a sound so faint you should not have been able to perceive it, but that somehow had completely changed the atmosphere of the woods you were crossing by. After you heard that sound, your stance was no longer relaxed and you always kept a tight grip over your bow and an arrow on the rest, ready to fly.

You were being followed, you knew it with as much certainty as you knew there was a ground under your feet and a leaden sky over your head, and whoever was chasing you was very good at it. That person was proficient enough to surpass your own ability, and that was a very dangerous possibility.

In the deafening silence that had conquered the withered forest, in which neither the rustle of the wind nor the sound of small creatures creeping around you could be heard, your stomach grumbled as loudly as it could possibly do. It was more of a roar, that made you curse your bad luck aloud in a string of expletives that seemed to know no end, and hope for your pursuers to be at a fair distance, so they could not hear the complaints your famished stomach was uttering.

Resources were now even scarcer than they were when the outbreak started. What little was left in buildings and stores had become the most valuable goods, and survivors killed and died over products that not long ago could have been considered basic and unimportant. After the day bombs fell over the main cities in the country, even tampons had become luxury products, so you were grateful for each and every item that was left in your bag, whether it was a Band-Aid or a package of stale cookies. In the woods everything was dead. There were barely no animals or edible plants, and the cities were too dangerous to set foot on them, which meant you, and what was left of mankind, were screwed.

The world you knew was dying and you were witnessing its last breath.

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2118. Muggleborn alumni becoming ER nurses, confusing doctors by healing trauma wounds while no one is looking.

[An uninvited and ridiculously lengthy interjection from Alex:

This whole topic upsets me so much. St Mungo’s has five departments (not including the visitors’ tearoom and hospital shop. All of these departments deal with magic-related injuries, such as ‘Spell Damage’ and ‘ Magical Bugs and Diseases’, but there’s ostensibly no department to heal injuries which also infect muggles, such as a broken leg or heart disease.

This leaves us with one of two conclusions:

Firstly, it is possible that wizards (including witches – honestly I think using just the term wizards is somewhat sexist but…. It’s shorter) use the muggle services provided for these injuries. But this seems unlikely, given their complete inability to function within the muggle world – for example, we see at the quidditch world cup that many can’t even wear clothing which doesn’t stand out, and they have no understanding of the muggle currency. So it’s difficult to believe that families like the Malfoys and Weasleys are able to utilize these services without raising some serious questions.

Secondly, it’s possible that fixing these problems is really easy for wizards, through the use of potions like Skele-gro, that these problems present so little an issue that there’s no need for a department to cure them. (Caveat: it seems likely that St Mungo’s is the only wizarding hospital, while it is possible that there’s another building which heals these problems it’s never mentioned so seems quite improbable.) For context, this means that *everything the NHS deals with* (or whatever the equivalent healthcare system is in the rest of the world), from terminal illnesses like cancer to the aftermath of severe car accidents, is so easy for Healers to fix that it never gets to them because it can be fixed at home.

And why does this upset me so much? Because it seems likely that wizards can quickly and effortlessly fix the issues which plague (no pun intended) muggles. It would be so easy to help so many people! On an egalitarian basis, that’s clearly the right thing to do – forget working for the ministry like 80% of wizards seem to do, why isn’t there a group working healing people at a ridiculously fast rate?

But this is an issue which doesn’t just apply to healing. I want to know why wizards don’t spend their time helping Muggles in general. While I was happy to accept, as the seven-year old I was when I first read ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’, that it would cause too much fuss to show muggles magic, Hogwarts alumni could be apparating to the refugee camps crowded across Greece and Turkey and filling bottles with clean water in *literally seconds*. For *free*. This wouldn’t even require revealing magic! While many of the problems facing the world are complex matters, many more are as simple as requiring water, shelter, or access to basic hygiene. It requires selfishness to an extreme degree to refuse this, both in our own non-magical society but especially within the wizarding world.

I’m very interested to hear what everyone else thinks about this, so please do reply with your own opinion.

PS I’m very sorry to the person whose submission I hijacked. This wasn’t addressed at your headcanon, more at the absence of this in canon. You’re great, I hope you have a lovely day!]

