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Being in a polyamorous relationship with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn would include...

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  • Being a new member of the Gotham City Sirens
  • And both Ivy and Harley taking an interest in you
  • Despite the fact that they were already dating each other
  • And you soon start to fall for both of them
  • So instead of getting involved in a complicated love triangle
  • You all decide to start dating each other
  • You and Ivy being the calmer, sophisticated couple
  • While you and Harley together were more outgoing and crazy
  • And Harley and Ivy’s relationship was the perfect balance between the two
  • The three of you going clubbing all the time
  • And getting crazy drunk
  • Which almost always ends up in a heated threeway
  • Speaking of threeways
  • Since Harley and Ivy are both like energizer bunnies when it comes to sex
  • Threeways happened on practically a daily basis
  • But that didn’t mean you didn’t enjoy each other individually
  • Going to Ivy when you needed something simple, seductive and romantic
  • And Harley when you want to go on a crazy adventure
  • But you guys had plenty of fun together
  • Being the crazy, complicated power couple of Gotham City
  • Vowing to protect each other
  • No matter what
we are wired to repeat negative emotions and remember pain; though I’ll keep calling wrong numbers to find a place to leave my voice, keep closing doors for a place to untie the arguments that brought us here, keep sleeping on windows to melt plastic smiles into a conversation we can taste after whitening the bruises that remind us tomorrow we will be the same, tomorrow we will still hurt. Maybe heartache is the only light left in me, broken is the only prayer I’ll be able to recite when we bury the hug I left to goodbye. they say it’s easier for someone to stay if you’re holding their hand, it’s easier to be found if you never take your eyes off seasons you want to become. It was never about being perfect, only never dropping your smile. you leave us past two am and claim that you’d return some day. as you make a silent pinky promise to the ocean, it saves your laughter inside of a seashell. Why would I spend my years searching for you? why shouldn’t i? superman saves his lois lane. the joker secretly loves harley quinn. cleopatra once conquered rome with a simple act of seduction. love has left your face on the moon. when i was 17, i fell in love with poetry. i have quills for fingers and paper for skin, so write your words deep into my lips. i want to feel your lasting impressions. i would love these cold lonely streets back into gold. play eden while we’re downtown. recite robert frost on my worst days. kiss you if you’re not feeling okay. hold your hands when you’re afraid. rub your back if you’re upset. explain to the roses that it’s okay to wilt, just as long as you’ll return some day. and i may no longer look the same at the age of 80, but i’d still hold strong feelings for you as if we’ve never aged a day.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

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Only if there is time, I turn the big 3-0 on August 23rd and would LOVE an Everlark fic. Im a sucker for fake relationships that turn real, but I'd gladly read ANYTHING. Much love!! ❤❤

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Happy birthday to you!! To help you celebrate your big, big, big day @katnissdoesnotfollowback has written a gorgeous story, just for you! We hope you enjoy!

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“How do you know how to do that?”

“It’s simple, dear boy.”

“For a woman, anyway. You accentuate your curves, dial up the seduction–simple-minded men fall prey easily to such tactics. And men are rather simple-minded.”

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a valentines poem of beautiful and powerful seduction  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@simple-symphonia im aro but will you accept to being my art crush on this fine fine valentine’s evening?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bath Time!: A GhiraZant/Team Villain Oneshot

“It’s hot

“Do quit your whining. A few more minutes and we will be at the spring.”

“But I’m hoooot, anata…”

“For the forty-second time, you know I do not understand a single word of Twili. Besides, you are practically half-lizard yourself. One would have thought you might thrive under the desert sun.”

“Not a lizard, and the Twilight Realm isn’t nearly this dry or hot…”

“Eugh, stop leaning on me! I do not care to be drenched in your sweat!”

“That’s not what you said last night when we-”

“Both of you stop your bickering or we are turning straight back for the fortress this instant.”

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Yoongi smut (submission)

It’s nearly 2:30 A.M.

