simple sandwich

Thanksgiving Turkey Cran Sandwich

Yield varies by preference

The things you’ll need

  • Leftover cranberry sauce, stuffing, & turkey
  • Provolone cheese
  • Sourdough bread
  • Electric griddle
  • Spatula
  • Knife
  1. Heat leftover turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing.
  2. Turn the griddle up to 300ºF and then place a slice of bread on it.
  3. Lay a slice of cheese on the bread and then layer cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey on top of the cheese. Let it sit for 20 to 30 seconds.
  4. Flip the sandwich over and allow the other side to brown, about 30 to 45 seconds.

Very important sandwiches 👌🏼🌱 this is one of my favorite sammies ever and it’s really easy–5 ingredients if you don’t include lemon juice, salt, pepper, and hot sauce!

Toasted oatmeal bread with hummus, spinach, and avocado + chickpea salad 👅👅👅

Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part One)

Request: I’m making a request, it’s me. It’s always me dropping on by. But anyway. I’d like a Kai fluff. Where he comes back and sees YN (his wife) and his daughter who is now five (because of time jump) and due to pictures YN showed their daughter, she knows exactly who the man is in the front door and screams “DADDY!” And runs and jumps and hugs him. ((( @geminioriginalsimagines )))

Warnings: None? Fluff? Kai gets smacked twice but he sort of deserves it.



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You were making sandwiches, as simple as a lunch as you can for Annalise. She was playing in the living room, you kept having to glance over your shoulder to see that she hadn’t gotten into anything she wasn’t meant to.

She was so much like her father, even if she never met him. She had his bright blue eyes, his brown hair, and possibly his magic. You had no idea, and you wouldn’t know until she’s older, so you let it go. For now, she was a normal little girl with teddy bears and a love for cartoons. She was different, she understood that, and she understood that her father was different as well. He was gone, and he was never coming back, and Annalise knew that. But recently she had started having dreams that he was back again, coming to see her.

You weren’t sure you wanted him back.

A knock on the back door makes you jump, you nearly drop the knife you were holding. When you turn to open the door you freeze, eyes widening as you stare right out the door at Kai, staring at you through the glass of the back door.

“What the hell?” You ask as you pull the door open. He was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“What the hell? How are you back? How are you even- your head got chopped off! I was there!” Your voice was raising, you wanted to hit him, how long had been back?

“I know, I remember it. I brought you these, hoping to make amends, I-” You actually do smack him this time, right across the face with the back of your hand. His head flies to the side and he moved his bottom jaw slowly.

“I deserve that-” You hit him again- “And that.”

“How fucking could you?! How could you abandon me- how could you abandon your child?!” Kai’s eyes widen.

“I have a-”

“Daddy!” Annalise comes running from behind you and before you can stop her she’s thrown herself into Kai’s arms. Kai hugs her back, stunned, in shock.

“I knew you were back! I knew you were going to find mommy again! Are you staying?” Kai’s sets her down.

“No, he’s not staying.” Annalise’s face falls, and her eyes tear up. Kai notices her quick change in emotion and take her hand. Her fingers wrap tightly around his index finger.

“But I’ll be back tomorrow, me and your mommy need to have a talk.” You cross your arms over your chest, eyes glaring across at him, you’re pissed, you’re so pissed you could kill him.

“Alright, go back inside, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She lets go of Kai’s finger and comes back into the house, watching through the glass of the now shut door as he walks away.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”

Headcanons about the Inquisition Members: cooking during a mission

Cassandra: she can’t properly cook a whole meal, but she can roast meat without charring it, and she’s not bad in cutting the vegetables. She has no patient in dosing the ingredients, but she rarely goes wrong. Divine Justinia tought her how to bake. She’s not the greatest baker, but she’s happy when she does it, because the scent of bread remind her her old friend. She also likes making simple sandwiches, mostly with ham and cheese. She counts it as “cooking”. 

Dorian: he has never had to cook before the Inquisition, and he is not very interested in it. But, when they’re outside Skyhold and it’s his turn to feed the companions, he can improvise tasty soups, thanks a little book he has found in the Hinterlands. He doesn’t want to poison them, after all. He likes improvising, however, adding herbs and fresh vegetables, if possible. He toasts the bread too, keeping it warm thanks his magic. Of course, he makes sure to chose the proper wine for every soup.

The Iron Bull: he can cook well, especially meat, but he has a preference for fish. He knows a lot of  types and how to cook them in the best way. He has a thing for spicy food, but knowing that not all his companions share this, he just let the spices’ container where everybody can serve themselves. When he cooks, he’s so quiet and focused that the others are surprised, seeing him tasting carefully little bites of the dish, humming a wordless song.

Solas: he cooks only if no one else offers to do it. He doesn’t seem enjoying it particularly, but he’s always ready to share advices and tales about how he learnt this or that recipe. He puts the food in the plates mixing colors in a very pleasant way, artistic also in this, and even if he just nods politely, seems very pleased when someone asks for a second portion. Even if he doesn’t like tea, he knows how to make different types of it, which can help the others to sleep or soothe the pain after a battle.

