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simple things that make me happy and appreciative of life

1. curling up in bed with a good book and hot tea on a cool rainy day.
2. the first day it starts to feel like spring.
3. the leaves on trees turning orange and yellow in fall.
4. going under a glass table, looking up, and seeing a cat sleeping on the top.
5. traveling and experiencing new things.
6. that certain someone’s smile.
7. large sweatshirts and fuzzy socks.
8. passing a test i was sure i failed.
9. my favorite scented candle.
10. listening to calm music while reading good poetry.
and the simplest yet most beautiful thing…
11. the natural beauty of nature.
i just make lists like this when i’m feeling sad and alone because it makes me happy to know these things will happen again. it helps me clear my head of the bad and fills me with a small sense of serenity.

Acceptance is the Key

by Saṃsāran  

The key to serenity is simple. Acceptance. The ability to say this is just a thing that happened and let it go. The past is past. The ability to plan for the future and then accept that what will be will be and let it go.

You see worry, fretting, second guessing are all colossal energy drains. They do nothing positive and disrupt calm and interfere will cool deliberation and decision making.

Stop worrying about the future. It will come when it comes. Deal ONLY with what is before you now. If you must plan for a future action then set aside a time to plan. Then do your planning and when complete move on to something else.  Put your plan into action when the time comes.

Worry is not planning.

Simple is beautiful. Simplicity is clear and serene. Simple is balance and fresh air. It is high energy, high vibrations and unbounded possibility.
—  s.f.

Amandla Stenberg just released an EP — and it’s absolutely beautiful 

Is there anything Amandla can’t do?  She and Zander Hawley released a 4-track folk EP today under the name Honeywater. The songs are simple and serene. Sternberg weaves lightly through the tracks, adding soft harmonies to the hooks and violin to the occasional bridge. Listen to the EP and witness a young activist and actress exploring the full range of her talents.