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How would Mei, Tracer, McCree, and Hanzo's react be to a s/o who is really good with kids? Like, the little rugrats just gravitate towards this human nexus of FUN and security, it's unreal "pls we are on a mission" "I WILL PROTECT THEM and also buy ice cream (ง’̀-‘́)ง." Who do you think would seriously entertain the thought of having children after spending time watching their partner babysit like a champ? Gotta get them parental feels going!! ໒( ◔ ▽ ◔ )७

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

Can I get a imagine with a chubby,caring s/o who would risk there life for the people they love and people think they are a push over but turns they are a complete badass I’ll let you pick the people

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

*quietly wanders in* Really Love your ashes fic omggg And was wondering if your RQs are open? If so maybe a lil Reaper with a Chubby S/O who can still kick butt? Idk! IF YOUR NOT OPEN TO RQS ITS FINE  *Backflips out the window* BYE AND BTW LOVE YOU

crookedwiings said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

Love your X readers KC! Your the blog that totally got me into the OW x reader scene thanks. Anyways by chance would you mind doing a Reaper X smol f!reader of a redemption AU for him? I always wanted to play at the Idea but im not good with fics


Haha my inbox is always open for requests! My only conditions are that you be very patient with me and that I currently don’t do NSFW fics (I can do NSFW HC’s though <3).

ORITE. DIS BE FUN. I GOT IT. I’ll add headcanons on how characters react underneath, but this is the scenario:

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*kicks down your door*

Stop saying adopt don’t shop

droppin another sick mixtape. this one’s for the kiddos. you know, obi, bant, garen, siri…all that jazz. 

( have a listen here )

they looked at each other, and in the simple shelter of that green place, it was possible to call each other friend. // lineage iv - ruth baulding. 

i. better together - jack johnson // ii. getting to know you - spazzkid // iii. define dancing - wall-e // iv. upside down - jack johnson // v. fluffy’s harp - harry potter // vi. secrets of the castle - harry potter // vii. atlas song - jónsi & alex // viii. beautiful things - gungor // ix. yellow - coldplay // x. i just can’t wait to be king - the lion king // xi. i am the best - 2ne1 // xii. see you tomorrow - how to train your dragon // xiii. trashin’ the camp - tarzan // xiv. the twist - chubby checker // xv. the lion sleeps tonight - the tokens // xvi. 12 years later - treasure planet // xvii. under the stars - the lion king 

( for the growing and glowing ruth baulding club like…. panharmonium dyingsighs and godoflaundrybaskets ) ( i tag you guys in a lot of stuff SO SORRY) 


J was in the cafeteria in Arkham, and feeling rather bored. There was no way in hell he was touching this food.

But he saw Jon. Would be fun to annoy him wouldn’t it?
So how would he do this?
He walked up to him slowly before leaning across the table and placing a quick gentle kiss to his lips and grinning.

Now just wait for the reaction. Simple.

Jonathan had taken shelter in the least populated table, his food-tray completely untouched, pushed aside in place of a thick book that laid on the table. The refusal to sit with the other rogues, or at least finish his food quickly and head back to his cell were big, red flags that the doctor was NOT in the mood for dealing with anyone.

Especially Joker’s antics.

Too focused on his book, Crane didn’t notice the clown sitting in front of him. Didn’t notice the scarred face inching closer and he barely registered the KISS. But a peck on the lips was something hard to ignore, & those icy blue eyes were soon filled with shock and anger. Movements slow and deliberate, Jonathan closed his book & quick like a striking snake went to swing it at the clown’s face.

The infamous Beer Bad, known as one of the worst Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. Pretty much completely disregarded as an embarrassing attempt to keep kids from drinking too much alcohol.

And while that might be part of the truth, I think it’s a grave simplification of the episodes commentary. Which honestly is pretty ironic cause I’d say it’s about “simplicity vs complexity” more than anything.

Since I tend to root for the underdog, and I actually happen to love this episode (I mean really, Xander yelling “NOTHING CAN DEFEAT THE PENIS!” loudly in public, and Buffy stealing a sandwich in class - what’s not to love?), I’m gonna try to make a case in it’s defense!

Side note: All the following quotes are from the Beer Bad episode.

Prof. Walsh: These are the things we want. Simple things. Comfort, sex, shelter, food. We always want them and we want them all the time. The id doesn’t learn, it doesn’t grow up. It has the ego telling it what it can’t have and it has the superego telling it what it should want. But the id works solely out of the pleasure principle. It wants. Whatever social skills you’ve learned, however much we’ve evolved, the pleasure principal is at work in all of us. So, how does this conflict with the ego manifest itself in the psyche? What do we do when we can’t have what we want?