Varric: he does know tons of recipes. But cooking is not only about reading instructions. He is amused by his own inhability to cook something decent beside sandwiches and broth. He can’t roast properly the meat, it’s too hard outside and almost raw inside, let alone the fish. He cooks very basic meals, chopping vegetables and giving his friends dried meat, a thing he always makes sure is fully stocked in their camps.

Blackwall: he’s the king of the stew. He loves cooking for the others, chatting with them while the meat is smoking and the the special sauce is boiling. He has a thing for sauces and knows quite a lot of recipes. He can cook something tasty even if he has just a handful of ingredients, and he cooks enough to have a second round for everybody. His food is always strong and the portions almost too big.

Cole: he asks to learn how to cook, but it’s difficult for his friends because the young spirit always talks too much with the meal, not paying a great attention to his teachers. He likes helping the others, however, bringing them what they need even before they can realize it. Often, he personalizes what they cook, adding something sweet here, something spicy there, as he knows it makes them happy. If they have a rough mission, he appears with a basket of little pastries. Nobody knows where he picks them, but they’re happy he does.

Sera: she bakes cookies, of course, and they’re not so bad when she focus enough to avoid to swap sugar with salt. When she has to cook, she grumbles and huffs, throwing ingredients in a pot, the flames too high. Sometimes she burns the meal, other times she just makes toasted bread and butter, with a little honey on it. She prefers hunting the dinner, not cooking it.

Vivienne: for her, the necessity of cooking is a novelty, and although she’s not particularly happy about this, she applies strongly to be able to do it at her best. She learns how to make some vegetables soups and how to cook properly meat and fish. She’s not the greatest cook, but the food is always good, even if a bit too light. She uses her magic to keep the hot beverages pleasently warm, when they’re in cold places, whipping personally some cream for them.


Scout Harding: she doesn’t like cooking, not at all, but she never complains. Her mother taught her how to bake and made a decent meal with simple ingredients, and Harding’s roasted ram is pretty famous. Eating mostly dried food, she makes sure to have at least twice a week fresh fruit and vegetables for her and her team. She always has a couple of raisins biscuits in her satchel. They taste like home.

Cullen: the only time he goes with them on a mission, they tease him about cooking. He surprises them all, making an excellent omelette, with cheese and fresh herbs, and using the leftovers of a previous meal to cook a savory stew. He blushes, explaining Templars taught him, when he was a recruit, and he still remembers some tricks from his mother.

Knight - Captain Rylen: even if he’s an official, Rylen does his part, but his food is basically half - burnt bread or boiled eggs. He once cooks a special soup from Starkhaven, adding enough garlic to scare a demon with his breath. When the Inquisitor sents proper cooks, it’s a happy day in the Western Approach.


Prompto_overload (comic 3)

Oracle!Prompto teaches Noctis how to make a simple peanut butter sandwich. Noctis… well, … he tried. I repeat, TRIED. 

Oracle!Prompto created by @chocobaes. More kudos coming your wayyy <3 

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here is a simple sandwich i like to make, it is vegetarian and can be made vegan if you use vegan mayo

its especially good if you let the mayo and tofu marinate for a day or two. if you plan on making the sandwich to eat later, put layers of spinach against both sides of the mayo/bread to help it from getting soggy from the tomato and tofu.○ 

Mindlessly - Woozi

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Idol : Woozi - Jihoon (Seventeen)

Genre : Angst, Fluff

Your boyfriend had locked himself in his room and he hasn’t come out since the morning. You get that your boyfriend was busy. You can understand that being part of a band is hard, especially when you mainly write the music, but being inside for this long without food is very unhealthy! Your boyfriend, aka Seventeen’s Woozi, had a very hard job, especially when his band just debuted.

You silently made your way to the kitchen and prepared some food for your hardworking boyfriend. You made something simple, a sandwich and coffee. If he was going to work longer, he would need the coffee in his system.

You made your way towards Jihoon’s room, the creaking of the floor boards underneath your every step. You took in a deep breath before reaching out your hand to knock on his door. You hesitated, your hand hovering the door. 

Knock. Knock. Knock.

You frowned as you heard nothing but the sounds of your boyfriend typing away on his keyboard. You held a smile on your face, bracing yourself, before pushing the door open a few inches.

You stuck in your head through the small crack. Your smiled began to fade away as your eyes laid upon the sight in front of you. All you could see was your boyfriend mindlessly typing, He hadn’t even noticed your presence.


You saw Jihoon jump up a little before focusing again on his work.

“Hey.”, he replied in a emotionless tone.

“Are you hungry?”, you asked, standing behind him with your tray of goods.


“Are you sure? How about coffee?”, you asked again.

“Yes. I don’t want coffee.”, he replied, his tone icy cold.

You held your breath, debating whether to ask again. “Just take the coffee, you’ll need it. I’ll ju-”.

