simple sandwich

Thanksgiving Turkey Cran Sandwich

Yield varies by preference

The things you’ll need

  • Leftover cranberry sauce, stuffing, & turkey
  • Provolone cheese
  • Sourdough bread
  • Electric griddle
  • Spatula
  • Knife
  1. Heat leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing.
  2. Turn the griddle up to 300ºF and then place a slice of bread on it.
  3. Lay a slice of cheese on the bread and then layer cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey on top of the cheese. Let it sit for 20 to 30 seconds.
  4. Flip the sandwich over and allow the other side to brown, about 30 to 45 seconds.

Very important sandwiches 👌🏼🌱 this is one of my favorite sammies ever and it’s really easy–5 ingredients if you don’t include lemon juice, salt, pepper, and hot sauce!

Toasted oatmeal bread with hummus, spinach, and avocado + chickpea salad 👅👅👅

Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part One?)

Request: I’m making a request, it’s me. It’s always me dropping on by. But anyway. I’d like a Kai fluff. Where he comes back and sees YN (his wife) and his daughter who is now five (because of time jump) and due to pictures YN showed their daughter, she knows exactly who the man is in the front door and screams “DADDY!” And runs and jumps and hugs him. ((( @geminioriginalsimagines )))

Warnings: None? Fluff? Kai gets smacked twice but he sort of deserves it.


( Part Two )

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You were making sandwiches, as simple as a lunch as you can for Annalise. She was playing in the living room, you kept having to glance over your shoulder to see that she hadn’t gotten into anything she wasn’t meant to.

She was so much like her father, even if she never met him. She had his bright blue eyes, his brown hair, and possibly his magic. You had no idea, and you wouldn’t know until she’s older, so you let it go. For now, she was a normal little girl with teddy bears and a love for cartoons. She was different, she understood that, and she understood that her father was different as well. He was gone, and he was never coming back, and Annalise knew that. But recently she had started having dreams that he was back again, coming to see her.

You weren’t sure you wanted him back.

A knock on the back door makes you jump, you nearly drop the knife you were holding. When you turn to open the door you freeze, eyes widening as you stare right out the door at Kai, staring at you through the glass of the back door.

“What the hell?” You ask as you pull the door open. He was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“What the hell? How are you back? How are you even- your head got chopped off! I was there!” Your voice was raising, you wanted to hit him, how long had been back?

“I know, I remember it. I brought you these, hoping to make amends, I-” You actually do smack him this time, right across the face with the back of your hand. His head flies to the side and he moved his bottom jaw slowly.

“I deserve that-” You hit him again- “And that.”

“How fucking could you?! How could you abandon me- how could you abandon your child?!” Kai’s eyes widen.

“I have a-”

“Daddy!” Annalise comes running from behind you and before you can stop her she’s thrown herself into Kai’s arms. Kai hugs her back, stunned, in shock.

“I knew you were back! I knew you were going to find mommy again! Are you staying?” Kai’s sets her down.

“No, he’s not staying.” Annalise’s face falls, and her eyes tear up. Kai notices her quick change in emotion and take her hand. Her fingers wrap tightly around his index finger.

“But I’ll be back tomorrow, me and your mommy need to have a talk.” You cross your arms over your chest, eyes glaring across at him, you’re pissed, you’re so pissed you could kill him.

“Alright, go back inside, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She lets go of Kai’s finger and comes back into the house, watching through the glass of the now shut door as he walks away.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”


Prompto_overload (comic 3)

Oracle!Prompto teaches Noctis how to make a simple peanut butter sandwich. Noctis… well, … he tried. I repeat, TRIED. 

Oracle!Prompto created by @chocobaes. More kudos coming your wayyy <3 

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here is a simple sandwich i like to make, it is vegetarian and can be made vegan if you use vegan mayo

its especially good if you let the mayo and tofu marinate for a day or two. if you plan on making the sandwich to eat later, put layers of spinach against both sides of the mayo/bread to help it from getting soggy from the tomato and tofu.○ 

Mindlessly - Woozi

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Idol : Woozi - Jihoon (Seventeen)

Genre : Angst, Fluff

Your boyfriend had locked himself in his room and he hasn’t come out since the morning. You get that your boyfriend was busy. You can understand that being part of a band is hard, especially when you mainly write the music, but being inside for this long without food is very unhealthy! Your boyfriend, aka Seventeen’s Woozi, had a very hard job, especially when his band just debuted.

You silently made your way to the kitchen and prepared some food for your hardworking boyfriend. You made something simple, a sandwich and coffee. If he was going to work longer, he would need the coffee in his system.

You made your way towards Jihoon’s room, the creaking of the floor boards underneath your every step. You took in a deep breath before reaching out your hand to knock on his door. You hesitated, your hand hovering the door. 

Knock. Knock. Knock.

You frowned as you heard nothing but the sounds of your boyfriend typing away on his keyboard. You held a smile on your face, bracing yourself, before pushing the door open a few inches.

You stuck in your head through the small crack. Your smiled began to fade away as your eyes laid upon the sight in front of you. All you could see was your boyfriend mindlessly typing, He hadn’t even noticed your presence.