We’re all made up of a primitive and intellect thought. They work together to form a fully functional human being, neither of these attributes are more or less valuable really. Yet our intellect seems to be all the matters in our social structure.

Guy in the bar (talking to Xander): You see I think we have a perfect venue here for conducting a little sociometry. A bi-polar continuum of attraction and rejection. No given your sociological statuses. I foresee a B rejects A dyad. I’m sorry, lemme clarify. You see, we are the future of this country and you keep our bowl of peanuts full. We are what these girls want.

With Xander’s new job as a bartender he feels the rejection of having what is seen as a much “less valuable” job pretty much straight away. These guys value themselves more as humans because they’re aiming for a job of higher social status, and they’re not exactly shy about throwing it in others faces.

Meanwhile we have Buffy overthinking the situation with Parker, trying her very hardest to rationalize it. Sure she’s doing a terrible job at it but Parker isn’t exactly giving her much to work with now is he lol.

Buffy: You know maybe, maybe he’s just having trouble dealing. I mean, don’t guys sometimes put the girl they really, really like inside these deep little brain fantasy bubbles where everything’s perfect? They do that right?

The negatives of each extreme is pretty evident, right? An intellectual and logical approach to your ‘wants’ will let you rationalize all sorts of negative things. Such as looking down on others due to their jobs to pamper your ego, or trying to grasp at any half-truth to keep romantic hope alive - no matter how bad this love interest is for you. Approaching your ‘wants’ in a rawer, more primitive form, may lead to rash decisions with immediate gratification, but can have some pretty interesting consequences.

But.. both have the same result, don’t they? No matter what your approach, if you have mean intentions it will have mean conclusions. Neither is superior, neither is “smarter”. They are merely different approaches. One complex, one simple. The “snot nosed kids” who used to look down on others due to their “intellectual superiority” didn’t become better or worse humans did they? They still valued themselves a lot more than others in their primitive state - shown by the fact that they ran out and kidnapped women.

Meanwhile we have Buffy who is struggling with her self-worth (calling herself a slut and an idiot in the bar) and digging herself into a pit of self-blame in her intellectually driven state. But her primitive state took away her option to overthink it, to rationalize it. She could only see the situation in the cliffnotes version, which lead her to the opposite conclusion. “Fire bad.” Yes Buffy, fire bad. Just like Parker bad. So I’d say there’s absolutely something great to be said about simplicity, which I think is pretty important to note since it’s viewed as so much lesser.

The point is, this silly “alcohol in moderation” metaphor can be seen in many ways, but this is my take on this episode - and I’d call it a complex approach. But honestly? Maybe Beer Bad is just inherently bad because most people think it is, and if that’s the case it doesn’t really matter what they took away from it, does it?

Sometimes it’s just that simple and there’s nothing wrong with that.

THE Dog (Kian Lawley)

Requested by  apenguin01 : Can you please do a imagine where Kian and me go and get a puppy from the animal shelter?

    “No need to fear! Underdog is here!” announces Underdog as you and Kian watch the movie in the comfort of the bed that you two share.

    “Underdog is so cute,” you tell Kian as you cuddle up even closer to him with your head resting on his chest.

    “Not that cute,” he counters. “They’re cuter dogs out there.”

    “How could you say that?” You giggle.

    “I’m just kidding babe. I think all dogs are cute.”

    “Would it be crazy to say that I want to raise a puppy with you?”

    You feel Kian raise his head from the pillow and you look up to meet his eyes. “You serious?” He asks before answering.

    You just smile at him.

    “Honestly, no. Not crazy at all. Actually, now that I think about it, it would be fun to own a puppy. One that could cuddle with us in bed and can keep up company.”

    “So are you saying what I think you’re saying?!” You hopingly ask as you sit up.

    “Let’s go get a puppy!” Kian cheers as he gets up from the bed.

    You get up with him. Kian is just in his boxers and all you have on are some short shorts and an undershirt. So you both start to get dressed for this spontaneous trip. You quickly put on a hoodie and normal colored denim pants as Kian throws on a plain black t shirt and some ripped black jeans. With your combat boots on and his Black Vans on as well, the both you and Kian excitingly make your way out of the O2L house and to Kian’s car.

    “Wait, where are we planning to get a puppy?” You ask Kian now that you both are strapped into his car. You both got so caught up in the idea that none of you thought ahead. You reach for Kian’s hand that is resting on the console.

    “I don’t know,” he answers as he starts the car and pulls out of the driveway. “Do you want to go to a pet store?”

