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I have two friends. Their mom propably hates me nowtimes. I cant meet them. They make excuses and stuff. Once I see in conversation in another ones phone (I had permission to check it) something like she doesnt want me near them.

Im gonna be blunt in this one. Its done with these two and you can always find better friends. You can think its because of their moms but we always have free will and unless we want to no one can ever bend us. So if your friends leave you and use their moms dislike you to be the reason, the truth is that they themselves dont want to be your friends anymore. Its that simple.
There are many people out there that can be your friend just that you dont know of yet, and you can always try. Its time for a new journey without those two. I hope you will be better soon!


… As long as the door on it’s removed.

It’s fine if it doesn’t feel, uh. Too cagey. You know?

Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)

Leaf Sigils Tutorial

A while ago I started using a new technique for making some of my sigils. After streamlining the process, I’ve decided to share it with all of you! So, without further ado:

Step One:

Like many other sigil creation methods, the first step is to create a statement of intent. With leaf sigils this can be as simple or as complex as you would like. I usually write out a short sentence in the present tense that states what I want from the sigil.

Optional: If you have a long sentence, or you just want to get rid of a few letters, I would suggest crossing out repeated letters and/or vowels. This is a method used quite often in sigils. It will make the next few steps much easier.

Step Two: 

Draw a stem for your leaf. This is going to be what you organise everything around. It can be straight, curve, short, long, etc. I usually draw a slightly curving line that is similar to most leaf stems.

Step Three:

Arrange the letters from your statement in step one around the stem. The letters should be touching each other and/or the stem of your leaf. I usually do my best to make both sides of the line mirror each other, but its up to you how you place the letters.

Step Four:

Draw a new stem that looks like the last one. Now try to draw an outline around the stem that follows the outside edges of your letters from the previous step. This might be a bit difficult.

You will probably go through several drafts before you find the one that works best. Try to keep your leaf wide enough that it looks like a leaf you might see on a tree. It’s ok to simplify the edges, what is important is that this leaf represents your original statement.

Congrats! You have now created a leaf style sigil. If you have any questions, please message me or stop by my askbox. Also, feel free to tag me in posts of your leaf sigils. I love to see what others have done using my tutorials.

Welcome to JoJo Crossing Weekends! We are a mini monthly crossover event that takes place every first weekend of the month. This event is hosted by @daily-jotaro and @dailyjonajba.


  • This event is open to all Badly Drawn/Daily/Ask blogs in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure community!
  • Please refrain from excessive adult content. Highly triggering content such as incest, pedophilia, rape, etc will not be tolerated.
  • Event tag is #bdjojocrossing


  • You have a choice of being either an Animal or Human Villager!
  • Special NPC Roles will be given on a first come first serve basis. Please click here for a list of the roles.
  • Filling out the Villager ID (found on the about page) is completely optional!

Our first run will be December 2-4. Have fun!

What do schools of fish and clusters of neurons have in common?

The answer lies in a concept called ‘emergence’, or the spontaneous creation of sophisticated behaviors and functions from large groups of simple elements.

Like many animals, fish stick together in groups, but that’s not just because they enjoy each other’s company. It’s a matter of survival. Schools of fish exhibit complex swarming behaviors that help them evade hungry predators, while a lone fish is quickly singled out as easy prey. So which brilliant fish leader is the one in charge? Actually, no one is, and everyone is. So what does that mean? While the school of fish is elegantly twisting, turning, and dodging sharks in what looks like deliberate coordination, each individual fish is actually just following two basic rules that have nothing to do with the shark: one, stay close, but not too close to your neighbor, and two, keep swimming. 

As individuals, the fish are focused on the minutiae of these local interactions, but if enough fish join the group, something remarkable happens. The movement of individual fish is eclipsed by an entirely new entity: the school, which has its own unique set of behaviors. The school isn’t controlled by any single fish. It simply emerges if you have enough fish following the right set of local rules. It’s like an accident that happens over and over again, allowing fish all across the ocean to reliably avoid predation.

What makes emergence so complex is that you can’t understand it by simply taking it apart, like the engine of a car. Taking things apart is a good first step to understanding a complex system. But if you reduce a school of fish to individuals, it loses the ability to evade predators, and there’s nothing left to study. And if you reduce the brain to individual neurons, you’re left with something that is notoriously unreliable, and nothing like how we think and behave, at least most of the time.

Regardless, whatever you’re thinking about right now isn’t reliant on a single neuron lodged in the corner of your brain. Rather, the mind emerges from the collective activities of many, many neurons. There are billions of neurons in the human brain, and trillions of connections between all those neurons.3:28When you turn such a complicated system like that on, it could behave in all sorts of weird ways, but it doesn’t. The neurons in our brain follow simple rules, just like the fish, so that as a group, their activity self-organizes into reliable patterns that let you do things like recognize faces, successfully repeat the same task over and over again, and keep all those silly little habits that everyone likes about you.

As more and more neurons are connected, increasingly complex patterns of activity emerge from the network. Soon, so many neurons are interacting in so many different ways at once that the system becomes chaotic. The trajectory of the network’s activity cannot be easily explained by the simple local circuits described earlier. And yet, from this chaos, patterns can emerge, and then emerge again and again in a reproducible manner. At some point, these emergent patterns of activity become sufficiently complex, and curious to begin studying their own biological origins…not to mention the concept of emergence itself!