You saw Jihoon jump up a little before focusing again on his work.

“Hey.”, he replied in a emotionless tone.

“Are you hungry?”, you asked, standing behind him with your tray of goods.


“Are you sure? How about coffee?”, you asked again.

“Yes. I don’t want coffee.”, he replied, his tone icy cold.

You held your breath, debating whether to ask again. “Just take the coffee, you’ll need it. I’ll ju-”.

“(Y/N), just leave me alone! I don’t need you stupid coffee. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!”, Jihoon yelled back, turning around in his chair. His action bumped the tray towards you, dumping boiling hot coffee on your chest.

You cried out in pain, dropping whatever left of your prepared snacks onto the ground. You rushed to the bathroom as tears formed in your eyes.

You slammed the bathroom door behind you, turning around to examine yourself in the mirror. You were utterly a mess.Your white shirt was almost drenched in coffee, your shirt being brown now. Your hair flew out in random directions, your cheeks red from your tears.  

You leaned back into the door, sliding down the door slowly. You wrapped your arms around your knees as you let out your built up tears.

When your tears and sniffles finally ceased, you gathered yourself and stood up. You leaned onto the sink, trying to closely examining your blood-shot eyes. You closed your stinging eyes trying to make the pain stop.

You felt arms around you, then a weight on your shoulder. You slowly opened your eyes. You stared at Jihoon in the mirror.

“What d-do you want?”, you asked hiccuping as you turned around to look him in his face.

“I wanted to apologize. I shouldn’t have done that, I was letting my emotions control me. I was just mad with myself and I put it on you.”, Jihoon whispered as he wrapped his arms around you, embracing you.

You sniffled as you placed your face into his shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”, he whisper again.

You closed your eyes as you rested your chin on his shoulder.

“It’ okay.”

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1. where is your cell phone? On the floor next to me
2. your hair? I don’t know what to do with it anymore. It’s just a rebellious teenager and I’m trying to tame it with conditioner, heat and chemicals. It’s going to go pink and I won’t have a say in it.
3. your mom? I have so many.  one of which is my actual mom and the other is my grandma, the other is a goddess I’m pretty sure I disappoint daily. 
4. your other half? My best friend Renee who either doesn’t reply or takes a week to text back. Come on girl the boy I met on tinder is quicker. 
5. your favourite food? I’m really, simple too simple A chicken/turkey sandwich and cereal. weird thing is if I eat toooo far out of that range quilt sets in and I don’t eat for the rest of the day unless it’s one of those things. 
6. your dream last night? I’ll go with the third dream, so me and a few friends hung with out this youtuber, Dre Ronayne because we have a mutual friend. So she kind of had a few burgers from other restaurants and fries and decides to order a chicken sandwich as well. But most of us wanted to wait till Kelly Eden Dre’s friend joins us and I’m the only one who says it which rubs Dre the wrong way. Anyway My best friend’s mom manages the restaurant and you can hear her yelling at all the staff. And I said to her ‘when you first came here did this even surprise you.’ and we had our usual conversation of saying ‘Girl’ in different tones we understood each other but it rubbed Dre the wrong way. So Kelly never shows cause she was busy so we ordered. I got a chicken sandwich to eat at home and when everyone finished eating and I was the one to throw the trash away. As I was doing that Dre was talking about me behind my back but “in a nice way” no one defended me not even My best friend. So I just sat on the floor behind them facing the window. I was going to get up but the floor was slippery and I fell back down. She looked over the seat and said ‘Well you’re  a rather large girl.’ but  she’s kind of plus size as well but ok what ever. I was on the verge of breaking down because none of my friends defended me. So I just crawled out the door. yeah…..

7. your favourite drink? Ice Tea.
8. fear? Heights and abandonment. I actually cried when my fourth therapist had to be changed once I really started to like her. Like that’s how emotionally stable I am.
9. your home away from home?  Tj Maxx
10. where were you last night? laying on the floor just existing. 
11. something that you aren’t? Happy
12. muffins? Only if they taste like cupcakes
13. wish list item? Demonia Sprite 03, their like a mix of the two Demonia shoes I have now. The platform’s shorter then one and hopefully the opening won’t murder my feet unlike the other one 
14. where you grew up?  Miami, Fl well Cutler Bay to be specific but like no one beyond south Florida knows where that is. 
15. last thing you did? Ate, the guilt settled in immediately, I have to stop eating food people give me. 
16. what are you wearing now? Black Tshirt and black shorts, all I wear is black. 
17. your TV? is off because I hate commercials, too many weight loss commercials I’m not about that. .
18. your pets? I have two bunnies, their my sister’s but I take care of them and love them and catch when they escape. But I want a cat, a big floofy cat that will love me. 
19. friends? I got like two maybe three on a day when I’m not annoying and undeserving of love. 
20. your life? Doing my best and hoping for the best. 

21. missing someone? My grandma and best friend, maybe if my grandma was here everything would be better and if I could talk to my best friend I wouldn’t cry four times a week. 

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