    “No. We should go to an animal shelter instead. We could save a dog,” you suggest.

    “I love that idea better. Okay, we’ll go to an animal shelter.”

    It’s not long before Kian pulls up to the closest animal shelter you had to look up on your phone. It’s a small building, with just a simple name, “Animal shelter,” plastered on the front. You look at Kian and Kian looks to you, you both excited that that you two are actaully here. Then you both get out of the car and walk into the place.

    You can hear animals barking and even smell them when you enter. With Kian holding your hand, he leads the both of you to the front counter. A man doing some paper work looks up when he notices you guys. “May up help you?”

    “Yeah, umm.. we wanted to maybe adopt a puppy,” Kian tells the man. You can tell that he has never gotten a dog from an animal shelter before.

    “Oh, no can do. We do have dogs, but none of them are small or young.”

    Kian looks over to you with a worried face. Honestly, you don’t really care if it’s not a puppy anymore. You guys were excited to come and now you guys are here and you are not leaving without a dog. “It’s fine,” you tell the man. “We just want to save a dog.”

    “Okay then. Follow me.” He walks away from the counter and you and Kian trail after him. You guys pass one room that is full of dogs in cages, and they all go wild when they see you pass. It’s in the next room that you guys go into where the dogs are a little more calm. “These are the dogs that we have cleared to be adopted. The others are either sick or to rough to be up for adoption. So I’ll let you both spend some time with each one to see if you guys make a decision. Let me know if you need anything” the employee explains before leaving the room.

    Now you and Kian are left alone with the dogs. “I hope we find the perfect dog,” you tell Kian, looking around.

    “I know we will,” he assures you.

    So you and Kian first begin to look at the cages on the right side. There’s a large golden retriever, a small pitbull, a chihuahua, and a bunch more. But as you and Kian look at them, none of them seem like the one. So dog after dog, you and Kian try to decide. No luck on the right side. So you and Kian move onto the left side.

    Some dogs bark and others stay in the corner, crying and scared. You think that you guys aren’t going home with a dog after all until you come up to a cage in the middle. You crouch down to get a better look. A light brown laborador has its paws up to the cage, wagging it’s tail. You put your hand up to the it’s paw and it tries to lick it. That makes you smile. “You like that one?” Kian asks as he crouches down next to you.

    “Yeah, I really do.”

    “Me too. So that settles it. We should listen to our first instict. I’ll go call the worker.” He puts his hand up to the cage and makes kissing noises to the dog. If it could jump up and down, you are sure it would. Then Kian gets up and leaves the room.

    You try to touch the dog as much as you can through the square holes. The dog also tries her best to touch you too. You giggle at its excitement. You look on the top corner of the cage to look at the information. On this dog, all it says is that it’s a girl. You look back at her. Now, you and the dog are just staring at each other. She is sitting, very calm, but her eyes locked on yours. Then, her eyes suddenly change from a brown color to a sudden light purple color only for a split second before changing back.

    You scoot a little back from the cage. But then you realize that there is an absence of fear that you should be feeling. So as you move back to the cage, the dog goes back to how she was, putting her paw up to the cage. You have this sudden urge to put your hand up to her paw, feeling her soft touch. You get lost in her eyes again.

    “It’s this one here.” You are snapped back to reality by the sound of Kian’s voice. You turn to him and he walks in with the worker from earlier. You get up quickly to move out of the way. Kian leads the man to the cage and points the dog out.

    So the worker nods and retrieves the keys from his back pocket. He finds the key he is looking for and begins to unlock the dog’s cage.

    You keep your mouth shut. You are not sure if you are going to tell Kian what you saw, if you did actually see it. Maybe it was just your mind playing tricks on you. Or maybe it wasn’t.

    As soon as the cage door opens, the dog comes running to the employee. “Hey girl,” he says to her in a baby voice. “You’re going home today.” Then he locks a lease onto her collar. He hands it to Kian. Kian happily takes it and tries to handle the now hyper dog. “Okay, now just follow me to get some paper work done.”

    You follow behind Kian who is trying to lead the dog in the right direction, but she doesn’t listen too well.

    There’s something there with the dogs. Some sort of connection.

    Kian finally gets the dog to the front desk. He hands the lease over to you so he can fill out the paperwork. He fills a few lines and then asks, “Oh yeah, (Y/N), what are we going to name the dog?”

    You both completely forgot and didn’t even think about her name. You think for a moment. All you can think about are her eyes. Her brown hazel eyes. Hazel. “Why not Hazel?” You suggest.