You know for sure when you tilt your head back to give him more access, catching the clock on the wall behind you. You could shake your head and laugh off the fact that you should both be crawling to bed, but then again Yoongi was always more of a night person. Including nights like tonight, with your bodies infused with liquor, yet drunk off love. But you knew, or at least hoped, this was how your night would turn out once you slipped into this impossibly snug dress. It hugged every curve of your figure like a second skin, exposing nothing but everything at once. The neckline cut deep into the valley of your breasts, which almost made you rethink the dress but then again, you couldn’t deny how sultry it made you look. You did always want a “go-to” sexy dress, right? The color was a simple black, contrasting the seductive cut and fit, barely hitting mid thigh. Yoongi loved it. He was a simple man who wanted simple things. And though he was never one to pour his heart out in words, he more than made up for it by showing you with his actions. Which was exactly what he did the second you met him tonight at the front door of your apartment.

“Oh, baby,” he groaned, biting his lip as his eyes shamelessly scanned your body. “Where did this dress come from?” You smirked when you recalled how the night began. You had him wrapped around your finger from the moment he laid eyes on you tonight.

All night you found excuses to slink away from the party his company was throwing, into darkened hallways and empty practice rooms, so that Yoongi could get just another taste of your body. Hot breath on your neck. Nimble, greedy fingers searching your figure, his lips whispering sweet, yet filthy nothing’s against your ear. “I need it,” he crooned, trying to slip the dress further up your thighs that it hardly covered in the first place. “I need to have you.” You rolled your bodies around the wall, clawing at one another and fighting to maintain dominance as your lips danced feverishly. And just when it got too hot, too dangerously close to giving in and risking being caught fucking by his bosses, you pulled away with a dazed smile and told him “Behave.”

How was he supposed to anyways, when you had him dangling all night long and purposely reeled him in with a glance over your shoulder, as you escaped the crowd of his friends and coworkers. You silently said “follow me” with your eyes every single time. Like clockwork, every fifteen minutes you met his stare and beckoned him to follow you somewhere more private. You never had to search for his gaze, it was on you all night long. Waiting. Watching. You knew you had him. Always close enough to savor, too far to taste. It was a game you crafted to liven things up once in a while, because you knew after four years of being together, it was important.

So now, with his hands roaming your body in the almost-privacy of your doorway, his lips wandering along your through and collarbone, you could fully reel Yoongi in to get what you wanted. Naturally, he would go with the flow of things, so when you wanted him to take control, you had to give him the lead from your own hands and he slipped into position of your master. Your ultimate lover. Your dominator. Ever willing to please you in any which way, once you gave him direction. And damn, did he know how to please you.

He kicked the door closed and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you closer to him as you sunk into his touch. He had you weak in the knees. Those soft, pillowed lips pressing against your clavicle, his right hand toying with the hem of your dress that sat securely against the underside of your ass, his left cradling the back of your head by burying itself in your hair now. You felt vulnerable and submissive and you loved it. The weight of his body and the force of his touch had you taking steps back, but Yoongi never allowed a gap to form between your bodies, instead matching your steps with his own. You grabbed a fistful of his dress shirt undone from where he once had it neatly tucked and breathlessly begged him to fuck you. He groaned into your hot flesh and ran his tongue down between your breasts, allowed his right hand to assist the left in raising your dress completely up to expose your ass. He grasped it in his palms, roughly kneading it before giving you a hard spank. You practically tripped backwards with his grip no longer stabilizing your head or back. You suddenly felt very light on your feet, the world spinning as he touched you in all the right ways.

