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There are no colored bathrooms in this building, or any building outside the West Campus, which is half a mile away. Did you know that? I have to walk to Timbuktu just to relieve myself! And I can’t use one of the handy bikes. Picture that, Mr. Harrisson. My uniform, skirt below the knees and my heels. And simple necklace pearls. Well, I don’t own pearls. Lord knows you don’t pay the colored enough to afford pearls! And I work like a dog day and night, living on coffee from a pot none of you want to touch! So, excuse me if I have to go to the restroom a few times a day.


been working on white diamond for a while, here she is. the art with lineart is her current version, the armor on those colorblocks is a bit off, so is the face paint, and i changed her heels too

[please do not use my art without my permission and without crediting me. do not use my art and designs for monetary gain. feel free to make fanart, but please credit and @ me when you post it!]

anonymous asked:

Assuming "Who shattered Pink Diamond" will be treated as an actual murder mystery, how do you think the show will treat Pearl and Garnet in the matter? Like will it turn out there's a lot they don't know either, or will they be obstructionist for reasons?

i have one major distinction - pearl knows more than garnet does. garnet is the one who jumps to defending rose’s alleged shattering. she seems to know as much as most. but pearl… pearl shuts up, covers her face and avoids

she was rose’s confidant. all that means thus far is she knew about a “secret armory” the others didn’t, but there’s gotta be more. yes, she hypes their relationship up as much as possible, but she was with rose before garnet. before anyone. her truest, most loyal follower. and she just… shuts up. several times.

her faces are not that of someone who’s merely uncomfortable - she’s actively trying not to speak, even though it’s after steven ‘knows’ rose shattered pink. i don’t buy that she’s just “upset” for a second. rose’s most loyal aide, and she’s yet to say a single word on pink diamond, leaving it to garnet every time?

pearl’s afraid. there’s something about the whole situation she’s anxious to keep to herself. and this is very significant, because if any character knows exactly what happened - except rose and pink, who obviously can’t share - it’s pearl. the diamonds don’t know. jasper didn’t use the word “shatter”, but the justification of her revenge hinges on rose’s guilt, so she doesn’t know either.

blue zircon tried to piece it together, but she assumed plenty - that just because the simple shattering doesn’t make sense, rose couldn’t have been involved. except… there’s absolutely nothing to prove that. rose is a very powerful gem, who had no trouble getting past blue diamond’s defenses in ‘the answer’. and nothing proves it “had” to be someone with authority either. 

what really tells us (the audience) something new is the sword - designed for a fair fight, it can’t shatter gems… and yet, an important set piece in the “murder”. many seem to assume it was a different sword, but:

it’s pictured in the homeworld databases.

eyeball - the eye witness - describes it as “huge”. she remembers what it looks like, and it wasn’t one of pearl’s standard-size rebellion era swords. 

it seems rose’s sword did play a part… which means that, in some form, so did rose. and i think pearl knows that, because she was around from the beginning… which means that, if steven figures out it can’t have been as simple as it looks, pearl might finally have to talk. 

Fairytale Wedding

My sister and I… were very different people.

I had what I call ‘giraffe proportions’, gangly, tall. Amy was average height with the whole hourglass figure. I was a social recluse, she was a social butterfly. I’m an asexual lesbian and she told me quite often during our teen years that I was a freak and could never be loved.

Then three years ago she calls me out of the blue to invite me to her wedding.

I’d moved across the country, had a decent living working as a freelance photographer and had just begun to shake off my insecurities when I got the phone call. She’d had been dating her highschool sweetheart on and off again since graduation and he finally got the balls to pop the question. After apologizing for our relationship going dead since I went to California, she offered to fly me back home and even to cover the cost of the hotel room.

I chose to bury the hatchet and asked for the dates.

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