    “I love that name,” he says as he writes it down. So then you try to keep Hazel calm as Kian finishes. You still don’t know what’s going to happen, but what you do know is that you need Hazel to come home with you.

    “Okay, looks good,” the worker confirms as he skims the papers. “Well thank you.” He shakes hands with Kian and then with you. You both walk out of the shelter with your now new pet.

    You and Kian decided that you should stay in the back with Hazel as he drives. So now you sit next to her as Hazel decides to take up most of the seat and her paws lay on top of you.

    Now that Kian is focusing on the road, you try to do it again. You turn Hazel’s face to yours and look at her eyes. Come on. Do it again. But it doesn’t happen. Instead she jumps a little and licks your face. You push her back down and try it again. But when you do, she doesn’t stay still and wiggles out of your grip, getting up. You see her trying to head to the front of the car, so you grab her by her tail before she can. That’s when she snaps back to you and tries to bite your hand. “Hey!” You scowl.

    “Um.. you okay (Y/N)?” Kian asks as you meet his eyes in the rear view mirror. Hopefully this is the first time he looks.

    “Yeah, fine. Hazel is just a little hyper,” you reply to play it off.


    When Kian gets to the O2L house, you notice that no one else is there right now. Kian gets out of the car first. Then he opens the door on your side. He gets the leash and pulls Hazel off from you and onto the ground. Now you can finally move and get out as well.

    The first thing Hazel does is sniff her surroundings, and then pees on the lawn. “Wow Hazel, not even a minute. You couldn’t give it a minute, ” Kian jokes.

    “Hey, better out here than in there,” you point out as you laugh.

    So now you both walk into the house, introducing Hazel to her new home. Kian let’s Hazel go from her leash and then she goes wild. She starts to run all around the house, smelling everything she can. She jumps from couch to couch, sometimes finding something to chew on for a few seconds and then moving on. You and Kian laugh at her behavior. “She’s one of a kind,” Kian tells you. The he calls Hazel. “Hazel! Come here!”

    She hears him and runs over. She gets on her hind legs as she jumps up at Kian’s legs. Kian crouches down to pet her and you sit next to him. You can’t help but keep trying to look at Hazel’s eyes. You need to see her eyes again.

    “Her eyes are kind of different,” Kian observes.

    Your heart skips a beat. Kian can see it now while you can’t? “What do you mean by that?” you pipe.

    He continues to pet Hazel around her neck as he answers, “Her eyes are a really dark brown. Almost black. I’ve never seen a dog’s eyes like that.”

    You quickly feel relieved. “Oh,” you try to stay calm, “that. Yeah. They are kind of dark.”

    “It’s weird. I remember when I had a dog and we taught him tricks. It use to bark-”

    Hazel interrupts Kian by barking so loud that it makes your hair fly back. It wasn’t any normal bark. It made your eardrums pop and a chill ran up your spine. You look at Hazel and now she is back to her normal self, breathing with her tongue sticking out, as if nothing happened.

    “What the hell was that?” Kian chokes.

    You knew there was something to Hazel. “It was some sort of… super bark. But… how did she do that?!”

    “I don’t know.” You and Kian now can’t take your eyes off her. “That’s not normal.”

    “Kian,” he turns to you because of your serious tone of voice, “I didn’t tell you this earlier, but I saw her eyes change color.“

    "What?” He looks at you.

    “I was freaked out too. Sorry I didn’t tell you. I just didn’t know how to explain our clumsy dog can change the color of her eyes.”

    Kian sighs. “It’s okay.” Then he looks back to Hazel who is sitting, but she still looks excited like any other dog. “So is Hazel… some sort of super dog.”

    “See? I didn’t want to say it either because it sounds ridiculous.”

    “So she does that thing when we say B.A.R.K. Do you think she does anything else?”

    You decide to try. “Hazel, jump.”





    More nothing.

    “Why doesn’t she do anything else?”

    “I don’t know. Maybe she can only do that other one,” Kian proposes.

    “But that doesn’t makes sense. Why can she only bark and not another trick? Hazel, what are you?”

    Then, Hazel start to run to the middle of the room. Then she looks at you and Kian, and her eyes change color again.

    “Wait, it was one of those words. Repeat what you said,” you tell Kian.


    Again, nothing.


    Her eyes glow. Bingo.

    You think you can finally put the pieces together. “Bark!.” you exclaim.

    And she does with a loud sound.