“You have no idea the things I want to do to you, baby.” His breath tickled your ear as he suddenly bit your earlobe. “I want to have you in this dress. I want to remember how you taste, how I feel inside you, how you begged for me every single time I see you wearing this.” He spanks you again and immediately caresses the tender skin. With the pressure of his lips just below your ear and his hands pulling you close by the grip on your ass, your back is arched and you practically trip backwards over your feet as you try to steady yourself. “Such a naughty girl,” he taunts, licking the vein in your neck as you gasp for air. You grab a fistful of his hair and beg his name again, and not a moment later you find yourself on the ground beside the couch. He doesn’t miss a beat as he tears off your wet panties and pries your thighs open, inhaling the scent of you once you’re exposed. You barely have a second to register that you fell before you feel his tongue run a hard swipe up your pussy. So slick that it guides him in spreading your labia with ease, making him groan in ecstasy when he sees the pink hidden inside. You gasp, running one hand up to fondle your own breast and bury the other in his mop of hair. He wraps his arms around from the underside of your thighs and locks his grip, before dragging you closer by it. His tongue worms inside you without any warning, making you arch your back into his face. He moans along with you, savagely eating your pussy after having been robbed of the opportunity many times tonight. Overwhelmed, you breathlessly cry out his name. You feel overwhelmed by pleasure, seeing blurs of color as the need to cum sneaks up on you. The desperation you feel is brutal and Yoongi makes no apologies for it as he allows on hand to clasp himself through his dress slacks, the other to rub his thumb against your swollen clit. You’ve never seen him so lost in lust in all these years. For a fleeting moment a soft smile curls on your lips as you contemplate if he somehow needs you to cum more than you do. Just as you close your eyes, you feel something deep inside your belly unravel and before you can register that you’re climaxing, you clench around Yoongi’s head and scream. You squirm on the floor and his tongue continues to work inside of you, lapping up what he can of your undoing. The rest smears on his lips and jaw, glistening in the dim light of the moonlight filling the room.

You try to move backwards to escape the sensitivity you feel from his relentless tongue still buried quite deep inside of you, but his hands grip your thighs and drag you back to remain latched on his face. More. He needs more. “Yoongi, I can’t, baby,” you mewl, “it’s so sensitive.” His eyes open beneath hooded lids so that he can watch you squirm. Goddamn, you look sexy fucked out like this. The dress looks even better slung up around your hips with one of your breasts slipped out. He moans, gripping your hip tight. He allows his other hand to resume shamelessly rubbing his erection through his pants, as the sounds of you begging for mercy fill his ears. “Yoongi,” you squeal, gripping his hair and the couch beside you for purchase. “I ca-I can’t.” The word falls from your lip in a moan with furrowed brows. It’s so fucking good, yet so absolutely torturous.

You arch your back and grab two fistfuls of his hair. You can’t control your body giving into primal desire. His tongue works your swollen, abused pussy as you begin to grind against his mouth. He smiles inside with victory. You finally gave in. Now maybe he can trust that you won’t break free if he shifts positions so that you can sit on his face. He tests his theory, gripping both your hips and signaling you to move with his new position as he pulls you forward with his grasp. Without missing his cue, you roll forward and sit completely on his tongue, without having to let it leave you at all. You moan, sweat coating your body, pleasure etched into your features. He slides a hand to his zipper and undoes his pants, letting his painfully hard cock spring out so that he can fully pleasure himself while you do the same. “Use me,” he thinks, “fuck my face, baby.”

So soon after your first orgasm, let alone a night full of cruel teasing, it doesn’t take you long to race to climax again. Your body aches, your tender clit brushing his nose as you force his tongue to hit every sweet spot inside of you. Yoongi’s hand clasps your ass cheek so hard you may have a few bruises from his fingertips, but the reminder of your filthy living room session will only further another round tomorrow. His other hand strokes his cock to the brink and beyond, staring between your spread thighs and up at your beautiful face as pleasure washes over you. He shoots one, two, three webs of cum and his cries are lost inside you. Exhausted, shaking and weak, you climb off of his face and lay down on the floor. Yoongi turns and slings an arm over your waist, allowing a sleepy, gummy smile to cover his face. His eyes are closed, yet you still feel shy, the way you always have in all these years under his gaze.

“I’ve never seen you like that before,” you chuckle softly. Blush creeps up to your cheeks and your hand covers your eyes as you try to compose yourself.

“Like what?” He mumbles, scooting close so that he can press a chaste kiss to the top of your shoulder. “Desperate to taste you? You’ve never seen it that bad, because you always squirm away before I can get more.” You turn your head and gaze at his face, finding his eyes open and meeting yours. “Not this time. Not after teasing me all night, baby.” You bite your lip. Somehow he still manages to give you butterflies, even now. You stay like this for a while, watching one another as your eyes fight to close, before sleep finally wins out.

Just as you drift off, his voice quietly fills the space and lulls you into a peaceful rest. “I love you, baby. Goodnight.”