“(Y/N), just leave me alone! I don’t need you stupid coffee. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!”, Jihoon yelled back, turning around in his chair. His action bumped the tray towards you, dumping boiling hot coffee on your chest.

You cried out in pain, dropping whatever left of your prepared snacks onto the ground. You rushed to the bathroom as tears formed in your eyes.

You slammed the bathroom door behind you, turning around to examine yourself in the mirror. You were utterly a mess.Your white shirt was almost drenched in coffee, your shirt being brown now. Your hair flew out in random directions, your cheeks red from your tears.  

You leaned back into the door, sliding down the door slowly. You wrapped your arms around your knees as you let out your built up tears.

When your tears and sniffles finally ceased, you gathered yourself and stood up. You leaned onto the sink, trying to closely examining your blood-shot eyes. You closed your stinging eyes trying to make the pain stop.

You felt arms around you, then a weight on your shoulder. You slowly opened your eyes. You stared at Jihoon in the mirror.

“What d-do you want?”, you asked hiccuping as you turned around to look him in his face.

“I wanted to apologize. I shouldn’t have done that, I was letting my emotions control me. I was just mad with myself and I put it on you.”, Jihoon whispered as he wrapped his arms around you, embracing you.

You sniffled as you placed your face into his shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”, he whisper again.

You closed your eyes as you rested your chin on his shoulder.

“It’ okay.”

Friday Lunch

I almost always want sandwiches. Sandwiches are like pizza, and pizza is amazing. Okay, so sandwiches aren’t pizza, but they’re still really good. They also take much less time to make than pizza, and a sandwich is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing, just safer, since none of the options end in death! So that’s pretty good.

Today I made a very simple sandwich that took me roughly 15 minutes to prep, cook, and finish. 

Honey Glazed Salmon with Shiitake Mushrooms

1 tbsp sesame oil

1-2 Salmon Fillets

1-2 tbsp flour

2-4 shiitake mushrooms

2-3 tbsp honey

1-2 tbsp soy sauce

1-2 tsp garlic

english muffin or bread of your choice


sriracha mayo




tomato slices


Place a pan on a burner on med-high heat and pour the sesame oil in, allow the oil to get hot. ( I also recommend turning on your broiler to toast your bread)

Prep your salmon by drying the fillet(s), and seasoning both sides with salt and pepper. Cover the salmon in the flour. 

Grab your shiitake shrooms and wash those bad boys, then remove the stem. You can either chop these, or just leave them whole for your sandwich. Up to you! 

Mince your garlic and mix with the honey. 

Once the oil in your pan is hot pop in the fillets along with the mushrooms if they will fit (don’t overcrowd your pan). Then pour over the honey and minced garlic. Add in the soy sauce after a couple of minutes, then very carefully flip over your fillets and mushrooms and continue cooking another few minutes until the salmon is cooked through, then remove from the pan (don’t overcook your salmon!!!! you’ll be sad). 

If you aren’t a crazy person, you’ll have toasted the bread for your sandwich and it will be nice and crispy and waiting for you on a plate. 


(if using my topping suggestions)

Start by putting a handful of baby arugula on the bottom slice of your bread then add a salmon fillet to secure those babies. 

Put the mushrooms on top of the fillet and add sriracha mayo then cilantro. 

On the other slice of your bread, add pesto and tomato slices. 

You’re officially ready to enjoy the heck out of this sandwich! Plus there’s some green in there for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Happy Friday!

Tag 11

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1) Favourite colour to wear?
Dark blue.

2) If you could choose a spirit animal, what would it be?
Garfield :D

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3) A book that’s popular but that you won’t read?
Ulysses by James Joyce. I’ve read a few fragments and even though I know it’s a great book, it’s to tiring to read, so I can’t bring myself to read the rest.

4) Favourite childhood memory?
Lying in a hammock in my grandparents’ garden with a book.

5) What used to be your favourite subject in high school?

6) Favourite breakfast food?
A simple sandwich, I’m not very spohisticated ;)

7) What’s the last thing you do every night before you go to sleep?
I say a prayer, and then tell myself sort of fanfiction bedtime stories in my head until I fall asleep. (How weird is that? XD).

8) Silver or gold?

9) What’s your zodiac?

10) Favourite season?

11) If you could bring one famous dead person back to life, who would you resurrect?
I’ve no idea. Some great musician probably. Especially one who died young, in hope that if they lived longer, they would create even more amazing music. But which one to choose? There are so many! Freddie Mercury is the first one that comes to my mind…

My questions
1. What do you think is the most beautiful song about love?
2. What is your favourite animal?
3. What is your feel good movie?
4. What is your feel good song?
5. What is your favourite song in a language that is foreign to you?
6. Musical or opera?
7. What colour are your eyes?
8. Do you prefer to have long or short hair?
9. Are you introvert or extrovert?
10. What supernatural power would you like to possess?
11. If you could live in a different century, which one would you choose?

So it seems to me I can tag even those who already answered, because my questions are different than those you answered, right? So I tag @heavymist @nuggsmum @frenchfrostpudding and @devikafernando (right back at you! :D)