    “Oh! She can only do that after we say trick and her eyes glow.” And because you said that, her eyes go back to red. “Look. Jump.”

    Then Hazel leaps off the floor, almost touching the roof and onto a shelf mounted on the wall.

    “Oh my God,” Kian utters.  Then Hazel jumps off and comes back down to the both of you. “But I don’t understand how a dog so clumsy like her can do things like that. She doesn’t seem like the smartest dog.”

    As if Hazel is trying to talk to you, you can’t help but stare at her. You getting this feeling that you can’t explain. Then a thought comes to your head that you have to say out loud, “It’s an act.”

    “What?” Kian questions with confusion.

    “I think Hazel talked to me in some way. It’s an act. She pretends to be stupid and clumsy so no one suspects anything.”

    “Babe, are you sure she told you that?” He doubts.

    “Positive,” you confirm.

    “I still can’t believe Hazel is what she is. Whatever she is. What do we do with her?”

    “Well, we can’t just give her away now. I want her,” you urge as you start to pet her again.

    “So we are going to keep a super dog?” Kian laughs, now seeming casual about this whole situation.


    “Are we going to tell anyone about this? The boys?”

    “No. We join Hazel in her act,” you explain. “We tell everyone that she’s stupid and clumsy.”

    “How are the boys never going to see what she can do?” Kian argues.

    “We just have to be careful. It’s not always going to happen when someone says ‘trick’ and a dog command in the same sentence.”

    “Okay. I like Hazel too. It’s going to take me a while to get use to the whole 'superdog’ idea, but this might be fun. I just wonder though, why can she do those things?”

    That’s the one question that has been on your mind. “I don’t know,” you respond. “It’s weird. But I have this feeling with Hazel. Like, feeling safe.”

    “You feel it too!?” He blurts out.

     "I’ve been feeling it since I saw her.

    “I guess with time we will figure out more things about her. For now, I’m just glad we got a dog. Not what I was thinking of earlier before we left the house, but I’m glad we found her.” Then he talks to her in a puppy dog voice. “Your going to be a good girl and act like you don’t have super powers, right?”

    Hazel then moves from Kian’s grip, and starts to run around the room. Then, she attempts to jump on the couch. She misses it by a few inches and falls onto the floor on her side.

    “I guess you were right. We did pick the perfect dog,” you chuckle.


How to Make a Feral Cat Shelter
With such cold weather happening this winter (at least here in the upper United States!), I saw this video and wanted to share it because I know a lot of followers of this blog like to help out feral cats.  This simple shelter will help to protect them from the cold.


tiny colorado frontera casa

Small Rustic Cabin on 40 Acres in Colorado with Mountain Views for Sale


I was excited to have an email from Victor Summers from Simple Shelter Texas about one of his latest small rustic cabins.

He calls it an eco-retreat because it sits on 40 acres off the grid in the San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado.

So yes, there are amazing views of the Sangre de Cristro Mountains from the cabin.

Small Rustic Cabin on 40 Acres with Mountain Views for Sale

Victor asked me to let you know that the cabin, along with the property, is up for sale for $275,000.

But if you tell him you saw this post he’ll reduce the price to $225,000. So tell him Alex, from sent you if you happen to be interested.

Photos Courtesy of Victor Summers

The 650-square-foot cabin is miles away from the electrical grid and sits at about 8500′ elevation in the southern part of Colorado.

There is solar power in place for the well pump and the lights. And you can see that lots of reclaimed materials were used to build the cabin.

The way it’s currently set up the home requires propane for the refrigerator and stove, so it’s not a completely off-grid solution because you’d still rely on the use of propane.

Funky and Impractical Ideas to Solve Propane Reliance

Get enough solar panels to power an ice maker and a cooler
Recycle the water from the melted ice and use it for your crops
Utilize a solar baking oven for cooking your meals
Have a wood burning cooking stove as a backup for rainy days
That was fun for me, haha. Do you have any ideas? Please share them in the comments.

Reclaimed Materials

Much of the house is clad with old wood from fences and old buildings, see below…

Unpromising Gemstones [RP--Silverwiththeheart]

It was raining along side of the deep rainforest. Everything seemed quiet  as the little animals seeked shelter. A simple and round cyan gemstone the size of a baseball laid in the side of the ground. It looked especially glossy and unblemished as the rain gently poured on top of it. For some reason it seemed to tremble. It could betray as fragile as it rocked from the breeze or maybe something more.