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@babyitsbts YOU MUST READ THIS FROM THE HOBI HOLIDAY ANON. (Also Hobi Holiday Anon, you should totally do this for Kara but with Hobi and write her a full on scenario since you were on her blog first cause that’d be really really awesome of you)

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ok this is an actual question bc im not an x expert (practically know nothing)- did claremont really write his characters with lgbt subtext? or is it just a fan headcanon?

it really is a thing. he’s widely known for writing queer subtext into everything he could get his hands on. i don’t know if he’s ever spoken specifically about it because i can’t find any quotes right now but honestly it’s far from the kind of thing that you could argue wasn’t intentional.

here’s the thing: he wrote uncanny x-men from ‘75 to ‘91, new mutants from ‘83 to '87, and part of excalibur (the gayest lmao). marvel comics abandoned the comics code in 2001, which prohibited depictions of sexuality in comics. he literally could not write the characters being blatantly queer (nothing was allowed, from simple seduction to actual kissing or sex scenes), so the best he could do was slip a bunch of subtext in there that looked like just friendship.

this is the kind of stuff we’re talking about, though:

“although I knew Chris had some plan for Sat-Yr-9 [the blonde, posing as kitty’s roommate] to corrupt Kitty and that the various Cross-time versions of Saturnyne were attracted to Kitty, I had no idea what, if any, the goal of this relationship was to be. I just played it as a lesbian affair.”
– alan davis, the artist in this issue. (from excalibur #24)

kitty is one of his characters with the most queer subtext ever. at some point she and xi’an coy manh (who’s openly a lesbian) almost kiss in mekanix. you can read more about it in this essay “kitty queer” (which you should totally read because it’s amazing), but during claremont’s runs on uncanny x-men and excalibur, kitty’s friendships with illyana rasputin and rachel grey are… incredibly similar to what a romantic relationship would be but without anything that couldn’t be interpreted as just friendship (*sigh* comics code).

(from new mutants #63, written by claremont and louise simonson)

i remember reading this and it describes this moment as “little soft lesbian college dorm tickling fun” and i loved it.

(from mekanix #6)

i’m giving kitty examples because she’s the one i know better but from what i hear it was everywhere. ororo munroe and yukio are another notorious example:

There was an issue where Storm went to Japan and bonded with Yukio, a female thief and adventurer. As a result of Yukio’s influence, the formerly calm and tightly controlled Storm cut loose and got a Mohawk! After an entire issue of them running around together having sexual chemistry, they ended up on a roof. Then the scene cut to them lying together on the roof smoking [presumably post-coital] cigarettes. I can’t imagine that was anything but intentional.” (x)

long story short, if not for the comics code we’d probably have quite a few more openly queer x-characters by now. and it’s endlessly enfuriating that all the recent x-men writers refuse to acknowledge what claremont had going on, and don’t even address these characters’s sexualities, acting as if they’re all heterosexual until explicitly proven otherwise.

We started by turning on all the lights
in the house; we called it loud, opened
our arms and stretched our fingers
until they vibrated with the uncertain
pleasure we had never denied ourselves.

We watched from the roof as the
stars came to us, descending upon
our celebration, as if to join in
this uprising of the souls. They did
always seem so similar to us.

When the fires started, we did not
flinch. We had been learning how to
burn all our little lives. We felt so
simple against the seduction of the
heat; knowing we would soon be
cinder made us say the things we
meant most, in precise, vibrant terms.

There were never meant to be any
survivors, in this journey. Some called
it war, but knew the moments of
impact only as those of battle. We
never failed to see those collisions
as incidental casualties of pieces
of ourselves we could still stand to lose.

We descended from the muck of
the years we had left behind us, new
and burning, fiercely, decidedly whole.
Once we had bound ourselves to the
stars, there was no choice but to wish
we would one day become one with them.

—  “in the final days”, Emma Bleker

Starter for @slides-by-seductively

It had been months since Akira had seen Ling, and for some reason she thought it would be a good idea to surprise him at his place in Xing. She didn’t have anything to do this week (or the next) anyways. She just hoped that he had some free time as well.

She had never been in Xing, so she had to ask around to find where she needed to go. Although, she probably could have found it sooner or later considering the size of it. That option probably would have been better, because people gave her suspicious looks when she asked where to find Ling and had to explain that she was looking for the emperor.

When she arrived, she stated her business and how she knew Ling. Then, she was told that she would be escorted to where she needed to go. Once she saw him she couldn’t help but smile.