And what we found in emergent phenomena at vastly different scales is that same remarkable characteristic as the fish displayed: That emergence doesn’t require someone or something to be in charge. If the right rules are in place, and some basic conditions are met, a complex system will fall into the same habits over and over again, turning chaos into order. That’s true in the molecular pandemonium that lets your cells function, the tangled thicket of neurons that produces your thoughts and identity, your network of friends and family, all the way up to the structures and economies of our cities across the planet.

From the TED-Ed Lesson How do schools of fish swim in harmony? - Nathan S. Jacobs

Animation by TED-Ed

Imagine Woozi giving you a kiss after saying that he loves you and is grateful for your existence.

Since I finally have some spare time on my hand I decided to make a little series of watercolours I’ve been planning for a while. Just one for every companion in Dragon Age: Origins. But with re-designed outfits to make it more fun for me (tried to do this earlier but just head-shots and their usual stuff but got bored). So first out is Leliana.

Friends and family were discussing an extraordinary woman who, for some mysterious reason, has had only medium luck in love. Someone who knows her very well said this:
“She wants what very few people know how to give. She wants all the simple things. Not many know how to do simple anymore. She wants grilled cheese sandwiches at home dipped in ketchup served on a paper plate, not dinner at an expensive restaurant. She wants to sit on the beach at sunset, not some far away exotic vacation. She wants a handwritten note that says I care about you, not some piece of jewelry that was financed over three years. She wants you to brush her hair, not send her to some spa for a day.
“And she wants things even simpler than that. Simple things that it seems like we have all forgotten. She wants you to ask her before you kiss her for the first time and the second. She wants you to hold her hand while you’re watching re-runs together on the couch. She wants you to look at her when you talk to her. You guys, not just you, but so many guys have it all wrong. You think it is about where you take her and what you buy her for her birthday and for Christmas and you think it is about figuring out how her mind works. You think it is about being the best lover she ever had and you think it is about what she thinks of your career and your friends and your families and you think it is about all kinds of things that would never matter to her.
“As far as she’s concerned, you can go out with the guys as often as you like. She *wants* you to have fun and enjoy yourself. You can have a job that keeps you and calls you away from home. She wants you to be happy with your work and she wants you to succeed. You can be so-so in bed. She wants to learn your body and have you learn hers. You can be greedy and selfish and demanding from time to time. She wants to work things through with you. You can see her once a week or once a month. She just wants to make the most of the time you get together.
“What does she want? All she wants is to be loved, simply. Just like she loves everything in her life. There is no complex formula to the way she lives. Everything for her is simple and easy because everything comes from her heart. She wants to be loved from your heart. And no one in her life has done that yet because people spend way too much time over-thinking things and over-analyzing things and doing stupid things and finding reasons not to just love from the heart. “
And then he got up and left. And no one said another word.
—  Jonathan Carroll
it PHYSICALLY doesn’t make sense

- jumping through glass during explosion and landing on the pavement one floor down with zero (0) injuries, including mycroft, who apparently just had to run down the stairs and he doesn’t do legwork

- how does a bomb work?? wouldn’t it have broken through the floor or something

- how did sherlock and john just *THUMP* onto the fishermen’s boat in the middle of nowhere like how did they get there

- how is euros able to clap her hands on sherlock’s head once and make him fall backwards

- euros getting into people’s heads, controlling and literally brainwashing them during simple conversation? wild

- how many wigs does euros have or can she change her hair on command as well

- 5 minutes with moriarty was enough to plan the entirety of the saw events. Almost as believable as the computer key code alsdkjf

- how did they transport sherlock from sherrinford to his ancestral home and build a set simultaneously in a few hours

- john was chained up in the well and then he magically wasnt

- how did lestrade get to sherlocks ancestral home in one night: sherlock was passed out for hours, then had to go rescue john. Probably called the police at some point and this is clearly not in london so im guessing some more hours passed and it should at least be daytime idk man

i mean feel free to add to this list but all of that ^^^ plus the leak advertisement plus the distance this ep had with the rest of the series… either they’re literally throwing their careers away OR THIS IS STILL FUCKY

tagging a few people because i think there’s still stuff to figure out:

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alec in season 2: jace is my brother, my brother jace, i can’t live without jace bc he is my brother, u know jace? he is my BROTHER, btw i kiss magnus on the mouth and not jace bc jace is my BROTHER

jalec shippers: WOW THEY ARE SO IN LOVE, magnus who?

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3/100 days of productivity

I didn’t know whether I should call it a productive day or not, since I only studied a bit of German (and watched a lot of Netflix), but we have to celebrate even the small things (sometimes they can be very hard to accomplish and most times they are the most important ones).

3/100 dias de produtividade

Eu não tinha muita certeza se deveria considerar hoje como um dia produtivo ou não, já que só estudei alemão (e assisti muito Netflix), mas acho que mesmo as coisas pequenas e simples devem ser celebradas (ainda mais porque às vezes elas podem ser muito difíceis de ser alcançadas e muitas vezes são as mais importantes).