Jonghyun conquers the stage at the ‘BASE’ Showcase.

Jonghyun is back to dominate the stage once again not as a member of SHINee, but as a solo artist. On January 8, a special debut showcase for Jonghyun took place at the SMTown COEX Atrium held at Seongsamdong, Seoul. The MC for the special event was Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung. SHINee members Minho and Taemin were also there to watch and support their hyung (older brother).

The special event featured Jonghyun’s self-introduction for his debut album entitled, ‘BASE’. It was definitely one of the most anticipated debut stage of the year as not only Korean Shawols, but fans from around the world gathered on social media sites to show their huge support! Shawols were on the edge of their seats as they waited for the show to start and see SHINee’s main vocalist perform his new songs for the first time ever.

The show started with Jonghyun singing, ‘It’s Late (Beautiful Tonight)’, which he first performed during SHINee’s 5th Anniversary showcase in 2013. The powerful vocalist shone on the stage, donning a simple white-turtleneck sweater and a black blazer.


After the soulful performance, Jonghyun greeted the fans and did a brief interview with the host of the night, Sooyoung. He introduced each track to the fans and shared the meaning and inspirations he had while being actively involved in producing his album. After the interview, Jonghyun removed his black blazer and kept the turtleneck sweater on and added a white sash to complete the look. He swept fans off their feet by performing ‘Hallelujah’, the third track on his upcoming album. 'Hallelujah’ is said to be an R&B track that is accompanied by simple but very seductive dance moves.

The powerful vocalist of SHINee entered the stage once again with a new outfit— a simple black dress shirt with a red velvet blazer; effectively showcasing a masculine and sensual look. He performed the first track of his album, 'Déjà-Boo’, along with featuring musician Zion.T. The upbeat song, which has maintained its No.1 spot on MelOn for 2 days, made the crowd go wild with its captivating choreography.

Lastly, Jonghyun came out on stage for the last time to perform the title track, ‘Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)’, with rookie rapper Iron. He donned a flashy pearlescent aqua suit that he later dubbed as ‘SHINee’s color’. He performed the song while using a mic-stand that had a ‘BASE’ logo on it and executed a powerful and exciting stage presence!

After the performance, Jonghyun expressed his gratitude with a speech that was addressed to his members, his production team and his fans. Finally, SM Entertainment gave fans a surprise as the music video for ‘Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)’ was shown. Multiple fanaccounts claimed that the music video boasts Jonghyun’s powerful vocals for the new, intense song.
Jonghyun’s debut album, ‘BASE’ will be released on January 12th at midnight (KST) on domestic music sites.

Written by: ibreatheparadox @

I'm Sorry BabyGirl | Sam Wilkinson Imagine | NOT REQUESTED |

Sam Wilkinson Imagine


He Dances With Another Girl At The


Requested : Nope


Word Count : 1,110


Laying on my bed, reading a book was how I always spent my Friday night. All of a sudden, my thoughts were interrupted when Sam came into our shared bedroom and literally jumped in bed with me.

“ Hey babe ” I said, looking at him.

“ Hey BabyGirl ” he said back, looking up at me.

I smiled and continued to read my book, and then, Sam of course had to break the silence.

“ So, baby, you know I love you right, and you love me, which means I’ll do anything for you and you’ll do anything for me, ” he said, sitting up and kissing my cheek.

“ What do you want Sam ” I said, turning the page. He then said “ Do you think, maybe you could come to the club with me and the guys tonight. ” You closed your book and looked at him. “ Sam, you know I don’t go to clubs, I hate them. I hate the environment ” I said. He nodded and said “ I know baby, but I really wanted to go tonight, so please l, will you come with me tonight, please baby. ” You thought it over and said “ Fine, I’ll go. ”

- Forty Five Minutes Later -

I stood in front of the stand up mirror I had in my room. I was wearing and skin tight black dress, and I actually though I looked good. My chest was slightly exposed, but I really didn’t have a problem with it. I also had done my hair and makeup, which was pretty simple, yet seductive. Sam came into the room, and hugged me from behind. “ You look sexy baby girl” he whispered into my ear, kissing the bottom of my ear. I turned my head and said, “ And so do you.”

He then took my hand and brought me downstairs. I grabbed my phone and mini purse. I then out on some black heels and we walked out, hand in hand.

I got into the passenger side, and Sam on the drivers side. “ You ready baby ” he asked, starting the car. “ I guess Sammy ” I said, turning my head to look out the window. He then pulled out of our driveway and he started driving. As we were driving, I felt his hand on my thigh. It didn’t really bother me because he always did this when we drove. We then pulled up to the club, parked, and went inside.

As we walked in, the smell of alcohol immediately invaded my nose. I look around to see completely intoxicated women and men, dancing on the dance floor. I loo at the bar and of course there is that shady guy, talking to two girls, clearly drunk out of their minds. We then saw the other boys, so we went over to the table that they had. We all said our “ Hi’s ” and “ Hello’s ” and then we went to the dance floor.

- 30 minutes later -

I looked around for Sam. He said he was going to the bathroom, but that was 20 minutes ago. I went back to the table to see if he was there, or if any of the guys were at the table and if any of them saw him. I got to the table and I saw Gilinsky sitting there, drink in his hand, talking to Nate. Sam wasn’t there, and Johnson was waking back to the table. “ Hey, do you guys know where Sam went ” I asked the boys.

They all shook their heads, not knowing his whereabouts. I just sat down next to Nate, waiting a little longer, thinking he would come back soon.

I decided I would get a drink so I got back up and headed over to the bar. As I was walking, I saw Sam, grinding up against a skimpy blonde girl, barely in any clothes. I walked up to him and separated him from the girl. “ WHAT THE FUCK SAM ” I screamed, louder than I though I would.

His face was written with complete and utter shock. “ Y/N, I didn’t mean to, I swear, I’m sorry baby girl ” he said, trying to grab my hand. I swiped my hand away and said “ I’ll be in the car asshole. ” I could hear him calling my name as I was walking out. Nate saw me walking out and ran up to me, slightly tripping because I assumed he was drunk. “ Y/N! Come here ” Nate said, coming closer to me. I just brushed it off, and went to the car.

I got in, waiting for Sam’s arrival. He came, shortly after me. As he got in, he tried talking to him, but I wanted to ignore him. I just looked out the window, the whole ride home. As he pulled in to the driveway, he called my name again, but again, I ignored him.

I opened the door, and stormed up to the front door. I tried to open it, but it was unlocked to I had to wait for Sam. He walked up, and unlocked the door. I stormed in, but Sammy grabbed my arm before I could get upstairs. “ Let go of me you dick ” I said, trying to get out of his painfully hard grasp. He pulled me to him and said “ Please let me explain. ”

“ You don’t need to explain Sam, I know what happened, there is no explaining to do ” I said, my voice in a pretty harsh tone. He looked in my eyes and said “ She started dancing with me babe. ” I rolled my eyes at his excuse “ Really, I’m not that stupid, how about you just go back to the club and hang out with that slut.”

He then said “ But you are the girl that I love and I always will. Babe you are my one and only. You are my true love. Please let me show you how much I love you ” he said, with pleading eyes. I said “ And how will you do that Samuel. ”

“ Like this ” he said, kissing my lips. The kiss intensified when he put his arms around my waist and squeezed my butt, signaling he wanted me to jump. I did and he walked me up the stairs to our bedroom.

That night, he really did make me feel like I was his one and only.



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the overthinker;

AN: To soothe the bittersweet pain of my last one-shot AU, here’s a somehow compensation. Also, this is for killiansbuttercup because she’s been so patient with me.


It’s three in the afternoon on a Sunday when she finds herself standing in front of an apartment door in New York, holding a small black golden retriever under her arm.

It’s three in the afternoon.

On a Sunday.

How the hell did she get here? She knows exactly why, and she hates herself for even thinking of returning the lost dog to his owner. She could have just left him there and went on with her blissful life. But she didn’t. (She couldn’t – the creature has such a determination in its small body that when he followed her home, waggling his tail until she let him in, she would swear he’s some kind of devil’s spawn or something.)

It had been easy trying to find the address written on the dog’s tag, easy to ask for Graham to check out the name Killian Jones on the police records, if he’s anything but a dog owner. Her friend came back to her with a clean file. But she could never be sure…

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